Stoned To Death

AHOJ - Stres 7"

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Slovakian (Trnava based) youth crew called AHOJ is highly regarded and well respected in Stoned to Death office ever since their first demo tape from 2019 or something. Mentally its posi hardcore with very ironic and witty edge, musically its (maybe unintentional) straightforward worship of early 90's US fast emo hardcore of Assfactor 4 / Palatka type.

Their newest (and second) EP Stres display the essence of Ahoj quite well. Ten minutes or so spread across anthemic bursts of semi-positiveness with fast rides down to the valley of negativity, which to me perfectly captures the aforementioned 90's emo hardcore reference. You force yourself to be happy in the world that gives no shit about anything and you can only answer to it with weird, unkempt and loud guitar music.

Ahoj is four piece band and they are collectively probably under 100 years old. It is sort of refreshing to hear music like that played by somebody who is not dying above his photo album from Fluff Fest 2000, feeling nostalgic and suddenly deciding to start a band that just wont say nothing at all about him.