DAVID ALLRED - Smells Like Everyone's Watching 10" LATHE CUT

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Folk-inspired songs sit comfortably next to experimental/contemporary music on David Allred’s impressive list of artistic endeavors. Inspired by musicians such as Arthur Russell, Kele Goodwin, Judee Sill, Sam Amidon and Ween, David has made a name for himself with various solo releases and in collaborative projects such as Allred & Broderick (with Peter Broderick) and Good Enough for Grandpa (with Greg Eldridge). Although originally from Sacramento, he spent a few years working as a musician and sound engineer in Portland, Oregon. David has appeared on albums with artists like Heather Woods Broderick, Chantal Acda, Brigid Mae Power, Birger Olsen, and The Beacon Sound Choir.

8 songs pressed on a ltd 10" vinyl lathe cut vinyl, handmade gatefold sleeve, lyrics and dlc

Limited to 25 copies