Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 December 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 December 2023


Hi, welcome to the probably last newsletter for 2023 - another year has passed and it went by in a heartbeat. 


First of all - THANK YOU ALL for your orders, your support and appreciation. Its sometimes not easy and we really appreciated you ordering / buying from a small local shop like ours and be curios about music, be open and interested in new stuff. Thats what keeps us going!!! 


In the last few days a couple new records and restocks arrived like the DEREK BAILEY & PAUL MOTIAN - Duo in Concert LP restock, HUM re issues, NERVOUS GENDER restock, LLOYD MILLER - Oriental Jazz LP re issue, WINTER DCD, MAGGOT HEART - Hunger LP, HENRIK PALM - Many Days LP, MESSA - Live At Roadburn LP, V/A - Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol. 2 LP, NINA HARKER - s/t LP, Myriam Gendron restock, DAILY FAULI - Fauli Til Dauli LP restock, DOROTHY CARTER — Waillee Waillee LP + booklet restock etc.


Also a bunch of JAZZ Caps, Sweater, Long Sleeves and T-shirts are back in stock in various colors and sizes are in stock!!


For the Holidays - we will be open like this


Dec 22nd - 11°° until 19°°

Dec 23rd - 11°° until 18°°


Dec 24th until Dec 26th CLOSED


Dec 27th 11°° until 19°°

Dec 28th 11°° until 19°°

Dec 29th 11°° until 19°°

Dec 30th 11°° until 18°°


DEC 31st and Jan 1st CLOSED


JANUARY 2nd back as usual 


And we also added (adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






DRIP OF LIES - 2008 - 2023 7“ (hasiok - Heavy dark hardcore from Poland reminiscent of bands like Tragedy. This is their last recording and release.) 8.00




ALDO CLEMENTI - Collage LP (Alga Marghen proudly presents the previously unreleased “Collage 2” and “Collage 3 (Dies irae)” for magnetic tape, both realised at the Studio di Fonologia Musicale RAI in Milan with the technical collaboration of Marino Zuccheri. These pieces are precious testimonials to Aldo Clementi’s intense and ongoing interest in electronic music in the 1960s. “Collage”, presents some of the most extreme musics ever issued by the label, at the same level as Robert Ashley's “Wolfman”, Max Neuhaus' “Fontana-Mix Feed” or Philip Corner's “Oracle”. Representing an entirely singular sound and approach to tape music that was unique to Clementi alone, once again Alga Marghen has cracked it wide open and rewritten our understanding of the history of sound) 28.00


DAILY FAULI - Fauli Til Dauli LP (minimal wave - Daily Fauli was the rare minimal synth project of Danish artist Søren Fauli. In 1983, he released one album entitled Fauli Til Daulion a small label called Gry Records. Søren was nineteen when he recorded this masterpiece and had no prior musical training. He had been playing in punk bands as a teenager and decided to break off to make a solo record. With access to stolen equipment, mainly synthesizers, he wrote these songs very spontaneously and recorded them in a period of one week. He designed the artwork using portraits his friend shot of him in his bedroom with his Casio VL-1 tone in hand, and mocked up the cover and inner sleeve himself in total D.I.Y. fashion. In 1983, the record was released in an edition of 500 transparent green vinyl LPs with a black and white inner sleeve with his song lyrics. It is a true work of art and has become a cult classic over the years. MW re-release the album, remastered and pressed as a limited edition of 999 copies. The record is pressed on 180-gram transparent green vinyl presented in a heavyweight sleeve featuring the original album artwork accompanied by an inner sleeve with an unpublished photo of Søren and inner sleeve artwork.) 30.00


DEREK BAILEY & PAUL MOTIAN - Duo in Concert LP (restock - Frozen reeds presents the only recorded duo playing of two legendary musical figures. Derek Bailey and Paul Motian – two longstanding pioneers of distinct strains of improvised music – came together for a brief period of collaboration in the early 1990s. Tapes of their two known live performances (one at Groningen’s JazzMarathon festival in the Netherlands, the other a year later at New Music Cafe, NYC) were recently unearthed in the Incus archives, and their contents will surprise and delight fans of both supremely idiosyncratic musicians. The Groningen concert (1990) is released on vinyl, while the New York date (1991) is included with the digital download, free of charge for all purchasers. A conversation between Bill Frisell and Henry Kaiser on Bailey, Motian, their intertwined backgrounds, and the significance of these recordings is included as sleeve-note insert. “This is one of those moments that we’re always hoping for, and it's so rare. And it's so hard to talk about, because it's so beautiful. It's like you're seeing some new species of plant that you never knew existed or something.” – Bill Frisell - Each player bringing decades of crucial experience to their encounters – with histories taking in vast swathes of the development of jazz and free improvisation – these fleeting shared moments provide some of the most riveting playing in the career of either.) 28.00


