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AKT 3 - Frauenfeuer LP

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For the first time ever on vinyl (or any other format) the complete AKT recording session. AKT was a short lived Brazilian all girl post-punk/experimental group formed by members of As Mercenárias, Bruhahá Babélico, De Falla and R. Mutt.

AKT1: had been three gigs at Espaço Retrô, em Sao Paulo -

AKT2: their only releases, two tracks on cult compilation - "Enquanto Isso" -

AKT3: this LP Remastered from the original tapes, this reissue also brings unseen photos by Rui Mendes and the band story written by Alex Antunes (Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram), based on statements by the girls, the engineer, Bruno Verner (R. Mutt) and Thomas Pappon (Fellini).

More details: This would have been the Brazilian post-punk supergroup. It would have, because bassist and singer Sandra Coutinho moved to Germany, leaving these recordings behind - only ever two songs were released on an independent compilation (Enquanto Isso) and a tape sampler. Sandra (Bass, As Mercenárias) along with Denise Camargo (keyboards and voice, BruhaháBabélico and Dequinha e Zaba), Biba Meira (drums, De Falla) and Karla Xavier (guitar, R. Mutt), expressive musicians in expressive bands, were AKT. And this powerful repertoire, composed and recorded in the short period of the group's existence, recorded and produced by R.H. Jackson (Caracol) the complete session remained unheard until now.