Bis Aufs messer weekly news 05 June 2023

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Bis Aufs messer weekly news 05 June 2023


Hi - welcome to another newsletter for June - a bunch of great records arrived like the THE BODY - I Shall Die Here / Earth Triumphant DLP re issue, BONGZILLA - Dab City LP, SELVHENTER - Mesmerizer LP, DE ​BRASSERS – 1979 - ​1982 DLP, THE AL TANNER QUINTET - Happiness Is... Takin' Care Of Natural Business... Dig? LP re issue, BYARD LANCASTER - It's Not Up To Us  LP restock, CODEINE - Dessau LP restock on col. Vinyl, KHANATE - To Be Cruel DLP, LOOPSEL - Öga For Öga LP restock, a couple SWANS and Bohren & Der Club of Gore restocks, RAGNAR JOHNSON & JESSICA MAYER - Spirit Cry Flutes and Bamboo Jews Harps from Papua New Guinea: Eastern Highlands and Madang DLP, SWEEPING PROMISES - Good Living Is Coming For You LP, SELVHENTER - Mesmerizer LP, DELPHINE DORA & MOCKE - L'Invisible est multiforme 2x10“ and more.


And we also got two great new books - JESSE DRAXLER - THE WORLD IS MINE AND I'M THINKING ABOUT YOU BOOK and RAGNAR JOHNSON - A New Guinea Journey BOOK


And we also added ( adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


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DELPHINE DORA & MOCKE - L'Invisible est multiforme 2x10“ (blue by the sea - “After a first album as a duo released on Okraina Records: "Le Corps défendant", Delphine Dora and Mocke invite us to join them again in listening to a new album. We slip into it as if in a dream, the music carries us away with its floating images. Heard before on a handful of disturbingly beautiful solo albums and in collaborations such as Midget!, Arlt, Chevalrex, Mohamed Lamouri, Mocke (Dominique Dépret's nom de plume) is a subtle and inventive guitarist, who draws melancholic arpeggios, with a beautiful languor, that walk the line between tensions and tears. Delphine Dora has been heard with Roxane Métayer, Sophie Cooper, Andrew Chalk, Jackie McDowell, Helena Espvall, Valentina Magaletti ... meeting in a moment of improvisation, a solitary sincopated voice blooming between the black and white keys of her piano, tuning betwist these keys, or at other times in the gap of the right note. Here improvisation feeds on melody, or is it the other way round?) 25.00





THE AL TANNER QUINTET - Happiness Is... Takin' Care Of Natural Business... Dig? LP (jazz man - In a 1990 interview, producer James Bronson described his Touché label as a ‘floating record label’, comparing it to the ‘floating gambling houses’ that Black people in his city had operated to try and avoid attention from the law. The label itself was a private enterprise, run from home, and had scant budget for promotion nor expansion. His slogan “Record companies don’t make music, musicians do” spoke volumes as to his respect for the artist. Nevertheless, the Al Tanner LP ‘Happiness Is... Takin' Care of Natural Business... Dig?’ was the first of just 3 albums the label was to release over the following 20 years. For an ambitious musician with ideas of fame and fortune, the situation may have appeared far from acceptable, but pianist Al Tanner didn’t have such aspirations. He may have recorded an album for Bronson, but his ambition of living his life as a working musician was fulfilled – he was a professional until the day he died – and that of being a recording star wasn’t a part of it. He was much more inclined to be a gigging jazzman, and was well-known as such in and around the local Bay Area nightspots. He was also heavily involved in musical education, and could be found performing at countless local community events, schools and recreation centres. He rarely travelled outside of the area.With Bronson’s limited resources and Tanner’s reluctance to put himself through the mill of touring, it was perhaps inevitable that the album would garner little attention nationally, or even within the wider California region. As noted in a 1967 review of ‘Happiness is…’ published in Downbeat Magazine, ‘Apparently, he [Tanner] is accorded a considerable amount of respect in San Francisco, though he has no national reputation. This isn’t unusual. Many gifted jazzmen stay on their home base for years, playing well but attracting little attention, while other, sometimes less talented musicians gravitate to New York and make names for themselves’.Nevertheless, reasons notwithstanding for a lack of commercial success, Tanner found happiness in the music that he made throughout his career. ‘I would say it’s a spiritual thing. I find a lot of love for the piano, and a love for music. And I try and express myself on the piano as I love it. Jazz is a spirit to me, there’s a spiritual side of jazz and there’s a side of jazz where you playing a whole lot of notes and you’re trying to get so many notes in one bar. I like the feeling and the spirit and the groove. If the music don’t groove, the people don’t move.’) 35.00


