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Clubs and subcultural spaces have shaped Berlin for decades and made the city a place of longing for people from all over the world. The hangouts of the punk and new wave underground of the 1980s or the techno clubs of the 1990s, for example, are legendary. At the same time, the party and concert venues often bear witness to the city’s turbulent history and tell stories of the Cold War or the fall of the Berlin Wall. This book is dedicated to these places, among them famous discos, secret meeting places of the GDR opposition, and subcultural adventure playgrounds of various stripes. Many of them no longer exist or have an uncertain future. They tell about a city, that once was, and show how strongly club and subculture is affected by displacement.

In this book, 60 such places are immortalized in illustrations by Tine Fetz, while their stories have been written down by Daniel Schneider.