Cruel Bones


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According to the biography, both sides of this dark ambient split contain the banjo, which immediately grabbed my attention. The banjo is not a very common instrument in the dark music scenes but, as you might know, black metal band Taake threw a brilliant banjo solo in his song 'Myr'.

And if he can do that, all dark music producers can do that. I might probably do that too on one of my upcoming Misantronics releases, who knows. But for now, I'll just enjoy these two elongated drone tracks (plus epilogue). After all, it's still Sunday and I'm still into slow and gloomy.

Swamp Flower Rhyme is a duo, started by Tobias Kalt, guitarist for Forlet Sires. He focuses on minimal drones with guitars, tape loops and synthesizers. 'Longing' is exactly that, a long, droning piece of dark ambient, with 21.44 minutes the longest on this split. Minimalism is definitely a keyword here and the whole thing reminds me of something between Raison D'Etre and Dirk Serries. Yep, that's a compliment.

Aeronaut (Steve Fors from Shovels Beat The Sun) delivered two tracks, the fifteen minutes lasting drone ambient track 'American Gothic' and the short 'Epilogue'. The first one is weird, driving on what sounds like a broken techno sequence and gradually getting darker, noisier. I like this kind of experimentality, even when it starts nudging towards the harsh noise scene. 'Epilogue' closes in style by being a nice ambient tune.

In all, this is a very interesting split with over forty minutes of excellent ambient experimentation. I can only recommend it to all you droners out there. Buy the album, dim the lights, lay down, press play and let your imagination do the rest. You won't regret it... (Merchants Of Air)