Bis Aufs Messer weekly news 04 September 2021

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Bis Aufs Messer weekly news 04 September 2021

hi. Welcome to another newsletter for September! Tons of amazing stuff arrived. We got a bunch of Dischord, Dead Moon, Mount Eerie restocks along with lots of new amazing releases like the ANNE IMHOF / ELIZA DOUGLAS / BILLY BULTHEEL - sex LP, BOTANIST - Ecosystem Version B LP, CORSANO / MARANHA / YOUNGS - Corsano, Maranha & Youngs LP and more amazing IMPROVED SEQUENCE releases, the great FLOWERTOWN - Time Trials LP on Paisly Shirt and the new HITS LP, a bunch of LEBANON HANOVER restocks, MAXIMUM JOY - stretch 12“, JESU - heart ache DLP, XIU XIU - oh no DLP, new WEDNESDAY LP, OLD MAN GLOOM - ZOZOBURN: Old Man Gloom + Zozobra LIVE at Fiesta Roadburn DLP and much more!!


Also the BRET LUNSFORD - sounding for harry smith BOOK


We also approved the test press for the upcoming LIIEK LP - pre orders starting soon.


And besides thats the amazing GUSHER - Issue 4 MAG, 20 Seconds Mag, RECORD CULTURE MAGAZINE and new WIRE etc …


We also received the test press for the upcoming LIIEK LP .. so keep an eye out for pre orders starting soon


Thank you for your support in those difficult times


We are also back on the store MONDAY TIL FRIDAY from 11 °° - 19°° and SATURDAY from 11°° - 18°°


Norman & Robert








ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK – Problè mes D' Amour 12“ (spittle - The 12” that spawn an international cult. Re-issued as the original editions with an 'over-sized' (14.6 cm / 5¾") center label.) 16.00


AMADO / MCPHEE / KESSLER / CORSANO - this is our language quartet LP (trost - This is music by four strong individual players with room for eruptive solo-parts, but always held together by intense communication and beautiful interwoven melodies. The quartet's second album A History of Nothing (Trost records/TR170) got a huge number of excited reviews: A superb quartet outing. The music is all improvised, but it's firmly rooted in jazz, with superb interaction between all of the players, both on ripping, high-velocity blowouts and more delicate forays. (Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader) Freedom is clearly a responsibility as well as a joy, and it's emphasized here by the group's shared commitment: each musician is constantly working in two directions, stretching further and creating cohesion. The music is improvised with such an ear to complementary detail that it's literally being collectively composed. (Stuart Broomer, Free Jazz Collective) Together, this quartet is dynamite. It's exciting to hear a European musician along with three Americans, and notice that they communicate so well. (Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts) Recorded by Klaus Hedegaard Nielsen at Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, March 2nd, 2017 Mixed by Joaquim Monte and Rodrigo Amado, CD Master by Simon Wadsworth / LP Master by Martin Siewert) 25.00


ANNE IMHOF / ELIZA DOUGLAS / BILLY BULTHEEL - sex LP (PAN - ‘SEX’ is the latest record from acclaimed contemporary artists Anne Imhof, Eliza Douglas and composer Billy Bultheel. It was composed during the development of Imhof’s art exhibition of the same name, previously exhibited at Tate Modern, London, The Art Institute of Chicago and Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea. Music is core to Imhof’s work. It functions not only as a soundtrack to perform to, but rather that music itself, and the act of performing music, becomes a work of visual merit by its very nature. Imhof’s performance work, in collaboration with Douglas, is often described as visually being a futuristic, nihilist take on pop culture citing metal and grunge aesthetics while making connections to thematics of classical painting. The concert itself becomes a visual language in Imhof’s performative work which sits evenly placed with her painting and sculpture. ) 27.0 


