Bis Aufs Messer weekly News 05 October 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer weekly News 05 October 2023

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for October. A bunch of cool stuff arrived the two DAITRO re issues - the DAITRO - Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes LP and the DAITRO y LP got repressed on colored vinyl. Also the fantastic M.I.A. - Notes from the Underground / After the Fact DLP came via Modern City, we got some more SUFJAN STEVENS restocks, a bunch of BLOD and other Discreet restocks, OM restocks, MARIA BC restocks, Shellac restocks, THE SERFS - Half Beaten By Dogs LP, MOGWAI - Government Commissions DLP, Blonde Redhead restocks, Protomartyr restocks, Swans restocks, 


Also the NEIGHBORING SOUNDS - Cold In The Smart City LP arrived (we just have like 4 colored ones left) and we made some new ADAGIO830 Coffee Mugs - this time some ltd Enamel Mugs in red and green. 



And then we have a few of the ZORN Discography DLPs left - if they are gone they are gone. Black or colored vinyl


And we also added ( adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






KURT VILE & COURTNEY BARNETT - Different Now" b/w "This Time of Night 7“ (suicide squeeze - HEAVYWEIGHT AQUA BLUE VINYL: Suicide Squeeze celebrates Chastity Belt with the latest in its split 7" single series-a pair of covers by Friends of the Band and tourmates Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett. For this release, Kurt and Courtney each recorded a song from the band's third album, 2017's I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone, in their signature styles. Side K is Kurt's version of "This Time of Night," on which he lovingly recreates the anxious interplay of Julia Shapiro and Lydia Lund's guitars, stretching each note of the song's fraught vocal melody to its breaking point. Flip the record to Side C for Courtney's take on "Different Now," where she pulls the song from its Pacific Northwest haze, leaves it out to dry in the middle of the desert, and wrings something almost joyous from the original's ambiguity. "This Time of Night" / "Different Now" will be available on vinyl and digital platforms, with a one-time retail vinyl pressing limited to 1000 copies on heavyweight aqua blue vinyl.) 13.00





BARDO POND - Peace on Venus LP (Ltd Black & White Splatter Vinyl, DL Card. 500 pieces pressed. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the re-release of "Peace on Venus" by Bardo Pond, Philadelphia's leading exponents of psychedelic rock, on black and white splatter vinyl. Includes 'Kali Yuga Blues', a true monster of a song and a shining example of the band's ecstatic intensity. Diving deep into their subconscious to bring it into consciousness, the band shine on their 2013 effort with their gift for heavy riffs interwoven with soaring vocals and swaths of sound. Bardo Pond has the outward characteristics of a rock band, but the rivers that flow into the band's oneiric river have their headwaters in the realms of ecstatic jazz, free noise and the avant-garde. The recording of "Peace On Venus" employed the principle of quintessence, a principle introduced by the physician Paracelsus in the 16th century: "Nothing of true value is in the body of a substance, but in its virtue, and this is the principle of quintessence "which, say, reduces 20 pounds of a given substance into a single ounce, and that ounce far exceeds the 20 pounds in potency. So the less there is of a body, the greater is its virtue in proportion."Obviously, Bardo Pond are the greatest band in the world" Vice.) 32.00


BLACK DOG GROOVE SOCIETY - Fetch the Stick LP (oscarson - Long-term musical partners, guitarist Nils Pollheide and saxophonist Katharina Maschmeyer present a playful, groove-laden album under the name Black Dog Groove Society, backed by organist Dirk Schaadtand percussionist Marcus Möller. Fetch The Stick is an infectious record whose compositions are complex but stop short of being impenetrable, in the vein of classic Blue Note LPs.) 25.00


DAITRO - Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes LP (echo canyon - Repress on Snowy White Vinyl Originally released in 2005. Hailing from Lyon, France, Daitro deliver a totally perfect blend of hardcore and emo, proving that there are still some bands that posses the power and spirit of d.i.y. and punk that the original French emo movement held in the 90’s. At the same time, Daitro has no doubt created their own sound, full of new intensity, passion, and atmosphere.) 17.00


DAITRO - y LP (echo canyon - Hailing from Lyon, France, on their latest album called Y from 2009, Daitro deliver a totally perfect blend of hardcore and emo, prooving that there are still some bands that possess the power and spirit of d.i.y. and punk that the original French emo movement held in the 90’s. At the same time, Daitro has no doubt created their own sound, full of new intensity, passion, and atmosphere. Repressed on solid yellow vinyl with printed inner jacket) 17.00


