Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 August 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 August 2023

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter. A bunch of cool stuff arrived like a couple restocks of the good looking JAZZ CAPS, Sweaters and T-shirts. Then we got a bunch of restocks of the last High Vis LP, a few Godspeed Your Black Emperor Titles, Slint, Black Heart Procession, Sonny Sharrock, Solid Space, Linea Aspera, die Verlierer LP, Ragana restocks, Mizmor restock, Thou restock, Sonic Youth restocks, Quicksand restocks etc …


And a bunch of new stuff like the new ANJA LAUVDAL - Farewell to Faraway Friends LP, the new ANNA ST. LOUIS - In The Air LP, JAIMIE BRANCH - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) LP, MARIA W HORN & MATS ERLANDSSON - Celestial Shores LP, NADJA - SV LP,

CAVE IN - Until Your Heart Stops DLP, FELSENMIRROR - s/t LP, JEROMES DREAM -The Gray In Between LP, SPIRIT POSSESSION – Of The Sign… LP, EX WHITE - This Is Future LP, NATIVE NOD - This Can't Exist LP,  SLOWDIVE - Everything Is Alive LP, SLOWDIVE - s/t LP restock, Lots of new BORN BAD titles and restocks, LATHE OF HEAVEN - Bound By Naked Skies LP, FRUSTRATION - Nowadays 7" and a bunch of other goodies


And we also added ( adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman





AUSGEBOMBT - s/t 7“ (kink - Quite a new band from Tübingen with old acquaintances from HYSTERESE, NIHIL BAXTER, CIVIL VICTIM, DERBY DOLLS, NAKAM etc. After the whole thing was released a few months ago as the smallest tape edition for a few concerts, the 4 songs are finally available on vinyl. AUSBEBOMBT play a brute mixture of mid-tempo hardcore punk and Oi, provided with a beautiful metal guitar and unforgettable hooks. Two songs with German lyrics, two songs with English lyrics, musically the whole thing moves somewhere between BOMBENALARM, HAMMERHEAD, SYNDROME 81 and NIGHT FEVER. What a cracker!) 8.00


AUSGEBOMBT - Wiedersehn macht Froide 7“ (kink — Not even a year has passed since the release of the first AUSGEBOMBT 7" and the foursome has already released another 4-song 7" - again at 45rpm, again 2 songs in German, 2 songs in English. And musically it's a similar cracker as the first 7" - fast, energetic hardcore punk with fat Oi and metal impact. Every now and then the gas pedal is pressed a little more, but mostly the whole thing moves in the mid-tempo range and is therefore very catchy. After the first hearing, the 4 songs get stuck in your ear and don't come out of it anytime soon. Bangs at least as well as the first 7" from last year…) 8.00


FRUSTRATION - Nowadays 7“ (born bad - More shouty post punk from Paris based Frustrations, who are a band who once described themselves as “Warsaw meet Wire meet the Fall”. Nowadays is an attention grabbing track full of spiky and jagged post-punk guitars, with singer Fabrice Gilbert’s hollering vocal style commanding your listening time. It’s backed with the band’s cover of Bruce Joyner And The Plantations 1983 song Winds Of Change.) 10.00


JEAN CLAUDRIC - Jeu De Dames OST 7“ (born bad - "Jeu de Dames, la libération des femmes" (1973), a film by director Christian Lara, is a vaguely subversive charm flick that won't be remembered for a long time. An amusing detail, however, is that Georges de Caunes, father of Antoine de Caunes, the famous French TV personality, plays the lead role alongside Danielle Palmero.  It's just one of a number of naïve films that, without being erotic, is sufficiently olé-olé that it failed to find a place in theaters on the traditional circuit. Faced with this commercial failure, the unscrupulous producer at the time, anxious to save his investments, decided to re-edit the film so that it could be screened in the X-rated circuit. He rechristened the film "Sex Revolution" in a more racy style, inserting more hardcore scenes to appeal to fans of the genre. The synopsis of the revisited film leaves no doubt as to its content:) 13.00


RETOX - s/t 7“ (three on g - Red vinyl - There is a relationship between society and the music it creates. Where it’s simply music, and not a revolution, it is a revolutionary tool. More importantly, music is an effective form of communication and a means of emotional expression. A stern “fuck you” to the powers that be is an obvious reaction to modern times. Retox is that reaction to stagnant and boring cultures, as well as the countercultures that have slipped into a sea of pointlessness. The band is a reaction to the world that the members and their comrades live in: lives littered with frustration; lives soaked in violence. Featuring members of acts such as The Locust, Rats Eyes, Head Wound City, Holy Molar, All Leather, Some Girls, and The Festival of Dead Deer. With violent music, as with Retox, there is no choice but to retoxify.) 10.00





