Bis aufs Messer weekly news 04 March 2023

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Bis aufs Messer weekly news 04 March 2023

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for March. A bunch of restocks arrived like the SPECTRAL VOICE LP, BILL WELLS & MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ – Osaka Bridge LP, TONY CONRAD / ARNOLD DREYBLATT / JIM O'ROURKE - Tonic 19-01-2001 LP, SOLID SPACE LP, TURQUOISE DAYS - Further Strategies DLP, SONIC YOUTH - In/Out/In LP restock, PLOSIVS - s/t LP, DAWN RAY'D - A THORN, A BLIGHT LP restock, Cloud Rat restocks, Brandtson restock, Birds in Row restock, lots of Dischord Restocks, BIG BRAVE - Nature Morte LP restock, XIU XIU - air force LP and other XIU XIU restocks, THE SONORA PINE - II LP restock, THOU - Summit DLP restock, THOU - Tyrant DLP, KIKAGAKA MOJO Restocks and more … 


Also a a bunch of great new releases like the MATTHIAS PUECH - Mt. Hadamard National Park LP on Hollow Ground, the long awaited re issue of the DAVID CUNNINGHAM - Grey Scale LP, the NIKOLAUS UTERMÖHLEN - Karlsbad LP, a ltd STEVE GUNN - Nakama LP, XIU XIU - Ignore Grief DLP, BOLT THROWER - ... For Victory LP re issue, BOLT THROWER - Spearhead / Cenotaph LP, VATICAN SHADOW - Attas Apartment Slated For Demolition LP, THE DELARCOS -  Irradiate LP, , SON OF DRIBBLE - Son of Drib Against the Wind LP, VIOLIN SECT - Vile Insect LP, PAT METHENY - Zero Tolerance For Silence LP, THE TRUE FAITH - Go to Ground LP, LANKUM - False Lankum DLP, ULRIKA SPACEK - Compact Trauma LP, THE VAN PELT - Artisans + Merchants LP, ANGEL BAT DAWID - Requiem for Jazz DLP and more 


We also added a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






DUSTER - Moods, Modes 3x7" BOXSET (numero - Explore the Duster universe on the far superior 45RPM format. This deluxe triple 7" box contains Duster's first single_1997's Transmission Flux (including "Stars Will Fall" & "Orbitron"), 1998's Apex, Trance- Like (featuring "Four Hours"), plus Stratosphere's painfully absent "Echo, Bravo" and the lost 2002 outtake "What You're Doing To Me." Housed in replica sleeves and placed in a sturdy two-piece box, Moods, Mode s also contains a Duster-branded hanky for those who like to accessorize .) 


MT. ORIANDER -  This Is Not the Way I Wanted You to Find Out 7“ (cyls - 'This Is Not the Way I Wanted You to Find Out' is the debut of the long awaited solo project from Empire! Empire! front man, Keith Latinen. The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the EP was written and recorded in a little over a month in preparation for the band's first tour and will come out before the LP that was written and recorded over the past few years. Latinen plays every note and sings every word. Somber vocals stretch over beautiful and sparse guitar work and introspective drums. If you liked his previous bands, or his current one, Parting- you're going to love this. For fans of Death Cab for Cute, Jimmy Eat World, and Mineral.) 10.00





COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN - Duck Down For The Torso 10“ (no idea - purple vinyl - Tracked down a few copies of this Florida masterpiece feat. peeps of reversal of man, frodus etc - 4 new power violence anthems from 2002) 18.00


THOU - Rhea Sylvia Demos 10“ (howling mine - Acoustic, "demo" versions of most of the "Rhea Sylvia" tracks, originally collected on the "Ceremonies Of Consolidation" CD. Available on vinyl in a single version with a thick booklet. Guitar and vocals by Matthew Thudium.) 23.00





ANGEL BAT DAWID - Requiem for Jazz DLP (international anthem. Requiem for Jazz is a 12-movement suite composed and arranged by Angel Bat Dawid, inspired in part by dialogue from Edward O. Bland"s 1959 film "The Cry of Jazz." The original form of the music was premiered at the 2019 edition of the Hyde Park Jazz Festival in Chicago, where Angel conducted a multigenerational fifteen-piece instrumental ensemble (all Black musicians from Chicago"s creative music community) alongside a fourperson choir (featuring singers from Black Monument Ensemble), dancers, and visual artists in performance. Angel mixed and post-produced recordings from the performance - adding interludes, vocals and additional sounds, as well as transcribing a piece from "The Cry of Jazz" film. The final movement of Requiem for Jazz features Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott of the Sun Ra Arkestra. Their contributions were recorded remotely at the historic Arkestral Institute of Sun Ra in Philadelphia in late 2020.) 35.00


