Bis Aufs Messer weekly news 04 October 2021

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Bis Aufs Messer weekly news 04 October 2021

hi. Welcome to the last newsletter for October. Our raffle is still going on til Sunday Oct 31st!!


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We also got a couple great new records like the BERNARD PARMEGIANI - Mémoire Magnétique, Vol. 2 LP, LENA PLATONOS - Balancers LP, NASTI - Life is Nasti LP, THE REMEMBERABLES - breathe LP on Adagio830, SPERMA - s/t LP, WILL GUTHRIE & JEAN LUC GUIONNET - Electric Rag LP and also lots of restocks like SUICIDE rehearsal tapes LP, last copies of the FLETCHER TUCKER - cold spring LP, SOLID SPACE restock, the THE SOUND restock, RYO FUKUI - Scenery LP,  SCORPION VIOLENTE - Uberschleiss LP etc .. and we got some more RYO FUKUI - Piano T-SHIRTS and HIROSHI SUZUKI Shirts and JAZZ CAPS


Also the great BEATE BARTEL / GUDRUN GUT / BETINNA KÖSTER - M_Dokumente  Mania D., Malaria!, Matador BOOK arrived!! And a few more DEAD MOON BOOKS


Thank you for your support in those difficult times


We are also back on the store MONDAY TIL FRIDAY from 11 °° - 19°° and SATURDAY from 11°° - 18°°


Norman & Robert





METZ / MISSION OF BURMA - split 7“ (sub pop - Record Store Day 2016 Release. Toronto noise-rock behemoths Metz team up with Boston post-punk legends Mission of Burma on this split single for Record Store Day 2016. Metz contribute a cover of 'Good, Not Great,' a track from Mission of Burma's 2006 album 'The Obliterati', while Mission of Burma cover Metz's 2012 anthem, 'Get Off.' This single is a Record Store Day 2016 exclusive, and it is limited to 4,000 copies worldwide.) 10.00


URIN - afekt 7“ (static age - releases October 15, 2021 Completely fucking mental raw D-Beat played by some of Berlin's noisiest humans. Following up their pulverizing 2019 EP, URIN have turned up the mania, tweaked it out even further and afforded absolutely no room for silence whatsoever. After all SILENCE IS DEATH! "Afekt" is sure to leave you scratching what is left of your blown out dome. 500 copies on translucent neon yellow 72gr vinyl housed in a neon yellow risograph matchbook sleeve by wemakeit ! Recorded by Sergio Gonzalez at Casa Rat Trap, Bogota. Mixed by Urin, Berlin. Mastered at Noise Room, Tokyo. Art by Stachu Szumski and Yana Abrasheva. The American Version of this EP is pressed and available through our good friends at Iron Lung Records.) 8.00





BERNARD PARMEGIANI - Mémoire Magnétique, Vol. 2 (1966-1993) LP (transversales - From Transversales is coming the release of « Mémoire Magnétique, vol.2 » spanning 1966-1993, revelatory collection of short and secret music by electronic music pioneer Bernard Parmegiani.  The second volume of this compilation allows us to discover some of unreleased rarities from Bernard Parmegiani’s personal archives and unpublished recordings which were composed for the screen or the performing arts. Remastered high-resolution audio transferred directly from the original tapes. Exclusive liner notes and pictures.) 29.00


BISHOP - s/t LP (specific - post-industrial black metal with members from LOTH. Dark and Brutal) 18.00


EX VITAE - mandarine LP (replica - A sought after progressive jazz-rock fusion album by a French band with cult status returns to vinyl! 'Mandarine' was originally self-released in 1978, now it's back as a lovely vinyl reissue. This title is highly recommended to fans of a.o. Moving Gelatine Plates, COS, Plat Du Jour and the like.) 20.00


