Bis Aufs Messer weekly News June 02/2021

Bis Aufs Messer weekly News June 02/2021

hi. Welcome to the 2nd newsletter for June. RSD will be this Saturday and we will open our doors at 10°° instead of 11°°. A mask is required and we let 5 people browse at the same time. No appointments required. Smooth and easy


A bunch of awesome records arrived like always  :) 


Lots of new amazing RECITAL titles like the KAJSA LINDGREN - Momentary Harmony LP, CAROLINE K - Mirrorball PICTURE-12“, RYLEY WALKER - Course In Fable LP, WHISKER - moon mood LP, ROSE CITY BAND - Earth Trip LP, LIGHTNING BOLT - Lightning Bolt DLP re issue, CAROLINE K - Mirrorball PICTURE-12“, COLLEEN - The Tunnel And The Clearing LP restock in black and colored vinyl and more. 


Also the PIGEON - Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity LP is ready and we ship all pre orders tmrw. We still have some red ones left. It turned out amazing.


Thank you for your support in those difficult times


We are also back on the store MONDAY TIL SATURDAY from 11°° - 18°°


Norman & Robert







ELIA Y ELISABETH - Fue Una Lágrima / Cae La Lluvia 7“ (vampisoul - The recording debut of Elia and Elizabeth (or Elisabeth, as it appears originally credited in the first edition of this single) took place in Spain in 1971 with Juan Carlos Calderón, one of the most prestigious producers and arrangers in the country. These first versions of “Fue Una Lágrima” and “Cae la Lluvia” appear full of rich and intrincated orchestral arrangements, a very different approach to both songs from the tropical feel that producer Jimmy Salcedo added when they were later re-recorded for Codiscos in his native Colombia. The duo would record there a handful of songs between 1972 and 1973 (compiled in our past release “La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth” VAMPI 160), mixing soft-pop with a touch of tropical-pastoral funk, singer-songwriter sweetened by the subtle perfume of Caribbean music and psychedelia, which remain among us as part of the most wonderful pop legacy of all time. ) 15.00




AFROSOUND - La Danza De Los Mirlos LP (vampisoul - Afrosound’s mission was to emulate the guitar-heavy tropical sounds emanating from Perú and Ecuador at the time. To add to the hippie vibe, there were plenty of whacky improvised vocal asides (called ‘inspiraciones’), plus custom fuzz, wah-wah, flange and echo effects boxes for the guitar and keyboards. A barrage of odd sounding synths, drum machines and other electronic flourishes were also sprinkled in to spice up the proceedings. The dozen tracks on Afrosound’s debut long play make for a surprisingly diverse palette from which these Colombian musicians painted their daring portrait of Peruvian cumbia, returning the favor in bold colors that still resonate almost 50 years later. “La danza de los mirlos” kicks off with most famous Afrosound hit of all, ‘Caliventura’, a genius blend of funk and cumbia. Also, there are several covers including various Colombian costeño classics, a groove oriented son montuno / cumbia hybrid, Fruko’s bomba-funk ditty ‘El chorrillo’, the melancholic psychedelic cumbia ‘Esperando por ti’ and the rocking cumbia andina gem ‘Cabeza de chorlito’. This lovingly restored reissue features the artwork for the Peruvian edition, which was licensed and issued by Lima’s El Virrey label in 1974.) 25.00


CAROLINE K - Mirrorball PICTURE-12“ (mannequin - Forever lost single track from Caroline K real name Caroline Kaye Walters - founder member of Nocturnal Emissions, one of the best UK experimental/industrial music groups in the 1980s. Conceived at her Brixton studio in 1983 during the same sessions of "Don't Believe It's Over, "Mirrorball" sounds heavily inspired by "Blue Monday" from New Order, unveiling an unexpected pop side from the British experimental artist, here with the help of Beverley Ireland at the voice. Caroline Kaye Walters formed Nocturnal Emissions in 1980 with Nigel Ayers, contributing voice, synthesizer, bass and drum programming to the group’s early releases. She and Ayers also co-founded Sterile Records (1979-1986), one of the key underground imprints of its time, home to music from the likes of SPK, Lustmord and Maurizio Bianchi. In later life Walters retreated from the public eye, and in 2001 married Daniel Ayers (Nigel’s brother, also of Nocturnal Emissions, and her collaborator in The Pump), moving to Garfagnana, Italy, where she resided until her death from leukaemia on July 12, 2008. Mannequin Records head Alessandro Adriani goes once again at the remix duties with a nearly 7 minute minimal-electro-balearic remix, overheating his Roland Tr-808/909/707 with delays reverbs and flangers and updating the original track for the dance - floor.) 22.00