ANJA LAUVDAL - Farewell to Faraway Friends LP (small-town super sound -"Stunning recordings from Norwegian pianist Anja Lauvdal, who follows-up last year’s Laurel Halo-produced ‘From a Story Now Lost’ with an album of improvisations made on a Wurlitzer electric piano, featuring the great Lasse Marhaug on mastering duties. Pastoral, personal, heartbreaking gear that’s required listening if you’re into Harold Budd, Loren Connors, Dominique Lawalrée, Robert Wyatt, Vincent Gallo." - Boomkat) 30.00


ANNA ST. LOUIS - In The Air LP (woodsists - WHITE VINYL. Born of a thousand nights lost in a surrender to stillness and contemplation, In The Air is Anna St. Louis’ second full length album and her most considered work yet. St. Louis’ debut If Only There Was a River seemed to emerge fully formed out of the recesses of her mind; a gritty, mesmerizing affair, filled with jagged edges and ghostly apparitions. The type of record that announces a new voice; one haunted by what has come before. But this time, St. Louis is no longer concerned with what could have been and sets her sights to exploring what could be.) 27.00


THE ARMED - Perfect Saviors LP (sergeant house - "Perfect Saviors" is our totally unironic, heartfelt attempt to create the biggest, best rock album of the 21st century." The Armed - the Detroit-based alternative metal post-hardcore collective - are back with new album Perfect Saviors, the next step since their 2021 breakthrough ULTRAPOP. Perfect Saviors was co-penned by Tony Wolski with Ben Chisholm and Troy Van Leeuwen produces, with contributions from Julien Baker, Sarah Tudzin, Mark Guiliana, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Eric Avery, Stephen Perkins, Josh Klinghoffer and many others. The album was also mixed by Alan Moulder (including NIN, Iggy Pop, Jesus & Mary Chain, Wet Leg, Foo Fighters...). Vocalist Tony Wolski said of the album, "Too much information has left us dumb and confused. Too many ways to network have inadvertently led to isolation. And too many expectations have forced everyone to become a celebrity. Predictable ones original dangers have given way to newer social dangers. The result is a world that is confusing and frightening, but ultimately beautiful. We hope this record is all that. Perfect Saviors concludes a trilogy of albums that explores and explores dissects what constitutes "pop culture" in a world of limitless information and access. Each album uses "pop music" as a loose format to express these ideas, and uses composition and presentation as a way to further question these questions. Perfect Saviors is the ultimate product of this evolution.With the help of one of the world's most renowned mixing engineers, The Armed have created a beautiful album that examines the language and world of pop through a unique, extreme and perverse lens, conveying their art. Perfect Saviors follows the critically acclaimed 2021 album ULTRAPOP, which has landed on numerous Best of 2021 lists including Pitchfork, New York Times, Stereogum, Revolver and many more. Gatefold vinyl with two 12-page booklets, insert + DLC!) 35.00


CAVE IN - Until Your Heart Stops DLP (relapse - Blood Red and Sea Blue Vinyl. Reissue of Until Your Heart Stops is a masterpiece, albeit it is far from Antenna, or Jupiter and such, the mix of metal, dissonance, and trippy guitars makes this album appeal to a lot more than just the hard core crowd.) 35.00


DAMIEN JURADO - Sometimes You Hurt The Ones You Hate LP (Sometimes You Hurt The Ones You Hate by Damien Jurado is a gorgeous, richly diverse and compact album and his third full-length on his label Maraqopa Records. The eight tracks are heavy with emotion and feature a wide spectrum of Jurado's continuously developing talents as a songwriter.) 28.00


DANIEL HIGGS -  Beyond & Between LP (la castaway - The mere idea of labeling Daniel Higgs as a carrier of folkloric-ethnic-traditional music may seem senseless but listening to the songs that the Lungfish singer has engraved together with the Catalonian multi-instrumentalist Marc Clos one can’t avoid picturing street musicians sitting by cart wheels in Damascus or under a fig tree in Cairo. If the latter solitary work from Higgs was characterized by its spartan resonance, in this delivery of the adventures of Lungfish’s frontman Clos’ accompanying percussion gives the content a color that we could unmistakably tag as Mediterranean. Anybody remotely familiarized with Higgs’ creative discourse will know that he prefers to use a limited amount of elements (voice and banjo in the majority of cases) in order to display the totality of his creative idiosyncrasy. In this collaborative effort Marc Clos’ percussion underlines with might the ancestral component that makes Higgs such a unique artist and conversely takes the whole to a different place in relation with his previous work.) 20.00