FLETCHER TUCKER - cold spring LP (gnome life - last copies!"Cold Spring" is an artifact of Fletcher Tucker’s deep inhabitation of Big Sur, California. Recorded gradually over the course of four years, songs were gathered on cloud-hidden peaks, wrung out from moss, and received while splitting wood, pushing through brush, and making camp. These recordings serve as trails, leading deep into a mythopoetic backcountry where forgotten mysticism and abandoned ancestral knowledge resurface. In arranging the soundscapes of "Cold Spring", Tucker took inspiration from Gregorian chants, Shakuhachi (zen flute) compositions, ancient Chinese paintings of mountains and mist, and of course the landscape of Big Sur itself. Analog synthesizers surge like storm-swollen creeks. A 110-year-old pump organ rumbles up from the depths of a ravine. Drones from 12-string electric guitars flicker like torchlight. Distinct aural-textures – buzzing rosined bows, resonant bells, trembling leaf rattles – punctuate the sound-world of "Cold Spring". Ethereal harmonies by Molly Erin Sarlé (of Mountain Man) drift above Tucker’s dark baritone. ) 24.00


GARBAGE COLLECTOR - 1988 LP (replica - Straight outta Longwy-City (post-industrial helltown in the East Of France), Garbage Collector is a powerhouse of a noise band not a lot of people have heard of. Hence the long-awaited and definitive reissue of their sought-after only LP from 1988, finally available again thanks to Replica Nova. If you were looking for the real chaotic deal, a band that in uenced everyone around Lorraine(from AH Kraken and Noir Boy George to Le Singe Blanc, Dead For A Minute and Feeling Of Love), this is your chance to cry, beg and make amend! Noise rock with a transient avant-garde vein and a DIY sensibility, somewhere between DNA, Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch, The Fall) 20.00


HENK BADINGS / DICK RAAIJMAKERS - Electronic Music LP (fantome - One of the most prolific composers of contemporary music in The Netherlands, Henk Badings was born in Indonesia in 1907, the son of an East Indies Company army officer, and orphaned at an early age. Back in Holland, Badings worked as a mining engineer and palaeontologist, but abandoned this career to devote his life to music, making an impact in 1930 with the performance of his first cello concerto. The composer of various symphonies that made use of unusual music scales and uncommon harmonic structures, Badings began experimenting with electronic music in the 1950s, composing the first side of the 'Electronic Music' LP in 1952 for a performance at the Gravesano Music Festival, using 12 oscillators and a violin, the second side in 1958 for a ballet performed by the Hannover Opera Ballet; recorded at Philips' studio in Eindhoven, it utilizes various sound generators, the final track featuring Dick Raaijmakers, a composer and electronic music specialist then employed by Philips in the field of electro-acoustics.) 20.00


INFINITE SOUND - Contemporary African-Amerikan Music LP (Aguirre - back in stock - Conscious avant-garde free jazz featuring Roland P. Young originally released in 1975 on the eclectical 1750 Arch records. “1750 Arch was a beautiful Spanish-style hacienda,”recalls composer and multi-instrumentalist Roland P. Young. “It had a wonderful recording studio in the basement and the salon was converted into an intimate performance setting.” Young played solo gigs at that venue, in Berkeley, California, and also performed there in a duo with cellist Chris Chaffe. He remembers it as a particularly “transcendent” setting for concerts by Infinite Sound, his trio with singer Aisha Kahlil and bassist Glenn Howell. Infinite Sound’s Contemporary African-Amerikan Music appeared in the uniquely diverse 1750 Arch catalogue in 1975. For Roland Young such a context was not incongruous. Contemporary African-Amerikan Music is a title that positioned the record quite specifically in 1975. But Young shares Buckner’s distaste for labels that fix expectations too rigidly and close down creative possibilities. Culturally and politically the early 70s appeared to Young to be a time of change and spiritual renewal. “There was a vibe in the air that we connected with, along with other kindred spirits world-wide. What appeared to be ‘experimental’ was reaching for sounds and emotions that were unfamiliar. We often performed at rallies in support of various causes: Black Liberation, Women’s Movement, Anti-War Movement, Gay Liberation. While the music came out of the Black Liberation struggle our ultimate goal was a blending of cultures.”) 25.00


