Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 Nov 2021

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 Nov 2021

Hi, welcome to another newsletter for November - a couple nice things arrived like the ARTHUR RUSSELL - Another Thought DLP re issue, DONNACHA COSTELLO - Together Is The New Alone DLP, GLAXO BABIES - Dreams Interrupted: The Bewilderbeat Years 1978-1980 DLP, OTTO A. TOTLAND - Companion LP, ROY MONTGOMERY feat. EMMA JOHNSTON - Rhymes Of Chance LP, STEVE LACY - Straws LP, YL HOOI - Untitled LP, GRIT - Shatterproof LP and bunch of new OSCARSON releases and restocks like the new CELER - sunspot DLP, the killer DOUBLE JOB - Ohne Tanzen Planen LP in MANGEL


Also the great ENTHUSIASMS - Issue #2 MAGAZINE, the new WIRE MAGAZINE and some more LÄRM #2 Books.


We are also down to the last copies of the colored LIIEK - deep pore LP pre order. So take your chances. The test press is sold out






ALVIN LUCIER - Bird and Person Dyning LP (dialogo - **Edition of 300 LP on black vinyl. Audiophile pressing. Gatefold cover, including printed inner. Perfect replica of the original packaging (with additional translated liner notes) and newly remastered for optimal sound.** Of all the historic labels associated with experimental music, few have been as important as the Italian imprint Cramps. Relatively short lived, running for only seven years, its catalog reads like a who’s who of the 1970s musical avant-garde, housing seminal albums by John Cage, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Giusto Pio, Demetrio Stratos, Juan Hidalgo, Robert Ashley, Walter Marchetti, Cornelius Cardew, Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina, Derek Bailey, and numerous other luminary figures. With the vast majority of these albums having remained largely out of print and nearly impossible to obtain for decades, recently the Milan based imprint, Dialogo, announced a stunning series of vinyl reissues of the Cramps catalogue. They hit the ground running and have already brought us reissues of David Tudor’s Microphone, Horacio Vaggione’s La Maquina de Cantar, Steve Lacy’s Straws, and Costin Miereanu's Luna Cinese. Now they are back with yet another, the long-awaited reissue of Alvin Lucier’s seminal work, Bird and Person Dyning, issued by Cramps in 1976 as the 11th instalment of their Nova Musicha series. Easily one of the most important works in the entire canon of 20th Century experimental music and out of print for decades, this is a truly historic event. Issued by Dialogo in a limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, with fully remastered audio, housed in a gatefold sleeve that beautifully reproduces the original design, complete with brand new English translations of the original liner notes, those who want it better move fast. This one is going to fly.) 29.00


ANTHENE - held LP (Oscarson - Brad Deschamps has been recording and releasing music as anthéne since 2015 and has released his music on a number of labels, including Home Normal, Past Inside the Present, Constellation Tatsu as well as his own Polar Seas Recordings label. He has also collaborated with like-minded artists Ian Hawgood, Andrew Tasselmyer, Clara Engel and Simon McCorry on several releases. Brad’s music is mainly composed using electric guitar, Juno synthesizer, various acoustic instruments and field recordings to create melodic and texturally rich pieces. On december 17th 2021, anthéne (Toronto, Canada) will release his album “held” via Oscarson (Dinklage, Germany). Available as two different limited editions. The preorder starts november the 26th 2021. Held is the first anthéne album to feature collaborations with other artists. For this release Brad recorded several pieces with the intention of incorporating additional elements, such as cello and voice. He reached out to friends Simon McCorry (cello), Clara Engel (voice), Ian Hawgood (modular synth and mixing) and Michael Mucci (guitar and lap steel) to add melodies and texture to several of the pieces. The cello parts were initially written by Brad using vst software, however having Simon perform them brought out a much more human and emotional element to the pieces and the end result is one of the most engaging and diverse albums of Brad’s to date.) 20.00