JESSIKA KENNEY & EYVIND KANG - azure LP (ideologic - Since their emergence in the mid-1990s, both have had a strong presence in the context of American experimental music, and each has produced some of the most compelling original work since then. Kenney is an experimental vocalist, composer and teacher who focuses on the transformative powers of the voice and the relationship of sound to mystical experiences. In addition to her collaborations with Oren Ambarchi, Tashi Wada, Avey Tare, Alvin Lucier, Sarah Davachi, Ensemble Nist-Nah, Sunn O))) and numerous others, she is known for her performance of Indonesian vocal music (Sindhenan) and Persian vocal music (Radifs) as well as for their own compositions, which incorporate elements of both musical styles. Kang, a composer and multi-instrumentalist highly regarded for his unique approach to the viola, has worked in numerous fields and has appeared on albums by Bill Frisell, Joe McPhee, Sun City Girls, Wayne Horvitz, Ikue Mori, Laurie Anderson, Aki Onda, John Zorn, Blonde Redhead, William Hooker, Animal Collective, Lou Reed, Oren Ambarchi and numerous others, as well as creating a number of solo works that incorporate elements of his Icelandic, Danish and Korean heritage. A hypnotic return to Kenney and Kang's unique expression of "unison music," Azure is among the duo's most stripped-back and minimalist work in more than a decade. The five compositions are underscored by allusions to the natural world.) 27.00


MARIA BC - Spike Field LP (sacred bones - Red Vinyl - In the early 1990s, a team of linguists, engineers, anthropologists, and archaeologists were tasked with constructing a type of communication that could transcend time. How might we converse with future civilizations when language may evolve or dissolve entirely? The result yielded the design of spike fields; a strange construction of granite thorns bursting from the earth to alert its viewers to the deadly uninhabitability of nuclear waste disposal sites. For Maria BC (they/them), this state of temporal focus molds the wanderings on their second full length album Spike Field. How do we connect with the weathered shadow of our experience, while envisioning the self a few steps ahead of us? While their debut album Hyaline (2022, Father/Daughter) explored grief and anxiety through a series of character-led accounts, Spike Field recognizes that the past will continue to lurk below the surface until we decide to break through the soil. Spike Field was recorded in the home of a family friend. The home featured an out-of-tune baby Steinway piano, complete with squeaky hammers and strange, sporadic sounds. The piano is sprinkled throughout the album, and features extensively on opener "Amber," showcasing Maria BC's looser, more extensive arrangements. The song flickers with electronic wonder, like a wave seeking out its station, before crashing into the angelic choral introduction of "Watcher". Strings, plucked guitar and buzzing swells accompany their classically-trained mezzo-soprano voice on "Return to Sender," a song that focuses on the frustrations and turmoil of being unable to reach a loved one--both physically and emotionally. ) 28.00


MARIA BC - Hyaline LP (LIMITED EDITION BONE COLOURED VINYL "Hyaline" is the debut album from Ohio-born, Oakland, CA-based artist and songwriter, Maria BC. Their classically-trained mezzo-soprano voice soars over raw, etherial guitars; audio samples from Prospect Park - now almost unrecognizable - settle alongside tender, transformative harmonies. Mixing together different sessions, tracks recorded directly into their phone and samples collected over the years, Maria BC likens "Hyaline" to a "sonic collage." It"s a project of patience and trusting the process.) 26.00


M.I.A. - Notes from the Underground / After the Fact DLP (modern city - M.I.A.'s last 2 albums are reissued on vinyl for the first time since their original release in 1985 and 1987. Issued as a deluxe handcrafted package, this set includes 2 colored vinyl 12" LPs, a silkscreened cover, a die-cut cover, 4 inserts and a generous 40 page booklet. M.I.A. is a seminal hardcore punk band from Las Vegas / Orange County. They appeared on the classic 1982 Last Rites for Genocide and M.I.A. split LP and released the Murder in a Foreign Place album on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label in 1984. In 1985, the band enlisted the services of producer Thom Wilson (T.S.O.L, Dead Kennedys, D.I., D.O.A., etc.) and recorded Notes from the Underground. Following a path treaded by the likes of the Damned and T.S.O.L., the band expanded their sound with darker tones and a more personal approach. The band split-up soon after the release of the record. In 1986 singer Mike Conley took over guitar duties and reformed the band with original Last Rites drummer Chris Moon, along with Frank Daly and Mark Arnold (who would both go on to form Big Drill Car). After the Fact, released in 1987 on Flipside records retains the classic OC punk sound, adding a dose of British new-wave.) 28.00


MOGWAI - Government Commissions DLP (rock action - Rock Action Records and Mogwai reissue this album of special tracks recorded for the BBC at their world famous Maida Vale studios and at the Hippodrome in London and for The John Peel Show - whom this album is dedicated to and whose voice opens the album. A must for any fan, these session tracks differ from the original studio versions.) 35.00


NEIGHBORING SOUNDS - Cold In The Smart City LP (adagio830 - The recent unveiling of their album, Cold in the Smart City, is a testament to the timeless allure of Scandinavian emo, reminiscent of legends like Fireside and Starmarket, while also drawing inspiration from contemporary acts such as Feverchildand Fiddlehead.) 18.00


