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AERKENBRAND - Barabtalo's Dream LP

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So, like any normal human would, I had to google this shit - the closest I can come to figuring this out is that Barabtalo is/was a Nabokov scholar who did some work regarding the dreams of said guy. Sounds like as good a jumping off point as any, wheen combined wiith the Blinko-esque art and collage on the sleeve, provides a suitable back drop for Erkenbrand's theatrical jam-psych epic here. Supposedly these Danes are a two-piece, but I have to think there's a lot more than a duo performing this. Somehwere inbetween free-noise and maybe some pagan-neo-folk things (I like the term chamber-punk here) is heavy stuff, mostly doomy instrumentalism with some ominous vocals (and a possible Lord of the Rings reference), heavily echoed, lots of percussive elements, some tape manipulation, plenty of strings (mandolin, guitar, violin), very brooding and menacing, and honestly a real pleasure to listen to. I'm not the freakiest guy out there, but the mystical BS or whatever juju they're working here won me over. An impressive and massive piece of work. Scum stats: 150 copies only.(RK)