EX WHITE - This Is Future LP (mangel - If you had told me this band came from the late ’80s/early ’90s Chicago punk scene, I wouldn’t have doubted you for a second. Hailing from Germany, EX-WHITE’S first full-length ranges from dance-driven post-punk to raw, Midwestern melodic hardcore similar to NAKED RAYGUN and LEATHERFACE. Very much in line with some of the classic No Idea bands. I can’t lie, there’s a little bit of AC/DC thrown in here as well, especially on the titular track. Catchy as all hell, and released at the right time. This is a summer jam right here, folks. Give it a spin, you won’t be disappointed. (MRR)) 17.00


FELSENMIRROR - s/t LP (kontraszt - “When we got the word a new group had been assembled out of the ashes of some serious past hitters, we knew the result would be just as thick with fury and power as their previous outfits. Portland, Oregon’s new all-star team in the atmospheric metal arena is @_felsenmirror_ , uniting crushers from the likes of Augurs, Usnea, and Atriarch just to name a few. Just when you thought the Pacific Northwest extreme metal scene was in a recession, the torch bearers make a prodigal return with plenty of genuine novel sonic territory to explore and exploit. The album is one continuous block, a concept encapsulating the stages of grief, only to once again wind up at the last stage of acceptance and all it has to offer. The passages ebb and flow with the aid of violin with as exactly as much anticipation for the next shattering riff sequence thoroughly wiping the slate clean before reminding us of the annihilating pain that can all but extinguish us on this side of the grass. The drumming is exquisite in execution and far more dynamic than your average stoner doom, which is even more surprising when you realize the vocalist screaming his head off and drummer are the same person. This album leaves no dark metal motif unexamined and is a paramount testament to the region’s past two decades of esoteric, star-gazing, nature freaks that get the fuck down with gravely horrendous aural landscapes. Check the album out here and keep an eye out for more from these harsh visionaries.” (Lilian Void, CVLT NATION)) 18.00


GATECREEPER - Deserted LP (relapse - GATECREEPER return with their highly anticipated new album Deserted. The new album, a furious mix of snarling guitars and driving, rhythmic pummeling takes death metal from its 80's Floridian roots and 90's Swedish expansion straight into the here and now. In fact, the vanguard of death metal in 2019 can be found under Arizona’s searing sun. That’s where GATECREEPER members—Chase Mason, guitarist Eric Wagner, bassist Sean Mears, drummer Matt Arrebollo and guitarist Nate Garrett—make their homes. Of course, the band nodded to their scorching home state with the title of their 2016 full-length debut, Sonoran Depravation. The theme continues on Deserted, which boasts songs like “Sweltering Madness,” “Boiled Over” and the double-meaning title track.) 27.00


GRIEF - Come To Grief DLP (throne - This is Grief’s bleakest and most iconic full-legnth debut album. All artwork sourced from Eric Harrison's original paintings. This is the most thorough issue ever. A fucking classic of the genre!!!) 35.00


JAIMIE BRANCH - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) LP (international anthem - In July of 2022, just one month before jaimie branch"s death sent shockwaves around the world, the trumpet player and composer was in Chicago at International Anthem (IARC) studios putting finishing touches on an album. It was a suite of music she had composed and then recorded with her flagship ensemble, Fly or Die, over the course of a residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. In her wake, the album was near complete, with only mixing tweaks, final titles, and artwork to be fully realized. In the months following, her family (led by sister Kate Branch), her band (Jason Ajemian, Lester St. Louis, and Chad Taylor), and her collaborators at IARC (engineers Dave Vettraino and David Allen, comrades Alejandro Ayala and Scott McNiece) banded together to gather memories, texts, emails, photographs, artwork and fragments belonging to jaimie to light the path forward. The goal was always to do what jaimie would have done. Packaged in stunning artwork by John Herndon, Damon Locks, and branch herself, Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) is jaimie"s final album with the quartet) 34.00