LENA PLATONOS - Balancers LP (dark entries - Greek electronic music legend Lena Platonos returns to Dark Entries with Balancers, an LP of previously unreleased material recorded between 1982-1985. Athens-based Platonos has worked with the label previously to reissue her three solo LPs - Gallop, Sun Masks, and Lepidoptera - as well as to release three accompanying 12” EPs featuring modern remixes of her work. She is renowned for her forays into cutting-edge electronic experimentation as well as her striking, impressionistic poetry and lyrics, always recited in Greek.  The twelve tracks on Balancers reveal a murkier side of Lena, one draped in tenebrous washes and oneiric utterances. Ragged analog rhythms feature on several tracks, even breaking into a brooding electro groove on “A Cat in the Corner”, but the predominant tone is sparse and somber. Mournful instrumental “Phaethon” swells to mythological proportions, while “In September” feels small enough to fit in your pocket. Lena’s poetry sits amidst lush pads and Radiophonic Workshop-esque squiggles, her voice setting an intimate tone in the shifting electronic sea. Inspiration is drawn from Greek mythology and architecture, and lyrics evoke a soft sorrow, an ambivalence towards love, life, and the passage of time. Although the material here spans 3 years and features a range of recording fidelities and synthesis techniques, the collection possesses the heft of a singular artist’s vision. Balancers was remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Eloise Leigh designed the sleeve, which features a doubled Lena in washed-out burgundy hues, channeling the femininity and mystery of the album. Also included is an insert with lyrics in both Greek and English.) 24.00


MALARIA! - compiled 2.0 DLP (moabit - back in stock - January 1981 found Gudrun Gut and Bettina Koster in Christopher Franke's Berlin-Spandau Studio recording their first Malaria! EP (Zensor Records). Christine Hahn of The Static with Glenn Branca and Barbara Ess, joined in from New York, and Manon P. Duursma fresh from Nina Hagen's O.U.T. project, and Susanne Kuhnke completed the line-up. Malaria! started touring intensively soon after the release of their 12", commencing with a concert with New Order at Brussel's Ancienne Belgique, and going on from there to concerts with Siouxsie and the Banshees, Birthday Party, The Slits, The AuPairs, Raincoats, Nina Hagen, John Cale, and Einstürzende Neubauten. They played venues as diverse as the Mudd Club, Peppermint Lounge and Studio 54 in New York, the Documenta in Kassel, the Bat Cave in London, Les Bains Douche in Paris, Milky Way and Paradiso in Amsterdam, ICA in London, the Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence, and Markthalle in Hamburg and naturally, again and again, at the SO36 in Berlin. While touring, Malaria! used their time off to record in Studios in New York, London, Brussels, New Orleans, and in Berlin -- How Do You Like My New Dog? 7" (1981), Weisses Wasser 12" (1982), New York Passage 12" (1982), Revisited cassette (1983), and the Emotion album (1982). At the BBC studios in London, Maida Vale, Malaria! recorded a John Peel Session. Malaria! took a break in 1984 -- Bettina and Christine re-located to New York, and Gudrun and Manon stayed in Berlin to form Matador with Beate Bartel, but not before they recorded their mini-album, Beat The Distance (1985). In 1992 Gudrun, Bettina, Christine, and Manon met up in New Orleans with Jim Thirlwell (Foetus) to record Elation 12". Elation was followed by Cheerio (1993), which again was recorded in Berlin. Chicks on Speed did their own version of Malaria!'s song, "Kaltes Klares Wasser" in 2001, and the remix went into the German Top 10. Malaria! has been an instrumental part of Berlin music history, as recently presented at the "Zurück zum Beton" at Düsseldorf's Kunstakademie, Kunsthalle Wien "Punk!", "Geniale Dilletanten" Goethe Institut, and in B-Movie.) 27.00


NASTI - Life is Nasti LP (static age - Since we last heard from Washington's favorite punker party wreckers, they've have undergone a personnel change and quietly released a couple of limited cassettes but, most importantly, they have finally solidified themselves as a focused force of destruction hell bent on destroying any preconceived notions of what "hardcore" is supposed to be. Rest assured the deep disdain and power are still present but they've zeroed in on a path and stomp boldly forward. They've turned up the noise and the confusion a notch or 5 too without sacrificing any of the rage either. Damn, this one is mean. Life is mean. Life is NASTI.) 16.00