BILL WELLS & MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ – Osaka Bridge LP (back in stock - Originally released in May 2006 through the German label Karaoke Kalk, »Osaka Bridge« was an album that captured the joyful amateurism of Tori Kudo's free-spirited Japanese collective Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Bill Wells’ rich, wistful and easy sense of melody. Approaching brass band and jazz music with a knack for making playing imperfectly feel perfectly right, »Osaka Bridge« became nothing short of groundbreaking when it was released to critical acclaim, becoming an instant classic among musicians and fans alike. Coinciding with the release of the second LP of Wells’ on-going collaboration with Danielle Price on tuba, »The Sensory Illusions«, Karaoke Kalk makes this highly sought-after record available again on vinyl for the first time in 16 years.) 27.00


BOLT THROWER - ... For Victory LP (earache - …For Victory is the fifth album by British death metal band Bolt Thrower. It was recorded at Sawmill studios in 1994, produced by Colin Richardson and Bolt Thrower. The song "…For Victory" contains a quote from Laurence Binyon poem, known as the Ode of Remembrance.) 30.00


BOLT THROWER - Spearhead / Cenotaph LP (earache - Both EPs 1990 / 1992) on one LP. Coventry’s finest went on to have worldwide success after this debut on Earache with a 30 year career touring the world with 8 studio albums. From the very earliest days of Earache Records, BBC National Radio’s John Peel was a huge supporter of the Earache label and its extreme grind core bands.) 28.00


CAMP TRASH - The Long Way, the Slow Way LP (cyls - AT LONG LAST, IT'S HERE! The Camp Trash LP is REAL! We promise you that this thing was entirely worth the wait. "The Long Way, The Slow Way" picks up where Downtiming left off and explodes into new directions. You already know that Camp Trash know how to write a hook, but they refuse to play it safe. Their debut LP explores different tempos and different moods that show a lot of depth to a band that is clearly on the verge of something big.) 26.00


CHAT PILE - God’s Country LP (flenser - Most anticipated debut full-length from Oklahoma-based noise rock band, Chap Pile. Multiple vinyl pressing of the band’s EPs on cult noise rock label Reptilian Records have quickly sold out. There’s a sick irony to how a country that extols rhetoric of individual freedom, in the same gasp, has no problem commodifying human life as if it were meat to feed the insatiable hunger of capitalism. If this is American nihilism taken to its absolute zenith, then God’s Country, the first full length record from Oklahoma City noise rock quartet Chat Pile is the aural embodiment of such a concept. Having lived alongside the heaps of toxic refuse that the band derives its name from, the fatalism of daily life in the American Midwest permeates throughout the works of Chat Pile, and especially so on its debut album. Exasperated by the pandemic, the hopelessness of climate change, the cattle shoot of global capitalism, and fuelled by “...lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of THC,” God’s Country is as much of an acknowledgement of the Earth’s most assured demise as it is a snarling violent act of defiance against it. Within its over forty minute runtime, the album displays both Chat Pile’s most aggressively unhinged and contemplatively nuanced moments to date, drawing from its preceding two EPs and its score for the 2021 film, Tenkiller. In the band’s own words, the album is, at its heart, “Oklahoma’s specific brand of misery.” A misery intent on taking all down with it and its cacophonous chaos on its own terms as opposed to idly accepting its otherwise assured fall. This is what the end of the world sounds like.) 30.00


CITY OF CATERPILLAR - Mystic Sisters LP (relapse - PINK VINYL  - CITY OF CATERPILLAR return with their first new album in 20 years, Mystic Sisters! When guitarist/vocalist Brandon Evans, guitarist Jeff Kane, drummer Ryan Parrish and bassist/vocalist Kevin Longendyke unveiled their self-titled debut in 2002, their emotional, frenzied and often cinematic music was at the vanguard of the burgeoning screamo movement. Along with bands like Pg.99 (with whom they shared members), Majority Rule, Planes Mistaken For Stars and others, they helped develop a style of music that took hardcore into convulsive new territory. After years spent living in other parts of the country and playing in other bands—including Darkest Hour, Malady and Ghastly City Sleep, the long awaited CITY OF CATERPILLAR reunion shows snowballed into writing sessions. The result - Mystic Sisters, an album that recaptures the magic of old while taking the band’s music into exciting new territory! The winding and atmospheric title track that embodies CITY OF CATERPILLAR's experimental side features some noise violin from Evans’ former Pg. 99 bandmate Johnny Ward, while tracks like "Decider" and "Paranormaladies" showcases the band's roots with a flurry of viceral, noisey hardcore swagger. Tracked primarily at Montrose Recording in Richmond, Mystic Sisters was self-produced by the band and then mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage).) 26.00


DAVID CUNNINGHAM - Grey Scale LP (superior - David Cunningham was born in Ireland in 1954. His work ranges from pop music to gallery installations including several collaborations with visual artists. His first significant commercial success came with The Flying Lizards' single "Money," an international hit in 1979.Originally released in 1976, Cunningham's first solo album Grey Scale has become a landmark statement of DIY minimalist composition – continuing in the vein of the wild explosion of arthouse experimentation from the early '70s. Cunningham, then a student at the Maidstone College of Art in Kent, drafted fellow student non-musicians and (using whatever instruments available) crafted an endlessly shifting sonic palette with an improvisor's keen sensitivity to space, texture and tone.) 27.00


