Bis Aufs Messer weekly News June 03/ 2021

Bis Aufs Messer weekly News June 03/ 2021

hi. Welcome to another newsletter for June. We have a little raffle going on and if you order til tomorrow (Saturday 19th) at midnight you have the chance to win a 25 euro GIFT CERTIFICATE


We also got a bunch of great new releases arrived like the MOLLY NILSSON - Hey Moon 7“, a new CULT OF OCCULT - Ruin LP, DE BRASSERS - 1979 - 1982 DLP,

THE EX - Dignity Of Labour LP re issue & THE EX - tumult LP, FRANCOIS ​J. ​BONNET & ​STEPHEN ​O’​MALLEY - Cylene Suisse redux LP, LAURA ​CANNELL & ​POLLY ​WRIGHT – Sing As The Crow Flies LP & the LUCY RAILTON - 5 S-Bahn LP on Boomkat,  GETTING THE FEAR - Death Is Bigger 1984-85 LP re issue, INGRINA - Siste Lys LP, DRY CLEANING LP restock, RYLEY WALKER restock, DIN A TESTBILD - In Die Zukunft, 29.06.1979 BOXSET, 



We are also down to the last copies of the PIGEON LP on red. 


Thank you for your support in those difficult times


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MOLLY NILSSON - Hey Moon 7“ (night people - RSD 2021 - In case anyone was wondering, I'm a lifelong supporter of Antifa. Like most of us, I was appalled by what we saw in DC this week and by the people present there. In response to this DSA and Night School Records have decided to release a 7” single of my original song Hey Moon (2008), with ALL PROFITS from the sale donated to BLACK LIVES MATTER worldwide. ) 13.00




ANDRÉ ​STORDEUR – Oberheim ​SEM ​8 ​Voice ​1979-​80 LP (sub rosa - Sub Rosa presents in their Early Electronic series, the final chapter of music by Beglian key composer of early electronic experiments, André Stordeur (1941-2020). Side A features a previously unreleased, stark and poignant composition from 1979; while the B side is vibrant and almost playful of pieces from the 2000s. André Stordeur His musical career started in 1973 with a tape composition for the soundtrack to a film on Gordon Matta-Clark titled Office Baroque. Later in the 1970s, he participated to avantgarde music ensemble Studio voor Experimentele Muziek, founded in Antwerp, Flanders, by Joris De Laet. Since 1980, Stordeur composes exclusively on Serge synthesizer, either a Serge series 79 and a Serge prototype 1980, which was especially built for him by Serge Tcherepnin himself. In 1981, Stordeur composed the music of Belgian film director Christian Mesnil's documentary Du Zaïre au Congo. He studied at IRCAM in 1981 with David Wessel and then flew to the US to study with Morton Subotnick. Stordeur became an influential sound synthesis teacher and, in 1997, completed his Art of Analog Modular Synthesis by Voltage Control,[4] a guide to everything modular.) 18.00


ANTHONY ​MOORE, ​DIRK ​SPECHT, ​TOBIAS ​GREWENIG  - The April Sessions LP (sub rosa - Anthony Moore, Dirk Specht and Tobias Grewenig have known each other and worked together since the early 2000s. They have collectively participated in a number of projects including live performances and recordings. In 2016, as part of The Missing Present Band, they released the live LP 'The Present Is Missing' on A-Musik. The following year they released 'Ore Talks', a double LP, realised in collaboration with Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln. Anthony Moore was born in 1948, founded the band Slapp Happy (circa 1972) with Peter Blegvad and Dagmar Krause, then worked alongside a.o. Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson in the unclassifiable band Henry Cow. He released several solo albums, composed soundtracks for experimental movies. His path also crossed Kevin Ayers's, Pink Floyd's, Richard Wright's. He was appointed professor for research into sound and music in the context of new media at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany. He still continues to write and perform.) 18.00


BRAINIAC - From Dayton Ohio DLP (touch & Go - RSD 2021 - Double LP. 1 LP of singles / unreleased tracks and 1 LP of unreleased 1996 live recording from The Bling Pig pressed on black vinyl packaged in a gatefold sleeve. A companion piece to the 2xLP of demos released at the same time. In 2019, Transmissions from Zero, the Brainiac documentary, was released to critical acclaim. Touch and Go released limited editions of Hissing Prigs in Static Couture and Electro-shock for President to coincide with the release of the documentary. While in quarantine during the pandemic, the band had the opportunity to dig up some of their unreleased material including this live recording. With success of last year's reissues and the release of the documentary on streaming services, it seemed timely to offer a little bigger glimpse into the world of Brainiac with this collection of singles and unreleased tracks along with the experience of the live show that was Brainiac.) 39.00


