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CHRIS DAILY - Everybody's Scene: The Story of Connecticut's Anthrax Club BOOK

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Everybody's Scene tells the story of a small punk and hardcore music club in suburban Connecticut from 1982 through 1990. The Anthrax started in Stamford in a small, run-down store front with an art gallery upstairs. A few years later the club moved to a larger location in Norwalk where bands continued to line up to play. The Anthrax provided a stage for local and touring bands to scream their heads off as well as a meeting place for anyone to feel like they weren't alone in their desire to be different. Hundreds of kids discovered the true meaning of influencing change and breaking free from the status quo. You may have heard some Anthrax stories and saw the zebra striped walls in countless photos. Everybody's Scene brings you the inside story and never before seen photos from the owners, bands, friends and patrons.