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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News


Hi. Welcome to the first newsletter for April. A bunch of great records arrived like the JOHN PATTON - Soul Connection LP, SIR EDWARD - The Power Of Feeling LP, RUDIMENTARY PENI - Death Church LP restock, THE CHISEL - Retaliation LP restock, FATAMORGANA - Ahora Aquí, Todavía No LP, JULIUS EASTMAN - Stay On It LP, NIK COLK VOID - Bucked Up Space LP, THE FALL - A Part Of America Therein, 1981 LP re issue, PRIMA MATERIA - La Coda Della Tigre LP, ALABASTER DEPLUME - GOLD – Go Forward in the Courage of Your Love DLP, TRAVESIA - Ni Un Minuto Más De Dolor LP, SUPERBLOOM LP, BÄRCHEN UND DIE MILCHBUBIS - Endlich komplett betrunken LP ..


We also got out copies of the VICEPREZ - Junger LP (Peeps of Sport etc playing more melodic punk ala Youth Avoiders etc … catchy and raw at the same time)


The MICROPHONES Boxsets are also en route to us (finally) - we send u tracking numbers as soon as they landed. Thank you for your patience.



We also added a second screening of the PUNK THE CAPITAL movie on Friday April 29th at TILSITER LICHTSPIELE - also incl. the Q&A with Jeff Nelson & Bert Queiroz (of Rain, Youth Brigade etc)


So you can choose between





Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






THE AVENGERS - Be A Caveman / Broken Hearts Ahead 7“ (munster - Just under two minutes of music cooked with farfisa and 12-string guitars were enough for The Avengers to become a garage legend worldwide. Their 1965 anthem counts numerous appearances on –sometimes shady– compilations since the 1980s and we are now happy to present it on a 45, backed with its original B-side for the first time. Classic!!!) 15.00


GOLDKANTE - Ohrfeigenlandschaft 7“ (Fettkakao - GOLDKANTE, a new band out of Vienna and Linz with Mops, Pezzy, Rainer and Martin. The People in Goldkante know each other for ages, have been in – or are in bands (laying low beause of the Virus) together like Target Of Demand, Seven Sioux, Grant (Royal). Martin was in Kurort, easily one of the best bands ever (dis)gracing stages in Austria and elsewhere. On May 18th, 2021 the Group’s debut 7 will surface, with two Songs: Ohrfeigenlandschaft (put together from lines from the novel „Schöne Tage“ by Franz Innerhofer, published in 1974) and Lockdown Lovers (Rainer saying No! to the notion that anyone could want the world back as it was before).) 7.00


HOLOGRAM - Build Yourself Up So Many Times Only To Be Brought Down Again And Again EP 7“ (la vida - From the brazen debris of Washington DC’s Closet Christ comes Hologram darting at you with their debut EP of disarray that will leave you in a state of confusion. Questioning if what you had heard was reality. From mid tempo to bull paced charged in your face, this will leave you topsy turvy. If forced to compared it to reality, sloppy yet tight Italian hardcore created by an absolute maniac who lacks the ability to process pitch.” DJ Kombat. Build Yourself up so Many Times Only to be Brought Down Again and Again was recorded by Emil Bognar Nasdor and comes in a pocket sleeve and insert designed by the band’s frontman and songwriter Brendan Reichhardt.) 9.00


LIME CRUSH - Timewaster 7“ (fettkakao - 3 new songs from Viennas LIME CRUSH. Following their Sub Divide LP from 2018, here's more of their twanging joyful Alternative-Pop tunes, with nods to Teen Beat style Sixties Psychedelia and Twee-Pop.) 7.00