COLLEEN - The Tunnel And The Clearing LP (thrill jockey - Colleen is an aboundingly inventive composer and artist. For two decades Cécile Schott as Colleen has crafted welcoming, enchanting, and bewildering music. The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist’s timeless compositions make use of carefully selected tools to mold memories into transcendent splendor. The Tunnel and the Clearing finds Schott at her most vulnerable and confident, invoking contemplative and swirling organ processed through analog electronics, steady drum machine syncopations and her distinctive voice to embody breaking through the nexus of compounding transitions. On an album centered on processing the complicated washes of emotion through tribulations and revelations Colleen presents a vision of breathless clarity. ) 23.00


GRAUZONE - Grauzone DLP (wrwtfww - restock - The original 1981 album + all songs from Grauzone's discography, sourced from the original reels. Overseen by Grauzone's Stephan Eicher and liner notes by Swiss music historian Lurker Grand. Mandatory!) 25.00


KAJSA LINDGREN - Momentary Harmony LP (recital - Recital is pleased to exhibit the new album by Swedish composer Kajsa Lindgren (b.1990). Typically working with field recordings and electroacoustic sounds, Momentary Harmony expresses her more emotive and lucent instrumental compositions. The music has taken a step away from her previous works, using only flickers of field recordings, instead tracing back to Kajsa’s childhood classical music roots: voice, violin, and piano. A warm tide grows and recedes through her album. Breathing in miniature lute ornaments and exhaling large choral plateaus. This polarity rests in narcotic limbo. The delicate arrangements remind one of Vikki Jackman or blurred Björk b-sides. Mixing instrument stems like clusters of field recordings, Lindgren laces harmonic timbres and gradients across the plain of this LP.  Choirs clasp with cello overtones and piano washes. Alongside Kajsa Lindgren, the album has recurring topiary appearances by Vilhelm Bromander (bass), Maxwell August Croy (koto, voice, guitar), Åsa Forsberg (cello), Pär Lindgren (lute), Sean McCann (piano and voice), and Jörgen Pettersson (saxophone).) 27.00


KID MILLIONS & Jan St. Werner - Imperium Droop LP (thrill jockey - The duo of John Colpitts aka Kid Millions and Jan St. Werner brings together the minds of two mavericks committed to exploring new avenues of musical expression. Kid Millions is one of the most sought after drummers and improvisors in NYC, known for his expansive solo work as Man Forever, as well as collaborations and performances with the likes of Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Boredoms, and So Percussion. Millions’ acclaim is equally rooted in his work with rock bands such as his own Oneida, as well as working with bands like Royal Trux and Spiritualized. Jan St. Werner has consistently remained at the vanguard of electronic music with his work as one half of Mouse on Mars as well as with his solo work and collaborations with The Fall’s Mark E Smith, Oval’s Markus Popp, Stereolab and The National. On their debut collaboration Imperium Droop, Millions and Werner, along with special guests Mats Gustafsson, Andrew Barker, and Richard Hoffman, created a collection of beautiful pieces built on surprising sound combinations. Together, the works on Imperium Droop are a joyful listen and an exhilarating foray into the unknown.) 23.00


LIGHTNING BOLT - Lightning Bolt DLP (thrill jockey - Long sought after, this record has not been available new on vinyl since its first pressing two decades ago. Released as a double LP, the second LP features songs recorded at the same time but never released before on vinyl. Packaged in a silkscreen wrap using the original design by Brain Chippendale, printed by Crosshair. Truly, a must-have for any Lightning Bolt fan. Since their first moment, it seems like they’ve been as electric as their name suggests. Lightning Bolt, their first album, captures that energy in a raw form. Famously lo-fi, this is the album that’s been described as most feeling like being at one of their shows. It’s difficult to listen and not want to jump with the crowd it feels like must be huddled around the amp producing an incredible wave of noise, astonishingly coming from just two musicians. You can hear the threads of their later work; use of repetition, a sense of grinding and building, noise melting to guitar solos. This album is loud, and the riffs repeated become mesmerizing as they warp slowly thru the songs) 32.00


