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ABEST - Bonds Of Euphoria LP

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Germany‘s ABEST are a band that is pushing the limitations typically associated with post metal with the release of their second full length „Bonds Of Euphoria“. It is an indispotable reaffirmation of their sound, a masterful stew of metal and hardcore. Undeniably precise and heavy. Produced by Jan Oberg of Hidden Planet Studio (Downfall Of Gaia, Deathrite) „Bonds Of Euphoria“ features guest appearances by longtime friends Ghaliz Haris, Fabian van Beek (Gall) and Michel of the Band Reka.

Founded in late 2011, ABEST released their debut full length „Asylum“ in May 2014 via This Charming Man Records. „Asylum“ sounded like a wrecking ball, slowly but steadily hovering towards the torn and rotten walls of civilisation, inspired by early Isis or Neurosis.

After playing shows with Hope Drone, Buried At Sea, Svalbard or Red Apollo, the band released a new 12“ EP called „Last“ in June 2016 followed by touring all over central Europe.