Bis aufs Messer Weekly News 05 April 2024

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Bis aufs Messer Weekly News 05 April 2024

Hi, welcome to another newsletter for April, a bunch of cool stuff arrived along with some great re issues like the RAEIN - Sulla Linea D'Orizzonte Tra Questa Mia Vita E Quella Di Tutti LP , SONIC YOUTH - Walls Have Ears DLP restock, MIKE PARKER - Dispatches LP 3x12“, ABUL MOGARD & RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI - Impossibly distant, impossibly close LP, INNODE – grain LP, DELPHINE DORA - Le Grand Passage LP, BIANCA SCOUT - Pattern Damage LP, MUSLIMGAUZE - Betrayal 3xLP, GARTH ERASMUS - Threnody for the KhoiSan LP, NERVOUS GENDER - Music From Hell DLP restock, THISTLE GROUP & P WITS 7“, 90 DAY MEN - We Blame Chicago 5xLP BOXSET, THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET - New Drifters 5xLP BOXSET  restock, EMAHOY TSEGE MARIAM GEBRU - Souvenirs LP, ARTHUR RUSSELL - Picture of Bunny Rabbit LP, KALI MALONE - All Life Long DLP, HAMMERHEAD - nachdenken über Deutschland LP restock, ARTHUR RUSSELL - Picture of Bunny Rabbit LP restock and more


We also added (adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


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THISTLE GROUP & P WITS - Fog On My Brain/Figure It Out 7“ (iddb - Match made in heaven collaborative hit single from New Zealand-based artists Claire Mahoney (Thistle Group) and Benedict Quilter (P Wits). Recorded and mixed by Stefan Neville, mastered for vinyl by Lasse Marhaug. 45rpm, edition of 200 copies ) 14.00




90 DAY MEN - We Blame Chicago 5xLP BOXSET (numero - 90 Day Men spent a decade boldly in conflict with the world, catering to no one and careening toward its own abyss. Forged by Midwestern teens amid a late-90s spike in angular indie rock, the band wrote itself into the lexicon of Chicago music history. Eschewing trend and time, 90 Day Men was as ornate as it was alienating, transcending genre and embracing the strange. This 5LP set, remastered by Heba Kadry, collects the band's three studio albums and a previously unreleased 2001 Peel Session, plus EPs, singles, and outtakes, all detailed within a 68-page oral history curated by Joan of Arc's Tim Kinsella.) 95.00


ABUL MOGARD & RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI - Impossibly distant, impossibly close LP (black knoll - Abul Mogard and Rafael Anton Irisarri’s partnership unfolded serendipitously at the sold-out opening of the SoundSet Series at Madrid's Condeduque cultural center in 2023 - a program that featured performances by legends such as Autechre and younger artists like Caterina Barbieri and KMRU. The duo's encore that evening, recorded for Spain's Radio 3, resonated deeply with the audience, igniting a creative spark that propelled them to work remotely in their respective studios. At the heart of their effort lies a delicate balance of restraint and innovation, evident in the live concert track "Waking Up Dizzy on a Bastion." This piece, inspired by their musical sensibilities, serves as a testament to their shared vision and mutual respect. Utilizing a familiar parallel chord progression, the track builds from a simple melodic motif played live on synths that transforms into a call-and-response interplay between Mogard's synth lines and Irisarri's bowed guitar loops, creating a dialogue-like interaction between the musicians. As the piece moves forward, we are greeted by melting guitar patterns (recalling Kevin Shields most lysergic moments on Loveless), followed by an intense subsonic full body massage - the visceral physicality of the Ampeg bass amps and cabinets stacks on full display.) 33.00


THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET - New Drifters 5xLP BOXSET  (numero - Lo-fi, low budget, and low key, The American Analog Set’s suite of hypnotic, neo-psychedelic, Texas sloth-kraut LPs appeared briefly on Austin’s Emperor Jones label and slunk quietly into the sprawling indie underground as the old millennium crested. Gathered here are The Fun Of Watching Fireworks, From Our Living Room To Yours, and The Golden Band albums, garnished with period b-sides, outtakes, and demos. Remastered from the original analog tapes, this early-career spanning 5xLP box includes lyrics, photos, and ephemera from the before times.) 95.00