OREN AMBARCHI / MARK FELL / WILL GUTHRIE & SAM SHALABI - oglon day LP (back in stock - Oglon Day is the debut release from the quartet of Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, and Sam Shalabi. Though Ambarchi had previously worked on separate occasions with Fell and Guthrie, the two days the four musicians spent together in a London studio producing this LP was their first meeting as a quartet, preceding an acclaimed performance at the 2016 Masāfāt Festival. The four musicians have created an effortless blend of their seemingly disparate approaches, carving out a musical space that gives equal weight to Ambarchi's physically affecting guitar explorations, Fell's stuttering electronic pulse, Guthrie's virtuosic drumming, and Shalabi's psychedelic oud improvisations. Oglon Day is an inspired meeting of the acoustic and the electronic, the composed and the improvised, the human and the machine, the austere and the joyous. Quite unlike anything else in the four musicians' respective back catalogs, it also offers a surprisingly accessible point of entry for any listener so lucky as to be unfamiliar with their work.) 30.00


ORNETTE COLEMAN - the empty foxhole LP (endless happiness - Ornette Coleman's most controversial album back on vinyl. Originally from 1966, 'The empty foxhole' also marking the recording debut of his son Denardo, who was ten years of age at the time of the recording. " Ornette Coleman's brief tenure at Blue Note was neither as seminal as his Atlantic output nor as brazenly ambitious as his early-'70s work for Columbia and later with Prime Time. Still, the period did produce some quality music, and The Empty Foxhole is one of his most intriguing efforts. Coleman hadn't entered a recording studio in over four years when he returned -- with his ten-year-old son Denardo on drums. Coleman says in the liner notes that Denardo was ready to make a record the previous year, and he's not overestimating; Denardo's percussive coloring and shading never sounds lost or confused, and his stream-of-consciousness flow of ideas keeps up surprisingly well with his father and bassist Charlie Haden. The communal energy keeps flowing throughout the session, and the trio members play off of each other with an easygoing enthusiasm, even on the less memorable themes. Most evocative are the funereal military march of the title track, where Ornette's mournful trumpet plays off of Denardo's deliberate cadence, and "Sound Gravitation," a feature for Coleman's scratchy, percussive violin. Of the alto-driven pieces, "Good Old Days" has the fieriest flow of ideas, but he seems energized by his son's presence, and his playing is fairly exciting throughout. On balance, the music may not be among Coleman's most exceptional efforts, but there's something inspiring about the fact that The Empty Foxhole is as good as it is. " AllMusicGuide) 21.00


THE REMEMBERABLES - breathe LP (adagio830 - We are so excited to finally, officially announce the brand new LP from Washington, DC’s The Rememberables! Breathe, their second full-length, will be available everywhere Friday, October 8th, and is being released in conjunction with our friends Head2Wall Records in the USA. Descended from the ‘90s wave of guitar-driven power pop bands that owed as much to Van Halen as to Big Star, The Rememberables have crafted a hook-laden, fuzzed out masterpiece. Deftly produced by the legendary Kurt Ballou to perfectly capture every subtle nuance of their deep and sophisticated approach to the genre, this is not a record to miss. The Rememberables formed in 2013 in Washington DC and solidified their lineup one year later with the addition of Chris Moore on drums (Coke Bust, Repulsion, etc). After releasing their self-titled debut EP in 2015, the quartet coupled that with new songs to create the 2017 self-titled LP. The seven track effort, which saw release via Adagio830, was engineered by Kevin Bernsten (Triac, Eyeflys) at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore, MD and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege Engineering in Portland, OR. The band released a pair of digital tracks in late 2019 as the B-Side You EP before heading into the studio in 2019 to record Breathe.) 15.00