THE BODY - I Shall Die Here / Earth Triumphant DLP (Rvng - On I Shall Die Here, The Body sonically serrates the remains of metal's already unidentifiable corpse and splays it amid tormented voices in shadow. Sharing their heathen vision with The Haxan Cloak, The Body's tried, true, and absorbingly tragic sound is mutilated by process and re-animated in a spectral state. This double LP set is expanded with the previously unreleased Earth Triumphant, a full-length companion album that would become I Shall Die Here, showcasing The Body's brutality in its most primal form. Newly remastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios, this is the definitive edition of a shocking classic of unbridled bleakness and innovation.) 36.00


BONGZILLA - Dab City LP (heavy - Dab City is an ode to the purest form of THC and our beloved hometown of Madison Wisconsin, which is known as Mad City. A political and social hot bed and lightning rod for our state and the Midwest since the 1960's, Madison is also home to a large University with one of the best agronomy departments in the country and not surprisingly the focal point for some of the finest cannabis our country has to offer(Muleboy has not seen pot with seeds in it since arriving in 1993!)Although not legal, possession is basically ignored and punished with a nominal $1 fine for under 128 grams. For the recording of dab City we procured 10 g plus of the finest concentrates we could lay our hands on and somewhere north of 120 g of cannabis flower. And recorded it on 2-in analog tape over two sessions at Future apple tree Studio in Rock Island Illinois. Fall 2022 session is known as the Harvest Sessions and the February of 2023 session is known as the Propagation Sessions. The record is our 2nd as a three piece and our second full length release for our label Heavy Psych Sounds and continues our journey into ultra stoned sludgey psychedelia. Dab City is 100% recorded on Tape, and is composed by 7 songs with a running time of almost 60 minutes of brand new Stoned Sludge Heavy Doomy Riffs.) 26.00


BYARD LANCASTER - It's Not Up To Us  LP (superior - back in stock - Another legendary one out @Superior Viaduct, the super rare (and amazing) debut by sax / flute player Byard Lancaster on Atlantic's subsidiary label Vortex dedicated to avant-garde jazz. Featuring Sonny Sharrock on guitar. Quoting the Andy Beta's brilliant review on Pitchfork "When John Coltrane succumbed to cancer in 1967, free jazz/fire music was sucked into a giant vacuum along with him. A patron of music and patron saint to so many of its players, there was a crossroads left in his wake. Electric instrumentation was slowly seeping in from one side, and with it, its rockist and studio-manipulated pleasures. Miles Davis employed electric keyboards, punched in solos and seamlessly edited tracks in this era, and is an obvious example, as are folks like Eddie Harris and Charles Lloyd, who were similarly amplifying and opening for rock groups at the Fillmore West. The other route was to take the music even further out into the cosmos, as Albert Ayler did with his inner-being blues holler or the Art Ensemble of Chicago, with their Pan-African extrapolations into the primal unknown. Few attempts were made fto find a middle ground though, that could mingle jazz with rock, or free-playing in a more palatable pop manner without falling victim to the later Fusion craze. Or at least so I thought, until coming across this Byard Lancaster reissue of his debut recording as band leader.) 30.00


CHUCK JOHNSON - Music From Burden Of Proof LP (all saints - Music composed and recorded for the HBO TV series Burden Of Proof, directed by Cynthia Hill. Chuck Johnson’s evocative arrangements utilise a sound palette that includes electronic textures, chamber music and pedal steel guitar to conjure a collection of mood pieces that work both as documentary score, and the most varied and intriguing record that the artist has produced to date. California-based composer, producer, and musician Chuck Johnson approaches his work with an ear towards finding faults and instabilities that might reveal latent beauty, with a focus on pedal steel guitar, experimental electronics, alternate tuning systems, and composing for film and television. Recordings of his work have been published by VDSQ, Thrill Jockey, Temporary Residence, Kompakt, Ghostly, and Three Lobed, among others. Johnson’s credits as a film composer include scores for the HBO film Private Violence and the popular television series Somewhere South and A Chef's Life.) 28.00