ARTHUR RUSSELL - Another Thought DLP (be with - Another Thought was the first collection of Arthur Russell’s music to be released after his death in 1992. Released on CD by Point Music in 1993 it marked the beginning of nearly 30 years of work to let the world hear the enormous archive of unreleased recordings Arthur left behind. Be With revisits this first compilation for a new gatefold double vinyl version. This is the only place where you can hear some of Arthur’s most recognisable music, like the title track Another Thought, A Little Lost, This Is How We Walk On The Moon, Keeping Up and the woozy disco of In The Light Of The Miracle and My Tiger, My Timing. Though technically a compilation, the whole of Another Thought comes together as a consistent, coherent, wonderful album. Thanks to Janette Beckman for helping us reproduce her iconic photograph of Arthur in his newspaper boat hat for the new vinyl sleeve. And thanks also to Arthur’s partner Tom Lee for giving us permission to include his liner notes from the original CD booklet, together with Arthur’s lyrics. Another Thought is absolutely essential for even the most casual Arthur Russell collection. In fact we’d argue it’s essential for any fan of non-obvious pop music.) 35.00


CELER - sunspot DLP (Oscarson -  2x 12" vinyl in a handmade gatefold cover. Front and back printed (created by Will Long). Inside stamped in metallic and handnumbered plus dlc (each copy is unique). Included a sheet with the story behind the album. All in a plastic sleeve with sticker.
lim. to 145 - Close your eyes. Open your heart. And allow master of soundscapes and ambience Celer, aka Will Long, transport you to a universe of peace and solitude. The American artist, who resides in Japan, has concocted a new set of sweeping tracks in the new and highly impressive full-length offering ‚Sunspots‘.) 33.00


DONNACHA COSTELLO - Together Is The New Alone DLP (Kevlar - We can hardly believe it's been two decades since house and techno producer Donnacha Costello pivoted into pristine ambient IDM. One of the most unashamedly pretty albums that emerged from the Mille Plateaux stable, 'Together is the New Alone' is a vulnerable, emotional milestone that centers rich, heart-wrenching harmonies adding just a pinch of digital seasoning. It's hard to go back to so much early-00s IDM - but there are those records that have aged like a fine wine, and are a testament to the artists' skill. 'Together is the New Alone' is one of those better vintages, and 20 years later, with a noticeably excellent re-master from Stephan Mathieu, it sounds just as resonant as it did way back when.  At his most elegiac, Costello creates grandiose yet achingly melancholy atmospheres; 'Awake On The Fifth Floor' coaxes a gentle, microscopic beat thru padded walls of synth; 'Your New God' juxtaposes these electronic elements with almost inaudible string plucks and the suggestion of a beat; 'That Empty Feeling' is gaping and awe-inspiring, emo for a generation just getting acquainted with laptop life.) 29.00


DIMUZIO * WOBBLY * COURTIS - redwoods Interpretive LP (Oscarson - Sounding like a particularly eccentric firm of solicitors, Dimuzio, Wobbly and Courtis are Thomas Dimuzio (Dimmer, Due Process) Jon Leideker/Wobbly (Negativland, Thurston Moore band) and Alan Courtis (Reynols). Their collaborations involve real-time sampling, electronics, electric guitar and processing and this album was all done in San Francisco in a 48 hour time frame. There wasn’t even time to visit the Redwoods. In 2019, Argentine sound artist Anla Courtis visited the San Francisco Bay Area for 48 hours to play and record with electronic musicians Thomas Dimuzio and Jon Leidecker. Courtis’ intuitive and abstracted approach to guitar fed the inputs of the machines piloted by his collaborators, deploying techniques of real time live-sampling and machine listening to create sonic labyrinths of unarbitrary complexity. In the resulting interlace, any decision made by Courtis instantaneously guides and provokes every other layer in the mix, creating a kind of technological music that only humans can produce. ’Redwoods Interpretive’, the album that emerged from these 48 hours, is constructed solely from the studio recordings made before and after their two public concerts: the trio’svery first meeting, recorded at Gench (Dimuzio’s formidably equipped home studio) only hours after Courtis’ landing, and an extended radio improvisation broadcast live in the dead of night on Negativland’s long-running program “Over The Edge” — mere hours before Courtis’ departure from the Bay. For even if there had been time for this trio to leave the city, one would only encounter that lost and increasingly dangerous monarch who wanders the shrinking woods, confronting anyone foolish enough to expect to find solace on a hike, and demanding of them to be given that master list of Rules Which Govern The Changing Of Rules. Those woods within reach of the city are already lost to us, patiently awaiting an end to our electrical humming, and so this album — as it is with any music interested in surviving the act of being recorded — must be content to remain a mere interpretation. ) 20.00

