Bis Aufs Messer Weekly news 04 Oct. 2022

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly news 04 Oct. 2022


Hi, welcome to another newsletter for October. A bunch of great stuff arrived like the amazing AHMAD JAMAL - Live in Paris (1971) - Lost ORTF Recordings LP, HUMBROS - Druidarium LP, IANNIS XENAKIS - Diamorphoses / Concret Ph / Orient Occident / Bohor LP re issues, JIM O'ROURKE & GIOVANNI DI DOMENICO - Immanent in Nervous Activity LP, KEIJI HAINO / JIM O'ROURKE / OREN AMBARCHI - Caught in the dilemma ... DLP, new THE SOFT PINK TRUTH -  Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This? DLP, STEVE REICH & TERRY RILEY - Six Pianos / Keyboard Study #1 LP, ALAVA NOTO & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Summvs DLP, Maxine Funke restocks and more … 


And a bunch of stuff is en route like the DAITRO / RAEIN LP, BOTCH - we are the romans DLP re issue, HAMMERED HULLS LPs, Dischord restocks, SIBYLLE BAIER restock, Coil - Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil DLP, new SPICE LPs, BLITZ restocks, TURNSTILE restocks, CODEINE restocks, MOOR MOTHER jazz codes LP, Lloyd Miller Orientations DLP, LLOYD MILLER - At the Ends of the World (with Ian Camp and Adam Michael Terry) LP, CASUAL DOTS LPs and much more .. 


The DAITRO - collected LP is going fast (we also have a handful of Dolphin Blue copies available in cause u like that) … unfortunately still waiting on the BRAK & NADJA TAPES. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you fro your patience!!!



Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman





V/A -  Fettkakao 50 7“ (fettkakao -To celebrate their 50th label release, Fettkakao compiled a sampler of 6 exclusive songs on a 7” record. Features COTTON CANDY, who are Evelyn Hurley (ex-BLAST OFF COUNTRY STYLE) and Mark Robinson, founder of the legendary TEENBEAT label and famous for his work with AIR MIAMI, FLINFLON and UNREST. Viennas one and only BRUCH. LIME CRUSH, the band including label founder Andi Dvorak. RIGHT KOMPANY who are Clemens Denk and Veronika Eberhart (also in LIME CRUSH). IV/AN from Croatia. And a solo-track by Andi Dvorak, recorded and produced by Philipp Hanich (BRUCH).) 9.00





AHMAD JAMAL - Live in Paris (1971) - Lost ORTF Recordings LP (transversales - Transversales Disques proudly presents Ahmad Jamal Trio, Live in Paris 1971. Never heard before ORTF recordings performed live at studio 104, Maison de la Radio, Paris. This is the first official release with the full permission and cooperation of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) coming in a Deluxe Edition - Classic Tip-On Jacket. Including exclusive pictures. Mastered from the original master tapes. "While be-bop musicians practise one-upmanship in terms of speed, Ahmad Jamal develops a crystal-clear touch and praises silence: "I was an angel among devils! The boppers made notes explode. I let them resonate until the end of their lives". A reputation as an artist on the fringes perhaps explains this lack of fame he suffered at one time. But despite the great whirlwind that is his life, Ahmad Jamal declares that he is searching for peace: "The quest is that of musical and internal peace. I cannot acknowledge that I am at peace, it would be dangerous to show it. A man at peace with himself doesn't say so“.) 30.00


ALAVA NOTO & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Summvs DLP (noton - Released for the first time in 2011, 'Summvs' is the fifth and final installment of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto's V.I.R.U.S. series. The title 'Summvs' refers to the Latin word "summa" (eng. sum) and "versus" (eng. towards); it serves as a metaphor for the work being oriented towards a collaborative result. The album features "Microon" compositions containing recordings of a 16th tone interval tuning piano - Piano Metamorfoseador Carrillo en Dieciseisavos de Tono. The album also features two covers of the track "By This River," composed by Brian Eno, Dieter Moebius, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius in 1977. In the album's twelve compositions, Sakamoto's haunting piano arrangements coalesce with Nicolai's digital rhythms, creating a sonic aura as magnetic as it is meditative. Remastered in 2021 in collaboration with Calyx Studio, the album's recordings are accompanied by two new compositions titled 'Monomom' (released digitally in December 2021) and 'Kizuna.' Like 'Monomom,' 'Kizuna' is the studio version of the homonymous composition recorded during Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto's 2019 Australian tour and included in the album' TWO Live at Sydney Opera House" (2019, NOTON). The work 'Kizuna' means 'human bond' in Japanese and refers to the title of an animation piece by the Italian contemporary artist Valerio Berruti released in Japan in January 2011. Album art designed by Carsten Nicolai Mastering by Bo @ Calyx) 35.00