ALABASTER DEPLUME - GOLD – Go Forward in the Courage of Your Love DLP (international anthem - GOLD, the follow-up to Alabaster DePlume's widely-acclaimed, 2020-released cinematic instrumental LP To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1, introduces the world to the artist's truest self. That is... though DePlume's now known across the globe as the saxophonist who created that collection of wonderful, wordless music, he's most known to fervent fans in his home zone of London, UK, as an outspoken poet and orator, beloved for his inspiring words of encouragement and sing-a-long-able songs about vulnerability, humanity, and courage. GOLD is a sprawling double album that finds DePlume expressing both sides of his artistic character beautifully: (1) an articulate singer and songwriter who invokes the melodious crooning of Donovan as much as Devendra Banhart or Syd Barrett, whose tunes are almost like mini-sermons, full of existential comedy and spiritual enlightenment; and (2) a brilliant composer of simple, soothing, and viscerally nourishing instrumental melodies, with a gift for expanding them into intrepid collective improvisations, led by a delicate and distinguished saxophone tone that conjures the fluttery sweetness of the great Ethiopique Getatchew Mekurya.) 30.00


ANADOL - Felicita LP (back in stock - “Whether it is traditional or contemporary, we need to be authentic,” says Gözen Atila who performs as Anadol. “I don't claim that I am authentic but this is what I want to achieve.” A sense of authentic exploration, introspection and celebration coats every inch of Anadol’s latest album. After 2019’s Uzun Havalar she returns with an album that continues to explore a variety of deeply embedded musical traditions while also hurtling into new terrain. The music and influences - as well as the history, culture and geography behind them - that make up Atila as an artist all coalesce to create something entirely new. The result is something that is simultaneously exploring history and tradition while harnessing innovative modern sounds and techniques. “If there is any tradition I am somehow connected to, or influenced by, then it’s multi-genres,” she says. “Such as Turkish Pop and Arabesk music from this country where I grew up. There is a connection to folk and also French pop or Flamenco, Middle Eastern melodies and orchestration, Greek adaptations, Kenny G. solos, American guitars.” ) 27.00


BÄRCHEN UND DIE MILCHBUBIS - Endlich komplett betrunken LP (Tapete - Zu »Jung kaputt spart Altersheime« schunkelten die Punks schon Anfang der 80er. Der Slogan traf die Stimmung der Zeit. Keiner konnte sich vorstellen, älter als 25 zu werden. No Future! war das Motto all der trotzigen Nichtskönner und sensiblen Selbstdarsteller, die damals den Punk für die BRD entdeckten. Mittendrin waren Annette (»Bärchen«) und ihr Rudel renitenter Oberstufenschüler (»die Milchbubis«). Sie drehten ihre Verstärker auf, und machten aus wenigen Akkorden so viele Songs wie möglich. In den Texten ging es um die Abkehr von der Gesellschaft mittels Humor, Alkohol und Selbstzerstörung.  40 Jahre später ist es soweit: Auf der Werkschau »Endlich komplett betrunken« sind alle Songs der legendären EP und der LP, neu gemastert von den Originalbändern, und einige herrlich kaputte live-Aufnahmen. Außerdem gibt es neue Bonusstücke wie den Mix aus ihrem Song »Tagebuch« mit dem Punk- Klassiker »Samen im Darm« – ihr Stinkefinger gegen Schwulenhass.) 25.00


CHAIN CULT - Demo 2018 LP (la vida - Chain Cult from Athens released their Demo on tape on the first of January 2018 and it instantly sold out. Now it gets rightfully re-released on Vinyl. The six track demo is full of churning and brooding post punk that is urgent and energetic. It has anger and passion built on a skeletal and distinct production. Dark jagged guitar riffs sit on top of hypnotic bass lines like the classic VEX 12" on Fight Back Records mixed with WARSAW and ARTIC FLOWERS. Demo 2018 comes housed in a 350 gsm sleeve designed by Aris of A.D. Visions and includes a lyric insert.) 20.00


THE CHISEL - Retaliation LP (la vida - back in stock - It’s going off and The Chisel are back to cause a bit of bovver. Following a trio of explosive singles, the band finally bring us their debut full-length album, Retaliation, on the London-based punk institution La Vida Es Un Mus. Having formed in early 2020 and featuring a crew of members with long-term associations to the London punk scene, The Chisel quickly secured a reputation as one of the most exciting bands from a pool of contemporaries that includes Chubby & The Gang, Stingray and Big Cheese. Their sound is rooted firmly in Punk but with influences that run across the board to create a distinctive blend of Oi!, anarcho, UK-82 and hardcore. Retaliation is an unmistakably British record that draws a line from 1982 up to the present day, pushing its way into your collection and torching your stereo. ) 23.00


