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VANHELGD - Atropos Doctrina LP

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As the saying goes - good things are worth waiting for, and the Swedes' sixth effort, Atropos Doctrina, is the band's best album yet.
"Six years of pandemics, crises and wars have passed since we last announced the impending doom of humanity. Much and nothing has changed. Tragedy, ecstasy and doom are still our constant companions, and the age of humanity crawls tirelessly towards the end of its path. The Moirai have spun and measured your life's thread, and now it lies in the hand of Atropos the Indomitable..."
Atropos Doctrina was recorded under the watchful eye of Marduk's Magnus "Devo" Andersson at Endarker Studios in Norrköping, and chances are you won't hear a heavier production for quite a while.
Despite the Latin title, all lyrics on the album are written in the band's native language, marking an end to the Anglo-Swedish lyrical approach.
Indifference to trends and scene moods is still Vanhelgd's trump card. And even after 17 years, the band is as uncompromising as ever, honing their unique blend of atmospheric death and black metal to perfection.