RYO FUKUI - Scenery LP (we release jazz - back in stock - Official reissue of Ryo Fukui’s highly sought-after masterpiece Scenery (1976), sourced from the original masters. "Unquestionably one of the most important Japanese jazz albums ever recorded, Scenery reveals Ryo Fukui as a miraculously brilliant self-taught pianist fusing modal, bop, and cool jazz influences for a very personal, dexterous and game-changing take on classic standards made famous by Bing Crosby and John Coltrane among others. From "It Could Happen To You" and its serene and calm intro which magically flows into a jubilant and upbeat piece, to the out-of-this-world piano solo of "Early Summer", or the incredible teamwork of "Autumn Leaves" where Fukui leads Satoshi Denpo (bass) and Yoshinori Fukui (drums) into groove heaven, every single note on the album oozes precision, confidence and flair and every single section slides seamlessly into one another, creating a supreme and elegant blend of jazz. Often compared to McCoy Tyner or Bill Evans, Ryo Fukui was a genius in his own right, a true master of his craft whose perfectionism gave birth to some of the greatest music ever recorded. Scenery is his magnum opus and an absolute must-have.) 25.00


RYO FUKUI - My Favorite Tune LP (we release jazz - Official reissue of Ryo Fukui’s only solo piano album recorded live, June 4-5, 1994 at The Lutheran Hall in Sapporo. A beautiful bop adventure with two compositions Ryo Fukui wrote for his beloved Hokkaido region, the fan-favorite “Nord” and “Voyage”, as well as alternate versions of his classics “Scenery” and “Mellow Dream”, and bewitching takes on Barry Harris, Sonny Clark, and Avery Parrish gems. Includes liner notes by Yusuke Ogawa. Original release by Sapporo Jazz Create in 1994.) 27.00


SCORPION VIOLENTE - Uberschleiss LP (replica -A flaming tribute to the peaks of low budget Italian crime novels and to synthwave as lubed-up as we need, poisoned with synthetic drugs and the rust from circuit boards, Scorpion Violente is the epitome of everything the entrepreneurial divertimento generation hates. Feeling up the synths with all the vigour of a manic depressive on a downward slope, our two hosts emit their dirty feedback-washed discharge, adding Ich bin and Le Syndicat Electronique to their holiday activity books.) 20.00


SOLID SPACE - Space Museum LP (dark entries - BACK IN STOCK - Dark Entries is honored to finally present the first ever official vinyl reissue of Space Museum by SOLID SPACE. Solid Space was the British duo of DAN GOLDSTEIN (keyboards, vocals) and MATTHEW "MAF" VOSBURGH (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals) formed in 1980. Dan and Matthew met at the age of 11 while attending school in north London. In late 1978 at at the age of 14, they formed EXHIBIT 'A' with Paul “Platypus” and Andrew “Lunchbox” Bynghall. They recorded two EPs in 1979 and 1980, self-released on Irrelevant Wombat Records and appeared on The Thing From The Crypt compilation. After the dissolution of the group, Mathew started taking his guitar over to Dan’s house where he’d play his Casio MT-30 and they would record songs. Eventually a second hand drum machine and Wasp synthesizer were acquired from classified ads in Melody Maker and the Solid Space sound was born. By this time they were just turning 18 and finally found the freedom to make the music they’d had in their heads. Over the course of the next two years the band assembled eleven bedroom recordings that would become one of the most cherished DIY obscurities of its kind. Their debut album Space Museum was released in 1982 on cassette by In Phaze Records. The band's music and lyrics were heavily indebted to science fiction, in particular the 1960s television series Doctor Who. Space Museum is an unveiling of atmospheric, minimalist post punk supported by bright melodies. The music combines drum machines and synths with acoustic guitar and toy drums whilst also experimenting with samples between tracks. Representing a bubbling spirit within the underground, they foreshadowed an entire world of independent music which would emerge across the '80s and well into the '90s. For this reissue we’ve included two bonus tracks from the band’s archive, “Platform 6” originally released on the B-side of the second single by Exhibit ‘A’, this song features only Dan and Matthew and is the first Solid Space track ever recorded. “Tutti Lo Sanno” is a cover of In Phaze label mates Marine Girls, though the lyrics have been changed to suit the gender of the new singer.) 23.00