CODEINE - Dessau LP (nurmero - Clear Smoke vinyl - Codeine were an American slowcore band featuring Chris Brokaw who also formed Come. ‘Dessau’ was supposed to be the follow-up to their debut album ‘Frigid Stars’ but was never released. Recorded in 1992, technical problems in the studio led to the album being shelved and saw Brokaw leave the band. Some of the songs were reworked for the band’s ‘The White Birch’ album. For the album’s thirtieth anniversary, the album is being released as originally intended for the first time.) 30.00


DANIEL ​O’​SULLIVAN – The ​Physic ​Garden LP (VHF - Third in a trilogy of LPs of Library Music miniatures from composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel O’Sullivan (Æthenor, Ulver, This is Not This Heat, etc) following 2020’s Electric Māyā and 2021’s Fourth Density. For heads, the term “Library Music” in 2021 might evoke dodgy Italian gray market LPs and crate diggers hunting for “funky breaks” - but London’s venerable KPM Music is working with groundbreakers like Daniel to open up new avenues for composers to experiment. The 15 tracks on “The Physic Garden” are fully-formed and orchestrated compositions, which would be highlights on anyone’s LP, never mind as incidental music. Of the music, Dan says: “The Physic Garden is an album of diverse instrumentals inspired by a swathe of verdant vistas from manicured gardens and follies to urban common land, overgrown and forgotten. Convalescent memories in the shape of psychedelic auditory botanics.”) 28.00


DE ​BRASSERS – 1979 - ​1982 DLP (onderstroom - De Brassers were one of the most notorious bands in the Belgian new wave/punk history. With their no nonsense attitude they scared the shit out of the local catholic community of Hamont. De Brassers were a local mixture of the Sex Pistols (in the lowest gear) and Joy Division (they always performed a cover version of Joy Division’s Shadowplay), combining a criticism of bureaucracy and politics with experiences of psychological and existential tensions. The doomed sound they produced tells a lot about the dark atmosphere of the late seventies and early eighties: the fear of atomic bombs, cold war pessimism, police violence against squatters, the first cases of AIDS, and the grim years of Reagan & Thatcher. This compilation takes you back to that time. All tracks from their first 7″ "En Toen Was Er Niets Meer” & their self-titled 12″, plus rare & unreleased tracks taken from various live performances & the cassette “Levend”. If you’re in for a raw slice of Belgian history let de Brassers immerse you in a cold wave of punk.) 35.00


DELROY ​WILSON – Hit ​After ​Hit ​After ​Hit (​The ​Best ​Of) LP (lantern .- The soulful reggae singer's "Best Of", originally released on Empire (Channel One's sub label). Hits from late 70's to 1984, recorded at Channel One studio with Sly & Robbie, Earl Chinna Smith, Dean Fraser, Deadly Headly and many more… Delroy George Wilson (5 October 1948 – 6 March 1995) was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer. Wilson is often regarded as Jamaica's first child star, having first found success as a teenager. His youngest son, Karl "Konan" Wilson, has found success as part of British duo Krept and Konan. His voice matured as he left his teens, around the time of ska's transition to rocksteady and this period in the late 1960s produced many hits including one of the first rocksteady records, "Dancing Mood", "Jerk in Time" (with the Wailers), "Feel Good All Over", "I'm Not a King", "True Believer in Love", "Rain From the Skies", "Conquer Me" and "Riding for a Fall". "Won't You Come Home", a duet with Ken Boothe on a rhythm originally cut by The Conquerors for Sonia Pottinger has become one of the most-versioned Jamaican tracks ever. After leaving Studio One he recorded for other labels, with varying degrees of success, and set up his own short-lived W&C label. He enjoyed success with Bunny Lee in the late 1960s and early 1970s with tracks such as "This Old Heart of Mine", "Footsteps of Another Man", and "Better Must Come". His double A-side "It Hurts"/"Put Yourself in My Place" was a skinhead favourite and narrowly missed UK chart success. He recorded a version of "Run Run", a song he had originally recorded for Dodd, for maverick producer Keith Hudson. Wilson toured the UK and recorded for Trojan Records in 1970.) 28.00


DRY SPEED - Indium LP(blue by the sea - 8 tracks of beautiful free "form" jazz. Joachim Devillé : electric guitar, flugelhorn, trumpet, effects, Thomas Olbrechts : alto saxophone, prepared post horn, Dirk Wauters : drums, percussionsRecorded at Les Ateliers Claus (Saint-Gilles / Brussels) by Christophe Albertijn, March 2019, Mixed and Mastered by Christophe Albertijn, 2019-2021, Vinyl Cut by Fred Alstadt at Ångström Mastering, November 2022, 8 tracks of beautiful free "form" jazz  ) 25.00