DORMER. - s/t LP (Oscarson - Dormer. is a new recording alias of Toronto-based indie musician Charlie Berger, which follows two albums in 2020 alone. Inspired by slowcore artists like Low and Duster, the project’s eponymous album is an evocation of primal fear and protectiveness, inspired by looking after his baby daughter during the lockdown) 20.00


DOUBLE JOB - Ohne Tanzen Planen LP (Mangel - Double Job combines peeps from other famous Leipzig Bands like Maraudeur, Dolphins, Planets are on it. Sometimes they remind of early records of Abwärts (but stranger!) sometimes of recent bands like Toyota - you can't deny there is a strong 80s DADA- MUSIK vibe. Vocals are either in French or German, sometimes both. We hear single notes over grooving bass lines and minimal drumming, when suddenly dissonant parts break in.  After releasing a HIT - tape on U-bac, Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? and Was Wir Tun in 2019- they re-recorded some songs and added a few at Chefetage in 2020) 15.00


THE FALL - Slates LP (superior - LP edition compiles the six tracks from the original EP release, their March 1981 Peel session and an early '80s studio outtake. Liner notes by Brian Turner. If The Fall truly is a cult band, then Slates both benefits from and reinforces such shrouded obsessions. In presenting these six particular songs as a 10-inch EP, the inherent and attractive difficulty of The Fall's sound is made physical, framing the urgency of their singles from this period (notably How I Wrote 'Elastic Man' and Lie Dream of a Casino Soul) alongside lengthy rumblings normally restricted to long players. The tumbling and phased "Middle Mass" begins on an incredible high note, segueing into the snake-charm hypnotism of "An Older Lover Etc." "Slates, Slags, Etc." is built on stretched VU-inspired riffing, complete with ace feedback bleed that doubtlessly went on long after fade-out. Ultimately, it's the piercing chimes of guitar and marching drum grind of "Prole Art Threat" that elevates Slates beyond oddity. Truly one of Mark E. Smith's finest, busiest and most enigmatic performances, equally matched by a band at the peak of their powers.) 25.00


GHEDALIA TAZARTES & RHYS CHATHAM - Two Men In A Boat LP (clear vinyl) (sub rosa - "The beauty of all this, as well as its sorrowful brutality, is even more powerful and stupefying since Ghédalia's sudden departure. Because retrospectively, not only is this recording the trace of a rare moment in a Parisian garden, it also summons a ghost, that of a loved one that is gone, and of his voice, which is fully alive here." Tazartes and Chatham had met once in 1977 at CBGC's and had not seen each other since then when they were asked by their mutual agent to play a private show in Paris. This happened in September 2018 in a house with a garden where sax player Steve Lacy had lived back in the 1990s. This album presents the recording of this show plus another show at La semaine du bizarre festival in Montreuil, France a year later, mixed with a couple of studio sessions. This was probably the last music Tazartès, who died in February 2021, recorded. His unique singing blends perfectly with Chatham's loops on electric guitar, trumpet and flute.) 20.00