AURITA CASTILLO Y SU CONJUTO - Chambacu LP (mississippi - HEAVY COLOMBIAN CUMBIA FRONTED BY SIX YEAR OLD AURITA CASTILLO We are proud to release this LP compilation of the great Aurita Castillo, the young queen of Cumbia from the legendary Chambacu neighborhood. Little is known about Aurita other than her cutting some killer records for Discos Fuentes in Medellin in the 1960s. Her recordings with an uncredited backing back are some of the heaviest and most perfect cumbias of the era - ripping electric and acoustic guitars, snapping thundering drums, dark clarinet melodies and Aurita’s amazing voice commanding the show. This is the first reissue of these songs outside of Latin America, and a long overdue celebration of the very talented Aurita Castillo and her band. Aurita’s repertoire included versions of famous Colombian songs by Pedro Nel Isaza, Pedro Jairo Garces (Los Golden Boys) and other composers / session musicians, in addition to popular twist and novelty songs, but this compilation is primarily her deep cumbias and porros, mostly in a minor key, with a few surprises. It is hard to believe such a young singer could be this powerful, emotive and confident, but here we are. Musically, the band is top tier and rides a perfect line of tight and loose, fleshing out each arrangement with subtle harmonies, heavy grooves, flourishes and exclamations, without ever delving into boring saxophone solos or pointless showboating. Highly recommended for fans of golden era Colombian cumbia --- A Orillas Del Magdalena and Remolino de Oro (Domino Sound), The Original Sound of Cumbia (Soundway), as well as the Skatalites and other instrumentally-beautiful Caribbean and Latin American ensembles, Balkan brass music, etc. pressed on heavy 160 gram vinyl, in glossy tip-on style jacket. ) 21.00


BOTANIST - Ecosystem Version B LP (improved sequence - Originally released in 2020 on a limited run of cassettes, now reissued on vinyl for the first time. Based on the simple parable of growth, prominence, extinction and rebirth, "Ecosystem version B" begins with the notion that modern man has reached a point in which they are no longer on the natural path of progression, but are seemingly above it through technological advancement. However, humankind has not only achieved this dominance in the wrong ways, but further, has actually ruined themselves with the misuse of fossils that were created by the Carboniferous period of earth, one of the most glorious eras for plant life and still quietly dictating the course of progression. Although man has now forced the hand of the extinctive process, creating his own ultimate fire through climate disruption, advanced war, biochemical plague and self pollution, it will end in the same way: the earth seeing a great time of silence and cleansing followed by a period of rebirth. Just as the first seeds began to emerge at the end of the Devonian age, a new Elkinsia is already among us, waiting to blossom on the day of the Budding Dawn.) 22.00


CLEANERS FROM VENUS - Songs for a Fallow Land LP (captured tracks - 2021 Repress. "Songs for a Fallow Land" is a product of Martin Newell collaborating with longtime friend and former Cleaner Lol Elliot. This is the third record in the "Vol.2" batch of formerly cassette-only reissues from this legendary lo-fi band, which continues to be highly influential as evident by the critical claim from the first three record from the band, rereleased in spring of 2011. Originally self-released by Newell to the tune of "If people want it, they'll find it". This is one of the many CLEANERS FROM VENUS formerly cassette only releases. "Songs for a Fallow Land" was releases in 1985. One of Newell's chief problems at this time, apart from constant money shortages, was finding musical collaborators who shared his own skewed pop vision. The absolute opposite of a musical perfectionist, the founder Cleaner believed that great pop was to be had by doing things quickly, in slapdash fashion and by "fumbling around in the dark in search of happy accidents“.) 25.00


CORSANO / MARANHA / YOUNGS - Corsano, Maranha & Youngs LP (imporved sequence - If you’re reading this and know the incredible careers of Chris Corsano (US), David Maranha (PT) and Richard Youngs (UK) you can already imagine what you’re getting into… or maybe not.  Opened up to virtually infinite possibilities, this is a blessed gathering by three of the most idiosyncratic and illuminated artists working in the sprawling field where the most defiant and unmapped music converge. Leading figures of the unnameable, each of them on his own has created a superlative and indelible body of work, driven by their own vision and willingness to face the unknown. The same uncompromising position that presides over this trio. Let us embrace this with open hearts and minds. We shall be rewarded. Recorded on a hot June night of their 2019 tour at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, this is an incredible document of the unique chemistry that guided the three musicians, a 40 minute ride divided into two deep journeys: We All Become Everything an almost lush beautiful exploration of the unknown that moves from snake-rattling desert atmospheres to magniloquent chants that could almost be included in the torch-songs category, with Richard Youngs’ voice gliding across the fields with grace and crystalline force over David Maranha’s organ and violin and Chris Corsano’s steady thump: Impossible Sun moves mountains and reminds us of the uncanny improvisational instincts that these three musicians have always brought to the table, a cinematic piece created with percussion, effects and flutes, a meditative piece continuously on the brink of explosion. ) 22.00


