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TACITA TRJJ - Meeting On Purpose TAPE

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Enigmatic ensemble TRjj hand the reigns to their Tacita for a suite of finely zonked electronic dream-pop arabesques after quietly cherished turns for Stroom.

Approached with a seductively loose but careful sense of simplicity that’s hard to shake, ‘Meeting On Purpose’ follows in TRjj’s vein of low key gems with 11 sparing cuts, oscillating between midnight miniatures, passages of forlorn DIY bedroom blooz and lullaby licks that effortlessly draw eyelids to half mast. The TRjj crew don’t give away much info, save the fact they stem from “TRIIMusik, a loose group based in Germany since 1998”, so it’s hard to place their music in time or place. Here, Tacita deploys a sound dreamily pitch bent and shimmering with a spacey audness that dials in comparisons with everyone from Moondog to Arthur Russell, and glimmers with an early electronic sheen akin to a smushed Dick Raaijmakers. 

Mastered by Tobias Jansen
Dubbed by Dennis Dycks (Makroscope e.V.)
Edition of 100