ARTHUR RUSSELL - Picture of Bunny Rabbit LP (restock. Picture of Bunny Rabbit’ features nine previously unreleased performances from this era compiled from completed masters culled from two unique test pressings, including one, dated 9/15/85 by Arthur, provided by his mother and sister. A further four tracks were discovered in his tape archive. The track listing includes an exceptional and dramatic solo recording of “In The Light of a Miracle” and the enigmatic title instrumental “Picture of Bunny Rabbit”, written especially for a friends pet rabbit. The bulk of the material was recorded with engineer Eric Liljestrand at Battery Sound Studios, New York, which was located directly opposite the World Trade Center and at Arthur’s apartment studio in the East Village.) 28.00


AUGUSTUS PABLO - Born To Dub You LP (17th North - Rare and unreleased Augustus Pablo from the vaults of Gussie Clark. Includes full 12" versions of the mind-bending 'No Entry' and 'Classical Illusion' (complete with King Jammy dub). Also included is the rare JA 45 take, two unreleased Skylarking shock-outs and impossible to find 45's like 'Believe A Dub'. This is classic Augustus Pablo - Are you ready to be dubbed?) 26.00


AGUSTUS PABLO - This Is Augustus Pablo LP (17th North - This Is...Augustus Pablo is a studio album by Augustus Pablo originally released in 1974 and co-written and produced by Pablo's childhood friend and critically acclaimed reggae producer Clive Chin. The album boasts an impressive list of session musicians including Ansel Collins on keyboards and Lloyd Parksand Aston Barrett both on bass guitar. The album was one of the first to showcase Pablo's unique use of the melodica.) 26.00


BIANCA SCOUT - Pattern Damage LP (sferic - Muzzing the membranes between chamber music, contemporary dance, dark pop and ethereal ambience, Klein, Mica Levi and Space Afrika collaborator Bianca Scout distills a decade of multidisciplinary work at the service of her maziest, most enchanted album, moving between diaristic ephemera, demure post-punk and chamber ambient, and cracking open bewildering crypto-romantique wormholes in the process.

A triple threat dancer/musician/performer, Bianca Scout has been a shapeshifting presence and connective tissue between alternative experimental and pop musicks since her self-released debut album and guest spots on early Klein sides in the mid 2010s. Following duties with her own industrial pop duo Marina Zispin, ‘Pattern Damage’ is her absorbing 5th solo side, breezily vacillating the song-structured and etheric aspects of her sound around themes of technocratic dystopia and chopped ’n screwed sacred music in a manner that resonates with works by James Ferraro, Teresa Winter, Mica Levi’s London Sinfonietta cut-ups, and, of course, her longtime spar Klein. It sits well in the Sferic catalogue too, with a gauzily smudged, late night appeal mutual to her labelmates and which resonates the urbane ennui of their wallpaper music for tarnished new builds.) 32.00


BUSHAY & BERT - Reggae For Lovers LP (Lantern -  Reissued here – for the first time – this ultra-rare reggae album originally released in 1974. Considered by many to be the first reggae “lovers” album ever, conceived by producer Clement Bushay and reggae singer Carl Bert. Featuring: The Cimarons, Jackie Parris, Junior English, Dego Sensation. Engineers: Steve Wadey, Clem Bushay and Lee Perry … Four unreleased tracks from the original versions are included here!) 30.00


CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION - The Bride Ship LP (mute - Crime and the City Solution’s fourth studio album The Bride Ship reissued on white vinyl. A band out of time, Crime and the City Solution were perennial outsiders who could not rest in their native Australia, and instead found inspiration in the colder climes of London and Berlin. Their mesmeric, expressive music evolved through many incarnations and a great deal of adversity. The first incarnation of the band appeared in 1977/78, in the midst of Australia’s nascent punk scene and re-grouped in London in 1984. The later line-up of singer Simon Bonney, Einstürzende Neubauten’s guitarist Alexander Hacke, DAF’s synth player Chrislo Haas, jazz bassist Thomas Stern, violinist Bronwyn Adams and Bad Seed’s Mick Harvey on drums recorded 3 studio albums in quick succession. Originally released in 1989, The Bride Ship was a creative turn for Crime. Using the sea as the ultimate metaphor for freedom, the album highlighted Bonney’s skill as a lyricist and sense of melody. The crashing guitars and drums propelled a sprawling narrative which concerned itself increasingly with the universal as opposed to the personal.) 29.00


CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION - Paradise Discotheque LP (mute - Crime and the City Solution’s fifth studio album Paradise Discotheque reissued. A band out of time, Crime and the City Solution were perennial outsiders who could not rest in their native Australia, and instead found inspiration in the colder climes of London and Berlin. Their mesmeric, expressive music evolved through many incarnations and a great deal of adversity. The first incarnation of the band appeared in 1977/78, in the midst of Australia’s nascent punk scene and re-grouped in London in 1984. The later line-up of singer Simon Bonney, Einstürzende Neubauten’s guitarist Alexander Hacke, DAF’s synth player Chrislo Haas, jazz bassist Thomas Stern, violinist Bronwyn Adams and Bad Seed’s Mick Harvey on drums recorded 3 studio albums in quick succession. Crime’s freedom of expression and adventurousness reached an apex on 1990’s Paradise Discotheque and its epic Last Dictator saga, which spanned four songs laid out like chapters at the album’s conclusion. The album and the variety of styles used on it, from the metallic sounds of ‘I Have The Gun’ to the magic realism of ‘The Last Dictator’ quartet, were influenced by Bonney and Adams' move to Vienna.) 29.00


CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION - Shine LP (mute - Crime and the City Solution’s second studio album Shine reissued on gold vinyl. A band out of time, Crime and the City Solution were perennial outsiders who could not rest in their native Australia, and instead found inspiration in the colder climates of London and Berlin. Their mesmeric, expressive music evolved through many incarnations and a great deal of adversity. The first incarnation of the band appeared in 1977/78, in the midst of Australia’s nascent punk scene and re-grouped in London in 1984 with Simon Bonney being joined by former Birthday Party stalwarts Mick Harvey and Rowland S.Howard, Rowland’s bassist brother Harry and one time Swell Maps drummer Epic Soundtracks.) 29.00


DELPHINE DORA - Le Grand Passage LP (modern love - Edition of 300 copies - Delphine Dora is a prolific composer, improviser and musician who has released on a plethora of labels including Recital, Morc, Sloow Tapes, Feeding Tube, Okraïna and more, and ‘Le Grand Passage’ is her Modern Love debut, a stunning set of songs for piano and voice, recorded in one take without overdubs or edits. In an act of pure expression, Delphine Dora recorded the 8 songs of ‘The Great Passage’ in a single take, succumbing to a whirlwind of inspiration that transported her beyond the material world. Baroque paradigms bleed into fragile, introspective mantras, expressed through a made up language of existential yearning and channeled through piano and voice. It’s music that caresses the sublime, made without any premeditation. Delphine was nearing the end of a three-day prepared piano residency when an technician stepped in to tune her grand piano for her final performance. He removed the objects from the strings and fixed the pitch, leaving Dora with a freshly tuned instrument. Mesmerised by its new sound, she proceeded to switch on her recorder and pour out her soul, channeling, in her own words, "something greater than myself".) 32.00


EMAHOY TSEGE MARIAM GEBRU - Souvenirs LP (mississippi - The first vocal album from beloved Ethiopian nun, composer and pianist Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru features profound and moving cassette recordings made amidst political upheaval and unrest. They are songs about wisdom, loss, grief and exile, sung directly into a boombox and accompanied by Emahoy's distinctive piano. Although she wrote and recorded the songs in her family home in Addis Ababa, Emahoy sings about the pain of being far from home, about the 1974 revolution and the Red Terror in Ethiopia, and about a foreshadowing of her future exile in Jerusalem . In the 21st century, Emahoy has become known worldwide for her very own melodic and rhythmic style. Often misinterpreted as "jazzy" or "honky tonk", Emahoy's music actually springs from a deep engagement with the Western classical tradition, mixed with her background in traditional and orthodox Ethiopian music. These songs, recorded between 1977 and 1985, are different from anything the artist has released to date. The sounds of the birds outside the window, the creaking of the piano bench and the tapping of Emahoy's finger on the record button give the feeling of being with the artist as she records. Emahoy's lyrics, which she sings in Amharic, are poetic and heavy with the burden of exile. "When I looked out/behind the clouds/I couldn't see my country's sky/did I really go that far?" she asks in "Is It Sunny or Cloudy in the Land You Live?" Her singing is delicate and heartfelt, tracing the melodic contours of her piano.) 30.00