THE FALL - A Part Of America Therein, 1981 LP (superior viaduct - In the summer of 1981, The Fall embarked on their second American tour, criss-crossing the States over a two-month period. Featuring the dual guitar of Marc Riley and Craig Scanlon and rhythm section of Stephen Hanley and Karl Burns, A Part Of America Therein, 1981 would document this fabled journey with crucial performances that show the band evolve from noisemaking lout cultists into true post-punk legends."From the riot-torn streets of Manchester, England to the scenic sewers of Chicago ..." as the album opens unforgettably with a nameless promoter introducing The Fall, who proceed to tear into a hypnotic take on "The N.W.R.A." stretched into a near stare-down that is wholly different than the studio version on Grotesque. The LP highlights Mark E. Smith's incomparable bite, heard most notably on the adlibbed vitriol of "Totally Wired," where not even the costumed punks were safe from a proper dressing down. A Part Of America Therein, 1981 proves once again that The Fall's constant rally against complacency was a top-down directive and intrinsic to their wonderful and frightening sound. Liner notes by Brian Turner.) 25.00


FATAMORGANA - Ahora Aquí, Todavía No LP  (la vida - Fatamorgana is the Universe, and Ahora Aquí, Todavía No the journey that will take you through it. Patrycja and Louis will be your guides, and with their Bass Station, RX11, JP-8000 and ethereal voices acting as a synth-pop spaceship, all the marvels and mysteries they have seen will be revealed, because they “want to fly and swim at once, forever, in another density”. The Barcelona-based duo continue to hone their brand of electronic post-punk, dishing out beats, hooks and atmospherics in generous servings, and whilst it retains much of the stark minimalism of their first LP (2019's Terra Alta), Ahora Aquí, Todavía No somehow feels deeper, more lush and considered. Clearly influenced by music from the 1980s – synth-pop, new wave, post-punk – Fatamorgana manage to create a sound that avoids standard retro manouevering, landing instead on something distinctly their own - an album made from cold sounds, that in their union become warm. A record that could just as easily soundtrack an afternoon's solitary contemplation as a night on the dancefloor.) 20.00


HUERCO S. - Plonk DLP (back in stock - The first Huerco S. album in 6 years, Plonk’s world does not wholly resemble anything Brian Leeds has made under any alias. His sound palette has broadened to absorb and refine trap’s un-smeared geometrics and drill’s taught rhythms amongst the gaseous bodies and soul-piercing ambience that has garnered such acclaim; Where those previous veins were rooted in the pre-Columbian civilizations of his native Kansas, Plonk reflects the mournful sodium glow of cities at night, street corners that light up with painful moments of clarity you wish would disappear.) 35.00


JOHN PATTON - Soul Connection LP (jazz room - One of the most influential and underground Hammond organists of the 1960's was "Big" John Patton as he was then known. If it was the groove that you wanted Patton was your Man and he made several albums for the legendary Blue Note label, many of which went on to sell for eye watering prices. As his style went out of favor, some of the recordings never saw the light of day until almost 20 years later and at the same time Patton slipped into the background. He resurfaced in the 1980s and went into the studio. Among his albums Soul Connection, originally released in 1983 on Nilva Records has now been re-released on what many consider to be the Re-Issue Label of these times; Jazz Room Records. ) 25.00


JULIUS EASTMAN - Stay On It LP (week end - It has power, is unpredictable, bringing together familiar things before disbanding them again. It reshuffles the deck: “Stay on It” by Julius Eastman (1940–1990). In 1973, avant-garde ensemble Creative Associates goes on a tour of Europe with Eastman’s brand new piece in their repertoire, and in short: “Stay on It” turns the coordinates of avant-garde music on its head. It is minimal, but unashamedly groovy; it is open to improvisation, grants performers all the freedom they could need, but it isn’t jazz and never slips into the non-committal. It is open to theatrical and performative elements, but also to the poetic and lyrical. It is strict and demands maximum concentration from its performers, but releases them into playfulness. Once the musicians have gotten used to the discipline, have adopted the groove that Eastman demands of them, a vast field of new connections opens up to them, leading to sublime sonic unions. “Players may choose to play and repeat the layered cells at their own discretion,” the playing directions for the piece read. And: “Each element (Theme, Cells) may be repeated ad lib. Cues to move to each next section may be visual, or a pre-determined musical cue.” It is clear that Eastman is writing for a collective of intelligent, cooperative, well-informed musicians. “Stay on It” is about respect, mutual support in seeking and finding, about an openness to the world, in which people strive for self-liberation and in which the boundaries between classical and pop music collapse, because they represent false hierarchies. ) 28.00