MIDORI TAKADA - Through The Looking Glass DLP (clear vinyl) (wrwtf - Special Limited Edition, 180gr crystal clear transparent vinyl, analog cut at 45rpm, gatefold tip-on sleeve. The highly-anticipated reissue of Japanese percussionist Midori Takada's sought after and timeless ambient / minimal album "Through The Looking Glass", originally released in 1983 by RCA Japan.  Considered a Holy Grail of Japanese music by many, "Through The Looking Glass" is Midori Takada’s first solo endeavor, a captivating four-song suite capturing her deep quests into traditional African and Asian percussive language and exploring contemplative ambient sounds with an admirably precise use of marimba. The result is alternatively ethereal and vibrant, always precise and mesmerizing, and makes for an atmospheric masterpiece and an unparalleled sonic and spiritual experience. The fully licensed reissue is available as a single 33rpm LP and a limited 45rpm DLP, both cut directly from the original studio reels (AAA), at Emil Berliner (formerly the in-house recording department of renowned classical record label Deutsche Grammophon) for the 45rpm DLP, and at the equally famous Frankfurter SST Studio for the LP.) 38.00


MIDORI TAKADA & MASAHIKO SATO - Lunar Cruise LP (wrwtf - Another stellar re-release from the legendary Japanese percussionist Midori Takada : 1990’s LUNAR CRUISE, her superb collaboration with jazz pianist, synth master, composer and arranger Masahiko Satoh. Arguably the best kept secret in Midori Takada’s fascinating discography, LUNAR CRUISE is an under the radar masterpiece that captures Takada (on marimba and minimal percussion set-up) and Satoh (on Korg M1 and Yamaha DX7II synths, Ensoniq EPS sampler, and acoustic piano) vibrantly fusing traditional African and Asian percussion with jazz, ambient, and minimalism. The album also features the great Haruomi Hosono (Yellow Magic Orchestra, Happy End…) and Kazutoki Umezu. For fans of ambient, jazz, electronic, traditional Asian and African music, minimalism, Midori Takada’s Through The Looking Glass, Haruomi Hosono, percussion, Japan, experimental.) 23.00


MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA - Spacecraft LP (green vinyl) (our swimmer - Musica Elettronica Viva, or MEV for short, was formed in 1966 in Rome by Allan Bryant, Alvin Curran, Jon Phetteplace, Carol Plantamura, Frederic Rzweski, Richard Teitelbaum and Ivan Vandor. From the very beginning the group was based on musical freedom and the shunning of convention. Using contact microphones to record and manipulate sound wherever it could be found – from box springs to vibrators – and improvisationally combining those recordings with tenor sax, homemade synths and the very first Moog to trek cross the Atlantic, MEV made some of the most imaginative and abrasive sounds of the time. Recorded in live performance at the Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste) in Berlin on October 5, 1967, Spacecraft is made up of a single piece of the same name – a slow building, jarring and disquieting work that reveals the entire MEV ethos in its lone half hour. As group member Alvin Curran put it “The music could go anywhere, gliding into self-regenerating unity or lurching into irrevocable chaos - both were valuable goals. In the general euphoria of the times, MEV thought it had re-invented music; in any case it had certainly rediscovered it.” Our Swimmer is pleased to present this first ever vinyl issue of MEV’s Spacecraft, an early piece from the most free-spirited group of the 20th century avant-garde. Translucent green vinyl.) 24.00


NEUROTIC EXISTENCE - At War With The World LP (kink - This album delivers 9 hits – skillfully combining fast hardcore-punk with classic anarcho-punk tunes. Beautifully melodic guitars meet a straight drum beat and the pissed off, scratchy alternating vocals between Tati (Lost World / ...) and Davide.) 12.00


PALAIS SCHAUMBURG - palais schaumburg LP (bureau b - RED VINYL - Active in the early Eighties, the short-lived but highly influential Palais Schaumburg helped break new ground in the Neue Deutsche Welle scene with their compelling, abstract brand of avant-garde pop and post-punk. The Hamburg band’s self-titled debut album, released in 1981, is reissued via Bureau B.) 25.00


PIGEON - Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity LP (adagio830 - It’s already 3 years Berlin-based band Pigeon released their self-titled debut LP and shortly after the Bug EP but also hard to believe they found the time to get together with all the involvement in other projects like Liiek, Ostseetraum, Benzin or or or. The 10 new songs on Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity are dry, restive and full of guitar feedback. Pigeon are a contemporary version of post-punk heroes Wire and New Zealand’s noiserock band The Gordons. All LPS come with a little booklet / Fanzine) 15.00


