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AIDAN BAKER - The Evelyn Tables CD

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The Evelyn tables, the oldest known anatomical preparations in Europe, dating to 1646, are an early yet humbling insight into the networks within the human body, a network within natural networks that govern the physical constraints of the human material existence. Observing them from the outside, they are uncannily reminiscent of a floral network, yet at the same time strangely familliar.

The soundscapes of this work attempt to convey these ideas viscerally, through a human body manifesting them. A meditation on the shared realm of existence.

The Evelyn tables are the oldest known anatomical preparations in Europe. Each one of the Evelyn tables is approximately 1.9 m in height, and 77 cm wide. Each one provides an insight into human physiology. Indeed, they display four different parts of the human body – including arteries, nerves, veins – all meticulously dissected from a human specimen, then affixed to a pine wooden board, and preserved from the passing centuries.

From the artist:

"These are four long tracks of textural ambient drone/noise, all produced by electric and acoustic guitars, and inspired by the anatomical preparations, The Evelyn Tables - four of the oldest known human anatomical preparations kept in the Royal College of Surgeons in London"