AGE COIN - Performance LP

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Posh Isolation’s elusive Age Coin duo impress with the cranky post-techno deviation of Performance; a lean, nervy and dread bass-fuelled follow-up to their Perceptions 12” - reissued by Luke Younger’s Alter in 2013 - and interim excursions in their other projects, inc. Vår, Marching Church, and the excellent Yen Towers. 

Shifting gear from the Perceptions 12”s tunnelling dynamics to more fractured and unsteady structures, the sound of Performance is perhaps best described as a more mutant, buckled and schizzy adjunct to Yen Towers’ garage-techno torque.

Diving in with the stone-carved bass pendulation of Espirit, the session turns to insectoid 2-step and X-Files dub themes in Domestic, before sinking into the Mohammad-like mire of Monday and skimming the effluent roil of Raptor with flinty shards of percussion. A moment for reflection follows with the starkly processed solo keys of Damp, and they sling us back into the pit with the mongrel dubstep of Domestic II, saving the best for last with Headron’s distended bowel movements.