AHMED MALEK - Musique Originale De Films (Volume 2) LP

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We are more than thrilled to share a second collection of deep grooves and unreleased songs from Algeria's Ahmed Malek sound track works with you. Ahmed Malek who has often been compared to Ennio Morricone recorded the majority of these songs in the 1970s and early 1980s. His first releases are standout moments in Habibi Funk label history so we are more than happy to be able to follow up with another presentation of his music in 2024.

Initially we got in touch with Ahmed’s music via youtube and then the stars aligned to connect us with his family in Algeria. During one of those visits many years ago his daughter Henia gave us a box full of master tapes that her father had kept at home and this collection eventually played the foundation for this release.

We were and still are mesmerized by how effortlessly the music would switch between thematic jazz, funk and Algerian folk counterweighted with an undertone of melancholia. Musical perception is different for every person, but there is a good chance that Malek’s music will touch you in one way or another. As Ahmed says, “I didn’t choose music, music chose me.”