CULT OF OCCULT - Ruin LP (music fear satan - Since their agonizing and crushing last record ( "ANTI LIFE", 2018), CULT OF OCCULT was asleep. Today, the band is back with "Ruin", a 20 minutes mastodon of a song as oppressive and nihilistic as ever. "Ruin" is available as a vinyl EP limited to 500 copies with an etched B-side.) 18.00


DIN A TESTBILD - In Die Zukunft, 29.06.1979 BOXSET (Blitzkrieg - Limited edtion (300 copies) cardboard-box (in oversize format: 41x31cm), handnumbered and signed by band-leader Mark Eins. Contains a colored vinyl LP, featuring the complete set of the band, recorded 1979 at the legendary "In die Zukunft" Festival in Hamburg. Including Bettina Köster (MANIA D/MALARIA) as guest on saxophone. 9 songs remixed and remastered by Matthias Schuster (GEISTERFAHRER). Comes with a 12-page booklet (in LP-size) featuring linernotes from Mark Eins (DIN A TESTBILD), Jürgen Engler (MALE), Claus Fabian (ZK), Annette Benjamin (HANS-A-PLAST), and more. Plus a set of photos from the festival, taken by Sabine Schwabroh.) 38.00


DE BRASSERS - 1979 - 1982 DLP (onderstroom - De Brassers are one of the most notorious bands in the Belgian new wave/punk history. With their no nonsense attitude they scared the shit out of the local catholic community of Hamont. De Brassers were a local mixture of the Sex Pistols (in the lowest gear) and Joy Division (they always performed a cover version of Joy Division’s Shadowplay), combining a criticism of bureaucracy and politics with experiences of psychological and existential tensions. The doomed sound they produced tells a lot about the dark atmosphere of the late seventies and early eighties: the fear of atomic bombs, cold war pessimism, police violence against squatters, the first cases of AIDS, and the grim years of Reagan & Thatcher.) 27.00


THE EX - Dignity Of Labour LP (Re-release of the SINGLES BOX, NOW ON LP. Original release date: 1983. With all original artwork, A2 poster and 16- page photo-booklet. "This package continues the dance of the dispossessed, with a thick atmospheric reconstruction of a factory's death... The ultimate urban blues, a soundtrack that sounds like a manic collision between Neubauten and the Gang Of Four.“ "Hammer hard beats with an ever present human touch throb along mechanically. Man and machine in perfect harmony you might say.“ THE EX: Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), Bas (bass), Sabien (drums) + accordion, double-bass, woodblocks, percussion, noise, pile driver, bus engine, printing press, radio commercials. Guest musicians - Marcel (drums), Rinus (saxophone), Dolf Planteijdt (guitar).) 20.00


THE EX - tumult LP (GATEFOLD LP + B1-POSTER. "TUMULT", recorded at Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Schellingwoude, Netherlands, Jan. 10-19 1983. Produced by Dolf Planteijdt + Jon Langford. Original release-date: 1983. THE EX: Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), Bas (bass), Sabien (drums). "Music of malcontents, rebellion and impotent rage about everything that is wrong in this world... But they're quite aware themselves, too, that reality is not always black and white... What they lack in pure originality, gets compensated by their passion and devotion. In a time during which many of their contemporaries have switched their brain off, the primeval music of The Ex sounds really beneficial.“ Re-release of the original The Ex LP's! Completely in the original version. With all artwork, posters, booklets and flyers.= 20.00


FRANCOIS ​J. ​BONNET & ​STEPHEN ​O’​MALLEY - Cylene Suisse redux LP (editions mego - Cylene Suisse Redux documents François J. Bonnet and Stephen O'Malley's Switzerland tour in December 2019, following the release of their first album, Cylene. The two musicians chose to entrust sound material recorded on the tour to the expert ears of two friends and great musicians Jim O'Rourke and Ryoji Ikeda, giving them carte blanche, and each in turn chose a distinct personal approach. For Ryoji Ikeda, it was a question of finding a moment, circumscribing a fragment of time through his listening, with minimal intervention. For Jim O'Rourke, on the other hand, the live recordings became material to be deconstructed and reassembled, to tell, according to his musical sensibility, a path of metamorphosis for Bonnet and O'Malley's music. Cylene Suisse Redux is a prismatic substrate of a series of concerts surrounded by friendship, lakes, mountains, and by nightfall.) 22.00