THE DELARCOS -  Irradiate LP (dischord / punkish records - Limited to 200, brownish marble, Eco-Mix, heavy-weight, vinyl LPs. It's been a minute since Nathan Strejcek first emerged on the DC punk scene as lead singer of The Teen Idles and Youth Brigade, and a co-founder of Dischord Records. He is back with a ‘new’ band, The Delarcos, a new record, Irradiate, and a new label, Punkish Records with the help of Dischord. The Delarcos are named after OG New York and DC scenester and producer Brooke Delarco, who has worked with the Feelies, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, Patti Smith, Emma Peel (featuring Dischord alumni John Stabb and Danny Ingram) and many others. The Delarcos were founded in 2014 by Sean Epstein (drums, previously with Sisters of Morrissey), Mike Lastort (saxophone, 4th Wall), Kent Campbell (guitar), Jon Hamblin (vocals/guitar, Gleek) and Nathan (bass). The Delarcos contributed a cover of the unreleased Clash song Jericho to 2018 Record Store Day, Crooked Beat Records’ Recutting the Crap, Volume Two. Irradiate was recorded with Pete Banks on drums. Pete left and was replaced by Double Sharp Audio Studio's co-owner Wilfredo Morales (Swingamajig) in 2022.) 30.00


ELODIE - Clarté Déserte LP (New 10 track studio album by Andrew Chalk and Timo van Luijk, recorded 2020-2021 at Impression Lointaine and Kulta Saha.) 25.00


FOCUSED - At Eternity's Gate LP (steadfast - Spirit-filled hardcore band from Long Beach, California. Active 1990–1996, with brief reunions in 2000 & 2009. Early recordings of six previously unheard tracks from the bands debut album Bow. Recorded in June of 1993, and recently unarchived and remixed from the original 1/2” master tapes.) 18.00


FUTURE OF HORROR - s/t LP (ala carte - To understand the future of horror, one must look at the present. And to understand the sound of Future of Horror, one must listen not only to the now, but look around at what surrounds it. It’s a stylistic and philosophical approach applied by the new electronic music duo, composed of co-vocalist and lyricist Vanessa Matic and co-vocalist, songwriter, and producer Joey Camello (Fearing, Death Bells), who together release their self-titled debut EP on November 19 via à La Carte Records. Surrounding the EP’s unveiling are equal points of intrigue: A music video for “Funny Games” is set for November 2021, followed by a live performance at the in-demand Substance 2021 Fest on November 28 at The Belasco alongside Nitzer Ebb, Chelsea Wolfe, HEALTH, John Maus, Choir Boy, and others.) 26.00


G.I.S.M. - Military Affairs Neurotic (Reissue) LP (relapse - Reissue of Japanese punk legends G.I.S.M.'s sophomore release Military Affairs Neurotic.) 30.00


GLAAS - Qualm LP (static shock - "A gang of stylish demons discover a wild animal pacing around a Berlin cellar, wearing only a hawaiian shirt and someone else’s blood. He doesn’t know what day it is, just that he went to a party several months ago and hasn’t been to sleep since. They lovingly rescue and rehouse the wretched creature in a glaas box where he’s content to howl his paranoid chants all day for their entertainment and now ours. This debut lays out a mangled inventory of fractured memories, haunted visions of broken people and places making a sacred ritual out of ruining themselves. These are hymns to so many nights gone so far wrong, from the graveyard sex to the extra bump you might have resisted had the urge to feel something not overtaken you… Employing an elevated and reinvigorated version of the ‘modern post punk with anarcho flourishes’ mode, with whirring synthesisers and creepy keys signpost into even more disorienting territory, GLAAS create a creepy and compelling soundtrack to the romantic nihilism of urban decay: disturbing lifestyle choices but make it sexy." Featuring members of Clock Of Time, Exit Group, Cage Kicker, Idiota Civlizzatto, Lacquer and more. This is the debut LP from GLAAS.) 22.00


INTEGRITY - Humanity Is The Devil LP (relapse - YELLOW VINYL  - Integrity’s classic EP remixed and remastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Code Orange, Kreator), and featuring all-new artwork.) 28.00


KASSEL JAEGER - Shifted in Dreams LP (shelter - Franco-Swiss composer François J. Bonnet, aka Kassel Jaeger, returns to Shelter Press with his new solo album, Shifted in Dreams. Over the years, Bonnet has been working closely with Shelter Press on different projects, whether as a musician (Zauberberg, Swamps / Things), a theorist (The Music To Come) or as Director of parisian institution INA GRM (SPECTRES, Recollection GRM, Portraits GRM). The common axis of all these actions is the exploration of the deep causes of music, its own potential and its possible appearances. ) 29.00