DOROTHY CARTER — Waillee Waillee LP + booklet (The first ever reissue of Dorothy Carter's 1978 folk/psych/drone masterpiece. A truly unique album in Dorothy's catalog, Waillee Waillee's essence sits in Dorothy's mastery of the dulcimer; its shimmering notes fully enmeshed with the cavernous drones of Bob Rutman's bowed steel cello. The core of this album, Dorothy's only with a full band, lies in the contradiction of traditional psych-folk idioms and the minimal avant-garde, referencing Laraaji and Henry Flynt as much as Karen Dalton. Putojefe Records present the first ever reissue of the work of American composer Dorothy Carter, master of the hammered dulcimer, zither, and other instruments of the hammer chord zither/psalterium family. A true musical vagabond, Dorothy was born in New York in 1935, though her spiritual pursuit of an expansive musical knowledge would take her to monasteries in Mexico, conservatories in France and London, and the founding of the Central Maine Power Music Company (CMPMC), with new-age/minimalist luminaries such as Constance Demby and Robert Rutman. ) 30.00


HENRIK PALM - Many Days LP (svart - From his work with an almost limitless multitude of acts such as In Solitude’s renewal of heavy metal, darlings of the underrated underground: Pig Eyes, his stint in Ghost, prog rock grandmasters Gösta Berlings Saga, punk veterans Isotope Soap and experimental weirdos Södra Sverige, Henrik Palm is a post-punk, heavy-pop sonic contortionist of the finest order. From being hand-picked for Tomas Lindberg’s (At The Gates) curated Roadburn Festival performance to opening for acts like Voivod and winning the hearts of well-known fans such as Jacob Bannon (Converge) and Scott Carlson (Repulsion), Henrik Palm has been blowing all of us away for good a while now. Everything we’re looking for in a fresh and modern genre clash, Henrik’s music is catchy, well-crafted, beautiful and ugly in the same intense and challenging moment. Impossible to define, Henrik Palm is a perfect reflection of his eclectic tastes and infamously insatiable vinyl collection, fitting Svart’s groundbreaking roster perfectly. Together with Palm's brand new album Poverty Metal, Svart reissue his debut album Many Days.) 26.00


HUM - Downward Is Heavenward DLP (earth analog - The US alternative band HUM from Champaign, Illinois, is releasing new editions of its four catalog LPs via Polyvinyl. The band members oversaw every step of the remastering, lacquer cutting and manufacturing phases, while also working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl to update the artwork. Each album comes on black 180g double vinyl at 45prm. Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, Nashville. Electra 2000 (1993), You'd Prefer An Astronaut (1995, with the crossover hit "Stars"), Downward Is Heavenward (1998), Inlet (2020).) 44.00


HUM - Electra 2000 DLP (earth analog - The US alternative band HUM from Champaign, Illinois, is releasing new editions of its four catalog LPs via Polyvinyl. The band members oversaw every step of the remastering, lacquer cutting and manufacturing phases, while also working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl to update the artwork. Each album comes on black 180g double vinyl at 45prm. Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, Nashville.Electra 2000 (1993), You'd Prefer An Astronaut (1995, with the crossover hit "Stars"), Downward Is Heavenward (1998), Inlet (2020).) 44.00


HUM - You'd Prefer An Astronaut DLP (earth analog— Introducing the remastered 180g 2LP edition of Hum's iconic album, You'd Prefer An Astronaut. Originally released in 1995, this album is a must-have for any fan of alternative rock. With its unique blend of heavy guitars, melodic hooks, and introspective lyrics, You'd Prefer An Astronaut has stood the test of time and continues to captivate listeners. Formed in Champaign, Illinois in the late 1980s, Hum quickly gained a dedicated following with their distinctive sound. Drawing influences from shoegaze and post-rock genres, the band created a sonic landscape that was both atmospheric and powerful. You'd Prefer An Astronaut showcases Hum at their best, with tracks like "Stars" and "I Hate It Too" exemplifying their ability to craft dynamic songs that are simultaneously catchy and emotionally resonant. This remastered edition of You'd Prefer An Astronaut offers an enhanced listening experience for fans old and new. The vinyl format allows for a warmer sound quality that truly brings out the nuances of each instrument. The 180g weight ensures durability and minimizes surface noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the music.) 44.00


