Ultimo Tango

ADELHARD ROIDINGER - Computer & Jazz Project I LP

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The official reissue of Adelhard Roidingers contemporary jazz/fusion masterpiece.

An extremely talented and eclectic musician, Adelhard Roidingers creativity couldnt be contained by the walls of music. His compositions for computers, graphic designs and geometric studies are a testament to his wide array of interests and artistic expressions. This fascination for computers is in full display in Computer & Jazz Project I. Adelhard believed that machines are vital tools for the development of humans. By using the machines, one can refine his own self, absorbing into their mind the possibilities that such tools unlock. Its with this belief that Computer & Jazz Project I was created: fusing acoustic instruments, that Adelhard had mastered through his career, with new machines and computers. A timeless masterpiece that unleashes the artists creativity, enhanced by the machines of which he is now enamoured.

Label Description: Ultimo Tango is a Milan-based reissue label fueled by a passionate interest for visionary genre-crossing music, driving them on a hunt for forgotten musical treasures that draw bridges between worldspanning sensibilities.