DRAB MAJESTY - Unknown to the I LP (DAIS - Drab Majesty's first release for Dais Records was the "Unknown to the I" cassette in 2015, which featured the title track that would later appear on his debut album "Careless" that summer. The additional early cuts "Saturn Inc." and "Ultra Violet" have previously only been available on digital or as CD bonus tracks. Now, along with the "Unarian Dances" 12" also released on March 26, these songs are finally made available on vinyl in 45 RPM 12" format, bringing all early Drab Majesty material from the Careless era (2012-2015) to vinyl. Mastered by Josh Bonati with beautiful new packaging by Nathaniel Young. Drab Majesty is the project of Deb DeMure, the androgynous alter-ego of L.A.-based musician Andrew Clinco and partner Mona D. With its combination of reverb-drenched guitars, synth bass lines, commanding vocals, and rhythmic drum machine beats, this project is a stark departure from Clinco's previous stints as drummer in Marriages and Black Mare. Dubbed "Tragic Wave" and "Mid-Fi" by DeMure, Drab Majesty eloquently blends classic 80s New Wave and hints of early 4AD with a futuristic originality. A talented multi-instrumentalist, DeMure composes all of the elements of Drab Majesty. However, rather than taking personal credit for the music, DeMure insists that the inspiration for the songs is received from an other-worldly source and that Deb is merely a vessel through which outside ideas flow inward. But Drab Majesty is more than just a musical project _ it's a methodical experiment in the identity of creativity. The character Deb DeMure is an enigma that eludes all expectations of gender and ego. When DeMure's imposing 6' 4" figure assumes the stage, Deb's playful, harlequin-esque appearance, tempered by an ominous body language, and clashing with the dreamy, ethereal melodies comes across as a web of contrasts. The result is a perfect balance between seemingly conflicting messages, between the high and the low, the drab and the divine.) 17.00


FLOWERTOWN - Time Trials LP (paisley - A new album from the prolific San Francisco duo; low fidelity dream pop songs by Karina Gill & Mike Ramos. Written and recorded between August 2020 and January 2021, named “Time Trials” for the obvious reason of what the last few months of 2020 was like globally, and the strange side effects of time slowing down and speeding up and generally getting more and more hazy.  Karina says, “we’ve gotten more comfortable with - and hopefully better at - collaborating and playing together and recording ourselves. We hope these songs invite you to Flowertown as it exists for us - a way to be when ‘you can race the clock, but you’ll be the first one to stop’." This will also be the first vinyl release on Paisley Shirt Records, limited to 300 copies.) 25.00


THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS - Cataclysm / Spectral Warrior Mythos Vol. 1 DLP + DVD (improved - The Flying Luttenbachers "Cataclysm" 2LP + DVD - the ultimate remastered version of this 2006 epic featuring Ed Rodriguez (Deerhoof), Mick Barr (Krallice), Mike Green (Burmese) and the Weez. Includes the rare "Spectral Warrior Mythos Vol. 1" EP AND the mythic 2005 "Live Cataclysm" concert by the group shot on 5 cameras with multitrack board audio. MELT YOUR FACE OFF) 35


HIRO KONE - Silvercoat the throng LP (dais - New York electronic experimentalist Nicky Mao's 4th full-length, Silvercoat the throng, emerged against the backdrop of lockdown, compelled by an intuitive directive: “resist the urge to fill the space.” Compositionally this translated as a simmering, shadowy energy, veiled but variable, traced in a composite of strings, synthetics, rhythm, and voice. The title alludes to a poetic notion of “possibility, rescued from darkness,” which aptly evokes the shape-shifting, devotional feel of these ambitious and elegant sound designs, crafted in defiance of impermanence, driven by the pursuit of becoming “more and more articulated, differentiated.” ) 27.00


