Iron Curtain

V/A - Magnetizdat DDR. Magnetbanduntergrund Ost 1979-1990 3xLP

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Iron Curtain Radio (Major Label) presents: the triple LP for the book project of the same name with 43 radically exciting pieces from the music cassette underground of the former GDR! A tour de force through eleven years of offbeat and state-critical releases. Triple LP in a gatefold cover with an informative twelve-page booklet and download code! After the book edited by Alexander Pehlemann, Ronald Galenza and Robert Miessner was published under the title "Magnetizdat DDR", a follow-up to the first part "Spannung. Leistung. Widerstand.", the editors have also immortalized the stylistic diversity of the scene on a magnificent compilation with 43 tracks: the spectrum ranges from unorthodox punk with no-wave tendencies, lo-fi experimental rock, idiosyncratic pop designs, darkwave both as a sound and as a basic feeling, new Sorbian art, industrial, art noise and anticipated post rock to improvisational music and performance soundtracks to compositions inspired by the avant-garde. In addition to somewhat better-known representatives such as Ornament & Verbrechen, Rosa Extra or Der Schwarze Kanal, the most obscure projects and artists from the former underground can be found here. As with the Iron Curtain radio compilation "Notes From The Underground", this release was also created in cooperation with the Portuguese project "Unearthing The Music", whose designer Jose Mendes was responsible for the exceptionally aesthetic design.