OROSKÄLLAN - Inspirsationsfestivalen LP (förlag - Third album by Gothenburg duo Oroskällan. Experimental weirdo folk with members of Blod, Amateur Hour, Enhet För Fri Musik, Ättestupa,…. Limited to 295 copys. Screenprinted and handpainted re-used covers. Comes with an insert.) 30.00


SALLY ANNE MORGAN - Carrying LP (Thrill Jockey - Multi-instrumentalist Sally Anne Morgan’s rich, intimate and modern music is cultivated with the seeds sown by folk, contemporary music and psychedelia. Her work exists in conversation with the living tradition of reinterpreting folk practices, from her music to her letterpress artwork to her microbrewery Leveller Brewing Co. Alongside new interpretations of traditional songs, Morgan also composes her own pieces drawing on her a vast knowledge of folk forms, and experience with her work as part of The Black Twig Pickers and House and Land (with Sarah Louise). Her music is traditional in the sense that she continues the practice of folk songs’ rich history in social and emotional narratives yet remains completely unbound by traditional song structures and forms. Infused with her singular perspective, Morgan’s music is elevated by her deft musical skills and her remarkably expressive voice that together create wholly new folk forms, familiar in their instrumentation yet distinctly her own. Carryingtills the rich soil of Appalachian traditions and Sally’s rural North Carolina surroundings into warm, reflective songs about navigating challenges, as well as the most joyous and personal emotions surrounding Morgan’s own pregnancy and recent birth of her first child. “The process of creating this album was intimately connected to the process of conceiving and birthing and raising a child,” says Morgan.) 27.00


THE SHADOW RING - Put The Music In It's Coffin LP (blank forms - Throughout their legendary, decade-long run, the Shadow Ring were an enigmatic force on the international musical sub-underground. Before their disbandment in 2002, this shambolic rock outfit, formed by a group of rowdy teenagers in southeast England, left behind a mighty run of eight LPs, a handful of 7"s, and a spate of raucous live shows and cryptic zine appearances on both sides of the Atlantic, all which have bolstered their enduring word-of-mouth mystique. Beginning this year with the first-ever vinyl pressing of the self-released pre-Shadow Ring tape The Cat & Bells Club (1992), Blank Forms Editions is conducting a systematic retrospective of the storied group, including a multi-year LP reissue effort and a forthcoming comprehensive CD box set and an over five hundred page book. Recorded in summer of 1994 at S.H.P studios (frontman Graham Lambkin's parents' home), the group's sophomore record Put the Music In Its Coffin is a more sinister, saturnine affair than their debut City Lights. Coffin was many listeners' introduction to the Shadow Ring, who had hitherto self-released their music, courting a steady stable of international fans through the magazine and mail-order catalog Forced Exposure. For their follow-up, the duo reached out to the ascending Philadelphia label Siltbreeze, whose eclectic roster of sneering, low-fidelity rock and noise connected disparate subterranean scenes from rust-belt America to the English Midlands, Dunedin, and beyond. As luck would have it, Siltbreeze proprietor Tom Lax was already a fan of the band's first record and arranged to release both a 7" and their "difficult second album." ) 30.00


THE SERFS - Half Beaten By Dogs LP (trouble in mind - Anyone who looks closely can see that Cincinnati, OH is currently a hotbed of musical creativity, and the three members of The Serfs - Dylan McCartney (vocals, percussion, guitar, bass, electronics), Dakota Carlyle (electronics, bass , guitar, vocals) & Andie Luman (vocals, synthesizer) - and their respective side projects (The Drin, Crime of Passing, Motorbike) are undeniably at the center of Cincinnati's new underground scene. After releasing albums on Berlin-based minimal synth label Detriti and Seattle-based DREAM Records in 2018 and 2022 respectively, the band makes the move to Trouble In Mind for their third and best album to date. "Half Eaten By Dogs" gives a decidedly Midwestern spin to the modernist twitch of future-forward bands like Total Control and Cold Beat as well as the post-industrial dancefloor grime of Skinny Puppy, Dark Day, This Heat and Factrix. "Half Eaten by Dogs" is a look through a telescope into a dystopian vision in which ice-encrusted synth harmonies dominate dripping chemical rhythms and drilled-out elemental rock formations. The music is a mix of dark drum and synthesizer industrial and Stygian guitar instruments, sometimes with cautious paranoia, sometimes with melodic defiance and exuberance (and in some moments with harmonica, saxophone or flute). “Half Eaten By Dogs” successfully encapsulates everything The Serfs have achieved to date, but with far greater intent and purpose than their previous albums. There are songs to dance to and songs to take in during a storm or while driving through the streets of the world. It may be another step down into the catacombs for the band, but on the way to something higher.) 25.00





ADAGIO830 - coffee saves my life ENEMAL MUGS (Adagio830 - We made some new ADAGIO830 Coffee Mugs - this time some nice fancy enamel mugs that are perfect for your camping trips our outdoor adventures or just for your daily morning coffee. Ltd to 50 pieces (25 red and 25 green)) 10.00