HITS - Cielo Nublado LP (paisley shirt - A new album by the Oakland trio: warbled post-punk meets oozing art pop. “Cielo Nublado” is penned by Hits songwriter and leader, Jen Weisberg. Similar to the previous full-band release (“Sediment Seen”), she has enlisted the help of Max Nordile on bass and Brian Tester on drums & lead recording. Hits has had a fluctuating line-up for the past decade, but the newest phase of evolution called for collaboration. The full, live, band acts as a springform pan to shore up the songwriting cake. Max says, “Half the album was recorded in reclusive fear (via email). Another quiver of songs was crafted live, within the relative safety of the Band Pod. Both sets of songs share a common throughline, Jen Weisberg's voice. Both her voice- La La La- and her voice- her Personal Expression. Is that two things? Comforting and inscrutable, bizarre and delightful- Jen's twin voices ring out, buoyed by ramshackle, charming, and sometimes even steady rhythms provided by her comrades in arms.”) 25.00


HORSE LORDS - Mixtape Vol. 1 LP (improved sequence - Standard Edition of 400 copies on Black Vinyl LP Horse Lords make music for the liberation of mind and body and everything had to start somewhere. 'Mixtape Vol. 1' is the first transmission from the Baltimore quartet of Andrew Bernstein (saxophone/percussion), Max Eilbacher (bass/electronics), Owen Gardner (guitar), and Sam Haberman (drums). Originally released on cassette in 2012 and now reissued on LP for the first time and remastered by Brian Pyle. Their perfect fusion of krautrock, minimalism, skronk, post-punk, Appalachian and African musical traditions, polyrhythmia and guitar freakouts is all condensed in this 'slammed to the max' and on the brink of explosion two side bonanza. Part of Side B was recorded live at the Metro Gallery by Guy Werner, with M.C. Schmidt of Matmos playing the synthesizer. Dig in, dig deep.) 22.00


JESU - heart ache DLP (avalanche - red / gold - Justin K Broadrick initiated  the Jesu project in 2003, and  jesu has gone on to be as critically acclaimed and loved as his previous project Godflesh, Jesu is credited as being at the forefront if not the very beginning of the post-metal movement and the hybrid of metal and shoegaze. Jesu essentially explores melancholy through heaviosity, electronica and shoe gaze. ‘Heart ache (remaster deluxe)’ - This is Jesu as it was initially, but not as it was intended to be. The ghost of Godflesh resides in these recordings, arguably more than the Jesu self titled, both recordings were born during and just after the demise of Godflesh at the beginning of 2002, 'Heart Ache' was originally released in 2004 on Dry Run Recs, it was the first ever release with the Jesu name. ‘Heart ache’ was a document to the painful transitional period both in Justin Broadrick’s personal life and music existence around 2001-03.) 28.00


KIKO KIDS JAZZ - Tanganyika Na Uhuru LP (mississippi - Formed in the mid-1950s, Kiko Kids Jazz created a stunningly unique sound amidst an explosion of Tanzanian guitar bands in the years leading up to the country’s independence. Defined by Salim Zahoro’s warm voice and the heavy tremolo of his electric mandolin, Kiko Kids Jazz incorporated their love of early acoustic Cuban Son, rhythms from their home town of Tabora, the exciting and competitive scene of acoustic/electric dance bands in Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi, the poetic strains of Taarab and Arabic music, and the tranquility of Tanzania. The results are both comforting and intriguing: expressive, strung out melodies on Salim’s mandolin and subtly complex percussion lock into deep grooves of thumping acoustic bass, jerky rhythm guitars, and Cuban-style trumpet breaks. The kind of sounds that can be approached from several rhythmic angles, until it all gels in the mind and soul. ) 22.00


KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - teenage gizard LP (improved sequence - Consisting of ten tracks recorded between 2010 and 2011, ‘Teenage Gizzard’ is an “official bootleg” of sorts from Australian psych-rock heroes King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. These songs give fans an insight into what Stu Mackenzie and co. sounded like at the very beginning - which is to say that it's a rawer take on the band's now-familiar style.) 22.00