FESO TROMBONE - Freedom Train LP (lantern - A necessary groundbreaking album, originally released on Belgian label Antler in 1984. Fesobi Olawaiye debut is finally been re-issued, showcasing the incredible talent of the African musician, a longtime Fela Kuti associate in the legendary Afrika 70. Ander the moniker Feso Trombone he just prove an authentically brilliance, moving forward the afro-beat dogma while providing incredible white funk harmonies and contagious rare groove. Remastered from the original tapes!) 30.00


GARTH ERASMUS - Threnody for the KhoiSan LP (TAL - Edition of 400 copies, incl. printed inner sleeve Garth Erasmus is an artist and musician based in Cape Town, South Africa. 'Threnody for the KhoiSan' is his first album under his own name. Since 1985 his artistic interests have broadened to include music-making, designing and making his own instruments based on indigenous KhoiSan knowledge. From 1999 to 2012 he was a member of the South African First Nation activist group Khoi Khonnexion. In the past couple of years Garth Erasmus has also been a pivotal part of various international performance pieces and exhibition projects which brought him regularly to Europe. Most of these activities were developed and performed in collaboration with the Hamburg based band Kante and his band Khoi Khonnexion. In April 2024 Garth Erasmus will be part of the group exhibtion 'Oscillations' at Akademie der Künste, Berlin. His works in music are predominantly characterized by a restless quest for alternative forms of expression and materials including self build instruments, field recordings or various electronic music devices. In this context the music on 'Threnody for the KhoiSan' takes on a primal and metaphorical meaning. Rather than a formal, physical initiation, this process is more spiritually inclined, yet it is a spirituality which is consistently put into action.. “Ever since I was an art student I have experimented with alternative materials to release me from the Western education values I received. When I started to make these instruments in the 1980s, my intention was to create art objects but when I discovered the sound they made, it unlocked a door that transported me deeper in my quest in the realization that I was on the right path. In fact all instruments which appear on 'Threnody for the KhoiSan' are products of a process of discovery starting from square one. All this is based and founded on the beauty of simplicity and minimalism as symbolized by the single string Khoisan musical bow and arrow as trance musical instrument. In this sense it soon became manisfest for Garth Erasmus to combine the bow instruments with various electronic instruments. Besides developing his own unique language in music he also shared an expressed interested in experimental sound aesthecis, Avantgarde composition and Free Jazz. However, his non - academic approach towards sound and music was always fueled by the desire for a reconnection to the land and to the idegenious knowledge of the KhoiSan, whose struggle for First Nation status continues.) 30,00


HAMMERHEAD - nachdenken über Deutschland LP (back in Stock - Nach 26 Jahren Warten endlich ein neues komplettes Hammerhead Album: 14 Songs die gleichsam Bestandsaufnahme und Abrechnung mit dem aktuellen Zeitgeist sind und dabei gekonnt die Faust in die Wunde legen.) 21.00


INNODE – grain LP (editors mego - Edition of 300 copies, gloss laminate varnish

»grain« is the third Innode release following on from »Gridshifter« in 2013 and »syn« in 2021.

A new methodology to make the album is applied yet again from the trio of Bernhard Breuer, Steven Hess and Stefan Németh. The approach is more an anti approach where the trio let the process of creation itself steer the development of the recording, without any prior conceptual agenda. Irregular rhythmic patterns often served as the initial springboard for each piece with Breuer creating a loop either by playing drums or with the aid of a modelling percussion synthesizer. The results often bypass existing formulaic grids. The outfit embraced these anti-precision steps building shapes around the tarnished templates. The process of building upon the core structures laid forth alters throughout. In the case of »Splitter« you can hear an example of Bernhard´s core loops dominating a skeletal audio sphere. The title of the track »Impactopium« reflects the process of its construction being a conglomeration of individual titles meshed into a whole. The audio is a non-linear compendium of several fragments of individual elements. A conscious method of exploring a more decentralised architecture saw three disparate elements layered randomly on top of each other with some synths added as a sonic seasoning at the later stages. Elsewhere sonic elements are restructured in unusual ways. One member's contribution is completely stripped away, quiet sounds captured with contact mics are highly amplified, the last track introduces twisted themes of the first track. The title »grain« refers to the roughness resulting from these explorations. It also takes note of the term grain as used in analogue photography or in the case of audio as a distorted signal, or »noise.« All of these elements, normally eschewed, are here embraced as a thematic thread to instigate the exploratory proceedings. This is a playbox of inventiveness, a hall of mirrors and an endless search for unusual tactics and fresh results.) 27.00 