HUM - Inlet DLP (earth analog - Completely unexpected, the first album in 22 years from the gigantically influential, semi-legendary HUM. A genuine Album Of The Year contender, and possibly their finest ever, it mixes their super-heavy / epic sound into elements of drone and shoegaze, with their trademark almost-sighed vocals. Longtime fans will in no way be disappointed; newcomers with a penchant for post-rock, emo, math rock and even doom metal will see what all the fuss has been about!) 44.00


I RECOVER - Until I Wake Again LP (I corrupt - After two 7" and Tapes this is the first proper full length - Super intense "revolution summer" DC-hardcore sound from Cologne. Tight, Catchy and raw .. ) 20.00


LAIBACH - The Sound Of Music LP (mute - Long-out-of-print vinyl re-release of Laibach's 'The Sound of Music', an album created when the Slovenians were invited to perform in North Korea in 2015. At the concert in Pyongyang, the band performed several songs from the soundtrack of the 1965 film, which was shown to North Korean children to learn English.) 30.00


LLOYD MILLER - Oriental Jazz LP (now again - Back in stock! Born in 1938, and raised in Glendale, California, Lloyd Miller has had one of the most unusual careers in all of jazz. By age 12 he had declared an intent to make his living as a jazz musician, and by high school he had already begun to experiment, shunning swing music's mechanical perfection, and chafing at his parents’ desire for him to nurture his talents with formal training. This tumultous relationship with his parents would eventually lead to a stint in a psychatric hospital, before reuniting with them in moving to Iran, his father having accepted a job working for the Shah. Stops in Hong Kong, Japan and Pakistan on the way to Iran deepened Miller's connection to other cultures he’d first felt while listening to old world music compilations. He felt a definite calm and peace, an immense respect from everyone towards everyone else, and immersed himself in other cultures and languages immediately. Miller spent a year in Iran with his family, picking up Farsi after a few short months, and steadily gaining more and more of an appreciation for how deep the roots of Persian art run. However, still committed to his decision forge a career in jazz, Lloyd left Tehran in 1958 to head to Europe to see if he could make a living from jazz music. Miller kicked around the continent, first in Germany, then in Switzerland, Sweden and Brussels. He collaborated and performed alongside 60s jazz legend Jef Gilson, and experimented with exotic instrumentation before returning to America to resume his studies at Brigham Young University in Utah. In the years following his stint with Gilson, Miller had become more and more disillusioned with both modern music and modern society, which had ashewed jazz for rock music, which he detested. In Miller’s conception, for a music to have value it had to have a deep connection to a tradition, specifically connecting jazz to African lore. To Miller, something like “Tuareg African music is blues, just with no chord changes.” Oriental Jazz was recorded, compiled and self-released in 1968 while Miller was studying at Brigham Young. The record, originally pressed in a quantity of 300 copies, sought to combine a cool, modal style with the exotic arrays of instruments and styles that Miller had picked up during his travels. Miller included songs he’d cut with Gilson in his Parisian studio years before, and a solo piano piece that he recorded in one of the school’s practice rooms. Despite Lloyd’s professed aversion to modernity, there nevertheless is something strikingly new sounding about this music, which fits together in startling juxtapositions. Traces of Bill Evans, Stan Getz and Jimmy Giuffre rub shoulders with Persian santur, Arab oud and Turkish saz music. Copies of Oriental Jazz languished in Miller's home for years after numerous failed bids for record contracts, before finally ending up in the hands of record collectors decades later. After its release however, he would find a second life after returning to Iran, doing field recordings, and eventually hosting a weekly television show that programmed both American jazz and the best traditional Persian musicians he could find. It was not to last however, as he abruptly abandoned the country to return to the US in the late 1970s, predicting the arrival of the Islamic Revolution.) 32.00