GLAXO BABIES - Dreams Interrupted: The Bewilderbeat Years 1978-1980 DLP (lantern - Here’s a definitive compilation of their first period career, Glaxo Babies was one of the most exciting british post-punk band of the era. Raised in Bristol – altogether with such local influential acts like Maximum Joy, The Transmitters and obviously The Pop Group – Glaxo Babies formed in late 1977. The band signed to local label Heartbeat Records (marketed by Cherry Red), with their first release being the This Is Your Life EP in February 1979; in the same year they released the single Christine Keeler. This led to them recording their first session for BBC radio’s John Peel the following April, and the track It’s Irrational, from this session, opened the seminal 1979 Bristol Compilation album Avon Calling. Their aggro mix of in your face lyrics and groovy bassline led to a unique formula, with both their feet in the post-punk scene and the uprising black jazz crossover. The so-called white funk was the plat du jour, even if the band soon achieved a straight and original personality.) 35.00


GRIT - Shatterproof LP (After two singles, finally the album! The Irish band gives us 10 oi!-punk tracks, sometimes melancholic, sometimes more energetic thanks to Clodagh's bewitching voice. We feel a certain influence of recent French bands (Syndrome 81, Traitre...) with lyrics about street harassment, austerity policies, gentrification, youth... ) 16.00


M. ZALLA (PIERO UMILIANI) - Africa LP (**Ltd. 500 copies, remastered from the original analogue master tapes. Audiophile pressing. Perfect replica of the original packaging (with additional translated liner notes and OBI) and newly remastered for optimal sound.** In 1972 Piero Umiliani was above all the man of a thousand soundtracks and the first Italian jazz experiments; from his later career we’ll soon learn that wasn’t enough for him, showing just a tiny part of a more complex picture. Closed within the walls of his Sound Work Shop Studio, the Maestro was weaving much more complicated and satisfying plots, incorporating dozens of influences from a life spent experimenting and discovering new sounds. Among the most fascinating ones, those who came from a continent like Africa, as much fabled as actually little known, but enchanting to the point that Umiliani dedicated to it the entire Africa - which is paired with its twin-record Continente Nero - and released it as M. Zalla, pseudonym used when it came to tidying up uncompromising and avant-garde music textures, as will later happen with masterpieces such as Suspense, Problemi d’Oggi or Mondo Inquieto.) 29.00


OLIVER DOERELL & JAWAD SALKHORDEH - سایه [sāje] LP (sonic pieces -Oliver Doerell and Jawad Salkhordeh find themselves merging eastern and western sound in an absolutely absorbing record of electronic music dipped in Persian traditions. They create a sound with textures, rhythms, distortions, altered frequencies, voice insertions and blends reality and mysticism into a unique soundscape. The sonorities transpose a nostalgia for a world that never existed, a place where the two musicians find home.  Oliver Doerell was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1969. He started music at the age of 14. He lives and works in Berlin since 1990, where he developed his own musical expression. He is the founding member of Dictaphone, SWOD and Cummi Flu, alongside he also composed music for films and dance/ theatre projects. He has played concerts around the world throughout more than 20 years of musical performance. Oliver Doerell's music defies easy definition, because his style is deemed too left-field or avant-garde. His acoustic horizons travel through a broad spectrum of analogue explorations, electro-acoustic jazzy reverberations and nostalgic rhythms. ) 29.00


OTTO A. TOTLAND - Companion LP (With Companion, Otto A Totland completes his trilogy of personal, sparse piano compositions, following in the footsteps of 2014's Pinô and 2017's The Lost. As a self-taught pianist, Otto further determines himself as a timeless composer who follows nothing but his own gut and heart. The outcome is something so pure it’s hard to not be affected. The development of his pieces over the years has grown into something so himself that it's almost immediately recognisable. With Companion he has matured in his own craft, and the various pieces here feel confident and absolutely beautiful in a way that sees the end of the trilogy as a warm, empathic document for the times. As with the previous two albums, Companion was again recorded at Nils Frahm's Berlin studio for optimal warmth and space, Pinô and The Lost at his previous Durton Studio while Companion at the historic Studio 3 at Funkhaus. All three records are released by Sonic Pieces in hand-crafted limited edition covers as a statement showing that craftmanship and humanity still exists in this world constantly moving towards the exact opposite.  ) 24.00