GETTING THE FEAR - Death Is Bigger 1984-85 LP (dais - It's testament to how fertile England's mid-80's musical landscape was that the splintering of short-lived post-punk pioneers Southern Death Cult seeded so many memorable but divergent groups – from widescreen rock legends The Cult to romantic pop duo Into A Circle to “the Asian Public Enemy,” Fun-Da-Mental. But the band's most potent subsequent cross-pollination was undoubtedly Getting The Fear, formed by The SDC's rhythm section of Barry Jepson, David 'Buzz' Burrows, and Aki Haq Nawaz Qureshi, joined by Temple Ov Psychic Youth associate Paul ‘Bee’ Hampshire on vocals. Galvanized by Margaret Thatcher's “iron fist” austerity policies and the cultural liberation of punk, the group blazed to creative fruition, quickly landing a lucrative deal with RCA. But immediately after recording their 1984 debut single, Last Salute, a shake-up at the label left them stranded and without support. Rather than stall in music industry purgatory they chose to dissolve, escaping their restrictive contract. Bee's lyrics on “Last Salute” are fitting final words: “If this must end let it pass me by / I’ll remain your friend, only flowers die.” ) 25.00


GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Shift In State LP (harbinger - RSD 2021 release - Featuring 5 brand new tracks, the mini-album sees the trio return to the experimental edge of their early, and highly sought after, EP releases. The lead track ‘Containment’, an abstract, bleak and circular slice of obtuse-punk gives way to an explosive and skewed dub remix featuring languorous horns and industrial sounding percussion. Following on, ‘… But Still you Wanted More’ retains the dub minimalism and adds trudging, nihilistic lyrical content alongside churning, saw-sharp organ. ‘Calm Waters’, the groups’ first foray into a harsher, electronic landscape, brings to the forefront a crushing, relentless drum machine backbeat and woozy, warped bass hooks. Finishing on ‘Don’t Try’, this song sees the band return to their more familiar white-heat blast of post-punk. Shards of harsh, splintered guitar and pounding drums help push the theme of gross governmental incompetence well and truly into the listener’s brain. Never a band to sit still, Shift In Statesees Girls in Synthesis, once again, surmount all obstacles and proves them to be one of the most forward-thinking and tireless acts in the UK.) 26.00


HAILU MERGIA & THE WALIAS BAND - Tezeta LP (awesome tapes from africa - Unknown recording outside Ethiopia which documents Mergia Hailu & The Walias legendary early period. Beautifully-rendered instrumentals of classic Ethiopian standards, "Tezeta"is the follow-up reissue of the hugely popular seminal Ethiopian instrumentals LP "Tche Belew" (ATFA012). It was a Cassette-only release in 1975 on the band's in-house label, to fund their record store. From their genesis as members of the Venus club in-house band in the early 70s, Hailu Mergia and the Walias Band were at the forefront of the musical revolution during an era where modern instruments and foreign styles superseded the traditional fare to become the staple sound of Ethiopia. No one would argue that the Walias were the trailblazing powerhouse of modern Ethiopian music. They were the first band to form independently without affiliation to a theatre house, a club or a hotel; unprecedented and risky as they had to raise all funding for expenses by themselves including buying equipment. They were the first to release full instrumental albums, considered to be commercially unviable at the time. They opened their own recording studio, with band members Melake Gebre and Mahmoud Aman doubling as technical buffs during sessions. They were also the first independent band to tour abroad. In short, they were the pioneers every band tried to emulate; some more successfully than others. Odds are, any Ethiopian over the age of 35 who had access to TV or radio by the early 90s, will instantly recognize the sound of Walias. What is not a given is, how many would actually identify the band itself. Barely a day went by without hearing the Walias either in the background on radio or as an accompaniment to various programs on TV. This Tezeta album, the band's second recording, released in 1975, is one of those that have been impossible to find for nearly three decades. Sourced by Awesome Tapes From Africa and expertly remastered by Jessica Thompson, its unique and funky renditions of standards and popular songs of the day are so quintessentially Walias, flavorful and evocative. Hailu's melodic organ, unashamedly front and center in every track, makes even the complex pieces accessible. Profoundly engaging; it's an immersive trip down memory lane for those of us getting reacquainted with it, while also an enthralling and gratifying experience for fresh ears.) 25.00