KID BROTHER COLLECTIVE - Highway Miles DLP (cyls - Kid Brother Collective were a band from 1997-2003 from Flint, Michigan who cut their teeth by playing shows alongside Small Brown Bike, Brandtson, and Benton Falls. Their final album "Highway Miles" was hugely influential in Michigan- especially in Flint scene, in the days before the rage and influence of the internet. They electrified and unified the scene- it's fair to say they were the scene here. But they broke up shortly after this gem of an album was released, and time too quickly forgot how great they were. Even in the darkest corners of the internet it was hard to find mention of our hometown heroes. But we have a chance now to give credence to a band that never truly got their shot, despite all the hard work. Even better, it's on vinyl for the first time as a 2xLP and includes a previously unreleased bonus track and gatefold artwork.) 28.00


LANKUM - False Lankum DLP (rough trade - False Lankum follows their 2019 breakthrough album The Livelong Day, which paved the way for critical and commercial success, earning them that year’s RTE Choice Music Prize (the Irish equivalent of the Album of the Year Grammy) and the #8 spot on NPR Music’s Best Albums of the Year list. Drawing on traditional folk songs, Lankum put their own dark, distinctive mark onto each, leaning into heavy drones and sonic distortion that imparts new intensity and beauty into each track. This record sees the band cement their breakout from the folk genre, creating bold, contemporary music that may be fashioned from traditional elements but is firmly new, sitting comfortably alongside Rough Trade labelmates like black midi and Gilla Band. False Lankum also features two original tracks, ‘Netta Perseus’ and ‘The Turn’, both penned by the group’s Daragh Lynch.) 30.00


LITURGY - 93696 DLP (thrill jockey - Liturgy transcends the traditional parameters of what constitutes a rock band. Founded by Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix, Liturgy is a part of a shared discipline of composition, art, and philosophy that thrives on exploring the spaces between. As an ever-evolving practice Hunt-Hendrix has incorporated elements of black metal, art rock, opera, and trap production into the musical language of Liturgy while engaging with transcendental, theological and eschatological theory through lectures series’ and art installations. A profound sense of yearning and emotional depth weaves through the Liturgy’s dense layers and anchors the project’s increasingly complex and innovative work. 93696 is the purest synthesis of the diversity of Liturgy, a sprawling and monumental double album exploring religion, cosmic love, the feminine, and metamorphosis while manifesting the ecstatic with breathtaking grandeur.) 35.00


MATTHIAS PUECH - Mt. Hadamard National Park LP (hollow - “Mt. Hadamard National Park” is the Hallow Ground debut by composer, programmer, and instrument designer Matthias Puech. Informed by mathematical and artistic approaches that aim to both contemplate on and control complexity, the eponymous five-part composition explores natural and mystical forces through what he calls “audio-naturalist noise”. The composition is complemented by two further pieces that follow similar concepts: “Suspension” emulates the chemical phenomenon of the same name, while “Imperceptible Life” hinges on the musical possibilities of stridulation. Over the course of the entire album, Puech’s singular take on electro-acoustic and electronic music creates unique sonic spaces as much as it pays its dues to the unpredictability of the world that we inhabit. ) 28.00


MONICA NICA AGOSTI SHAPEX - Ornettiana LP (AUT -To me, improvised creative music means expressing myself “in the moment”. We live in the illusion of our daily routine, but we don’t know what the future holds. Each day only happens once, and the real challenge is learning to live in the present moment, here and now. This album was inspired by this concept and by the great Ornette Coleman, whose music is an ideal paradigm between his creativity and other musicians’, with total respect for both. I believe that, as individuals, we grow by accepting other people and their views as they provide new input and awareness. Similarly, music gets richer thanks to the free, democratic contribution of the musicians who participate. Everyone’s voice is valued and enhanced, adding to the others into a harmonious or “harmolodic” whole, as Ornette would call it. These principles also guided my choice of the musicians I wanted with me, with whom I share a profound musical and human harmony: Tobia Bondesan on sax, Tommaso Iacoviello on trumpet, Francesco Sarrini on double bass, Giuseppe Sardina on drums. This album would not have been possible without them, and I am immensely grateful to them for trusting me and the project. (Monica Nica Agosti)) 20.00


NEGATIVE GEARS - Negative Gears LP (static shock - Static Shock is pleased to bring the fully formed debut 12" from Sydney's NEGATIVE GEARS to the world, following a domestic pressing by Disinfect Records (Low Life, Oily Boys). Seven tracks of tightly wound post punk from a group of individuals that give you the feeling that they're looking at the glass not so much half empty, but long since spilt and with no replacement on the horizon. The type of anguish that makes you either want to scratch your head at the state of the world, or take a full on somersault onto a razor blade, being held up by an anonymous hand from your home country, much like the mateyboy on the front cover. If you've had time for bands such as DIÄT, INSTITUTE and MARBLED EYE, you should be taking 16 minutes out of your life for NEGATIVE GEARS too) 18.00