AMANDA WHITING - Lost In Abstraction LP (jazzman - Following the acclaim that greeted her 2021 debut album ‘After Dark’, Welsh harpist Amanda Whiting continues in her mission to showcase the instrument’s non-classical possibilities on ‘Lost In Abstraction’. Featuring Chip Wickham on saxophone, Whiting’s beautiful performances are set to cool, minimalist soundscapes of breezy percussion, nimble bass and gorgeous woodwind.) 26.00


BETH ORTON - Weather Alive LP (‘Weather Alive’ is Beth Orton’s seventh studio album, and her first in over half a decade. In stark contrast to the 2016’s dance-influenced ‘Kidsticks’, the fundamental building blocks of ‘Weather Alive’ are Orton’s deep, expressive voice and an old upright piano, which she installed in her shed, making for a personal and revelatory collection that at once stands apart from her previous work yet makes complete sense as an extension of her canon.) 26.00


BETWEEN BODIES - Electric Sleep LP (I corrupt - Cologne's emo-punks Between Bodies are here with their debut LP "Electric Sleep". On the eleven track album, the band is taking on the sounds and emotions of acts that have been in the pop-punk and emo game since the mid-90s (think The Get-Up Kids, Smoking Popes and Alkaline Trio) and gives them their own personal, modern touch. With each song on the album, the band doesn't need much time to prove their ability of delivering quality pop-rock songs. Catchy guitar and cynths melodies, supported by dynamic drums build the groundworks for their sound. Topped off by rotating singing vocals, each song is able to getting stuck in the listener's ears.) 20.00


CHILDREN - Counterfeit Fire LP (Rapid Eye - First pressing, black vinyl, printed inner sleeve. Limited to 300 copies. 45rpm At last, CHILDREN crawl out of their crib of obscurity, where they have been dwelling in the Berlin underground for years in preparation of this debut EP. Get ready for a frictional force of angular rock - barely hanging by threads of jazz, proto punk and 1990’s noise rock, sewing together what is a both free-form and repetitive wet blanket of existential dread. Hitting the mark somewhere between THE STOOGES, SCRATCH ACID and free jazz - this release is also undoubtedly coloured by its birthplace Berlin; cold yet wild, limitless within its sharply edged box.) 18.00


CHROMATICS - Closer To Grey DLP (Blood Red) (Italians do it better - 180g Blood Red Vinyl Closer To Grey is the new album from Portland's Chromatics. Closer To Grey is the first album the band released since 2012. Amongst others, it contains reverent cover versions of Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound Of Silence or Jesus And Mary Chain's On The Wall. The minimalistic Synth-Sound of previous albums is not lost though, and singer Ruth Radelet proves once again how tender and at the same time powerful a voice can sound.) 44.00


COOL LIVING - Adult Contemporary LP (I corrupt - Cool Living could not have chosen a more apt name for their debut album Adult Contemporary and yet it's incredibly misleading in some ways. With intimidating accuracy the band's 90s-emo-indie-rock hits that sweet spot somewhere between nostalgia and an intense awareness of the moment that goes best with the cathartic melancholy of an hour long lonely bus ride just when you need it. Total deceleration.) 16.00


EROS - A Southern Code LP (downwards - "An industrial fantasy of flesh and steel, ‘A Southern Code’ is the stunning continuation of the trio’s work at Wilsdorf’s pivotal Anderesbaustelle studio on Regis’ watershed album, ‘Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss’. Rejoined by another key muse, Anni Hogan, and Einstürzende Neubauten’s Jochen Arbeit, they effectively galvanised a new band, EROS, during long days and nights in the studio across 2020 and into 2021. The sound they make is fiercely lean, shaped by Wilsdorf’s manacled mixing and anchored in the frankly sexy as f#ck swerve of Regis vocals and his snake-hipped rhythm section. The first songs issued from those sessions form a lustrous new high point of contemporary industrial and dance music, one porous to Kurdish dabke as much as archetypal goth, pulsing with a metallic bloodlust and spatialized by Wilsdorf’s genre-forming tekkerz in a way that seriously rewards with proper amplification. Judged on its immediate merits, it’s the sort of record that could have feasibly come out at any point between the ‘80s and now, but closer inspection reveals a discreet framework of sculpted subbass and sleekly rolling traction that betrays the modernity of minimalist D&B physics and up-to-the-second sound design that places ‘A Southern Code’ in a timeless echelon. ) 28.00

HULDER - De Oproeping Van Middeleeuwse Duisternis LP (20 bus - De Oproeping Van Middeleeuwse Duisternis’ collects two early releases from one woman Black Metal band Hulder. The disc’s first five tracks comprise what was the Rehearsal 8/13/18 tape release collecting an intro and truncated rehearsal versions of the early demo tracks, indulging in the spontaneous harshness and pacing of a live recording. A Celtic Frost cover shows a primary influence. Tracks 6-8 are the original ‘Ascending The Raven Stone’ demo tracks proper that were Hulder’s first recorded release, immediately embracing the icy traditional Black Metal style of her forbears in both the Scandinavian and French scenes of the 1990s. An already well developed sense of songwriting and atmosphere signal toward the dark future to come.) 28.00