INGRINA - Siste Lys LP (medication - Siste Lys is an album featuring old Ingrina songs (Casual, Stolidity, Frozen), reworked for the occasion, and new ones, products of troubled times (Jailers, Now, Walls). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band, amidst the epidemic waves. Like Etter Lys (debut album), Siste Lys is based on a metaphorical tale of the geological and oceanic trials that life forms go through when faced with civilisational nightmares. Siste Lys depicts the reappearance of the jailers, the walls and the bodies, from the turbulent swampy life forms, heckled by the waters. The vital movement is gradually fading away, as the light behind the walls disappears. Lives now lodge themselves in the ether of consciousness without being able to take on neither body nor matter. The intensity of the internal madness is equaled only by the absolute paralysis of the physical movement outside. The world is so frozen, the bones so solidified, that life takes refuge in the heart of a narrow and egotistical nothingness that leads only to insanity. Siste Lys tells the story of these lives trying to break the civilizational ice that imprisons them. To finally give substance to the ecstatic dreams, whose memory is already faltering.) 15.00


KEVIN MARTIN - Sirens LP (room40 - When I was 22 I managed to acquire Techno Animal’s Demonoid 12” at a local record store, Rocking Horse Records. I can still recall the intensities of sound that marked the first moments of listening to it. The sense of bass as a tactile surface, that rolling groove and the howling sine waves and dub sirens that scorched with a type of sonic burning sensation that to this day makes my hairs stand on end. A year later I heard Ice’s Bad Blood, from there I discovered The Bug through a release on Wordsound, a band called God, a sound movement called isolationism and much more; all of these projects had one nexus point - Kevin Richard Martin. In 2015, Kevin and I book-ended a series of concerts at Berghain for CTM festival. For his performance, Kevin debuted a new work I’d heard very little about called ’Sirens’. I remember two things distinctly about the performance. The first thing is he opened the set with a blazing passage of bass and dub sirens that instantly transported me back to those initial moments of encountering his work. The second was the feeling of absolute, crushing bass. Not before, or since, have I felt a sense of sound pressure like this. Unlike his other work with The Bug for example, the consistent bass carrying in the space was literally breathtaking and there were moments when it seemed difficult to see clearly as my eye sockets were vibrating in a way I’d never experienced. ) 29.00


L'EFFONDRAS - Anabasis LP (medication - is the band's real name, L'Effondras being used as an alias for search facilitation. Instrumental postrock trio from Lyon, formed in 2011.  After four years of silence L'Effondras return with "Anabasis", their highly anticipated third full-length. This record is a natural progression in the band's body of work, clarifying their aesthetics in five haunted & hypnotic tracks. "Anabasis" not only expands the approach initiated on 2017's "Les Flavescences" but also explores more emotional territories without losing an inch of the band's trademark grittiness.  L'Effondras pushes even further their bluesy noise to create an immersive experience with beautifully unsettling soundscapes…) 15.00


LAURA ​CANNELL & ​POLLY ​WRIGHT – Sing As The Crow Flies LP (boomkat - Edition of 300 copies, clear vinyl - An utterly timeless collection of vocal improv takes its first bow on vinyl, as Laura Cannell & Polly Wright’s debut tribute to the landscape, history and people inspired by a 19th-century book of Norfolk customs and ballads graces our Editions imprint. It’s a wondrous, humbling, and haunting album bridging folk and medieval styles with a plaintive magick that only appears intensified on record - a huge RIYL Hildegaard von Bingen, Arc Light Edition’ Psalm singer recordings, Julianna Barwick. Remarkably conceived, recorded and released in 2019 - the same year they first met - ‘Sing as the Crow Flies’ is a super-natural meeting of mutual souls seeking to limn a sort of deep topographical reading of their home turf in a series of haunting, near-wordless hymns. Shockingly effortless in execution and spine-freezing in effect, the nine songs are Laura & Polly’s beautifully concerted effort to rectify the lack of historical female voices in text or music hailing from the Norfolk/Suffolk borders where they live and create. With little to go on, they decided to add their joint female voices and experiences to the rural sound ecology and culture of East Anglia, and created something un-arguably unique in the process.) 27.00