JACQUES TATI - Swing! DLP (born bad - Watching a movie by Tati is a surprising experience; in his films, sound and music speak more than do words, overtaking the conventional discourse – and boredom – of adulthood. Hulot remains silent, or mumbles. Tati knows all about the noises of the modern world: beeps, rings, crackles, pneumatic drill, cars, mechanical, electrical and rubbery sounds, the high heels of secretaries and typewriters, factory noises, creaking doors, sighing chairs, machines and technical machines, franglais, vacuum cleaners and the whole range of small appliances… With all of that urban and domestic jumble, plastics of all sorts, linoleum and formica, he composes a virtuoso partition. Signs and signals, warning sounds and sirens mislead us in the urban space. Tati maliciously disorients us. Maximalist, he records on five tracks in skilful, tasteful rhythms – a pleasure for the senses. Hearing Mon Oncle, Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, Playtime changes one’s outlook onto the world – never again will you perceive the noises of towns and villages in the same way. The modern city is Hulot’s playground – with it he invents a totally new soundscape. Then there’s the organic, the countryside, the barking dogs, the wasp bothering François on his bicycle, all the way to the mailman’s fall into the river…When we met Jacques Tati in his modest, shooting paraphernalia-filled office on rue de Bièvres, he spoke about music hall and its rules, silent cinema, his famous pantomime Impressions Sportives… In praise of gestures and noises, and not a word. As for his movies’ music, which he described as color, it bursts right into the mess, opens up the celebration: drummer’s frenzy, frenetic dance at the Royal Garden… Never illustrative, it shakes up the thrumming of the modern world and makes its way through the story, just like a real character. Images and sound are edited as one single material, both equally partaking in the story. Tati masters the art of tempo – there’s not one sound, one note, one silence too many in the scenario. Pure sophistication.) 30.00


JEROMES DREAM -The Gray In Between LP (iodine - SILVER WATER PEARL EDT. Jeromes Dream is a hardcore band based in San Francisco, sharing a history with bands like Orchid, Saetia, Reversal of Man, and pageninetynine. After existing between 1997 and 2001, then reforming in 2018, JD will release their third full-length, The Gray In Between in 2023. The album introduces Sean Leary (Loma Prieta) on guitar and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Quicksand, Joyce Manor). The Gray In Between is a raw, unapologetically blistering, yet beautiful execution of hardcore that demonstrates a honed precession in songwriting, lyrical content, and boundless passion. This album is quite possibly the band’s best, most powerful, and most realized work to date. Vinyl includes a download card) 30.00


KARA-LIS COVERDALE AND LXV - Sirens LP (Umor Rex - Sirens is the first collaborative LP of Kara-Lis Coverdale (Tim Hecker, L/B) and LXV (David Sutton). Following their respective solo cassette releases Aftertouches (2015) and Spectral Playmate (2014) on Sacred Phrases, Coverdale and LXV debut on Umor Rex with a collection of multi-textural and multi-source electronic music rich in narrative, melody, and spectral intrigue. Inspired by the link between seduction and violence, Sirens comprises a series of timbrally vast anamorphic pieces that poise the voice as a newly imagined tool of multiplicity. Processes of sample manipulation, signal processing, routing, and source design inform instrumental writing and performance in feedback until intertwined, flickering between states of conflict and consonance. Apparitions of the schitzophrenic voice are at one moment fractured and cold and at the next full of warmth and vivaciousness, embodying velvet rituals of romanticism in the digital age.) 27.00


LATHE OF HEAVEN - Bound By Naked Skies LP (sacred bones - WHITE VINYL WITH OBI. With little more under their belt than a relentless string of live performances, and a twice pressed (subsequently sold out) Self-Titled Demo, NYC based band Lathe of Heaven have proved themselves to be a potent and cohesive element amidst the torrent of hardcore punk and synth-driven pop revival currently proliferation throughout the U.S. underground. Formed in 2021, the band features members of noteworthy Brooklyn based projects such as Pawns, People’s Temple, Porvenir Oscuro, Android, Hustler And more.) 27.00


LAWRENCE ENGLISH - Observation of Breath LP (hallow ground - Do you remember the last time you were breathing consciously? Either way, you are likely doing it now. On his new album »Observation of Breath« for the Swiss-based Hallow Ground label, Lawrence English worked exclusively with an organ for four compositions that are exercises in »maximal minimalism,« as their creator himself notes in a nod to Charlemagne Palestine, who coined this term. While it seems somewhat fitting that those four pieces based on a steady flow of air were conceived and recorded in a situation of accelerated standstill caused by a respiratory disease, the Room40 founder is not so much concerned with capturing the zeitgeist than rather incorporating the spirit of time itself. »It is a record about presence and patience,« he explains. Exploring the unique sonic affordances of a singular instrument, »Observation of Breath« is not only devoted to the durability of sound but also to its density. That it marks his debut on Hallow Ground after having shaped its sound by mastering most of the label’s releases in recent years is just as fitting then as its release following albums by Kali Malone and FUJI|||||||||||TA, whose innovative work with organ instruments have facilitated a rediscovery of their possibilities.) 28.00