PASCAL BABARE - Cave Without A Name LP  (Oscarson - back in stock - Influenced by the Italian popular music of the Forties and Fifties and a reconnection with his ancestral roots, Australian-based artist Pascal Babare deliberately brought a classic, timeless chamber-folk-pop sound to ‘Cave Without A Name’. Babare’s long-time creative foil Lucy Roleff is present throughout the album.) 22.00


PIERO UMILIANI - Polinesia LP (dialogo - **Ltd. 500 copies, remastered from the original analogue master tapes. Audiophile pressing. Perfect replica of the original packaging (with additional translated liner notes and OBI) and newly remastered for optimal sound.** Piero Umiliani was capable of traveling not only in a physical sense but also with a long series of geographical-themed albums that have always been among his best productions, and his interests weren’t just limited to distant Africa, to its percussive sounds and unexplored territories - especially with the Africa and Continente Nero releases. In his vast and complex discography - including works recorded in his own name, in solo with groups and orchestras, but also under aliases such as Rovi, M. Zalla, The Soundwork Shoppers, Moggi, Catamo - there are excellent space-time excursions such as Genti e Paesi del Mondo, Paesi Balcanici, Il Mondo dei Romani, Storia e Preistoria, Medioevo & Rinascimento, Panorami Italiani and Paesaggi, where the musician could free an unstoppable creative vein that combined an artistic path intimately bound to Italy and to its traditions with the world’s sounds (and even more, given the cosmic ventures of Tra Scienza e Fantascienza and L’Uomo nello Spazio).) 29.00


ROY MONTGOMERY feat. EMMA JOHNSTON - Rhymes Of Chance LP (grapefruit - NZ underground legend Roy Montgomery's third album this year is his darkest yet. 'Rhymes of Chance' is moody dream pop in the mode of Scott Walker or Talk Talk's Mark Hollis = gorgeous, singular music. 'Rhymes of Chance' is a minimalist pop monster, featuring some of Montgomery's most viscerally tear-jerking material. The first side is taken up with the six-part epic 'Rhymes of Chance'; the first two parts feature Montgomery on vocals, wailing over his patented shimmering guitar clouds. It's affecting, melancholy music that only takes on more character when regular collaborator Emma Johnston is brought into the fold on the fifth part. Johnston's finest moment is on the flipside's 'Losers March' though, a loosely swung, organ-led dirge that sounds like folk music for the ferry ride down the river Styx. It's almost like Beach House on -8%. On closing track 'Aspiratory', a dedication to Mark Hollis, her voice is pulled to pieces by Autotune and frozen in time over bellowing, skyward drones. This is bizarre but unshakeable music from an underground original - if you enjoyed the last two installments "Island of Lost Souls" and "That Best Forgotten Work", you're gonna need this. Montgomery is still an underrated, overlooked treasure, we feel constantly blessed that he's gifting us with such a bounty of new material.) 28.00


STEVE LACY - Straws LP (dialog - **Edition of 300 LP on black vinyl. Audiophile pressing, including printed inner. Perfect replica of the original packaging and newly remastered for optimal sound.** For the scale of its impact, Cramps was a relatively short-lived endeavour, running for roughly seven years between 1973 and 1980. Founded in Milan by the producer, publisher, and graphic designer, Gianni Sassi, the label was a near perfect emblem of revolutionary temperaments emerging within Italy during that era; creatively radical, globally minded, without profit motive, and bridging numerous musical idioms. Subsequently, few labels associated with experimental music have garnered as much affection, or as devoted a following as Cramps. It’s seminal albums by John Cage, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Giusto Pio, Demetrio Stratos, Juan Hidalgo, Robert Ashley, Walter Marchetti, Cornelius Cardew, Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina, Alvin Lucier, Derek Bailey, and so many more - the vast majority of which have remained largely out of print and nearly impossible to obtain for decades - rank among experimental music’s great holy grails. Now, at long last, the Milan based imprint, Dialogo, has begun a stunning series of vinyl reissues from the Cramps catalog. A little while back we celebrated their reissues of Costin Miereanu’s Luna Cinese and David Tudor’s Microphone, and now they’re back with the seminal American saxophonist Steve Lacy’s 1977 LP, Straws, their first exploring the Cramps’ legendary DIVerso series.) 29.00