GODFLESH - Purge LP (avalanche - With the highly anticipated new album PURGE, Godflesh revisits and updates the concepts of PURE (1992), as well as bringing a whole host of new dirges and laments. Amongst the many layers of dirt, PURGE mangles 90s hip hop grooves and puts them through the Godflesh filter to create something futuristic in style - and utterly unique, just as ‘Pure’ was upon it’s release in 1992.) 25.00


JOAQUÍN ORELLANA - Sacratávica LP (Recently created Guatemalan label Identidata is extremely proud to present Sacratávica, the very first collected survey of Joaquín Orellana’s compositions. With a career spanning over 50 years of activity across contemporary art, performance, theater and sound art, Orellana is a highly singular figure in Guatamalan culture. Often considered to be the sole avant-garde composer in the country, his work has a deeply interdisciplinary quality. Most of his music was created using an orchestra of his self-built instruments, also known as Útiles Sonoros. Sitting at the border of sculpture, sound installation and musical instrument, these Útiles Sonoros, which he’s been building and developing since the late ‘60s, are at the center of his artistic activity.) 28.00


KHANATE - To Be Cruel DLP (sacred bones - The highly influential Khanate return with their first album in 14 years, developing their singular and signature precise, temporal abstract doom beyondall thresholds.Khanate are Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O))), KTL), James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Phantomsmasher), Alan Dubin (OLD, Gnaw) and Tim Wyskida (Blind Idiot God). Unflinching and brutal, the seeds for To Be Cruel were planted in October 2017 when Tim and Stephen spent a week in the English countryside at Orgone Studio with Jamie Gomez Arrellano. James began working these sessions into overall suites of music, a process the band has classically used on all of their prior albums. By spring 2018 initial song arrangements were proposed and over the latter half of the year bass, synth and vocal tracks were added. 2019 saw the completion of writing and recording at which point it was passed to Randall Dunn to mix, alongside the band, in 2020.The three songs that comprise To Be Cruel are complex, powerful and multi-dimensional. The music is all-enveloping; dry, alive, rich, and blistering. ) 32.00


LOOPSEL - Öga For Öga LP (restock - Like a dream foggily remembered, Loopsel's Öga For Öga is tempting in its beauty yet slightly menacing in its depth. These songs, like paths in the forest forest, are heavily, almost treacherously, reverberated, with finger-plucked guitars acting as your signposts amongst the flora and fauna of field recordings, pads, and the cool, calm voice of Elin Engström. The album is the second from Engström as Loopsel. She is a Gothenburg-based musician and one-half of both the group Monokultur and the team behind the tiny Mamma's Mystersika Jukebox label with her partner JJULIUS. During what seemed like the nadir of the pandemic, the blurry, otherworldly sounds emanating from their living room snaked snaked into the office of New York's DFA Records, where the otherwise dutifully DIY pair found the scale of worldwide release and distribution. Öga For Öga is the second release from that partnership (following JJULIUS' VOL. 2 in 2022).) 28.00


THE ​NATIONAL ​JAZZ ​TRIO ​OF ​SCOTLAND – Standards ​Vol. ​IV LP (karaoke - A kind of hush pervades throughout Standards Vol VI, the latest release by The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, the ironically named project helmed by Falkirk’s musical polymath, Bill Wells, that is neither a trio, nor a jazz band. If this collection of ten covers probably comes closest to the latter in its late night renditions of actual standards, the presence of long-term NJToS member and collaborator Aby Vulliamy as the record’s lone vocalist adds to its solitary air. This follows Standards Vol IV (2018), which featured fellow NJToS co-founder Kate Sugden as primary vocalist, while Gerard Black, a member of the group since 2016, took centre stage in similar fashion on Standards Vol V (2019).
Wells has long been a fan of Vulliamy, both of her work as a viola player with numerous collaborators, and as a singer. Vulliamy played viola on Everything’s Getting Older, Wells’ 2011 collaboration with Arab Strap vocalist Aidan Moffat. Wells went on to play melodica on Vulliamy’s solo record, Spin Cycle, released on Karaoke Kalk in 2018. With the intent of producing the saddest heartbreak record ever made, Wells sourced a back catalogue of miniature epics, reinterpreting each tale of everyday yearning to make a canon of melancholy loungecore designed for nights in alone, if not always lonely.) 27.00