LEMONHEADS - lick LP (yellow) (taang - It was the group's last independent label-released album before signing to major label Atlantic. An odd mixture of brand-new, and considerably older, sounds, 1989's Lick brings together the output of several distinct recording sources: six brand new songs recorded with Minneapolis-based band friend and producer Terry Katzman, and a collection of older, B-side and never-released material originally overseen by producer and engineer Tom Hamilton.) 30.00


LOREM IPSUM - Vivre Encore LP (vot - Acoustic classical screamo (with violin, piano and acoustic guitar) from France. This is baroque screamo, and it's not done in a gimmicky way; you can envisage how these songs could be easily transposed onto electric guitars and drums based on the violin/piano/acoustic guitar arrangements featured here, but the songs consciously draw from classical music rather than just trying to do screamo riffs on a violin. (metalstrom)) 12.00


LUCY RAILTON - 5 S-Bahn LP (boomkat - Lucy Railton renders a sublimely haunting impression of Berlin made in early Spring 2020 for our Documenting Sound series of sonic postcards from all corners of the globe. Essentially a recording of a world-renowned cellist duetting with the S-Bahn outside her apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, ‘5 S-Bahn’ utterly steals our hearts in the simplest, most evocative way. Playing with, thru, and against the atmosphere of Berlin in spring during lockdown, Railton captures scenes that feel timelessly nostalgic but also uncannily eerie, taking a reading of the city’s pulse that may feel at once familiar yet surreal and latent, pregnant with an unresolved and restless quietude. Across the 41 minute work Railton describes the slow daily arc of life under lockdown in a usually bustling Berlin slowed to stasis. Quite brilliantly, her voice and her musical gestures become fleeting ephemeral presences as much as the birdsong, passing trains, planes overheard, and the gorgeous church bells of P’Berg, which all unfold and recede in languorous turns. It reminds us of the exquisite, seemingly effortless location recordings used in Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ - ambient sound in the truest sense of the word; suggestive of life just outside our field of view; close -  and out of reach.) 28.00 


MICHAEL SMALL - The Parallax Sound OST LP (red vinyl) (The legendary score by composer Michael Small is regarded as a benchmark in the sound of paranoia thrillers that dominated cinema in the 1970s, with revered film critic Pauline Kael hailing the film as an essential for all fans of the genre. Now, 47 years later, the soundtrack will finally be available to own on vinyl. The CPR edition of ‘The Parallax View’ soundtrack includes for the first time the infamous brainwashing scene, an influence on countless films and TV shows over the years. Notably, most recently with the Watchmen series and shows Mr Robot and Homecoming even using the music from the film. Whilst researching to gain approval for this usage we discovered from Jon Boorstin, (Assistant to Pakula on The Parallax View), that the unaccredited disembodied voice from the ‘Parallax Test’ scene belonged to director Pakula himself. The single LP, deluxe gatefold limited edition on coloured vinyl comes with liner notes that include two essays by Scott Bettencourt and Alexander Kaplan (of Film Score Monthly), which provide a fascinating insight into the making of the film and an analysis of the score.) 30.00


MISS ​KITTIN & ​THE ​HACKER – Lost ​Tracks ​Vol. ​2 LP (dark entries - Miss Kittin & The Hacker are the Electro duo of Caroline Hervé and Michel Amato from Grenoble, France. The pair met during the early 90s at a rave and soon after bought turntables and began DJing. In 1996, they started writing music heavily influenced by 1980s synthpop and post-punk bands like Fad Gadget, DAF, Liaisons Dangeuresues, and Yazoo, as well as Italo Disco. Bored by the techno scene at the time, they set out out to lighten the serious tone and bring a campy sexiness to the dour musical landscape. Upon hearing their demos DJ Hell signed them to his Munich-based International DJ Gigolo label and released their first 2 EPs in 1998 and 1999. Their debut album ”First Album" was released in 2001 followed by . in ?. “Lost Tracks Vol. 2” contains 4 previously unreleased demos recorded between 1997 and 1999. The duo fused 80’s European New Wave/Italo Disco with 90’s Detroit Electro acts like Le Car and Dopplereffekt. By utilizing verse-chorus structures, they playfully shook up the loop based hard techno and electro that was popular at the time. Their studio set up at the time was a Korg MS-20, Roland SH-101, TR-606, TR-808, Siel DK80, and Boss DR-660 drum machine. The songs are direct, spontaneous, seemingly improvised in places. Miss Kittin sings about falling in love in the new millennium, snuff movies and controlling the unknown trip to death, all in her cheekily derisive French accent. All songs have been transferred from the original DAT tapes by the band and remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket featuring a black and white photo of the duo taken in 1996. Each LP includes a postcard with liner notes from Miss Kittin and The Hacker designed by Eloise Leigh. As Miss Kittin says of these demos, “We were naive, innocent, adventurous and we didn’t expect anything in return”) 18.00