NIKOLAUS UTERMÖHLEN - Karlsbad LP (This is the reissue of Nikolaus Utermöhlen’s ‘Karlsbad’ album, originally released in 1989. Utermöhlen was a founding member of Die Tödliche Doris and this is his sole solo release. A collection of 23 witty oddball compositions for clarinet, accordion, percussion, recorder, violin, guitar, organ. It definitely has a Doris dose but even more so it shines for its totally singular mélange of tribal dada chamber folk, dilettante dissonant poetry, hard to compare with anything else. A slice of flamboyant wellness. The recordings of this album were made for the ‘Georgette Meunier’ film by Tania Stöcklin and Cyrille Rey-Coquais. Issued from the original master tapes and includes the 8 page booklet with engravings from the Karlsbad spa era.) 25.00


OLD MAN GLOOM - Seminar III: Zozobra LP re issue (sige - The second of two albums that extreme metal outfit Old Man Gloom released on the same day in 2001, ‘Seminar III’ was a shorter but no less thrilling companion to its sister album, consisting of one lengthy composition ‘Zozobra’ clocking in at nearly half an hour that mutates unsteadily between styles and emotions, ranging from tense, powerful chords to euphoric rage.) 28.00


OLD MAN GLOOM - Old Man Gloom - Seminar II: The Holy Rights of Primitivism Regressionism DLP (SIGE - ‘Seminar II: The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism’ was one of two albums that Boston-via-Santa Fe extreme metal band Old Man Gloom released simultaneously in 2001. Telescoping between terrifying metalcore assaults and droning, almost ambient passages of calm, this classic album has influenced a great deal of post-metal artists since.) 32.00


PAT METHENY - Zero Tolerance For Silence LP (We at Coq Au Vinyl are proud to present for first time on the vinyl format Zero Tolerance For Silence by legendary American jazz guitarist PAT Metheny! Previously only issued on the compact disc format in the year 1994, the album is often described as the jazz equivalent to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. To say Ztfs was "a departure" for Metheny is like saying "Jaco Pastorius liked cognac." Loud, dissonant layers of electric guitars and overdriven amplifiers were in stark contrast to the smooth melodic guitar jazz Metheny had built his fanbase and legend upon. At the time, some theorized that this was Metheny's "fuck you" to his label Geffen and perhaps a way of purposely ending his contract on a sour note. Others close to Metheny disputed those claims and instead describe the album as a pure expression of sounds Metheny had dreamt of making for some time. Metheny himself in 2008 said of the album, "That record speaks for itself in its own musical terms. To me, it is a 2-D view of a world in which I am usually functioning in a more 3-D way. It is entirely flat music, and that was exactly what it was intended to be." While generally panned by critics at the time as "unlistenable", once the album made its way to the ears of listeners less ::ahem:: discernible than the typical Downbeat subscriber, it was widely hailed as a masterpiece of free improvisation. If there is any doubt as to the albums greatness: It was described as "rubbish" by notorious Frank Zappa apologist Ben Watson in his 1994 The Wire review. Coq Au Vinyl is proud to present a one-time only vinyl pressing of Ztfs in a hand-stamped edition of 333 copies (worldwide) in handmade sleeves with audio digitally mastered from an original Japanese CD copy found at a church boot sale in a suburb of Antwerp.) 35.00


PENFOLD - Amateurs & Professionals LP (cyls - Penfold's debut EP/LP, back on vinyl after a very long absence. Includes bonus track, Micropchip. Limited stock available for now. Own the now classic debuted album by emo-pioneers, Penfold. This amazing album changed my musical landscape as a youth, and we are very, very honored to be able to release this on vinyl. Vinyl includes the bonus track, Microchip - Note: The vinyl is an A-Side/B-Side and the color combination (Blue Jay and Electric Blue) kinda morphed into one blue color. Sometimes that happens!!)27.00


PLOSIVS - s/t LP (swami - He's at it again. You may know Rob Crow from the likes of Pinback, Heavy Vegetable and errr Rob Crow but here he is again alongside drummer Atom Willard (Against Me!, Rocket From The Crypt), Jordan Clark (The Frights) and John Reis (Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu) in a veritable San Diego supergroup. Expect bright and highly melodic punk and power pop. Sounding good on early spins. ) 30.00


ROMÉO POIRIER - Living Room LP (faitiche - Living Room is the third solo album by Roméo Poirier and, following his much praised Hotel Nota, his debut for Faitiche. The French musician and producer transforms the layering of different times into a free-flowing pulse that sounds both nostalgic and mysteriously ahistorical. Poirier takes music seriously as a time-based art – not just in the sense of duration, but also in the way time is refracted into autobiographical experience, historical dimensions and stages of evolution. By immersing and reflecting himself in these different layers, he creates a succession of new balances between various tempos, iterations and developments. ) 26.00


SNOWNG - I Could Do Whatever LP (cyls - The sole LP from emo revival/punk rock Pennsylvania's Snowing. Now back in print!) 25.00