HUMBROS - Druidarium LP (Les Atelier Claus - After From 0 to 90, released in 2020 on the British label Phantom Limb, Humbros returns with Druidarium (les albums claus ), always with this focus on the mixture, the hybridization of synthetic and acoustic sounds. Captured in the mass, the eleven pieces are a concentrate of the different mediums and materials explored by the duo during four days of improvisation in the Ateliers Claus studio in December 2020. Eleven scenes, panoramic or microscopic faux-field-recordings, strewn with stridulations and buzzes, from which sometimes emanate melodies seeming to escape from occult radios, from a deserted hotel hall, or even from a festive parade. Sound environments with different depths, textures and distances made possible by the movement of microphones in space, the use of different types of speakers as well as a multitude of acoustic and electronic percussion played on both sides of the studio.) 24.00


IANNIS XENAKIS - Diamorphoses / Concret Ph / Orient Occident / Bohor LP (kalr - Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) is one of the most important composers of the 20th century avantgarde whose influence on music can be traced to the present day – not only in the world of conservatory-trained composers but also in various streams of current non-academic underground aesthetics such as experimental electronic music, noise and industrial. After he arrived in Paris in 1947, Xenakis not only studied composition with Messian and later became a member of the famous GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales). His compositions often are based on mathematical principles which give his music an unprecedented aesthetic and “shocking otherness” (The Guardian).) 25.00


IANNIS XENAKIS - Hibiki Hana-Ma / Mycenae Alpha / Polytope De Cluny LP (karl - Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) is one of the most important composers of the 20th century avantgarde whose influence on music can be traced to the present day – not only in the world of conservatory-trained composers but also in various streams of current non-academic underground aesthetics such as experimental electronic music, noise and industrial. After he arrived in Paris in 1947, Xenakis not only studied composition with Messian and later became a member of the famous GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales). His compositions often are based on mathematical principles which give his music an unprecedented aesthetic and “shocking otherness” (The Guardian).) 25.00


IANNIS XENAKIS - La Légende d'Eer LP (Karl records - Release #2 in the PERIHEL series is one of the most famous electroacoustic compositions by IANNIS XENAKIS. Mixed by MARTIN WURMNEST, mastered & cut by RASHAD BECKER, “La Légende d’Eer” is available as vinyl (180gr, DL code, insert with liner notes by REINHOLD FRIEDL) and download for the very first time. ) 25.00


JIM O'ROURKE & GIOVANNI DI DOMENICO - Immanent in Nervous Activity LP (die Schachtel - Delivering the long overdue follow up to their brilliant 2015 outing, Arco, the duo of Giovanni Di Domenico and Jim O’Rourke return to Die Schachtel with Immanent in Nervous Activity. Understated and elegant – enlisting the contributions of Eiko Ishibashi and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto – across the album’s two sides Di Domenico and O’Rourke slow time, deftly weaving tension into restrained sheets of tonality, texture, and harmonic dissonance, producing a startlingly beautiful intervention with the temperaments of experimental sound practice that shifts the borders of electroacoustic music and high minimalism. Issued on vinyl in a limited deluxe edition of 400 copies, housed in a sleeve with an original artwork by Bruno Stucchi/dinamomilano and complete with a large format poster, Die Schachtel is thrilled to deliver another defining statement by one of the most exciting partnerships in the contemporary landscape of adventurous sound. ) 29.00


KEIJI HAINO / JIM O'ROURKE / OREN AMBARCHI - Caught in the dilemma ... DLP (black truffle - The renowned trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O’Rourke and Oren Ambarchi return to Black Truffle with their 11th release, “Caught in the dilemma of being made to choose” This makes the modesty which should never been closed off itself Continue to ask itself: “Ready or not?” Demonstrating once again their commitment to continual experimentation in instrumentation and approach, the record begins with a long-distance collaboration made in response to a commission from New York’s Issue Project Room in 2021 during widespread lockdowns and travel limitations. A unique piece in the trio’s extensive body of work, this side-long epic finds Haino performing on metal percussion, O’Rourke on electronics and Ambarchi on gongs and bells. Initially dominated by rapid patterns on resonant, high-pitched tuned percussion, the piece sets Haino’s dynamic and dramatic performance against a calm backdrop of cycling electronics, thrumming gong strikes and hanging bell tones. The performance develops a heightened, intensely concentrated atmosphere reminiscent of Haino’s classic Tenshi No Ginjinka or his Nijiumu project; when Haino moves to clashing hand cymbals in its second half, the piece’s ritualistic energy suggests aspects of the music of Tibetan Buddhism. ) 36.00