KHAN JAMAL - Infinity LP (Vibe’s Maestro Khan Jamal’s “Infinity” features a Stellar line up, a drums and percussion-rich sextet that features altoist Byard Lancaster and a Philadelphia-based rhythm section, Clifton Burton on harmonica and the legendary free drummer Sunny Murray. Khan Jamal contributed four of the five songs, while pianist Bernard Sammul brought in a cooking "The Angry Young Man." The music stands up to and can be compared to anything released on the great Jazz labels and just like a Classic Blue Note, Prestige, Verve or Impulse release this is an absolute Stand Out Session. For the London, Tokyo and all points West End crowd the Worldwide Sound is "The Known Unknown" which has been featured on several underground compilations back in the Acid Jazz Heydays of the 1990's, but the whole album is a complete undiscovered gem. Self released in 1984 and long out of print, original copies fetch $1000 and upwards, so Jazz Room Records are proud and pleased to bring this Spiritual Soul Jazz gem out to a wider audience.) 25.00


KING ​TUBBY ​MEETS ​SCIENTIST – In ​A ​Revival ​Dub LP (radiation - Incredible collection of rare King Tubby VS. Scientist tracks. These were some of the last ‘classical’ dub works created before dancehall ultimately mutated into a technologically-driven sound that largely did away with organic instruments and although these works already point in that direction, they still sound entirely fresh today because of the superb musicianship of the Roots Radics and the guiding hand of Jah Thomas in the producer’s chair, as well as Scientist and his cohorts, working their dub magic at King Tubby’s studio. Extensive liner notes by David Katz.) 24.00


NIK COLK VOID - Bucked Up Space LP (editions mego - Nik Colk Void is well established with her work - using modular systems, voice and guitar - as one half of Factory Floor, one third of Carter Tutti Void (alongside Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti) and with the late Peter Rehberg as NPVR, but perhaps surprisingly, 'Bucked Up Space' is her first solo album release. Void explains, “When Peter Rehberg initially asked me to produce a record for Editions Mego, I didn't feel quite ready and asked if we could make a record together instead. Collaboration is so ingrained into what I do, I only felt ready to make this album after working through ideas live, using the audience in place of the collaborator.” Bucked Up Space combines Void’s love of improvisation with the driving force of beat-driven music absorbed from performing in galleries, residencies and clubs across the UK and Europe. She goes on to say, “You find out more about yourself when you explain your ideas to others, and that’s how I felt the live performance worked for me.” The process steadily teased out a language and Void employed a variety of tactics in the recording process including a methodical approach of collecting data at her home studio in a manner not dissimilar to keeping a diary. Her microscopic focus on raw instrumental noise, layered and reformulated, resulted in a sound catalogue that Void divided into groups for their tone, density and texture. ) 22.00


PRIMA MATERIA - La Coda Della Tigre LP (superior viaduct - Prima Materia was a vocal improvisation ensemble, founded by Roberto Laneri in 1973. Composed entirely of vocalists with no academic training, the group developed various techniques – revolving mostly around the use of overtones – that would embody their unique sound. No instruments nor electronic manipulations were ever employed within the group's physiognomy, which was realized purely through the human voice. La Coda Della Tigre, the group's sole album, was recorded in 1977 by Alvin Curran and released on Ananda, an artist-run label founded by Laneri, Curran and Giacinto Scelsi. As the original liner notes state, "The music of Prima Materia may sound radically new, yet at the same time it is likely to ring some distant bell and evoke ancient emotions. This is not due to chance: indeed, the very name of the group points to a specific path, namely, the unfolding of the potential implicit in the alchemical symbol as embodying a process of transmutation of consciousness.“) 26.00