SONIC YOUTH - In/Out/In LP (three lobed - In mulling over their career, it’s staggering to realize that Sonic Youth not only delivered a healthy slab of releases as a unit but also have a myriad of shelved material still waiting for broader ears. While the group’s current Bandcamp abode lays out a generous amount of it, a bunch more has yet to surface. And it’s a massive mountain to chip away at in the sense of the group output alone; individual members’ projects are a whole other game, needless to say. "In/Out/In" ably delivers a new slab of mostly-unheard Sonic righteousness, with a scope on the post 2000-era band in especially zoned/exploratory regions. ) 28.00


SON OF DRIBBLE - Son of Drib Against the Wind LP (minimum table stacks - 2nd LP from the Columbus, OH trio (now expanded to a quartet)! 12 songs of scuzzed out garage pop that take you from Beat Happening to the Warsaw demos to the first Strokes LP, then right back home to Columbus where they hold their own with like-minded predecessors like Cheater Slicks, Times New Viking, Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments and so on.. 300 copies on WHITE vinyl with two-sided lyric sheet/insert) 27.00


STEVE GUNN - Nakama LP (Matador - Steve Gunn in "collabs" with some killer folks! TOUR ONLY EP THAT WE ENDED UP WITH! WHAT? Side A: Protection with Mikey & Ahmoudou (from Mdou Moctar), Good Wind with Natural Information Society On The Way with Natural Information Society, Side B: Fulton solo acoustic (LP bonus track), Morning River with Bridget St. John (LP bonus track) , Ever Feel That Way Circuit des Yeux Remix, Reflection Bing & Ruth Remix)) 25.00


TIMO VAN LUIJK & KRIS VANDERSTAETEN -  Autour du Lac d'Asselt LP (Timo Van Luijk with percussionist Kris Vanderstraeten, together for an enchanting exploration of liminal psychoacoustic space. "Playing with Kris always reminds me of doing expeditions in a lake. Some kind of under water sound fiction observing sonic creatures. This album is a live recording (28-01-2012, Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt,Belgium) which to me always felt like one of the best concerts we did. As with our previous album Arrêt au Lac Chimère Vincent de Roguin put his heart in editing and mixing the recordings, extending the dimensions of exploration to the deep bottom of the lake.“) 25.00


TINY BLUE GHOST - Between The Botanicals LP (cyls - They say the third time is the charm, and that is certainly the case here on Tiny Blue Ghost’s junior LP, “Between the Botanicals”. With the addition of guitarist Kyle McDonough, bassist Andy Vlad, and keyboardist Kristoff Lalicki, the band has found themselves a tightknit unit. On the Count Your Lucky Stars debut LP, vocalist/guitarist Marissa Carroll trades in her college-rock background for more complicated arrangements as Joseph Wright remains the backbone on drums. Gone are the simple pop songs as Tiny Blue Ghost mix elements of pop, indie-rock, prog, and more. Lovingly self-produced by the bands Wright and Carroll to convey exactly what the band was going for.) 26.00


TONY CONRAD / ARNOLD DREYBLATT / JIM O'ROURKE - Tonic 19-01-2001 LP (black truffle - back in stock - A major archival discovery: a stunning document of the only performance by the trio of Tony Conrad, Arnold Dreyblatt and Jim O’Rourke. Across a two-night programme organised by David Weinstein at legendary New York experimental venue Tonic in January 2001, Conrad, Dreyblatt and O’Rourke presented individual projects before performing a collaborative set each night, the first with members of Dreyblatt’s ensemble and the second the trio heard here. As Dreyblatt points out in the wonderfully informative and reflective liner notes written for this release, this was a collaboration across generations, reflecting the profound impact of Conrad’s pioneering minimalism on Dreyblatt and O’Rourke. Both Dreyblatt and O’Rourke came to this collaboration armed with a deep appreciation of Conrad’s music and the just intonation principles at its core, Dreyblatt having first encountered the incredible power of Conrad’s precisely tuned violin chords during his tenure as an archivist for La Monte Young in 1975, while O’Rourke had performed with Conrad in various settings since the mid-1990s (as well as admiring, reissuing, and performing Dreyblatt's music). )28.00


THE TRUE FAITH - Go to Ground LP (Ala carte - "Go to Ground" is the sophomore album from Boston post-punk group The True Faith. - „No, that’s not the Mandela Effect messing with your mind this morning: The band once known as True Faith added a dash of authority to their name. Boston’s steady providers of post-punk have reemerged as The True Faith, bearing the coincidentally-titled single “Minimal Change” from earlier this month (September 20). The group’s sweeping, somber daydream sets the stage for their forthcoming record Go to Ground — due out via à La Carte Records in January — but not without a side-step into synth territory for an accompanying KISS OF THE WHIP remix. Metaphorically spin Side A of the digital single for all brooding occasions; then “flip” that sucker over when disappearing into the darkness of your nearest goth night. However you want to spend your autumn evenings, The True Faith have a track for that. Sink into the many forms of “Minimal Change” below." - Victoria Wasylak/ 26.00


