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TALIBAN is the duo of Miles Haney and Joel Rakowski. Miles also runs the label Tapeworm Tapes and has a recording project called Evenings. Taliban has prior releases on: American Tapes, Gods Of Tundra, Fag Tapes, and Tapeworm Tapes, among others.

PARANOID TIME is the harsh noise project of Pat Yankee, operator of the SNSE record label. Paranoid Time has past releases on: Animal Disguise Recordings, PacRec/Troniks, Militant Walls, Harsh Head Rituals, Tapeworm Tapes, and Gaping Hole, among others.

Air Lice is co-released by Tapeworm Tapes and SNSE and is the vinyl debut for both bands.

Heathen Harvest review
"...(Taliban) a wonderful noise. High frequency analogue squealings, ruptured bubbles of bass and deranged mechanical effects are folded, blended, teased and eventually battered into new forms and textures. ...(Paranoid Time) completely destroyed by panicky frequency shifts and subsonic feedback. Deranged and chaotic, shot through with high energy attitude and completely random, the soundtrack to a seizure that you hope you never have. ...(‘Air Lice’) it’s worked as an introduction to the Noise scene on more than occasion. This would lead me to recommending it to anyone not sure of the Noise scene, use it as your starting point before diving deeper in to the depths. It’s also something that diehard Noise fans will appreciate, on many levels."