ROMÉ O POIRIER – Hotel Nota LP (sferic - Enchanting, ambient-impressionist postcard depictions of the good life from composer/collagist Roméo Poirier, debuting on Manchester’s sferic with a round-trip to Venusian beaches and back. A must check for fans of Jon Hassell or Andrew Pekler’s phantom sound islands and Mike Cooper’s Pacific sojourns. Working in the crème-concrète and frothy exotica style that made his ‘Plage Arrière’ a cult hit in 2016 (and on vinyl in 2019), Brussels-based Roméo Poirier conjures gauzily impressionistic beach scenes and heady sunny day feels from a fine mix of granular processing and bleached-out Balearic tropes in the dilapidated but deeply charming environs of ‘Hotel Nova’. Armed with a suitcase of floral shirts, trunks, paperbacks and a laptop, he checks into a lounging, relaxed and modestly lush sound that appears to shift and shimmer with the iridescent aftereffects of a micro-dosed daiquiri or the warm, turquoise waters by his feet. Taking up residency in an imagined, hauntological lounge space where Jon Hassell and Andrew Pekler could have once seduced each evening’s guests, Poirier applies his filigree sampling and rearrangement techniques with rarified, ephemeral effect to float from smeared Hassellian brass in ‘Thalassocratie’ to smoky, ember crackle jazz in ‘Le bematiste’, and frayed loops in ‘Du Rocher’ redolent of Biosphere’s ‘Dropsonde’, with half- recognisable motifs that thread through and tie the record together like tropical spider webs. Along the fine line or flux between stylistic cliche and organic truths, Roméo Poirier uses tactfully textured electronics and timeless dubbing to realise an electronic simulacra of a world which becomes real through its eccentricities and cohesive integration of sounds. Trust there’s no mosquito bites or sunburn here, but you may not be able to escape the feeling you’ve been on holiday after immersing in Poirier’s careful world building.) 30.00


RUDIMENTARY PENI - Death Church LP (sealed - The words legendary, seminal, and classic get thrown around at will these days, but Rudimentary Peni’s debut album is all of them. Recorded over two days at Southern Studios by John Loder and originally released in 1983 by Crass off-shoot label Corpus Christi, Death Church showed a band moving away from the urgency of their two early 7”s and into their own realm. Creating a template that bands have been trying to replicate ever since, while ticking all the boxes to become a genre-defining album. Iconic artwork, a unique sound and their own lyrical universe. All merging seamlessly. Sonically the album is full of Nick Blinko’s extraordinary vocals and equally remarkable guitar, Grant Matthews’ big meandering driving basslines and Jon Greville's tight and relentless drum work which together made something intricate and hard hitting, with a sequence that makes the 21 songs on the album flow perfectly. Visually, the album is every outsider art lover’s wet dream. A six-panel poster sleeve with every inch covered in Nick Blinko’s claustrophobic black and white line drawings, while lyrically the songs deal with madness, religion, death, and questioning humankind from a dark poetic place rarely found in any art form. )) 22.00


SKARA - We slave our days LP (Made up of Tom, Boris, Doudou and Jaap, some of them previously in French screamo The Sons of Saturn, Oslo’s finest Hombre Malo and Okkultokrati, or Dutch best kept secret Grinding Halt, among many others, this international brigade called SKARA - Heavy Crust Rock N Roll / Neo Crust. A real stomper) 14.00