LEBANON HANOVER - Let Them Be Alien LP (fabrika - The album begins with its title track's (Alien) mysterious synths, an anthemic bass driven dirge reminiscent of theme songs for Discovery Channel about alien life. A duet, here William Maybelline's vocals are deeply resonant, menacing, yet vulnerable, answered by Larissa Iceglass' silky and sardonic reply, where our two protagonists waking in the opposite direction, against the grain resign themselves always to be Alien. The song's video is gorgeously shot in both Heidelberg and Athens, where Larissa and William wander the streets, shoulder-checked as outsiders as they travel across bridges and alleys. ) 20.00


LEBANON HANOVER - The World Is Getting Colder LP (fabroka - The album beings with the Die World, led by its minimalist instrumental overture of guitar and bass, with sparse echoes highlighting the isolated nature as Iceglass recites the chants "Die Welt." Haunting strains of synth are peppered throughout the track with despondent urgency through lyrics alluding to a dying love adrift at sea like a lonely iceberg. Ice Cave, the album's de facto title track as it relates to the sleeve, reverberates with peculiar and sonorous echoes effects, with Maybelline's bellowing vocals resounding off the cavernous walls of ice, while the bass relentless pulses, ominous guitar chords While his thundering voice brings a gravitas to the track...he is trapped in the ice cave. ) 20.00


LEBANON HANOVER - Besides The Abyss LP (fabrika - The album opens with the ominous guitar-driven Hollow Sky, accompanied by its haunting music video's verdant vistas. The song, with Iceglass ghostly vocals, shimmers with that sounds like an Omnichord flittering like sonic firefly lights and brooding bass. This perfectly scores the less traveled wanderings through the dark wooden path of Dante's perdition, leading to the titular well that graces the album cover. The Crater opens with an unsettling riff and bass, with low, repetitive frequencies on the synth create a sense of unease. Here, Iceglass recounts a fatalistic requiem for the king of romance that is cataclysmic and leaves a scar upon the earth.) 20.00


LEE RANALDO / JIM JARMUSCH / MARC URSELLI / BALAZS PANDI - Churning of the Ocean LP (trost - Extended Instrumental tracks from the nocturnal studio session of director and musician Jim Jarmusch, Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, Balázs Pándi (Keiji Haino, Venetian Snares, Merzbow) and producer Marc Urselli (John Zorn, Mike Patton, Laurie Anderson a.o). All was recorded live and analog, and in the moment. Mixed, mastered, recorded and produced by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound Studios, NYC, 2019. Artwork by Italian artist Sara D’Uva.) 25.00


LUBRICATED GOAT - Forces You Don't Understand LP (improved sequence - Forces You Don't Understand' is the fourth studio album by Australian noise rock band Lubricated Goat and was originally released in 1994 only on CD. Head honcho Stu Spasm is accompanied by an all star cast featuring members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane, Swans, Railroad Jerk and Motherhead Bug. Reissued by Improved Sequence for the first time on LP and remastered by Mikey Young, the album was recorded by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Unsane, Helmet, Foetus).  The fourth album by this ex-Australian noise rock group is the first incarnation of the New York version of the Stu Spasm-led project. Vinnie Signorelli, who'd done time in Foetus and the Swans, was on drums and Tod Ashley from Cop Shoot Cop helped with tape sample, while Tony Lee of Railroad Jerk provided the bass and Jim Collaruso of Motherhead Bug completed what by this stage could be considered something of a noise rock supergroup. The early abrasive Big Black/Birthday Party sound gave way to a lurid mix akin to Tom Waits or Nick Cave fronting Pere Ubu.  ) 22.00


