Very Deep Records

BODIES OF CONCEIT - Bodies of Conceit LP

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• Screen Printed Sleeve
• Black Recycled Vinyl (Eco Wax)
• Edition of 100 copies

Leipzig based duo Bodies of Conceit present their self titled debut album exploring low ends and distortions. Slowly evolving loops and abstract Avant-Garde soundscapes are disrupted by bursts of noise and slowed down techno loops, eventually leading to fragile, almost melodic episodes.

Founded in early 2022 during the Noise Narratif symposium in Halle (Saale), Bodies of Conceit play with experimental sound creation using synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, field recordings, contact mics etc. A first improvised concert was followed by several home recording sessions and further live appearances between sound art and a dark clubby atmosphere.

Their Album on the Nuremberg based label Verydeeprecords is somehow the first manifestation of their Sound: Experimental Drone/Ambient from the depths of the woods infused with Industrial Harsh Noise and roots in DIY Punk/Hardcore.