LA FRACTION – De L'Autre Côté LP (Stonehenge - We had to wait 16 years for 4th studio album. This 10 new songs of powerful melodic punk rock are maybe a bit more nostalgic, but still you can find catchy punk hits here. Record is out in huge euro DIY punk labels co-operation.) 13.00


MODEL ALPHA - Perceptions LP (Obliques - Deluxe Edition - 12" Tip-on Jacket. Formed in Paris in 2012 by Jonathan Fitoussi & Julie Freyri. 7 years on after their first album; Model Alpha is back. « Perceptions », the duo's second album, was entirely composed on analog synthesizers, guitars and drums machine. Model Alpha is inspired by electronic artists such as Kraftwerk, Laurie Spiegel, Manuel Göttsching or early Detroit techno productions. Including remix by Chloé (Thévenin).) 29.00


NESSEL - Gestalt LP (Gestalt is Nessel’s debut album. The Stuttgart-based band started working on the seven songs exactly two years prior its release. Prior to forming the band, all members have already known each other from previous projects such as Archivist, Knife Eyes and Mahlstrom. Gestalt is their first joint effort, which can be placed somewhere between shoegaze, black metal, indie and post-hardcore. With a good amount of delay in the guitars, dynamic and fast drums, the use of synths and Anna's natural screaming vocals, Gestalt has a haunting atmosphere throughout the whole album. But at the same time the soundscapes and melodies are able keep up a positive vibe, as if a storm is just coming to an end.) 19.00


THE SOFT PINK TRUTH -  Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This? DLP (thrill jockey - Green vinyl -Thrill Jockey is pleased to announce the return of The Soft Pink Truth, the solo electronic project of Drew Daniel, one half of Baltimore-found sound duo Matmos. Asked to explain his new album’s gauntlet-throwing title, Drew Daniel says: “Years ago a friend was DJing in a club and a woman came into the DJ booth and asked ‘is it going to get any deeper than this?’ and the phrase became a kind of mantra for us. What did she really want? This album was created as an attempt to imagine possible musical responses to her question.” Throughout the ten songs of the album, the provocation to go “deeper” prompts promiscuous moves across the genres of disco, minimalism, ambient, and jazz, sliding onto and off of the dancefloor, sweeping higher and lower on the scale of frequencies, engaging both philosophical texts re-set as pop lyrics and wordless glossolalia. Rather than a dryly pursued thesis, the music flows across emotional terrain from upfront peaks to melancholic valleys, often within the same song. This is the case on opening track “Deeper,” which morphs from Brainticket-Esque keyboard loops to a Chic disco groove to a Stars Of The Lid style heavy drone over eleven minutes. Evenly divided between opening lift-off, rhythmic peaks, and extended, spaced-out decrescendos, this is music that flickers and pulses and melts.) 32.00


STEVE REICH & TERRY RILEY - Six Pianos / Keyboard Study #1 LP (film - After the widely noticed performance at the "Acht Brücken Festival 2016" at Cologne's Philharmonic Hall, Gregor Schwellenbach, Hauschka, Erol Sarp (of "Grandbrothers"), Daniel Brandt, Paul Frick (both of "Brandt Brauer Frick") and John Kameel Farah will be releasing their interpretation of Steve Reich's "Six Pianos" as a studio recording via FILM. The re-recording of this piece is an interpretation of Reich's composition but still far more than just that - it is a modern approach to his idea behind it. The basic idea came up at the beginning of the 70s at "The Baldwin Piano & Organ Company" in New York. During a rehearsal phase Steve Reich spent in this very piano store, the idea emerged of writing a composition for all the grand pianos available to him at the company. By the time of the finished piece, the actual number of pianos had settled down to six, whereof "Six Pianos" developed in 1973. On the occasion of his 80th birthday, the six pianists declare their love to Steve Reich and his composition with this release. Shaped by electronic club music as well as their classical education, they form "Six Pianos" in dignified modernity and top it off with today's sound esthetics and technical recording possibilities. What you will be hearing is not the recording from the "Kölner Philharmonie" (Cologne Philharmonics) but the ensemble play of six different grand pianos in six different locations, throughout Germany. Each pianist performed his part on his piano using his typical studio equipment and passed the recording over to the next one. Thus the six characteristic and individual timbres of the performers overlay to create the overall picture - "Six Pianos" the way it should be looked at in 2016.
"Pianists are soloists and lone warriors by nature", as Gregor Schwellenbach once said. But the initiator not only won over solo artists to the greatest possible extent such as Hauschka or John Kameel Farah but also musicians from "Brandt Brauer Frick" and "Grandbrothers" as well as their ensemble partners: Jan Brauer mixed "Six Pianos" in the studio while Lukas Vogel provided delays for the b-side.)