MAXIMUM JOY - stretch 12“ (1972 - Forty years ago, on July 8th and 9th in 1981, a group formed by the splintering of some of Bristol's essential post punk bands, entered the hallowed studio at Berry Street in London to record their debut single. What would emerge was not only an exuberant post funk classic on the A-side, but also a wildly influential dub workout on the flipside, whose reverberations can still be heard today. Both songs have proven essential in very different ways. A focal point for the unique punk-funk that was coming together in Bristol as the bridge from the '70s to the '80s arrived, Maximum Joy was formed by Glaxo Babies multi-instrumentalist Tony Wrafter and 18-year old vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Janine Rainforth. Soon they drafted in additional Glaxo Babies in the form of drummer Charlie Llewellin and bassist Dan Catsis, along with guitarist John Waddington, fresh from The Pop Group. The group set about making a one-of-a-kind mix of funk, punk, pop, jazz, dub, soul, afrobeat and reggae; creating a brilliant charge of danceable tunes wrapped around elastic basslines and complex percussion, punctuated by melodic horns and stabs of guitar, all of it highlighting Rainforth's naturally enthusiastic vocal style.) 17.00


OLD MAN GLOOM - ZOZOBURN: Old Man Gloom + Zozobra LIVE at Fiesta Roadburn DLP (SIGE - Recorded at Roadburn Festival April 2019 by Marcel van de Vondervoort and team. Live sound by John Hopkins. Mixed by Kurt Ballou. Mastered by James Plotkin. Artwork by A. Turner. ) 26.00


VAZ - Chartreuse Bull LP (Now a trio, the Hammerhead-associated New York noise-rockers release their first album in five years, just in time for the "pigfuck" renaissance) 25.00


RANDALL ​MCCLELLAN – The ​Healing ​Music ​Of ​Rana ​Vol. ​1 DLP (aguirre - Randall McClellan was a founding member of the electronic music studio at the Eastman School of Music in 1967 where he later received a Ph.D. in Composition, Theory and Musicology. A growing interest in North Indian music and vocal technique prompted him to develop his personal compositional practice into an active platform for inducing altered states of mind. He constructed his concerts to be spaces for harmonization of mind and body through a musical practice informed by his esoteric studies of ancient mystery schools and sacred geometry, believing these to be primarily teachings on intentional resonance. These performances were given between 1977 and 1983 in semi-darkened spaces that allowed listeners to relax on carpeting while being enveloped by sound. Each improvisation lasts from twenty-five to forty-five minutes. An entire performance is up to three hours and is designed to provide an environment of meditative sound. They gained in popularity and were soon attended by larger audiences. His final live performance took place at New York City's Alternative Museum in October, 1983.) 28.00


RANDALL ​MCCLELLAN – The ​Healing ​Music ​Of ​Rana ​Vol. ​3 LP (aguirre - Exceptional recordings by this New age maestro. Only recently re-discovered by his friend JD emmanuel & the band Sun Araw. Originally released on cassette in 1983 and now for the first time vailable on 180g Vinyl. For fans of Joanna Brouk, JD Emmanuel and Pauline-Anna Strom. Randall McClellan was a founding member of the electronic music studio at the Eastman School of Music in 1967 where he later received a Ph.D. in Composition, Theory and Musicology. A growing interest in North Indian music and vocal technique prompted him to develop his personal compositional practice into an active platform for inducing altered states of mind. He constructed his concerts to be spaces for harmonization of mind and body through a musical practice informed by his esoteric studies of ancient mystery schools and sacred geometry, believing these to be primarily teachings on intentional resonance.) 25.00


THE OATH - s/t LP (rise above - To master the dark and wring compelling creativity from its densest shadows requires vision, belief and, perhaps most importantly, a dash of synchronicity. These are all qualities that ooze from every pore of the debut album by The Oath. A band forged around the fizzing, feral chemistry between Swedish guitarist Linnea Olsson and German vocalist Johanna Sadonis, The Oath represent the wild magic that erupts when two blazing souls collide and fate is sent veering off course by sheer strength of the human will. This is heavy metal at its most mercurial and intuitive. Veering from the strident grooves and shimmering menace of opener All Must Die to the breakneck, Luciferian clatter of Black Rainbow and on to the spine-tingling grandeur and grime of epic closer Psalm 7, The Oath is anything but just another addition to the modern pseudo-occult rock canon. Instead, it is an extraordinary glimpse into its creators’ overpowering charisma and chemistry and a thrillingly, hyper-nourishing dose of authentic, 21st century heavy metal sorcery. With input from In Solitude’s Henke Palm  - who contributes some “improvised Voivod-style solos”, according to Linnea – and logo designed courtesy of Watain’s Erik Danielson, this is an album that exudes ageless style and irresistible substance: a potent antidote to the flimsy fripperies of the modern age.) 25.00