SIR EDWARD - The Power Of Feeling LP (jazz room - One of the great unsung saxophone hero's: Harold Vick worked as a sideman with Hammond Legends Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, Big John Patton, and Larry Young. He played on and off with Walter Bishop, Jr. and also worked with Philly Joe Jones, Howard McGhee, Donald Byrd and Ray Charles and appeared with Dizzy Gillespie, King Curtis, and from 1970 to 1974 with Aretha Franklin. He played in Jack DeJohnette's jazz-rock band Compost from 1971 to 1973,recording with them in 1972 which is about the same time as this recording and that is probably the reason it is under the pseudonym of "Sir Edward". Add to that an absolutely top notch band, including bassist Wilbur "Bad" Bascomb, Jumma Santos on percussion and the mellow vibes of Omar Clay and this is a must have soulful jazz outing. The music is a funky mix of some of the big Soul tunes of the day, with versions of Donny Hathaway and The Stylistics and a nod to the CTI stylings of the day with a get down version of "People Make The World Go Round". Plus of course the opening track which Harold Vick had recorded with Shirley Scott on her album "One For Me" (Re-issued on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label .  With original copies now changing hands for 3 figure sums Jazz Room Records are pleased to present the first re-issue from Funky Drummer Bernard Purdies short lived Encounter Label.) 25.00


STARMARKET - Abandon Time LP (third something - Classic Swedish Emo / Indie Rock. Strange Fruit Records released the last Starmarket album "Abandon Time" in 2005. At that time vinyl wasn't really a thing. We reached out to Tim at Strange Fruit and he still had an old stock sitting in his parents house. Everything got packed and shipped and after we received the LPs we found out the glossy sleeves got all sticky over the years and were all in all in a bad shape. So we came up with the idea to redesign and repack it.) 22.00


SUPERBLOOM - pollen LP (thirty something - New York-based outfit Superbloom powerfully channel the spirit of grunge for their debut studio album ‘Pollen’. Packed with powerful drums, overdriven riffs and melodic, sing-along choruses, the infectious songs here are strongly, unashamedly redolent of the alternative rock boom of the early Nineties, yet the album feels refreshing precisely because of that.) 25.00


TEMPERS - New Meaning LP (dais - The New York City duo of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper aka Tempers specialize in a sleek strain of low-lit poetic synth-pop, the latest statement of which feels like the peak fruition of their elusive alchemy. With their self-produced New Meaning, Tempers present an album about navigating the unknown, coping mechanisms and exploring the nature of choice. Its ten songs reflect on the creation of meaning as an access to liberation in times of transition and loss. Speculating on the transformative potential that exists alongside the grief of living in a world that is in an ongoing state of crisis. ) 25.00


TRAVESIA - Ni Un Minuto Más De Dolor LP (vampisoul - A new title in the series of full-album reissues that Vampisoul is releasing (co-produced in collaboration with Little Butterfly Records) as a valuable addition to our largely acclaimed compilation “América Invertida”, focusing on the obscure leftfield pop and experimental folk scene from ‘80s Uruguay, making some of these elusive and essential albums available again. Only album (1983) released by this all-female trio, Travesía, an essential asset of the effervescent scene of experimental Uruguayan artists who at the time mixed folklore, the avant-garde and pop under the influence of bossa nova and tropicalia.  The minimalist instrumentation highlighted the trio's complex and ethereal vocal arrangements resulting in a beautiful album, released almost forty years ago but that could have been made yesterday. Perfect listening for fans of the ethereal pop by artists like Antena or Les Disques Du Crépuscule’s sound and lovers of vocal harmonies in the tradition of bands like Free Design.  Travesía’s members Mariana Ingold and Estela Magnone would later release outstanding solo albums that have also become very much in-demand in recent times. "Ni Un Minuto Más de Dolor" is reissued here on vinyl for the first time, in its original artwork (plus OBI) and including an insert with liner notes by the Uruguayan music journalist Andrés Torrón. ) 27.00


VICEPREZ - Junger LP (adagio830 - 


WGANDA KENYA - s/t LP (vampi soul - Wganda Kenya was a group formed by Discos Fuentes under the idea of developing an African and Caribbean sound in order to appeal to the Costeño Colombian market and also inject a little international exoticism into the label. This 1976 album has become a collector’s favorite waiting to be reissued, and it’s not hard to understand why since it’s full of so many Afro-Funk, Congolese rumba and Caribbean-flavored dance floor burners. Special edition reissue containing two non-album bonus tracks from the same period that appeared on 45s and various artist compilations, as well as an insert with liner notes. Pressed on 180g vinyl. First time reissue. ) 26.00


