Iron Curtain

V/A - Notes From The Underground DLP

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Greatly compiled double LP (gatefold, download) with 20 tracks between art, avant-garde and noise from the former Eastern Bloc countries on the new MAJOR LABEL sub-outlet IRON CURTAIN RADIO.

Under the title 'Notes From The Underground', an exhibition recently in Lodz and Berlin showed image and sound artefacts that were created across the former Eastern Bloc in the border zone between art and pop culture, in any case far away from the state music industry. The Portuguese cultural organization OUT.RA initiated the project 'Unearthing The Music', which is dedicated to the online archiving of experimental music from real socialism, so that the 20 collected tracks are now also appearing (some for the first time) on physical recordings, compiled by the curators DAVID CROWLEY, DANIEL MUZYCZUK and ZONIC editor ALEXANDER PEHLEMANN. The resulting mix is ​​extremely varied and cuts across times, styles and regions. From brutal attacks on (official) culture inspired by Fluxus by the Czech AKTUAL, avant-garde vocal art with folk sources by KATALIN LADIK (Vojvodina) to the psychedelic rhythms of the Lithuanian jazz drummer VLADIMIR TARASOV. But there are also more well-known icons such as AG.GEIGE (Karl-Marx-Stadt), ORNAMENT & VERBRECHEN or ZWITSCHERMASCHINE on this sampler, which uses detailed (English) liner notes to establish temporal, political and cultural references to each song.