ULRIKA SPACEK - Compact Trauma LP (tough love - Close to five years on from their last transmission, Ulrika Spacek resurface from self-imposed exile with their third album, Compact Trauma, a collection of songs that function as a chance treatise of sorts for our current collective condition. With a title like that arriving at this point in time, it's tempting to interpret the record solely in the context of the global events of the past few years, but the roots of these ten songs arc back much further in time, charged with their own personalised internal damage. Trauma, in its myriad forms, is often hard to qualify, even harder to rationalise. When something begins to go wrong, how do you gain perspective? What is a temporary roadblock, and what is unmitigated disaster? In its first phase of life, Compact Trauma was a document of a band striving to perfect an idea while the universe around them seemed to want to shut down. And then, at an impasse of sorts and with a record halfway complete, it suddenly did. RIYL: Mercury Rev, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Stereolab.) 28.00


THE VAN PELT - Artisans + Merchants LP (First new studio LP in a quarter of a century. Recorded by Jeff Zeigler (The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile), guest appearances by Nate Kinsella and Ted Leo among others. This band, and this album, function as critical missing links that takes one from The Fall to Yard Act, from Television and The Minutemen to Parquet Courts and Sleaford Mods, from punk as a sound to punk purely as an ethos. While any Van Pelt album is a stand alone album, the unique approach they take begs one to enter their world and dig deep in.) 28.00


VATICAN SHADOW - Attas Apartment Slated For Demolition LP (hospital - By this stage in his prolific campaign, Dominick Fernow's VS output tends to fall into one of two camps - either distorted PTSD episodes, or tranced-out, melancholic meditations. This one falls into the latter sector. 'There Was A Black Banner On The Floor' is numbed to the bone with cold halogen drones and midnight atmosphere while a queasy, sub-heavy bass undertow and needling hi-hats count time. 'Al Qaeda Possess Nuclear Capacity' is one of his best, a dark, stepping trance for internal interrogation rendered with cold, ceramic clarity. 'Wahhabi Money Flows' is almost opulent, again with richer production values applied to the supple, cushioned subbass and widescreen pads to uncomfortably sumptuous effect, while 'Once This Fire Gathers Strength' departs on a deeply sorrowful, foreboding note with gorgeous synth pad chorales chained to a slow, industrial technoid throb.) 30.00


V/A - Piitu Lintunen Presents: 7ai9 LP (A compilation of old cassette demos from the beginning of 80’s plus few new tracks. All very exclusive and maximally random. Compiled by a 80-90-2000-influencer, punk zine maker and record collector Piitu Lintunen. Some notes: tracks A1, A2, A3, A4, B2, B3 and B4 are mastered from 1980's demo tapes that Piitu got from the artists. Piitu exchanged letters and tapes actively with artists in punk, industrial and experimental scenes from all over the world. Some of the tapes we had to leave out from this compilation because we couldn't reach the artists. The three new tracks among the older ones underline the principle of infinity and immortality of music ) 32.00


VIOLIN SECT - Vile Insect LP (minimal table stack - The Violin Sect 7" from 1981 is one of the rarest and largely unknown documents of 1980's "UK DIY" post-punk. Touching on the same sounds as contemporaries such as Scritti Politti, the Raincoats and the Pop Group, the Wales-based quartet existed for only a short time, managing to play just a few shows and record and self-release one two-song 7" on their own label Cheek to Cheek (A Porky Prime Cut!). The record remained obscure for decades, even managing to evade the gaze of compilers of "the lists" that got the collectors salivating. No Kugelberg's "Top 100", no "Messthetics" compilation entry, not even a mention in "45 Revolutions". Then, nearly four decades later, the band's bassist Steve Walker dug up the perfectly preserved original 1/4" studio tapes with both songs from the 7" plus two more songs the band recorded at the same session but never released. Presented here for the first time, digitally remastered, are all four songs on 12" 45rpm, along with a fold out poster insert with liner notes from Steve, original photos and ephemera from his archive and a reprint of a 1981 fanzine interview with the band. Minimum Table Stacks is proud to present this amazing artifact from one of our favorite eras of independent music ever! (300 copies)) 25.00


XIU XIU - Ignore Grief DLP (polyvinyl - Over the course of the last two decades, Xiu Xiu’s prolific output of critically acclaimed albums and collaborations has been consistent and dazzling. They have collaborated with songwriters like Mitski, Sharon Van Etten, Deerhoof, Chelsea Wolfe, Twin Shadow and others, as well as avant-garde composers like Charlemagne Palestine. They’ve released many full-length albums that have been praised in outlets such as The New Yorker, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, NME and others, and have toured the globe relentlessly, performing alongside artists such as Deerhoof, Swans, Tune-Yards, and more at places like The Guggenheim, Primavera Festival, Benicassim Festival, Pitchfork Festival and others. Xiu Xiu has spent twenty years grappling with how to process, to be empathetic towards, to disobey and to reorganize horror.) 28.00