MOLLY NILSSON - The Travels LP (night people e- For Record Store Day's June 12th 2021 date this year we are releasing The Travels by Molly Nilsson on a new pressing, limited to 500 on clear green vinyl. This will only be available via your local independent record store. We may have some copies to sell after but more than ever it's important to celebrate and support record stores as physical places at the heart of music communities. Spaces that weirdos can congregate and share ideas, discoveries, loves, hates. In fact it's because my day job is working in record stores that I came to know Molly. ) 24.00


ÖSTRA TORN / DECULTIVATE - split LP (Brotherly split LP after several joint tours. Five songs from each band. Decultivate in a new line-up, compared to the debut "Love" this time with bass. Östra Torn from Israel plays darkened Neo-Crust. Nihilism non plus ultra.) 17.00


PAT THOMAS - state two LP (tidal waves - Stage Two from 1976 comes swinging right out the gate with a set of nine monster tunes, heavy drum-breaks, reggae infused afro-beats, funky bass lines, Wah-wah-psyche guitars and lyrics that straddle between a sense of melancholy and frantic urgency. This is a quintessential Pat Thomas (backed by the Marijata band) record that every serious collector or fan needs to have in his collection. Originally released in 1976 on Gapophone Records Ghana, Tidal Waves Music now proudly presents the first official reissue of this rare album (original copies tend to go for large amounts on the secondary market...that is if you’re lucky enough to come across one). This is also the first time Stage Two is being released outside of the African continent.) 35.00


PERFUME GENIUS - Immediately Remixes DLP (matador - A companion album to Perfume Genius' Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, Remixed in original running sequence by Boy Harsher, Jenny Hval, A. G. Cook, Actress, Danny L Harle and many more.) 30.00


SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - For Octavio Paz LP (re issue - One of the great 21st century guitar records" - Aquarium Drunkard Originally released 2003 via Time-Lag, 2019 remastered from original cassette recordings by Patrick Klem.) 25.00


SVITLANA NIANIO & OLEKSANDR YURCHENKO - Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy LP (night people. Svitlana Nianio and Oleksandr Yurchenko are musicians with a long history in the still-mysterious Kiev Underground. Nianio’s first group Cukor Bela Smert [Sugar, The White Death] were active from the late 80’s through to the early 90’s, and following an intense period of touring, collaboration, experimentation and a string of mixtapes and self-published recordings, Nianio’s first official solo album ‘Kytytsi’ was released in 1999 by Poland’s Koka Records. Oleksandr Yurchenko, a longtime collaborator and a pivotal figure in the Kiev music scene, was instrumental in creating the Novaya Scena, a loose conglomerate of artists who encouraged each other to excavate both the sounds of the West and Ukrainian tradition. ‘Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy’ (‘Know How? Tell Me’) is the duo’s most fully realised collaboration, an enchanting, complete world in which Yurchenko’s instrumentation and playfulness with form frames Nianio’s otherworldly soprano, recalling Liz Fraser steeped in contrapuntal melody and hymnal improvisation. Originally made available on a self-released cassette in 1996 (re-issued in 2017 by Ukraine’s Delta Shock label) where the album was twinned with ‘Lisova Kolekciya’ (re-issued on LP in 2017 by Skire) this is the debut release of ‘Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy’ outside of Ukraine.) 22.00


WILLIAM TYLER - New Vanitas LP (merge - RSD 2021 - The concept of “vanitas” in medieval art refers to the juxtaposition of macabre symbols of death with material ephemera in order to illustrate the impermanence of earthly things. What struck me about this was not the representation of death in a macabre/morbid way, but rather that very sense of ephemerality and impermanence. Reading an article about the history of ephemera in art led me to the concept of vanitas, and I wanted to find a way to pivot that in a more, well, hopeful direction. But these paintings force us to bear witness to the contrasts of life, death, and impermanence, and if 2020 has taught me about anything, it is this concept of “bearing witness” both on a personal and political level. With these new songs, I really just wanted to create a sort of mood board for where my head and soul have been at the last few months. The sound dissolves into another sound, the image into another image. Time passing, transience, change. Although “static” means lacking movement, static sonically is almost the literal opposite: it is transience, noise, change. William Tyler, August 2020) 26.00


