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EA80 - Single LP

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Available in stores for the first time: the 42 EA 80 songs from the legendary 7" single box from 2019, plus two brand new songs - double CD and LP with a large "jukebox" center hole on a major label. Autumn 2019: the legendary Mönchengladbach punk band EA 80 reaches its fortieth year of existence. Amazingly, preparations have been made: the band has saved up exactly 42 new songs, each one minute long, in order to bring together seven 7" singles with six songs each to form an anniversary box together with six other D.I.Y. labels. Nico, Oddel, Maul and Junge show their full range, from sketchy, filigree numbers to rough noise punk, with their usual poetic and subtle lyrics. The labels Beau Travail, Licht-Ung,pflichtkauf, Static Age, Stencil Trash Records and Phantom Records are releasing the box in a limited edition together with Musikzimmer, all seven singles have individual cover artwork. The huge demand has led to a second small edition being distributed by the band themselves. Under the title "Single", EA 80 and Major Label are now making this sought-after gem available again. The double CD contains the 42 songs on one CD plus a 3" coated and printed bonus CD with the new songs "Die letzte Frage" and "Kartoffelkeller". All 44 songs are on the LP - but like a jukebox 7", it has a large hole in the middle.