Horn Of Plenty

NEIN RODERE‎ – For Unprepared Voice and Guitar TAPE

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Second press, limited to 20 copies.

Four track C20 with riso printed J-card and unique, hand drawn and signed insert.

Very limited C20 featuring new work from the brilliant David ‘Nein’ Rodere.

 Top-notch lopsided, contemporary art music in the tradition of Dominik Steiger, Anton Heyboer, Kai Althoff, et al… but delivered with a unique sense of melody and texture.

At the time of recording David had reworked his previous tapes into a (forthcoming) Horn of Plenty LP and hit a quiet patch;

…it was like I drained myself of that particular energy.
At some point I warmed to playing again, as long as it was very of the moment and made up on the spot. These are some examples of that approach, with a little prep for the long ones so they’d be easier on someone else’s ear. So those two are not ‘real’ improvised I guess, esp. since I wrote down a list of colours and adjectives for the last one.
With those long ones, I thought I’d just keep taking them in circles until they collapsed on themselves, which is a thing I sometimes look for in other people’s music.”

All music by David Roeder and played on guitars only
Extra vocals on “Spring on Jahn” by J.A. Hagan

Recorded Spring 2021 straight to phone.
No rehearsals, no second takes