RIP HAYMAN - Waves: Real and Imagined LP (recital - Captain Rip Hayman (b.1951, New Mexico) has come ashore again, bearing fresh cargo. A student of John Cage, Ravi Shankar, and Philip Corner, Rip was a founding editor of the revered Ear Magazine (1975-1991), and since 1977 he has run New York's oldest bar, the Ear Inn. The focused minimalism of his new LP Waves: Real and Imagined varies from the collaged spectacle of his first Recital LP, Dreams of India & China (2019). This oceanic dish holds two side-long works: “Waves for Flutes,” a multi-tracked flute composition recorded by the artist in 1977. ‘Angelic’, ‘Grave’, and ‘Sad’ modes overlap an effect of medieval choral organum, as shifting patterns evoke water and wind variations of the shore and vast sea beyond. An enchanting and arresting piece. The second side holds “Seascapes,” which was recorded on the Pacific ocean in February and March of 2020 – through calm seas and tempestuous storms. The ship as the instrument played by the sea. We feel both lost and saved when at sea, the landfall feared or longed for. The album is dedicated to all those whose souls have been lost and found at sea amidst the waves, for each sea wave is a child of Oceanus & Tethys, Greek gods of the sea, every one sent on their way to play…) 27.00


ROSE CITY BAND - Earth Trip LP (thrill jockey - Forest Green Colored - Rose City Band is celebrated guitarist Ripley Johnson. A prolific songwriter, Johnson started Rose City Band as an outlet nimble enough to match the pace of his writing as well as to explore songwriting styles apart from Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo. Rose City Band allows him to follow his musical muses as they greet him and not be bound by the schedules of bandmates and demands of a touring group. On Earth Trip, Johnson colors songs with a country-rock twang and a melancholic, wistful undertone. Themes recur such as pining for summers spent in the company of friends to newer meditations on space, stillness and the splendor of the natural world. Johnson’s laid-back and classically West Coast songs communicate emotions entirely of the moment with both his lyrics, intimate vocal style as well as his elegant elongated guitar lines and astute use of counter-melodies on the pedal steel. ) 25.00


RYLEY WALKER - Course In Fable LP (husky - ‘Course In Fable’ is the fifth LP by Ryley Walker. The LP takes its inspiration from the glut of experimental and highly creative bands - Gastr Del Sol, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake - active in 1990s Chicago, Walker’s home city. If you can imagine those bands fronted by Ryley Walker’s jazz-flecked folk then you’re pretty much there. For authenticity Ryley Walker hired John McEntire of Tortoise to produce the LP. ) 25.00


VIDRO - Allt Brinner LP (kink - VIDRO is a new project-band from Stockholm-Portland-Belo Horizonte. They feature members from KURT I KUVÖS, DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD, BAD NERVE to name a few. After releasing a great demo-tape in 2017 - here is their 1st proper release on vinyl. Eleven songs that blur the lines of pissed hardcore and mid-tempo punk with female vocals and swedish lyrics. All of them personal, political and uniquely unapologetic.) 13.00


VIDRO / CANKRO - split LP (kink - A split made for Vidro’s Brazilian tour, originally released on tape and now put out on vinyl. This explains a lot, while both bands are among the better up-and-coming groups, Vidro dominates the record. Already appreciated their previous full-length, now they are even better, playing fucked-up, mid-tempo hardcore somewhere between modern, riff-based groups and SSD/DYS stomping parts, while if you fell for daydreaming seconds, you can find yourself humming “Now I wanna be your dog” to their music, too. Their singer has a great, super pissed off voice; it pairs well with the guitars that dare to experiment beyond a few chords’ chunky riffs. While their side is as effective on moving my body as if someone shook me by my shoulders, I do not feel hypnotized into fist-pumping, but I nod my head owning total consciousness over my limbs. Vidro deserves it. Cankro debuts on vinyl with a new breed of raw hardcore punk for fans of SUB-era Brasilian hardcore but with a contemporary twist, hooks and some parts that turn the trope upside down by infusing 30 minute rocking solos that works beyond all expectations! Stripped for metallic clichés and charged with desperation and sincerety; Cankro rips open a new wound on the surface of contemporary hardcore punk. Welcome to a inferno of hardcore punk agression.) 12.00


WHISKER - moon mood LP (husky pants - Ben Billington and Andrew Scott Young of legendary underground Chicago free jazz band TIGER HATCHERY continue ten plus years of musical collaboration as WHISKER. A crosseyed new path of Electronics/Double Bass/extremely blitzed vibes.  While their musical language has always been dense with alien riddles, panic, and psychedelic jargon, the conversation continues into an even more gut rot territory. Sounds like gum being ripped up off a bowling alley carpet, mixed with kicking an Ohio Turnpike vending machine until it releases Nickelodeon slime. The back and forth of ASY’s virtuosic bass playing and BBB’s masterful control of totally wrecked electronic patch bays is the fine after taste of sizzled European anti music and incredibly baked Chicago improv. Best heard while extremely confused but also mellow. Many times replicated, but never matched, BBB and ASY hold their place as stalwarts of Midwest Free Jazz, fried synths, and scorched flower jams. Husky Pants is proud to release their newest and most unpredictable exploration, MOON MOOD, available on LP) 25.00