THE SOUND - From The Lions Mouth LP (1972 - back in stock - For The Sound’s sophomore LP, the group decided to work with producer Hugh Jones (Echo & the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Bauhaus). The resulting album is more richly layered than their debut, fusing the band’s atmospheric, affecting sound with a set of accessible yet invigorating songs. At the time, From the Lion’s Mouth gained great marks from the British music press, but did not break the band beyond its devoted cult of fans. Now it is considered a post-punk classic. A relatively restrained but vital follow-up to the charged and ragged Jeopardy, From The Lions Mouth proves that The Sound’s critical stature among the post-punk elite was no fluke. A more robust recording budget allows them to explore a fuller, more cohesive sound, while Adrian Borland’s lyrics are even more introspective (a jarring turn after the often political bent of Jeopardy). However despondent the singer’s words became, the tone, as pointed out in the original NME review of the album, never descend into “pessimistic wallowing.” Tracks like “Sense of Purpose” and “Contact the Fact” still feature a sweeping urgency and highlight the tension between Borland’s grim worldview and his knack for a hook. The bleak nature of the lyrics would be the first true displays of Borland’s mercurial nature. While he waged a tragically losing battle with depression for the rest of his life, it’s hard not to view this album as an enduring and fascinating document of the beginnings of madness.) 25.00


SPEED LIMIT - s/t LP (replica - Reissued on vinyl is an excellent progressive avant jazz-fusion LP by a French band featuring ex-members of Magma. Originally dating back to 1975, 'Speed Limit' pays homage to (and is suitable for fans of) Miles Davis' 'Bitches Brew' as well as Nucleus' 'Elastic Rock’.) 20.00


SPERMA - s/t LP (static age - Brilliant archival reissue of late 70s Zuri-punk s/t 12" ep by SPERMA. Originally released in 1979 on Another Swiss Label, the same genius which brought us so many of Switzerland’s early punk releases, this reissue is like a magnifying glass overtop of the moments in Switzerland (and around the world) where punk was truly breaking ground internationally. This is dripping in delectable ineptitude all the way from the broken English ‘I hope this works’ melody of “No More Love” to the textbook contempt for mainstream radio on ‘Radio.’ All three tracks are overloaded with happy flare ups of singalong melody mixed with mindless and perfectly undeveloped rock and roll aggression. The light touch of the clean guitars being boiled in pummelling drums and loud bass feels like a clue to what the recording session might have been like, battling with an engineer inexperienced in the pneumatics of punk and insisting on quieter and quieter guitars to prevent too much sound bleed, or just an old amplifier pushed to its limits. Regardless, the magic is there and the songs are there. This new issue comes with a beautiful printed 20 page booklet with unseen photos, flyers, and moments otherwise lost in time. ( Dr. Jonah Falco )) 17.00


SUBVERSION - s/t LP (replica - Blending jam-oriented progressive rock with folk and jazz flavours, French group Subversion released its self-titled album in 1976. This vinyl reissue is of inteerst to fans of a.o. La Theatre Du Chene Noir, Chute Libre and Moravagine.) 20.00


SUICIDE - First Rehearsal Tapes LP (superior viaduct - back in stock - On Suicide’s First Rehearsal Tapes, recorded in 1975, Alan Vega and Martin Rev create minimalist aural structures, traces of which would surface on their eponymous debut album, released on the Red Star label in late 1977. “These songs are not a sketchpad of semi-formed ideas. The First Rehearsal Tapes comprise an audio diary of two men out in the ether, measuring themselves as evolving individual artists and as a unit who would rely on inseparability to realize their unique and often confrontational mass in the decades to come. What the tapes also reveal is that Vega and Rev were compositionally ambitious, capable of melody and form, while resisting definition as they headed further into uncharted territory. “The First Rehearsal Tapes afford the listener a glimpse into the creative process of two groundbreaking, true art warriors with their swords and shields leaning against the practice room wall. To understand the absolute brilliance of Suicide’s first album as well as their sonic adventures that followed, you have to start here with their earliest recordings.” —Henry Rollins (excerpt from the liner notes)) 25.00