MAGGOT HEART - Hunger LP (svart - Maggot Heart whet primal appetites on new album HUNGER. Berlin’s Rapid Eye Records, together with Finland’s Svart Records, deliver Maggot Heart’s third knock-out blow of innovative Post-Punk. Maggot Heart, crossover rock band based in Berlin, channels emotional alchemy through music. Consisting of guitarist and singer Linnéa Olsson, bassist Olivia Airey and drummer Uno Bruniusson, Maggot Heart refuse to be categorized. Originally from Sweden, Olsson formed Maggot Heart as a solo project in 2016, after carving a name for herself in bands like The Oath, Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures. From detonating their initial underground break-out City Girls EP, Maggot Heart had the underground by the throat, palpitating the grape-vine. With two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, the 2017 debut Dusk To Dusk to 2020’s Mercy Machine, Maggot Heart are not here to coast, they’re here to make waves. Musically compared to such diverse acts as Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, The Stooges, Killing Joke and Voivod, playing live with Earthless in the US, High on Fire and Amyl & The Sniffers in the EU along with several invitations to tread the hallowed stages of Roadburn Festival, Maggot Heart have been foaming-at-the-mouth road dogs. Now on their third album HUNGER, recorded in Berlin and mixed by the acclaimed American producer and engineer Ben Greenberg (Metz, Portrayal Of Guilt), Maggot Heart’s game is about to change.) 28.00


MESSA - Live At Roadburn LP (svart — Svart Records offers up Messa’s extraordinary live show from Roadburn Festival 2022. Italian Doom trailblazers, Messa captured live at the Roadburn Festival 2022 with a special extended lineup, immortalised on LP, CD and digital via Svart Records. Relive Messa’s main-stage Roadburn Festival triumph, featuring songs from album CLOSE, and joined by a unique constellation of musicians and instruments that give their massive new album its distinctive sound. This stunning new live album presents select cuts from the band's critically acclaimed album CLOSE, which the critics have called "the sound of a band fleshing out their place in doom metal's past, present and future"(Metal Injection) and "If you’ve ever longed for an album that could reconcile Stevie Nicks at her witchiest with the sublime gloom of How the Gods Kill–era Danzig, this is the LP of your dreams" (Spin).) 28.00


NINA HARKER - s/t LP (agzuirre - Freeform, pigeon-hole dodging, stylistic merry-go-round, restless, weird and addictive - the long anticipated return of Nina Harker! Three years in the works since their self-titled 2020 debut, we’re just about ready. Similar in vein to its polyglot predecessor, we’re deep into an extremely skewed trip to the unknown. The duo’s chameleon-like musical world never misses an opportunity to shred it’s skin and reappear as something totally unexpected. Apolline’s beautifully exposed, day-dreaming vocals on opener ‘Le Pont à Voiles’ cut deep, setting up a false sense of security before things take a dive into the underneath - stuttering synths and garbled vocals brace an eerie up-right piano solo and agitated spoken / electronics piece. The sheer lack of cohesion and total disregard for an attempt at *flow* adds a tangible sense of surrealism. But it’s no amateurish prank or way of disguising technical flaws - it’s clear these musicians can play, and there’s a strong feeling of intent. ) 24.00


PHILL NIBLOCK - Boston III / Tenor / Index LP ( Edition limited to 450 copies only. Comes with a printed insert Alga Marghen returns with what might just be their most historically significant release to date, “Boston Tenor Index”, comprising three, never before released compositions - “Index”, from 1969; and “Tenor” and “Boston III”, both from 1972 - by Phill Niblock, that represent some the earliest works in his catalogue to have ever appeared. Truly stunning in audio terms, and an absolute revelation toward understanding how Niblock arrived where he did a few short years down the road, it’s easily one of the best things we’ve heard all year.  Over the course of nearly three decades of activity, the Italian imprint, Alga Marghen, has continuously cast light into the shadows of historical sound practice, offering particular focus to underappreciated artefacts at the juncture of visual art, sound-art, experimental music, and sound-poetry. With each subsequent release, the label has helped to reform our understanding of the 20th century, and the voices that made it what it was. Over the years, they’ve brought forth an unprecedented range of early and archival material by seminal composers like Charlemagne Palestine, Walter Marchetti, Philip Corner, Henri Chopin, Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Max Neuhaus, Eliane Radigue, and numerous others. While surprising to think, until now they have yet to touch upon the towering legacy of Phill Niblock. Their latest LP, “Boston Tenor Index”, takes a deep dive into some of the earliest work ever released by the American composer, comprising never before released works three works in his catalogue, “Index”, from 1969; and “Tenor” and “Boston III”, both from 1972. Creatively striking, while casting crucial light on Niblock’s beginnings as a composer, it’s a truly remarkable body of sound and easily among the most important archival releases that we’ve encountered so far this year.) 28.00


