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Vertical is Caterina Barbieri's debut album (Important Records/Cassauna, 8 October 2014) composed for Buchla Synthesizer 200 and vocals.
Vertical is a meditation on primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics in synthetic sounds, stretching the boundaries between drone, minimalism and techno. Barbieri's minimalist focus arises from the exploration of the stratigraphic potential of voltage-controlled sequencers, in terms of polyrhythm and polyphony.
All the tracks were played, recorded and produced in Stockholm, at the Royal University of Music and Elektronmusikstudion in summer 2013.

Barbieri’s music “reveals the potential present in each singular tone - as well as the movement of a piece as a whole - to envelop the listener with little regard for linear time. Each sound is both a piece of a larger whole - an ever-fluctuating stream of techno-inflected minimalism - and a world unto itself, rich with texture and resonance that draws the listener in with a magnetic pull” (Adhoc Magazine)

8-channels versions of Vertical have been presented in multichannel listening contexts such as the University of Manchester (UK) during Sines and Squares (MANTIS sound system), Kulturhuset during Sound of Stockholm (SE), Stockholm Drone Society's multichannel showcase during Norbergfestival (SE), De Doelen (NL), Call and Response at Enclave (UK), Conservatorio G.B.Martini during Martini Elettrico (IT).