SOSENA GEBRE EYESUS - s/t LP (little axe - Third pressing of Sosena Gebre Eyesus. A new cover design with a painting by Eyayu Genet Shitu. Ethiopian artist Sosena Gebre Eyesus sings accompanied by her playing of the Begena, or King David’s Harp, one of the world’s oldest and most beguiling instruments. Since ancient times the Harp of David has been used as an aural balm, a soother of evil and disturbed spirits - it’s low, buzzing tones widely noted for their ability to sweetly refresh one’s soul. Said to have been brought to Ethiopia in biblical times by Menelik I, it has long been the central instrument used to accompany Ethiopian Orthodox hymns, which Eyesus plays in an absolutely entrancing manner while softly singing songs of devotional reflection. Sosena Gebre Eyesus magically creates a rarefied atmosphere that feels absolutely necessary and vital for these most turbulent of days. Originally released on cassette.) 24.00


WEDNESDAY - Twin Plagues LP (orindal - In a long and emotionally exhausting year of being inside (alone, in my case,) I have found myself thinking about mirrors. How to avoid spending too much time in them, most days. Taking inventory of the real, physical self is difficult work, work that I’m not entirely opposed to but work that became immediately more treacherous for me when I had to witness the very real toll that time, modern anxieties, isolation, and boredom were taking on me. It was easier, it seemed, to spiral into a not-so-distant glorious past, to use memory as a tool of both excitement and healing. But, speaking of excitement, I like to stumble towards a band with no agenda, no purpose, uncovering sound almost on accident. This is how I first heard Wednesday. The band came to me and I don’t remember how, or why. They simply arrived, as if we’d been traveling toward each other our whole lives. I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone soaked into my summer of 2020, and in sound, in spirit, in central concerns and the execution of them, it took me back to an era before the current era, which I’d needed at the time. The past can feel less hellish than the present if we are, sometimes, not fully honest with ourselves.) 25.00


WHITE PEOPLE KILLED THEM - s/t LP (SIGE - White People Killed Them is one of several imaginings of new designations, calamities & celebrations by group members recorded in 2019 when we all happened to be in New Mexico. We encourage surprise inventions and innovations towards erecting, maintaining and the defending of democratic spaces (beyond the limits of the band stand) in your community with other front line warriors. White People Killed Them is performed by Raven Chacon, John Dieterich and Marshall Trammell) 25.0


XIU XIU - oh no DLP (polyvinyl - Xiu Xiu makes beautiful music for hard times. For nearly 20 years, the band has a track record of crafting experimental music for moments when life’s harsh realities meet its existential mysteries. On the latest album, Jamie Stewart explores a recent revelation and is reminded of the power of the band’s music to surprise and connect. Listening to the songs on OH NO, it is hard to feel truly alone. Instead, it is a reminder that even when we’re alone, we’re alone together. OH NO, the group’s newest album, is an album of duets, with Stewart sharing the stage with an array of guests who have made an impact on him personally and musically. This is the first Xiu Xiu album where every song spotlights Jamie Stewart and a collaborator. The album features artists across the musical spectrum, including Sharon Van Etten, Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr, Liz Harris, Alice Bag, Chelsea Wolfe, Owen Pallet, and Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr., all drift into Xiu Xiu’s distinctive soundworld.) 35.00


YANTI BERSAUDARA - s/t LP (Sought-after eponymous Indonesian album by the Yanti Bersaudara (which means the Yanti sisters: Yani, Tina & Lin Hardjakusumah), released in 1971 and reissued for the first time. It is a very spiritual and magical Sunda album with haunting vibes based on a unique, creative and strong Sundanese cultural heritage. Active only for less than a decade (from the 1960s until the early 1970s), the three sisters originally from Bandung (West Java) sang traditional sundanese songs with beautiful voices & harmonies, creating a trippy oriental exotic psychedelic sound.) 25.00