TRIP SHRUBB - Trewwer, Leud un Danz LP (faitiche - Faitiche is excited to present, for the first time on vinyl, a selection from the 84-track (!!) remix project originally released in 2013 as a three-tape set by Trip Shrubb aka kptmichigan aka Michael Beckett. Known to many from bands like Tuesday Weld or The Schneider TM Experience, Beckett remixed his way through Harry Smith’s famous Anthology of American Folk Music – a compilation of American folk, blues and country recordings released in 1952, soon to become key point of reference for the emerging folk revival movement. Having translated the title into the local dialect of the part of Germany where he lives, Beckett began reinterpreting all of its 84 tracks using sampler, effect pedals and loops – sometimes making several tracks in a single day. A colossal undertaking whose results are beyond accomplished and that is summed up in the selection of thirteen tracks on Trewwer, Leud un Danz. ) 24.00


WILL GUTHRIE - People Pleaser Pt.II LP (Nantais by adoption, the Australian Will Guthrie is a discreet star of the international scene of free, experimental and improvised music; over the past fifteen years, he has developed an open and personal approach to drums and percussion, skillfully blurring the lines between his brilliant jazz upbringing, his passion for traditional musics, and his inexhaustible interest in experimental and noise creation, with a pronounced taste for a physical and raw approach to sound. With thousands of performances and some fifty albums to his credit, the Australian regularly dispenses his vibratory art solo or alongside the best of improvisation; From Oren Ambarchi to Roscoe Mitchell via Jérôme Noetinger, Anthony Pateras, David Maranha, Ava Mendoza, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Keith Rowe or even Mark Fell. In recent months Guthrie has performed with Tunisian singer Ghassen Chiba, toured as part of “All Around”, a performance with Danish dancer choreographer Mette Ingvarsten and founded the Ensemble Nist-Nah, a gamelan orchestra, in the company of eight other percussionists, out of which Black Truffle published an album, with a second on the way. He also found the time to put in shape a second volume of “People Pleaser”, a discographic act between an autographical assessment, the parenthesis and the musical UFO. A singular exercise in Guthrie's discography, “People Pleaser”, a series initiated in 2017, sees the Australian partially put down his drumsticks and wear a producer cap for a result offering a resolutely singular perspective of / on his work with a very personal dimension.) 27.00


WILL GUTHRIE & JEAN LUC GUIONNET - Electric Rag LP (white vinyl) (Maxed out and burning hot nasty, Electric Rag brings together the electric organs, electronics and alto sax of Jean-Luc Guionnet, with the closely amplified drums and percussion of Will Guthrie. After years of playing together in the minimalist pointillist free jazz noise core trio ‘The Ames Room’ (with Clayton Thomas on bass) Electric Rag offers up another point of view on a musical history of nearly 15 years of playing together. The 8 titles of Electric Rag draw on their various experience in electronic music, free improvisation and experimental sound research, however the music is deeply rooted in their love of jazz, in its most potent, aggressive and antisocial form.) 27.00


V/A - M_Sessions (Malaria / Mania D. / Matador) DLP Boxset (Moabit - M_Sessions is offering a contemporary version of Mania D., Malaria and Matador’s music for the 40th anniversary plus the rare originals. Bringing the past into the now and into the future. Monika Werkstatt seemed the perfect choice for new interpretations. Founded in 2015, comprising female electronic musicians and producers from the entourage of Monika Enterprise and Moabit Musik. The loose collective played dozens of improvised concerts around Europe and released a studio album and live recordings in everchanging artist constellations. The M_Sessions involved Pilocka Krach, Beate Bartel, Midori Hirano, Mommo G, Lucrecia Dalt, Antye Greie-Ripatti, Natalie Beridze, Annika Henderson and myself. Here the form of interpretation is focussing on keeping the freedom of their improvised work and adapting it to the collective appropriation of songs. I cannot imagine a better reinterpretation of the material with its real life ups and downs and with its enthusiasm.  The original core team of Beate Bartel, Bettina Köster, Manon P. Duursma and myself selected "Rare Originals" from the repertoire of the 3 bands where we saw special relevance and beauty - these tracks are on LP2. We rediscovered live tracks, living room recordings and demo versions from our times long gone. (G.Gut)) 48.00