WILSON TANNER - II LP (Wilson Tanner come to shore with a new album of floating melodies, lightly salted. Throwing electroacoustic conventions overboard, Andrew Wilson (Andras) and John Tanner (Eleventeen Eston) recorded this new work aboard a 1950s riverboat with a resourceful array of weatherproof electronic instruments and a long extension lead. These eight compositions pull in a by-catch of maritime folklore; of Siren and Selkie, Seagull and engine oil slick. A change of course from their debut album 69 (Growing Bin Records, 2016), the ambient temperature drops as II casts out to sea in uncertain weather and returns to the safe harbours of Port Phillip Bay.  The seafarers head out to My Gull’s poised optimism. The birds watch but do they listen? By the arrival of Loch and Key, the shoreline has dissolved completely, the boat floating in serene infinity as the rest of the world spins. Conditions soon take a treacherous turn on Killcord Pts I-III - a 12 minute odyssey that battens down the hatches as these sailors eye merciless waves and blinding ocean spray, jointly channelling Berlin-school electronics and sea legs. In the aftermath, the waterlogged bleeps of Idle survey the damage as our parched crew sound the distress signal and ultimately descend into delirium. ) 23.00


YL HOOI - Untitled LP (efficient space - Initially conceived as a short-run cassette for Altered States Tapes, YL Hooi’s nameless collection of textural apparitions oscillate between icy DIY minimalism, FX-drenched atmospherics and nang chamber dub. A ghost-like transmission, Hooi's voice serves to anchor an array of sonic abstractions and impressionistic melodic motifs as a sense of purgatorial ambience dominates throughout. Co-produced with alleged fellow Kallista Kult member Tarquin Manek (LST, M. Quake), Untitled’s ultimate sensation is its halfway state, as if caught between worlds. The album's final form speaks of its origins, recorded intermittently over a two year period (2017-2019). The extended time passage seeps into the song structures, spiralling and mutating from the same centre - the elegiac pulse of opener 'Title' presages the hymnal lilt of 'Straight Thru', before birthing the inverted bossa nova of 'W/O Love'. The result is a constantly shifting tableaux of shared liminal spaces. These songs seemingly emerge in plumes of smoke, magician's tricks conjured from the ether. It's a vision that ossifies at Untitled's midpoint with a cover of Love Joys' 'Stranger', the lovers rock original morphed into the transportive intimacy of Hooi's own hazy inner space, a totem of the LP’s amorphous and ultimately sensuous qualities. The sound from both down under and way out there in subspace, Untitled is an inspired masterstroke of experimental mystics. This 2021 Efficient Space edition is remastered and robed in new artwork that honours the Melbourne-based earth dragon’s Chinese and Russian heritage. ) 23.00


V/A - Oz Echoes: DIY Cassettes and Archives 1980-1989 LP (efficient space - Oz Echoes peels away another layer of Australia’s ‘80s DIY hive mind. The Oz Waves successor exposes a deeper circuit of micro-run cassettes, community radio archives and irrationally abandoned studio sessions, as Steele Bonus sequences a 10-track compendium of drone pop, psyche-electronics and agitated tape cut-ups. From the Sydney cassette network, The Horse He's Sick returns with an industrial car crash, alongside Wrong Kind of Stone Age’s pagan cacophony and primal riddims. M Squared dynamo Patrick Gibson appears in both Height/Dismay and Mr Knott, his respective studio-as-an-instrument collaborations with Dru Jones (Scattered Order) and ex-Slugfucker Gordon Renouf - the former’s worn out apparition hails from an instantly deleted 1981 7”, while Mr Knott entrust one of the compilation’s five previously unreleased tracks. Matt Mawson represents Brisbane music media-printed matter collective ZIP, as Adelaide’s Three D Radio grants access to their vaults of live-to-air recordings and aspiring demo submissions, rescuing the slap-happy punk-funk of The Frenzied Bricks and Jandy Rainbow’s prodigious beginnings in Les Trois Etrangers and Aeroplane Footsteps. Synchronously in Melbourne, Ash Wednesday (Karen Marks, The Metronomes) leads Modern Jazz’ improvised proto-techno and EBM pioneers Shanghai Au Go-Go home record their sardonic synth-wave. ) 23.00


