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BRUTUS - Unison Life LP + 7"

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Deluxe Anniversary Edition. Hand-numbered deluxe sleeve in a new design. Color on color effect vinyl. Plus Bonus 7" on transparent red vinyl, booklet and insert.

When times are hard or you feel worn down you long for a life of complete peace. A life where there are no arguments, no arguments and no lies. A A life without disappointments and one in which one's actions have no consequences. Some would call it a "fantasy world". The Belgian trio Brutus calls it "Unison Life" - a phrase that also adorns the title of their third studio album. "Unison Life" is about all the things that wear you down in the first place. It's about the atrocity, the pain and the courageous actions of getting through it all. The album begins with a portrait of contentment and evolves from there until it goes into battle and questions what really matters. In their own words: "Is this Unison Life a hoax? Or a quest?" On Unison Life, Brutus show their conscious side. They put more thought into the sound, which also affects the artwork (produced by Mulders) and music video for "Liar". Since Brutus haven't been able to tour in recent years, they've put all their energy into "Unison Life." The result is a striking example of a band pushing boundaries and at the top of their game.