ZYKLON B ZOMBIES -Skull LP (minimum table stacks - First ever vinyl reissue of this ultra-obscure Japanese post-punk noise unit's sole cassette from 1993. I'll leave the rest up to Mr. Tom Lax:"Zyklon B Zombies 'Skull' has been floating around the sub underground for years. Originally released as a cassette on the Japanese tape label, Vanilla in 1993, ZBZ was the musical brainchild of sadly deceased noise legend Hirohito Taneguchi (Seed Mouth) & the equally legendary Junko Hiroshige (Hijokaidan, Genbakukaidan) & if you don't know it, fear not. It's now been formated & remastered to vinyl, courtesy of the Minimum Table Stacks label. Much like Michio Kadotani's Rotting Telepathies recordings, 'Skull' possesses great tremors of blurred clamber that comes directly at you, sometimes sideways. It's hard to know how much is premeditated or just what's driven by organic impulse, which is what makes it such a great attestation of its era. In an instant, 'Skull' can move from a psychotic whoosh not unlike 'Twin Infinitives', to an eerie gait similar to that of Dadamah. Plus, there's everything in between. A true blue-blood of disparate vision, 'Skull' ranks right up there in the masterpiece department with un's S/T lp, New Zealand's Ziggy Stardust Band & those two solo albums from Eric Hysteric. It's not for everyone, but for those who embrace the underground's one percent like a long lost tree, it's the only way to fly."—Tom Lax, Siltbreeze Records. Edition of 300 copies) 27.00




BRANDTSON - Fallen Star Collection + Demo Recordings 2xTAPE (steadfast - The 1999 sophomore Emo / Post-Hardcore classic, remastered for 2018, and available for the first time ever on cassette, along with a second cassette of never before heard album demos. This limited edition cassette run is limited to 100 total copies of each cassette) 15.00


CAMP TRASH - Downtiming TAPE (Cyls - You know that feeling you had when you finished the last day of school before summer break? You had the whole vacation ahead of you and the possibilities were endless. Camp Trash is the audio form of that feeling. They wrap playful vocal hooks around crunchy guitars and driving rhythms that make you feel like you can do anything. 'Downtiming' is their long-awaited debut EP. Dubbed "The Internet's Most Mysterious Band", we can confirm that Camp Trash songs do exist- and once you've heard them, you'll wonder how you existed without knowing them.) 10.00


TINY BLUE GHOST - The Underneath TAPE (cyls - It's been three full years since Tiny Blue Ghost has released anything, so it's fair to wonder what their newest output would sound like. We finally have an answer- 'The Underneath' is all about growth. There is a lot of atmosphere here and space for things to find themselves. It feels like things are settling into their right places after years of searching. It feels like a band with an identity. For fans of Land of Talk, Explosions in the Sky, DIIV, and Circa Survive.) 10.00





IAN SVENONIUS - Against The Written Word Book (Against the Written Word is the most important, most revolutionary book produced since the advent of the printing press; the book that will liberate readers from reading, writers from writing, and booksellers from peddling their despicable wares. This book ushers in a new era of freedom from reading and all its attendant bedfellows such as Enlightenment thinking and the mass alienation wrought by the phonetic alphabet. Against the Written Word will be a tremendous best seller and simultaneously the last book that anyone will read. With nineteen essays ripping, shredding, tearing apart all the bugaboos that haunt humanity nowadays, Against the Written Word is a must-read for any aspiring radical or would-be gnostic who has a penchant for words, thought, clothes, intoxicants, music, art, expression, etc. The work is presented in a range of writing: essays, screenplays, lectures, sci-fi stories, and manifestos, with topics that include “the rise of incorporated man,” “tourism as the neoliberal mode of military occupation,” a workshop on songwriting for the purpose of suggestion and mind control, and many more. This handsome, illustrated book will correct the paucity of thought that characterizes the modern bookstore, and will practically sell itself. It will call out from the shelf to ingratiate itself to the unsuspecting everyday book browser, who will be hooked and then hungrily consume it. Infected with a wild-eyed evangelism, they will then proliferate it amongst their friends and acquaintances. These new readers will disseminate it, and so on; soon this slim, innocuous volume will define an epoch and steer thought from here on out.The bookseller will be surprised and pleased to find that it will be the only book they need to stock. Against the Written Word will be dominant in a manner the market has not seen since the Bible tore up best-seller lists in the Middle Ages or Mao’s Little Red Book wowed the critics in Red China.) 20.00





MINOR THREAT - Men's Bottle T-SHIRT (Burgundy Gildan SoftStyle shirt with classic front print. In M/L/XL) 20.00


XASTHUR - To Violate The Oblivious LONGSLEEVE (Black Fruit Of The Loom longsleeve with grey & white front, back & arm print. In M/L/XL) 26.00