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Tim Dahl - Bass

Jörg A. Schneider - Drums

"Did I say these albums were duets? “Evil Knows Best” immediately jumpscares you with a brutal cascade of Merzbow-ish electronics, white noise, wild guitar slides and baritone sax blows. At least that’s what it sounds like. But actually Jazz-madman Tim Dahl is just playing bass here. Or is he? If there wasn’t his equally mental “zero overdubs” solo album as a point of reference, I wouldn’t be sure at all what could be effect and what overdub. It’s a blur on an album that feels like the soundtrack to being strapped to the engine of a flying jet aircraft. That’s not a situation you can easily escape from, so accordingly most of the tracks here are long and relentless. Following the narration of the song titles this predicament can only be resolved by you crashing down as a “Headless Body” and later on undead “Tombstone Walker”. Hell, even the short three minutes of “Knightly Victim” won’t grant us a breather, but rather bludgeon us like a Dillinger Escape Plan warm-up excercise. Wild and superbly cacaphonous!"