V/A - Frijazz ​mot ​rasisme DLP (Smalltown Supersound - The second release on Smalltown Supersound's highly promising offside jazz label, 'Le Jazz Non Series' follows Bendik Giske and Buttechno’s mighty label opener with a killer compilation bursting with contemporary/outsider Norwegian free music as a show of solidarity against racism in the scene, with a title that translates to "Freejazz against racism“. Stitched and compiled by Anja Lauvdal and Tine Hvidsten, the set features 18 outsider Jazz burners centered around a varied and diverse cast of characters from the young Norwegian scene. While Norway has long had a positive relationship with free music, its players have invariably looked remarkably similar. "Frijazz mot rasisme" aims to address that by expressing the diversity of Oslo's contemporary scene and show its commitment to anti-racism; of the players featured on the record, many are regulars at Norwegian demonstrations against local anti-Muslim organization SIAN - with the compilation designed to collect funds for local anti-racist work. Musically, "Frijazz mot rasism" is a fractal head-fry of the highest order, dilating a fertile movement thru spiraling outsider-jazz. If musical nodes are needed for a point of reference, it flexes from Don Cherry-inspired communal psychedelia sprawlers to fiery shredders, modal percussive cyclones and lushly expressive instrumental virtuosity of a sort we can only imagine would short-circuit and frazzle a pack of bleating Viking gammons.) 33.00




RUDIMENTARY PENI - Death Church TAPE (sealed - The words legendary, seminal, and classic get thrown around at will these days, but Rudimentary Peni’s debut album is all of them. Recorded over two days at Southern Studios by John Loder and originally released in 1983 by Crass off-shoot label Corpus Christi, Death Church showed a band moving away from the urgency of their two early 7”s and into their own realm. Creating a template that bands have been trying to replicate ever since, while ticking all the boxes to become a genre-defining album. Iconic artwork, a unique sound and their own lyrical universe. All merging seamlessly. Sonically the album is full of Nick Blinko’s extraordinary vocals and equally remarkable guitar, Grant Matthews’ big meandering driving basslines and Jon Greville's tight and relentless drum work which together made something intricate and hard hitting, with a sequence that makes the 21 songs on the album flow perfectly. Visually, the album is every outsider art lover’s wet dream. A six-panel poster sleeve with every inch covered in Nick Blinko’s claustrophobic black and white line drawings, while lyrically the songs deal with madness, religion, death, and questioning humankind from a dark poetic place rarely found in any art form. ) 9.00





ANNE HAHN / FRANK WILLMANN - negativ-dekadent  Punk in der DDR BUCH (Ventil - Als Punk etwa im Jahr 1980 in der DDR ankam, verunsicherte er nicht nur die sogenannten Staatsorgane, auch die Spießer und Biedermänner liefen Amok. Bereits optisch als Provokation gewollt und verstanden, bildete sich in einigen Zentren eine ganze Gegenkultur samt Lifestyle und Musik heraus, der es um Freiräume und Freiheit ging. Und genau wie Punk in der DDR eine von Stadt zu Stadt, von Kaff zu Kaff ganz unterschied­liche Szene jeweils mit ganz eigenen Protago­nist:innen und Eigenheiten war, zeichnet sich dieser Sammelband durch Vielstimmigkeit aus, Stories stehen neben Anekdoten, sachliche Analysen neben ganz persönlichen Reflektionen. „negativ-dekadent“ versteht sich als eine Zeitklammer, die möglichst viel von dem wiedergeben will, was für zehn Jahre in diesem diktatorisch regierten Teil Deutschlands für zumindest etwas Farbe und viel Verwirrung sorgte.Mit Texten von Cornelia Schleime, Franziska Hauser, Jan Müller, Anne Hahn, Tim Mohr, Alexander Pehlemann, Jan Off, Ronald Galenza, Jochen Schmidt, Peter Wawerzinek, Heinz Havemeister, Iron Henning und vielen anderen mehr. Einige der hier versammelten Texte sind bereits in vergriffenen Publikationen erschienen, einige wurden extra für dieses Buch verfasst. Gemeinsam ist ihnen allen, dass sie möglichst viel von der Lebenswirklichkeit made in GDR abbilden, die in die Geschichte einging.) 20.00