REVERSAL OF MAN - This Is Medicine CD

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Reversal of Man was a hardcore punk band from Tampa, Florida that formed in 1995. The band is associated with the late 1990s screamo movement and noted for bordering on powerviolence and grindcore. The group's lyrical content was often political, and the group initially formed as a reaction to the then-growing underground nazi punk scene in Florida.

During their existence, the band toured frequently across the United States as well as parts of Europe. Vocalist Matt Coplon was known for taping his microphone to his hand in order to not lose it during spastic performances. The band were signed onto Ebullition Records for the release of their sole full-length This Is Medicine in 1999 after label operator Kent McClard found out about them through their split 12-inch with Holocron. Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré has described This Is Medicine as one of his favorite albums.