MARIA W HORN & MATS ERLANDSSON - Celestial Shores LP (BAADM - The music heard on this album was originally the result of a commission to score the second half of the film 'Nico/Nico Crying' made by Andy Warhol in 1966. The commission was made by Art Cinema OFFoff in collaboration with B.A.A.D.M for a screening of the film together with a live presentation of the score in September 2021 at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. The recording presented here was made in the last week of that year and mixed soon after in January 2022. These recordings are essentially live-recordings performed by the composers together in the same room and recorded in a manner reminiscent of the record making process as it was in the late 1960s. The instrumentation used to make the sounds on this album consists of modular synthesis, zither, voice, contaminated field recordings and metal percussion.) 27.00


MARTYRDÖD - List LP (la familia - The unparalleled Swedish giants of modern metallic d-beat, Martyrdöd, return this November with their sixth full-length of endlessly fascinating, devastatingly different crust, List, once again through La Famila, D-Takt & Rapunk and Southern Lord, as with 2014’s Elddop) 16.00


MEAT WAVE - Malign Hex LP (swami - Coming fresh off the back of last year's EP Volcano Park, Meat Wave are back with their fourth album Malign Hex10 tracks of grimy punk perfection that represent their most cohesive, dynamic and ambitious work to date. Once described as 'a punked up, 200mph equivalent of Built to Spill or the War on Drugs', the band deliver yet another abrasive post-punk master class that will satisfy both old and new fans alike. ) 30.00


MIZMOR - Mizmor DLP (Gilead - The first Mizmor full-length, originally released in 2012, has now been remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time. The release of this self-titled album gave the world its first glimpse of Mizmor, and while many of the elements that we recognize on Yodh and Cairn are present here it's fascinating to hear the foundation for those sounds in a very raw fashion. The Mizmor debut is a document of change. A person losing their faith and finding the trailhead of a new path.) 42.00


NADJA - SV LP (broken spine - Originally released in 2016 on CD by Essence Music, now issued on vinyl for the first time by Broken Spine, re-mixed and mastered, and with new artwork by Lapis Niger. Originally released in 2016 on CD by Essence Music, now issued on vinyl for the first time by Broken Spine, re-mixed and mastered, and with new artwork by Lapis Niger. Originally composed for two different music festivals in Berlin, Germany, Nadja's latest album Sv is composed of a single, forty-two minute track that acts as a follow-up to Queller. Released as a now-sold-out handmade box set via Essence Music, Sv's title is short for Sievert, a unit measurement for ion radiation on the human body. while I am not certain the context in which that applies to the album, I can go on to say how well done Sv is and how I walked away without any reoccurring radiation. ) 22.00


NATIVE NOD - This Can't Exist LP (numero - An antidote to the tough-guy hardcore spreading from CBGB’s, emo outliers Native Nod’s unique genre juxtaposition of damaged art-rock, daring/naive songwriting, and raw, poetic vocals have set them apart from the glut of early-’90s post-hardcore. Compiled here are the band’s trio of seminal 7” EPs for the Gern Blandsten label, with liner notes by Jenn Pelly and scores of unseen photographs and ephemera.) 27.00


PARLLALAX SMILE - Bruised fruit LP  (kink - PARALLAX SMILE come from Groningen/Netherlands and were founded in 2019. There are old acquaintances who have been in the Dutch DIY punk/hardcore scene for decades and have played in bands such as MAKILADORAS, SUFFERING QUOTA, MUSHROOM ATTACK, FLEAS AND LICE, SYSTEM BASTARD etc. played. In 2021 a 7-song demo was released on Bandcamp and since the recordings were far too good for a purely digital release, the whole thing is finally available on vinyl. Musically there is a sound strongly influenced by 80s UK anarchopunk with a New Wave / post punk touch in the form of a keyboard. There are also political lyrics and female vocals, which are occasionally supported by other band members. Unfortunately, in the course of the LP release, the band's drummer, Maynard (including Fleas and Lice, Mushroom Attack etc.), passed away: Gone but not forgotten, rest in punk, dear friend.) 15.00