JACQUES BEKAERT - Jacques Bekaert LP (‘A Late Lunch’ is the soundtrack to Akiko Iimura’s eponymous movie realized in 1978. It is based on acoustic instruments and field recordings, brilliantly reconfigured and mixed by Bekaert to create a surreal, immersive soundscape. The technique used includes superposition and speed change of recordings, radical sound effects and juxtapositions of sounds. The players were prominent musicians of the 1970’s, including Maggi Payne, George Lewis, David Rosenboom and Blue Gene Tyranny. ‘A Summer Day at Stony Point’ was composed in 1969, with participation of David Behrman, Shigeko Kubota and Charlotte Warren. The piece was commissioned by English composer Hugh Davies who presented it at the Harrogate festival the same year. Stony Point is a small village in New York State where John Cage co-owned a small pseudo-commune art resort where like-minded artists gathered. ‘A Summer Day at Stony Point’ is nothing more than a page of a journal, a fragment of a notebook that utilizes a series of sound sources recorded at Stony Point on one beautiful day in the summer of 1968. Other electronic sound sources were recorded at the Brandeis University where Alvin Lucier was professor. The final realization of the piece was done at Henri Pousseur’s APELAC Studio in Brussels, 1969. The soundtrack for Akiko Iimura’s ‘Mon Petit Album’ was composed on the basis of a simple description of the technique of the film and its time span. It includes David Behrman on alto, from an outdoor recording at Stony Point, plus excerpts from a Transition concert in London, the band Bekaert formed in 1971 with Michel Herr, Takehisa Kosugi and Ryo Koike, both members of the Taj Mahal Travelers. The atmosphere is quiet and pastoral throughout with a very dreamlike flavour.) 26.00


KALI MALONE - All Life Long DLP (idiologic organ - -Kali Malone's anticipated new album "All Life Long" is a collection of music for pipe organ, choir, and brass quintet composed by Kali Malone, 2020 - 2023. Choral music performed by Macadam Ensemble and conducted by Etienne Ferschaud at Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-L'Immaculée-Conception in Nantes. Brass quintet music performed by Anima Brass at The Bunker Studio in New York City. Organ music performed by Kali Malone and Stephen O'Malley on the historical meantone tempered pipe organs at Église Saint-François in Lausanne, Orgelpark in Amsterdam, and Malmö Konstmuseum in Sweden. Kali Malone composes with a rare clarity of vision. Her music is patient and focused, built on a foundation of evolving harmonic cycles that draw out latent emotional resonances. Time is a crucial factor: letting go of expectations of duration and breadth offers a chance to find a space of reflection and contemplation. In her hands, experimental reinterpretations of centuries-old polyphonic compositional methods become portals to new ways of perceiving sound, structure, and introspection. Though awe-inspiring in scope, the most remarkable thing about Malone's music is the intimacy stirred by the close listening it encourages. Malone's new album All Life Long, created between 2020 - 2023, presents her first compositions for organ since 2019's breakthrough album The Sacrificial Code alongside interrelated pieces for voice and brass performed by Macadam Ensemble and Anima Brass. Over the course of twelve pieces, harmonic themes and patterns recur, presented in altered forms and for varied instrumentation. They emerge and reemerge like echoes of their former selves, making the familiar uncanny. Propelled by lungs and breath rather than bellows and oscillators, Malone's compositions for choir and brass take on expressive qualities that complicate the austerity that has defined her work, introducing lyricism and the beauty of human fallibility into music that has been driven by mechanical processes. At the same time, the works for organ, performed by Malone with additional accompaniment by Stephen O'Malley on four different organs dating from the 15th to 17th centuries, underscore the mighty, spectral power that those rigorous operations can achieve. All Life Long simmers in an ever-shifting tension between repetition and variation. The pieces for brass, organ, and voice are alternated asymmetrically, providing nearly continuous timbral fluctuation across its 78-minute runtime even as thematic material reiterates.) 35.00


