Stoned To Death


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This album is a collection of 15 killer duets and collaboration with the likes of Haley Fohr, Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo, Chelsea Wolfe or Liz Harris. Xiu Xiu is one of the hardest working bands of this century. Oh No is their 15th studio album (and we don't count all the collaborations such as XXL, boxes of seven inches, eps, experimental outputs etc.). They are always on the sharp edge, radical, pushing the sound to the limit, bringing the listener to new mysterious harsh realms of real life through their thoughtful and quite often genius lyrics. They have never relented, always discovering the possibilities of new ways in music, quite often working in diy studio conditions, but still delivering earblowing results. OH NO has all the Xiu Xiu's trademarks like the unique stewart-esque guitar play, desperate but beautiful vocals, tone that moves between gentle and still to unrest madness, wrapped around with waves of experimental electronics, avantgarde music and music concrete, but it's yet and again punching listener right into his face and not letting him to stop paying attention for a second.