YOUNG MOUNTAIN / LA PETITE MORT /LITTLE DEATH / VIVRE SA VIE - Split LP (Unlike the most of fiery screamo records, this 3-way split isn’t raging with furious power at all times. The tracks contain more often gentle sighs and varied stylistics that explore many different emotions, without losing vitality.) 10.00


V/A - WIZZZ French Psychorama 1966/1974 VOLUME 4 LP (born bad - The Wizzz ! saga continues with a fresh selection of 60s and 70s rarities gathered from the unchartered nooks of the French-pop galaxy. Stars, underbosses and unknown artists rub shoulders on this tangy new compilation. Take off on a sonic journey through the starry night of the late sixties. Al Awni Bouarane, better known as Abdelwahab Doukkali, was born on January 1st 1941 in Fès, Morocco. Drawn to the world of arts from his earliest years, he took an interest in theatre, drawing and painting before starting to sing in Casabalanca at the beginning of the sixties. In 1962, he leaves Morocco to settle down in Cairo, where his fame burgeoned. A singer songwriter awarded a number of honorary titles of international significance, he became, through the decades, one of the greatest figures of Middle-Eastern music. His repertoire, mostly traditional, fills the grooves of about twenty albums and some thirty singles. It holds a few surprising gems that bring together his eastern sensibility with the rhythms and harmonies of western rock: a handful of twists at the beginning of the sixties and more particularly the notable Je Suis Jaloux, sung in French and released on the label Philips in 1967. The track, recorded “as a matter of curiosity” according to the singer, is an outsider of the master’s discography. In an interview for the daily Aujourd’hui le Maroc in February 2017 he expressed his regrets for not pursuing a broader career in France: “One day I got to Paris and found people dancing to my song Je Suis Jaloux. Unfortunately I left Paris - that was a mistake. The company I was working with had offered great conditions but I am a child of the sun and the spring; I came across a cold period that lasted and led me to leave this city I still dream about”. Today Abdelwahab Doukkali shares his time between singing and painting and lives in Casablanca.) 22.00



THE WIRE # 449 July 2021 MAGAZINE (On the cover: Radio Activity – 20 page survey of the state of sound and music on the radio incl. a directory of 100 essential online shows and stations. Inside: Invisible Jukebox: J Mascis tested by Sunburned Hand Of The Man; Pamela Z; Mick Harris & Scorn; We All Break; Inner Sleeve: John Oswald; Epiphanies: Matthew Shipp; 38 pages of reviews including Equiknoxx, Jeanne Lee, Pablo Picco, Danny Elfman, and much more.) 8.00





GLASSING - Spotted Horse TAPE (medication - Cold sand on a barren coastline. Spectral blackness. Godless nights. The calmness of undisturbed water. The illusion of belonging. Death As A Gift. These are but a minute illustration of the vast array of themes and explorations deliberated upon by Austin, TX trio GLASSING on their sophomore opus Spotted Horse. Weaving together layers upon layers of dense textures, swirling blast beats and looming atmospheres, GLASSING excel at the art of organized chaos through sound. Across 10 songs and 44 minutes, GLASSING blend elements of black metal and post-hardcore with ambient explorations, dream-pop sensibilities and grinding walls of sound that defy categorization. Spotted Horse is, at its core, a construction of dynamic, beautifully unsettling soundscapes and nothingness unsurfaced.) 8.00


SPOTLIGHTS - We Are All Atomic TAPE (medication - Heavy, dreamy, sweeping and atmospheric, Spotlights blend shoegaze and doom metal on their new post-nuclear EP. With the massive impact of their 2017 Ipecac debut and tours with The Melvins and The Deftones, Spotlights secured a place in the heavy music consciousness with their crushing, dreamy and atmospheric blend of shoegaze and doom-metal. Following acclaimed 2019 album 'Love and Decay,' the band return with the boundary-pushing 'We Are All Atomic' EP to further validate the majesty of what they do.) 8.00


WINSTON - Ohne Utopien bleibt die Welt ein Dreckshaufen TAPE (thirty something - Discography of that Lüneburg Powerviolence / Screamo Band) 7.00