MIKE PARKER - Dispatches LP 3x12“ (field - Twenty-three years on from its original release, the debut album of American artist Mike Parker stands proud as a blueprint for deep, hypnotic techno in the new millennium. Originally published as a CD-only edition on Parker’s own Geophone label, Field Records are now giving Dispatches the full vinyl release it so richly deserves - spread across six sides and reproducing Parker’s distinctive artwork at scale. Charting the course of Parker’s career reads like the evolution of deep techno itself - moving from early collaborations with Donato Dozzy to appearances on seminal labels such as Prologue, Semantica and Spazio Disponibile. The essence of his approach was forged early on, honing techno’s propulsion into a raw essence without losing any of the weight. It’s an exercise in minimalism, but the sound is still monolithic and engulfing, crystal clear in its intention and devoted to the power of subtle pressure. When the decay on a reverb opens up a fraction, Parker’s music leaves enough space for you to notice. Incremental shifts become monumental in his hands and his commitment to subliminal layering reveals hidden depths the further you submit to his hypnotic sound.) 38.00


MUSLIMGAUZE - Betrayal 3xLP (Edition of 300 copies, trifold sleeve, red-in-yellow vinyl, 45rpm

»Betrayal« was originally released on CD by Staalplaat in 1993.»Betrayal« isn't that far removed from »Veiled Sisters« – while not as minimalist, if not repetitive, as that particular release, »Betrayal« relies on the same basic tools of gentle, steady electronic percussion and low-level bass and keyboard shadings. The most immediate changes lie with the various vocal samples on some of the tracks; while not immediately intelligible per se, you get scraps and hints from them, expressing a range of negative emotions regarding the initial peace pact. At the same time, often a subtle but nonetheless effective sense of omen and dire warning lurks throughout the music; the use of bass tones in particular doesn't seem that far removed from what Massive Attack eventually came up with years later on Mezzanine. Also, as with Veiled Sisters, even the most low-key of changes has a large effect in context, such as the metallic clattering added to the electronic pulsing on the second »Nabius.« Overall, the feeling is meditative; this is the kind of music you could put on for a quiet moment, but it's not exactly easy listening in any sense of the word.) 55.00


NERVOUS GENDER - Music From Hell DLP (dark entries - Nervous Gender’s legendary synthpunk LP Music From Hell burbles up from infernal depths to resurface on Dark Entries. Confrontational, unhinged, and unabashedly queer, Music from Hell is an unholy grail for fans of the strangest underbellies of post-punk, minimal synth, and early industrial music, and is presented here newly remastered and on expanded double LP. Nervous Gender (de)formed in LA in 1978 at the hands of Phranc, Gerardo Velaquez, Edward Stapleton, and Michael Ochoa. Phranc, the androgynous embodiment of the band’s name, left in 1980. Following her departure, a wide cast of LA freaks would find themselves drawn into the band’s orbit, including Alice Bag of the Bags, Paul Roessler of the Screamers, the Germs’ Don Bolles, and an 8-year old drummer named Sven Pfeiffer. In 1980, Nervous Gender appeared on the seminal Live at Target compilation alongside Factrix, uns, and Flipper. With the band’s notoriety cemented, Music from Hell followed in 1981 on Subterranean Records (as no LA label would touch this material).) 32.00


NURSE WITH WOUND - The Devil's Interval (Alienation) LP (A visionary artefact from the mind of Steven Stapleton under the guise of Nurse With Wound, drawing some of the best of the project's recent output back into the light, Vasopressin delivers the first ever vinyl edition of "The Devil's Interval (Alienation)", comprising two stunning works of minimal, atmospheric experimentalism, that stand among the most striking and immersive to ever have been created by the project. A stunning and radical rethinking of the terms of ambient music, responding to an ever-darkening world, it's an absolute must for every NWW fan, new and old. ** Edition of 340 copies pressed on 180g black vinyl, housed in a pro-printed jacket, with outer silk-screened PVC sleeve. **) 38.00


OLIVIA ​BLOCK – The ​Mountains ​Pass LP (black truffle - Black Truffle releases »The Mountains Pass«, a major new work from Olivia Block. A key player in Chicago’s vibrant experimental music scene since the late 1990s, Block has developed an extensive body of work grounded in a personalised, at times emotive approach to the studio-based practices of the musique concrète tradition, while also encompassing improvisation, orchestral pieces, sound installations, and a sustained engagement with the piano.) 30.00


RAEIN - Sulla Linea D'Orizzonte Tra Questa Mia Vita E Quella Di Tutti LP (self released - Raein is a band from Forlì, Italy. The band started playing music 2002 and was active until 2005, took a 2-year hiatus and came back in 2007. Raein share members with La Quiete and Neil on Impression. They have pioneered the European screamo scene/music along with bands such as Daïtro, La Quiete, Suis La Lune etc. This is their last album from 2011, finally repressed.) 23.00