V/A - Oz Waves: Compiled by Steele Bonus LP (efficient space - Efficient Space continues to expose Australia’s esoteric musical history with Oz Waves - a collection of 80s DIY recordings, compiled by odd wave anthropologist Steele Bonus. Definitive proof that inhabitants of the Down Underground were links in a global network of creative kooks, Oz Waves connects those who utilised mobile recording rigs and small press releases to create and disseminate misfit synth-punk, tape loop experiments and inner city pop. Through overseas mail order exchanges, anonymous groups like Zerox Dreamflesh could find place on Belgian compilations, while Chris and Cosey lullabied their son to sleep with Irena Xero and her interdisciplinary art collective Zip.
Bonus selects 10 survivors from this fertile period (1982-1989), most of which were only issued on cassette in tiny editions of 5 to 100 copies. M Squared affiliates Prod join the extraterrestrial Software Seduction, minimal wave neglect from He Dark Age and the irreverent cut ups of The Horse He's Sick and MK Ultra & the Assassins of Light. The remaining tracks have been sourced from musicians’ private archives and are being officially released on Oz Waves for the first time - Andy Rantzen’s industrial dub Itch-E & Scratch-E precursor, the buoyant vocal-drone of Ironing Music and Moral Fibro, Sydney’s short lived answer to Weekend and Marine Girls. With detailed track by track notes, lines are drawn to Severed Heads, Scattered Order and other antipodean post-punk royalty.) 23.00





ENTHUSIASMS - Issue #2 MAGAZINE (Issue #02 of ENTHUSIASMS, Efficient Space’s annual publication, further maps the label’s extended universe of contributors and influences across 88 full-colour pages of offline content, featuring extensive conversations with like-minded duos CS + Kreme and Blazer Sound System, Melbourne minimal composer Ros Bandt, the master of paranoia-inducing electronics Richard H Kirk and Tel Aviv-based Isophonic musician Roland P. Young. Rarely seen pictorial spreads find Yolngu cultural warrior and Waak Waak Djungi songman Bobby Bununggurr sharing stories behind his traditional paintings and On-U Sound’s dream team of misfits viewed through the lens of label co-founder and in-house photographer Kishi Yamamoto, alongside the collaborative art of Joshua Petherick and Midnite/3AM Spares compiler Lewis Fidock. The publication’s fantasy mixtapes also continue with playlists from YL Hooi, Julien Dechery and David Pinhas, Time Is Away, Grace Ferguson and Ivan Liechti. Perfect bound and designed, as always, by Steele Bonus.) 17.00


WIRE - #454 MAG (Inside this issue: On the cover: Laraaji: The former stand-up comedian and street performer transforms mirth into meditative healing music. By Emily Pothast. Plus, Alan Courtis on the power of laughter, and Greg Davis on six wellbeing albums Olivia Block: With her recent releases for Longform Editions and Room40, the US composer takes varied approaches to music-making, from painstaking perfectionism to pscilocybin experimentation. By Bill Meyer Jun Togawa: As her back catalogue undergoes extensive reissue, the Japanese performance pop provocateur looks back on her subversive career. By James Hadfield - Invisible Jukebox: Giant Swan: Waterfowl development as the Bristol dance duo subject each other to a mystery record selection and much more) 8.00