THE PEACE - Black Power LP (now again - Peace was one of of Zamrock's best bands, kick-started by groups The Boyfriends and WITCH from Chamboli Mine Township, Kitwe, Zambia. Black Power was their sole release, recorded at Malachite Film Studio circa 1973-74 and issued circa 1975, sounds like nothing else in the Zamrock canon: a lost message drifting from the flower power era, imbued with a fiery Zambian voice. We’re stoked to announce Black Power is shipping in all format at our webstore at Rappcats! This is the first official reissue of this essential Zamrock album. Peace was one of of Zamrock’s best bands, kick-started by groups The Boyfriends and WITCH from Chamboli Mine Township, Kitwe, Zambia. Black Power was their sole release, recorded at Malachite Film Studio circa 1973-74 and issued circa 1975, sounds like nothing else in the Zamrock canon: a lost message drifting from the flower power era, imbued with a fiery Zambian voice.) 34.00


POPPY Y SUS PIRANHAS - Quiero… LP (vampisoul - First time reissue of “Quiero…” by Peruvian-Cuban singer and composer Króffer Jiménez, leader of Poppy y sus Pirañas, one of the key figures in Peruvian tropical music. Recorded in 1969 but not released until 1972, this album comprises guarachas and cumbias that were ahead of their time, mostly original compositions. Unfortunately the album went almost unnoticed back in the day, becoming a sought-after collector’s item in recent times.180g vinyl) 28.00


RAGNAR JOHNSON & JESSICA MAYER - Spirit Cry Flutes and Bamboo Jews Harps from Papua New Guinea: Eastern Highlands and Madang DLP (ideologic organ - The third part of Ideologic Organ Music's trilogy together with Dr. Ragnar Johnson and Jessica Mayer's anthropological field recordings of sacred flute music from the island of Papua New Guinea in the 1970s. A book titled "A Papua New Guinea Journey" consisting of Dr. Johnson's field notes from the entire research period will be published simultaneously with this music release. "The recording of a male initiation ceremony with sacred flutes, bullroarers and 'crying baby' leaves was only possible after fifteen months residence during anthropological research. From the same Ommura villages in the Eastern Highlands there are bamboo jews harps, yam fertility flutes and singing. Nama ('bird') sacred flutes were recorded in a Gahuku Gama village in the town of Goroka. There are Mo-mo bamboo resonating tubes and singing from the Finisterre Range of Madang. From the Ramu Coast region of Madang there are: Waudang flutes, garamut slit gongs and singing from Manam Island, Maner flutes from Awar village and Siam and Guna flutes and garamuts from Nubia Sissimungum Village. These previously unreleased recordings were made in 1976 and 1979." -Ragnar Johnson, London 2021) 41.00


SCREAM + DANCE - In Rhythm LP (lantern - The seminal EP »In Rhythm«, the sole 1982 release by post punk/mutant disco wizards Scream And Dance, reissued on vinyl for the very first time. A necessary addition to the influential Bristol scene dominated by Rip Rig and Panic, Pop Group and the likes. Originally released in 1982 on Recreational Records, this maxi single was produced by Steve Street, who began his career in 1976 on the Bristol music scene by recording demos for The Pop Group, and later in 1978/89 for Glaxo Babies. This dub-inflicted takes on classic indie/funk/wave still sounds refreshing today.) 26.00


SELVHENTER - Mesmerizer LP (hands in the dark - Going past musical genres and instead straight towards something more elemental - Selvhenter’s music creates a strikingly direct, physical experience of sound composed of polyrhythms, acoustic and electric melodies, heavy music and improvised beauty. Since forming in Copenhagen in 2010, drummers Jaleh Negari and Anja Jacobsen, saxophonist Sonja LaBianca and trombonist Maria Bertel have forged a unique approach to making music that starts with their instrumental setup: two drummers that interlock as frequently as they go their own way, a trombone put through a bass amplifier loud enough to rattle your chest and a saxophone put through a range of effects so that it often sounds unrecognisable. Selvhenter work within their own idiom, drawing from the individual players’ personalities and interests to make a highly collective music, where all four musicians are absorbed into a total sound where an improvised free jazz approach collides with experimental electronic music and avant-garde noise/post-punk sonorities. Their new LP Mesmerizer - which marks their first physical album release in nearly a decade and their debut on the French label Hands in the Dark - carries forward this process of exploration, deploying original and complex patterns of rhythm through various percussive instruments and finely textured horns and synths. The attention to sonic details is also almost pushed to an extreme on this new offering, making the open auditory adventure suggested by the title of the album all the more captivating. These creative developments have brilliantly kept Selvhenter’s music alive to new uncharted moods and possibilities, while at the same time strengthening their core elements: a propulsive, dense and often ecstatic music.) 26.00