ZRU VOGUE – Before The Moon Disappears (The Zru-esque adventure takes its suite with a full-length LP recorded in adventurous (avant) times. No time left for the deliverance of these melodious flights, playful tribalistic cadences and surrealistic lyrics. Art-Funk duo Zru Vogue tackles avec grand-chic inner themes in order to let the listener get lost in the domain of dreams and spirituality. Surfing on Californian rocks, Andrew L. Jackson & Rick Cuevas affirm here their heretic talent in an non-angular form. Zru is a (post) 'beat' poet.) 25.00


V/A - Back Up: Mexican Tecno Pop 1980​-​1989 LP (dark entries - On Back Up: Mexican Tecno Pop, Dark Entries brings us 10 divergent tracks of Mexican electronics from 1980-1989, full of skittering analog drum boxes and saucy synthesizer hooks. 8 of these songs were culled from the 2005 CD-only compilation Backup: Expediente Tecno Pop on AT-AT records. Also included are two previously unreleased cuts. This release marks the first time many of these songs will have appeared on vinyl; it is also the first ever vinyl compilation of Mexican New Wave and post-punk.  While synth pop and obscure electronics from Europe and the United States have been extensively documented, much less attention has been paid to such offerings from the periphery. Back Up serves as a vital document of Mexico’s flourishing DIY scene in the 1980’s, surveying a wide range of styles and moods. By using home recording techniques, the bands featured here were able to circumvent relying on the expensive studios of the era. Tracks by Avant Garde, Vandana, and Silueta Pálida mine the kind of dreary-but-infectious wave that long-time Dark Entries fans will celebrate. Meanwhile, Volti and Artefacto offer a floor-ready pop sound that has echoes of NY freestyle, with Latin percussion and boxy beats. But darker turns are present as well, with Década 2’s New Beat-inflections and electro experiments of Syntoma and their side project Escuadrón Del Ritmo. Back Up: Mexican Tecno Pop was remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The sleeve is a neon retro-futurist design by Gwenaël Rattke. ) 25.00





FLUISTERAARS - Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking CD (eisenwald - After last year’s widely acclaimed third full-length album “Bloem” found its way into the hearts and minds of many listeners, it did not take long for the duo of M. Koops and B. Mollema to return to the studio and record an immediate follow up. But do not be fooled by this quick succession of releases; “Gegrepen door de Geest der Zielsontluiking” is in many ways a polar opposite of what “Bloem” had to offer. Guided by a spirit of self-transcendence, Fluisteraars sought to indulge in a deep current of animalistic urge. From murky depths to the high towers of the soul, “Gegrepen…” is an exaltation of a new language, a breaking down of barriers and revaluation of underlying routine. Utilizing a minimalist and spontaneous recording style proved fruitful in this endeavor: only doing one take of every instrument, only recording the natural acoustics of the room instead of the close-up registration of sound so ingrained in modern production. The duo recorded exactly one song each studioday. No overdubs, no synths – they started every day by setting up a new sound palette for each song.) 16.00





BRET LUNSFORD - sounding for harry smith BOOK (pw Elverum - A beautifully printed and bound 232-page hardcover book that includes chronology, selected bibliography, endnotes, maps and over 100 historic photographs within 17 substantial and hearty chapters. Dimensions: 8 ¾ inches wide by 10 ¼ inches tall by 7/8 inches thick. Pacific Northwest musician-historian Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening/D+) unravels a string of mysteries to reveal the avant-garde shards of a 20th century alchemist in his hometown. Harry Everett Smith (1923-1991) was a boyhood resident of Anacortes, Washington for ten years of the Great Depression. Sounding for Harry Smith: Early Pacific Northwest Influences is a visually compelling oral history-based biography that immerses the reader in Salish Sea traditions and discord to explore the myths of a countercultural shaman whose strange impacts on art, music and film resound from studies of place to beat improvisation, through brain paintings to a Grammy Award for his folk music bible.) 39.00