ACEZANTEZ - Acezantez LP

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On the evidence on Acezantez, Acezantez, founded by the versatile Croatian composer and instrumentalist Dubravko Detoni, merit wider recognition. Acezantez is a contemporary Croatian masterpiece. Originally released in 1977, the album is comprised of rich textural pieces constructed from an unnotatable, intricate interplay of percussive squeals, scrapes and rattles, parched and pitchless woodwinds, and dislocated keyboards, with stylistic affinities with early Nurse With Wound. This Detoni (born February 22, 1937) release was the first since his LP on the Phillips Prospective series, which in the 1970s was the most credible house for innovative compositional names such as Xenakis and Pierre Henry, opening the doors for much avant-garde musical invention. Where atonality is to the fore in much avant-garde music, Detoni's sense of abrasion is met with bouts of melodic intervention. Elsewhere, heavy industrial sounds are used as percussive texture; mixed with forceful electronics and dramatic instrumental passages, they create a complex and textured series of compositions.