SPIRITUS MORTIS - Spiritism 2008-2017 LP (svart - SILVER VINYL. Spiritus Mortis compilation from the Albert Witchfinder years! The definitive compilation of rare and sought after Spiritus Mortis 7" and 12" single and split tracks from the time with Sami Albert "Witchfinder" Hynninen on the vocals. These recordings have not appeared on Spiritus Mortis albums and never before in any digital format. For this compilation the songs have been completely remixed by Joona Lukala and Sami Hynninen, and the disc is expanded with exclusive bonus live material. Essential to ALL fanatics of real Heavy/Doom Metal!) 30.00


U.S. STEEL CELLO ENSEMBLE - Noise In The Library LP (putojefe - Bob Rutman's life could be compared to the life of Odysseus, although we're not here to write his biography. Putojefe is happy to present his phenomenal Noise In The Library, recorded with the U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble, an all-steel string quartet established by himself in Boston in 1976. The Ensemble consists of one Steel Cello and three Bow Chimes, played by Rutman and a rotating cast of guest musicians: in this instance, Daniel Orlansky –one of Rutman’s closest collaborators and longest-lasting member of the band–, Stephanie Wolff and Alex Dorsch. The instruments, built and developed by Rutman, are impressive sound sculptures in themselves, made of large flexible sheets of metal and defined by the artist as "American Industrial folk instruments".The „Bürgermeister von Mitte” needs no introduction. He has literally traveled history, from Nazi Germany to the New York of the Seventies, landing again in Berlin in recent years. A tireless performer aged 87, he has toured the US and Europe extensively, playing both small galleries and underground venues as well as established cultural institutions as the MoMA, London’s ICE and the Berlin Atonal Festival. Rutman is internationally recognised as the multifaceted avant-garde artist par excellence, as attested by his diverse collaboration with key figures of post-war culture: Dorothy Carter, Merce Cunningham, Laurie Anderson, Philip Lamantia, Wim Wenders, Asmus Tietchens and many others. Captivating from the beginning to the end, primitive and futuristic in its form, Noise In The Library remains as the U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble’s sole recording featuring the exceptional overtone singer Stephanie Wolff, whose vocals are intertwined with Bob Rutman’s chant in Tibetan Buddhist style. Prior to this, Wolff had only appeared as a guest singer with the groundbreaking krautrock outfit Brainticket. Her deep and delicate tones go beyond spirituality and take listeners on a space travel to open skies. Recorded live at Passionskirche in Berlin on May 31st, 1989, in the prime of the Ensemble’s career, this is one of the last few examples of great, powerful music made by humans without the indiscriminate use of electronics or binary codes. A sometimes frightening and breathtakingly intense performance, as thoroughly mysterious as early American soil, as it first appeared to the eyes of visionary European minds.) 20.00


WARNING - The Demo Tapes LP (svart - Before Warning became one of the most important and genre-shattering doom metal bands of the last decade with their albums "Strength to Dream" and "Watching from a Distance", they gained cult fame in the global tape-trading underground community with their demos Revelation Looms and Blessed By The Sabbath. Long out of print and difficult to obtain on any format, with the reissues even becoming sought-after gems, Svart have now repressed this definitive edition of Warning's demos on vinyl. This fully authorised edition includes a selection of vintage photos, all lyrics plus liner notes by Patrick Walker and Stu Springthorpe, as well as a foreword by Peter Vicar.) 25.00


V/A - Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol. 2 LP (The Anthology Spectra Ex Machina brings together rare documents pertaining to so-called occult phenomena, most of them taken from little-known archives. In the course of three volumes, this series traces an audio history of parapsychology through the exploration of spiritualism and haunted houses (vol. 1); musician mediums (vol. 2); experiences of extrasensory perceptions (clairvoyance, psychokinesis, etc.) and electronic voice phenomena (vol. 3). ) 24.00