SWEEPING PROMISES - Good Living Is Coming For You LP (sub pop - OCEAN BLUE VINYL "For more than a half century, underground music revolutionaries have taken a whack at the mundane mainstream like a piñata. England punks spat "NO FUTURE'' at germ-free adolescents. Ohio new wavers devolutionized mankind with whips. Athens art school students chomped at hero worship. MetroCard-carrying riot grrrls rebirthed the bomp with a gasoline gut. In 2020, Sweeping Promises read our pandemic minds with Hunger for a Way Out. In 2023, they return with a new message: Good Living Is Coming For You. At first glance, this nouveau wave slogan offers hope wrapped around relief. At first listen, we realize this may actually be a warning. Darker still, a threat. A band famous for their unfussy, monolithic anthems, Sweeping Promises elegantly ravage us again with another future classic. They return as a fist of velvet rose petals roaring inside a compact wrecking ball. Gone is the Boston brutalist ambience of their subterranean concrete laboratory and the revelatory single mic recording technique. In its place, a retired and resplendent nude painting studio in Lawrence, Kansas, bathed in light with high ceilings and hardwood floors. Guided once again by their surrounding architecture, a reverb-rich space remains the defining element at the heart of their highly stylized sound. A watery ghost from the golden age of art-punk now wields sharper knives and more microphones. If the mood of HFAWO was hungry, GLICFY is RAVENOUS. In 2023, appetite is addressed in new ways: Power struggles are aired in “Eraser,” restraints are broken in “You Shatter,” anguished exclamations sting in “Good Living Is Coming for You.” The taboo subject of aging is (s)heroically dragged out into the open. Every line is delivered with such joyous, soaring layers that each punch lands like a chef’s kiss.) 26.00


V/A - L80s: So Unusual LP (numero - Packaged in a tip-on jacket, wrapped in denim with a real pocket, and an insert referencing all previous Cabinet of Curiosities releases. The tenth volume of Numero's elaborately packaged Cabinet of Curiosities series, L80s finds the group exploring the far-flung corners of the global downtempo underground. This 12-song mix tape weaves icy hot coldwave, Sausalito seafood jazz, Glaswegian goth, makeshift Madonna, Sade spoofs, and Brat Pack balearic into a high-waisted, party-ready pair of danceable denim.) 35.00





DAY CLINIC - s/t TAPE (New Berlin-based band mixing cold Postpunk with Psychedelic Rock experimentation. Day Clinic search for mental stability in a world gone insane.) 10.00





JESSE DRAXLER - The World is Mine and I'm Thinking About You BOOK (sacred bones  Jesse Draxler is one of the now's most influential creators. His frequency has been felt far and wide throughout the visual arts space since the early days of Tumblr. As a singular and innovative artist Draxler has threaded his brand of fractured, liminal stoicism through the pillars of culture working with fashion and music industries as well as regular illustrative contributions to major publications. All the while maintaining a staggeringly propulsive studio practice, regularly exhibiting worldwide, and amassing dedicated collectors & die-hard fans in spaces both online and off. Draxler's upcoming solo exhibition, U&I, will coincide with the release The World Is Mine & I'm Thinking About You, opening June 1st in Los Angeles. Forever chasing the unattainable specter of desire itself, The World Is Mine & I'm Thinking About You provides a snapshot of an artist perpetually in motion. Jesse Draxler's second major publication with Sacred Bones, 150+ pages of growth, is a snapshot of an artist at a high, while tirelessly chasing after the next. The World Is Mine & I'm Thinking About You brings us into the perspective of one of today's most compelling artists and creators. Spanning medium and context Draxler's work effortlessly carries his unique aesthetic philosophy through the pages, and with clever use of minimally interspersed texts he loosely narrates a practice of continually raising the bar, confronting social media and industry, remaining on the bleeding edge of both aesthetic and new media, and obsessively questioning it all as he encounters it.) 49.00


RAGNAR JOHNSON - A New Guinea Journey BOOK (ideologic organ - "A New Guinea Journey" is Dr. Ragnar Johnson's 289 page manuscript concerning his ethnomusicology research in Papua New Guinea during the 1970s. Ideologic Organ has released three double LP/double CD titles of recordings from these extensive, immersive and assimilated research trips. This is the definitive writing on the topic) 28.00