ROBERT FESLER - μP RPF78 4xLP BOX (Metaphon - An anthology of the intensely arresting work of Robert Fesler (1936-2023), revealing many of his compositions (1975 -1987) created with his self-built synthesizers, with as pinnacle the μP RPF78. Except one, all tracks are previously unreleased. With profound simplicity and devotion, Fesler paints a hermetic inner world with strong emotions of confronting solitude, sensual alienation and traumatic angst. His music was as much a therapeutic treatment as an artistic expression. Fesler quotes, "Building my synthesizers and working with them enabled me to sublimate my anxieties". Most tracks were played and recorded real time, often with two synthesizers (the Synthese 756 and the μP RPF78), capturing the heat of the moment in one take, without multitracking. The austere and reductionist approach reinforces the overall spirit of his work, resulting in an engaging, mysterious solitary journey.

It’s quite incredible how one person can put so much technical cerebral content in the development of a machine and use it in such an emotional way. The music of Robert Fesler might be considered as very Belgian. To situate it within a close entourage, one can say it has:

the endurance of Baudouin Oosterlynck the purity of Dominique Lawalree) 115.00


SUNS OF ARGA - Wadada Music LP (Lantern -  Reissued for the first time on vinyl "Wadada Magic", Suns Of Arqa's majestic second album. The wicked world of Michael Wadada is well represented here: an ever-changing kaleidoscope of tribal dub, early electronics , proto-wave and global beat. Special guests on vocals Prince Far I and Prince Hammer, while on bass the true genius of Lizard from Creation Rebel / Singer & Players.) 33.00


TELVA - Revelation LP (byt - Having worked silently in her sonic philosophy for almost a decade, vocalist, music producer and Dj Telva has launched her music label byt’, starting with the publication of her debut album. The album, ‘Revelation’, opens with an unusual and experimental offering, which sets the tone for the label's subsequent eclectic and unexpected releases. The compilation of 10 tracks, has been documented for 5 years through an experimental vocal, instrumental sonic journey, that is composed of Telva's life experiences during this period. Telva is a vocalist, producer and only vinyl Dj based in Berlin. Defining her path through art in every sense of it by turning passion into a way of life, she has been playing and collecting records as main craft since 2016. Followed by uninterrupted hours in the studio, her creations and sonic philosophy, aka record label byt’, have been materialized by the wide range of influences she’s been absorbing along her way as an artist, where different cultures, scenes, and places have shaped and influenced her understanding and projection of her musical vision. Her love for the underground movement and the deep work in silence have made her music shows special and respected. For listeners and dancers, her well-chosen exposure is an unexpected experience. Her purpose is to offer quality music based on eclectic diversity, that surprises the audience with the love it spreads through sound, aiming to touch their hearts. ‘Music is a channel of transmission in where to materialize one’s lifetime vision’28.00


THESE IMMORTAL SOULS - Extra LP (mute - This album features extensive notes from founding member Harry Howard and will be released alongside the 2024 remastered editions of their debut album 'Get Lost (Don't Lie!)' and their second album 'I'm Never Gonna Die Again'. This album's tracklist includes their stirring, driving reinterpretation of Alice Cooper's 'Luney Tune' from 1972, as well as covers of 'Open Up and Bleed' by Iggy Pop & James Williamson, 'Some Velvet Morning' by lead singer Lee Hazlewood Rowland S. Howard covered with Lydia Lynch in particular, and 'Hey! Little Child' by Alex Chilton. The band consisted of Australian-born Rowland S. Howard, who became known as Nick Cave's colleague in the Birthday Party, his bass-playing brother Harry Howard, drummer Epic Soundtracks (formerly of Swell Maps and Jacobites) and keyboardist Genevieve McGuckin. They joined forces in 1987 after Soundtracks and the Howard brothers split from Crime & the City Solution and formed These Immortal Souls in London with McGuckin.) 28.00