V/A - The Signal To Noise Set LP (trading - back in stock - Trading Places present a reissue of The Signal To Noise Set, originally released in small numbers in 1984 on London's short-lived Only A Revolution label. The ultra-rare various artists release showcased the Australian variant of minimalist wave AND analog synth-pop. The eleven exclusives featured on the compilation are all prime examples of Australia's synth band underground, and although each group was totally unknown outside of their sphere of influence, some have gone on to attain legendary status. Opening track The Great X1 comes from Melbourne's Infomatics, an art-school group armed with a four-track and a battery of electronic goodies, including a Roland SH101, a Korg MS20, and plenty of processed guitar. Aussie techno pioneers Modern Jazz was the brainchild of the multi-instrumentalist (and future Einstürzende Neubauten collaborator) known as Ash Wednesday, a veteran of the Adelaide-born, Melbourne-based punk band JAB (as well as Models, The Metronomes, and electro group Thealonian Music); the Modern Jazz project was based on randomly generated electronic pulses, with a shifting line-up, featuring Lyn Gordon on vocals and Andrew Phillpott on synth.) 20.00





Fletcher Tucker - Unlit Trail TAPE (adagio830 - Highest fidelity, professionally duplicated tapes. Packaged in recycled cardboard boxes with gorgeous printing inside and out. Made in Canada. Strictly limited to 200 copies. Recorded over the course of three Autumn nights on the west coast of Sweden at the end of a tour in 2018, Fletcher Tucker’s Unlit Trail is a record of ritual, and an invitation to enter a ritual domain. Composed in the wake of Tucker’s intricately arranged LP Cold Spring, Unlit T rail decomposes and subsumes several songs and sonic elements from that previous work – offering them resurrection in a minimalistic and Plutonian habitat. An uncanny territory populated by trembling leaves, breathing organs, and the animate hooting, scraping, and buzzing of archaic flutes, tuned bowls, and droning strings. Unlit Trail is a single, continuous, long-form piece, containing seven movements split over two record sides. Crafted initially for solo, multi-instrumental live performances, an atmosphere of intimacy and immediacy permeates these woodland cabin recordings. The album opens with the sound of branches burning in the hearth, and Tucker warming his hands to play. Rattling leaves signal the beginning of an earthen ceremony. Sustained organ notes unfurl, swell, and drift through the room – carrying us into a liminal state, beyond ordinary awareness, and onto the unlit trail. Additional Mixing by Chuck Johnson) 10.00





BEATE BARTEL / GUDRUN GUT / BETINNA KÖSTER - M_Dokumente  Mania D., Malaria!, Matador BOOK (ventil - Extensive show of works by the three iconographic underground bands The book project "M_Dokumente" focuses on the explicitly female perspective of the all-female bands Mania D., Malaria! and Matador on the West Berlin music and art scene from the late 1970s on. The three bands around Bartel, Köster and Gut played concerts, released records and toured around the world in different formations from 1979 on. What stood out and was new was the self-determined appearance of the musicians, which was reflected in their music and lyrics as well as in their unique style and the genre-crossing approach of "more art in the music, more music in the art". To this day, the three M_Bands are considered visionary, they shaped a new image of women in pop culture and are pioneers and role models for important and necessary emancipatory movements in the music industry. With oral history documentary by and with Beate Bartel, Gudrun Gut and Bettina Köster as well as contributions by Nick Cave, Diedrich Diederichsen, Christine Hahn, Peter Bömmels, Mark Reeder, Scumeck Sabottka, and Annett Scheffel. In German and English. ‘Beginning in West Berlin, in 1979, with the inception of Mania D., spawning Malaria! and later Matador; in a time when music was essential to movement, to escape, to space, to the scene and to the rebellion of the people; three bands stood for trial and error, trial and terror, anti-conformity, and anti-consumerism, for girl power and sticking it to the man, and for just doing whatever the hell they wanted.’ ANNIKA HENDERSON (ANIKA)) 35.00




RYO FUKUI - Piano T-SHIRT (we release jazz - Limited Edition Ryo Fukui T-Shirt. Screenprinted on Gildan GD05 heavy T-Shirt. Peanuts-inspired design by Pierre Thyss. In S/M/L/XL) 27.00