The Towncraft - Box Set DVD/2xCD/Book

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20 Years of the Little Rock Scene

The TOWNCRAFT Box Set is a truly collaborative experience from the Little Rock Scene. While Matson Films edited the movie from New York City, Little Rock label Max Recordings assembled the 2-Disc Soundtrack, digging up masters for 40 bands from Little Rock past and present. Scene expatriates went to work on the gorgeous 60-page Book and the Box Set artwork was contributed by the same artist who designed the original 1992 Towncraft album. The end result is an amazing, comprehensive look at a unique community of artists in small-town America.
Box Set Contents

• Feature Towncraft Documentary DVD
• 2-CD, 40-Song Soundtrack – Disc 1: 1986-1996, Disc 2: 1997-2007
• 60-Page Book of pictures, stories, and cartoons from Little Rock Scene expatriates

Matson Films is releasing Towncraft, a book, CD and film set that documents the amazing underground music scene of Little Rock, AR over the last 2 decades.

In the late 80s and early 90s a vibrant underground music scene emerged in Little Rock. Unlike other towns, Little Rock's scene was composed almost entirely of kids. 14-18 year-olds were booking their own shows, starting record labels, opening record stores and playing with large national acts. In the process they would build a tight-knit, flourishing underground community that existed completely outside of the High School norm and was all their own. The film focuses on the roots of the Little Rock scene, how it changed the lives of those involved, the enormous DIY ethos that has shaped the scene for the past 20 years and how the scene continues to thrive as its pioneers hit their mid-30s.

Towncraft will be released in theaters, on DVD and online in the May and June of 2007. A 40 band soundtrack will be released to accompany the film along with a 60 page book of stories from scene expatriates.