V/A - The Greetings LP (lantern - Overdue reissue of the first three 12" in the record series dedicated to musicians who took part to the Greetings festival. It happened in 1987, it was time for Materiali Sonori's 10th anniversary, an historic goal for the label/collective born in the small Tuscany village of San Giovanni Valdarno. The small celebration brought to life a box collecting the first 3 EPs of the 'Greetings From S.G.V.' series. The series was intended as symbolic sound postcard, made with various musicians with whom the collective label shared a path, whether small or long. The Durutti Column, The Stockholm Monsters and Blaine R. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) are among the artist who took part to the project, here collected for the very first time. Lantern is pleased to pay tribute to the work of people whose passion, attitude, commitment and genuineness inspired this adventure still true to these days. "Our presence in this small Tuscan town is almost casual... physically we were born and grew up here, while our hearts and our minds were travelling to Paris, Berlin, Brussels, New York or London" (Giampiero Bigazzi of Marteriali Sonori , taken from the original inner sleeves notes). Comes with obi.) 30.00


VOID VISION - Sub Rosa LP (mannequin - 2024 repress, edition of 500 copies - Void Vision is a Philadelphia-based electronic project helmed by Shari Wallin. It began around 2009 at a time when a wave of synth-revivalists were materializing, but the quality of the songwriting and intense vocals set the band apart from the pack. In a rare instance, Void Vision has managed to combine vintage dance elements with melodic structures, haunting melancholy, and lyrics that have a palpable soul. The songs themselves are dynamic, referencing a cross-section of the last 30 years of electronic music, while simultaneously retaining a uniqueness all their own. Wierd Records weekly club night in New York, which showcased a variety of talented electronic and coldwave artists, served as an incubator for Void Vision in it’s early stages. After a standout debut performance at the club, they immediately caught the attention of Blind Prophet Records, who consequently released their first 7″ single, ‘In 20 Years’, which received excellent reviews.) 20.00



WUKIR SURYADI - Siklus dan Doa LP (discrepant - Born in 1977, in Malang, East Java, Wukir Suryadi began playing music for theatre at the age of 12 with the Idiot The-ater Studio, and later with the Rendra Theater Workshop. In his solo work, and as a member of Senyawa, Error Scream, Bendera Hitam Setengah, Potro Joyo and other groups, Wukir breaks the boundaries of traditional music, death metal and avant-garde performance. On this new release, “Cycle and Prayer,” recorded in 2023, he expands the edges of his unique artistic world further, by digging in to meditative improvisation, art, and community building in his home workshop in the mountains of central Java. These recordings vibrate inwards, toward the microcosmic ecologies of forests and rivers; they distort outwards, resonating with global waves of apocalyptic change that are forcing all living beings to the edges of existence on earth. The result is a meditative poem that moves, as its titles an-nounce, from phenomena to phenomena, praying that humans find a way out from the depths of the depths to the light that illuminates the soul.) 26.00





AHMED - Giant Beauty 5xCD BOXSET (back in stock - أحمد [Ahmed] is the quartet of Pat Thomas (piano), Joel Grip (double bass), Antonin Gerbal (drums) and Seymour Wright (alto saxophone). Together, the group re-arrange and re-imagine in real time the music of composer, bassist and oud player Ahmed Abdul-Malik (1927-1993). Five discs in a big box. Giant Beauty. Wrapped in excavated photographic detail from Stockholm’s legendary Golden Circle club.  “Every night the quartet brings a new song, takes it apart, puts it back together again, follows the music on unknown paths, sometimes back, sometimes not, but always remains in motion, flowing like a river in flood.” — Silvia Tarozzi) 65.00


PUMICE - Miserable Poison 2xCD (Förlag - A career-spanning overview of almost epic proportions, Miserable Poison is a massive 2.5 hour collection of Pumice recordings made between 1996 and 2021. The tracks on Miserable Poison are culled from a huge slection of often very limited lathe cut, cassette, CDr and vinyl releases originally put out on labels like Stabbies etc, Root Don Lonie For Cash, Audiobot, 8mm, Yellowelectric, Doubtful Sounds and Soft Abuse.

Mastered by Lasse Marhaug and packaged in a gloss 6-panel digipack. Edition of 500 copies.) 17.00


SEWER ELECTION - Psychic Panorama CD (discreet - A much anticipated and perhaps at least partially dreaded follow-up to the first volume released back in 2021. Compositions for synthesizer & turntable recorded winter 2023 at Studio Malign in Gothenburg. The 'brutish and cold minimalism that resembles Nord or a David Tudor on benzos' still kind of rings true, but Vol II is more than just mere repetition. Psychedelic electronics indeed, including a haunting ode to Swedish goddess Marie Fredriksson, and another massive and innovative slow burner from one the very best. Jewelcase with 4-page booklet.) 15.00