QUICKSAND - Slip LP (back in stock on Green Galaxy Vinyl - Available for the first time in over a decade, the 30th anniversary edition of "Slip" was completely remastered for vinyl using the original, 1993 master tapes and includes bonus track "How Soon is Now?" The jacket artwork was reconstructed using original art elements and color improvements. "Slip" was recorded by Quicksand members Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today), Tom Capone (Beyond, Bold), Sergio Vega (Deftones, Moondog), and Alan Cage (Beyond, Seaweed), and co-produced by Steven Haigler (Pixies) and Don Fury (Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front)) 35.00


SLOWDIVE - Everything Is Alive LP (dead oceans - The fifth album from shoegaze giants Slowdive contains the duality of a familiar internal language mixed with the exaltation of new beginnings. everything is alive is transportive, searching and aglow, the work of a classic band continuing to pitch its unmistakable voice to the future. Six years after the group’s monumental self-titled album, everything is alive finds Slowdive—vocalists and guitarists Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead, guitarist Christian Savill, bassist Nick Chaplin, and drummer Simon Scott—locating evermore contours of its immersive, elemental sound.) 27.00


SONIC YOUTH - In/Out/In LP (three lobed - In mulling over their career, it’s staggering to realize that Sonic Youth not only delivered a healthy slab of releases as a unit but also have a myriad of shelved material still waiting for broader ears. While the group’s current Bandcamp abode lays out a generous amount of it, a bunch more has yet to surface. And it’s a massive mountain to chip away at in the sense of the group output alone; individual members’ projects are a whole other game, needless to say. "In/Out/In" ably delivers a new slab of mostly-unheard Sonic righteousness, with a scope on the post 2000-era band in especially zoned/exploratory regions.) 28.00


SPIRIT POSSESSION – Of The Sign… LP (profound lore - Almost three years spent sharpening orthodox weapons, SP reveal their second full length “Of the Sign…’, six schizo spiraling, deranged hymns of Black Heavy Metal from a lost time. While the S/T full length was a raw blistering torrent draped in first wave blood, ‘Of the Sign…’ seems to be thoroughly drenched in its epic, strange and primitive ways. A violent cacophony of insanity laden cavern vocals, labyrinthian guitar trilling, scalding drum brutality, and analog harsh-noise eruptions; these are sinister yet adventurous black/heavy/death abominations from a forgotten age. Erratic musical madness with improbable entrances, and impossible exits. Featuring S. Peacock ( Ulthar / Pandiscordian Necrogenesis / Mastery ) on Strings and Vocals, and A. Spungin ( Vouna / Ormus / Taurus ) on Drums and Handmade Synthesizers.) 30.00


DIE VERLIERER - s/t LP (back in stock - New Postpunk band from Berlin with peeps of Chuckamuck & Die Maske. Bass-driven, raw and NDW influenced Postpunk that transfer you straight in the 1980s in Berlin.) 17.00


V/A - À Moi La Liberté, Early Electronic Raï, Algérie 1983-90 DLP (born bad - "Delving into the deepest recesses of raï, this compilation serves as a tribute to its roaring years, but also as a rejuvenation of the genre in its sulphurous, subterranean version. Through the pre- and post-independence years, from 1950 to 1970, raï urbanised itself, with a generation listening to the traditional sounds, but also and mostly listening to twist, French variété and rock music. Including 6-page booklet with liner notes in French and English and download code.“) 30.00


V/A - BIPPP : French Synth-Wave 1979/85 LP (born bad - Increasingly detached from the original punk formula, the modern and arty youth of the early eighties set itself to jettison an artform that had lost much of the nihilistic and exhilarating energy of its halcyon days, stuck, as it was, in an endless and noisy regression. No Future was the motto of an artform without a cause that no longer echoed with the mindset of the time. Disheartened but eager to experiment and create, a new wave of French musician followed the beacon of Jacno’s seminal 79 hit “Rectangle”, a visionary, digital coup de grâce ,courtesy of a former punk which dealt the Rickenbacker and Fender era a fatal blow. The cold and robot-like bips of analogic keyboards took over. Casio, Korg MS 10, Arp Omni were the new paraphernalia of the növö generation. The ideal conveyers of its retro-futurist elegance and self-professed cold arrogance. They were pinnacles and symbols which turned as potent a fetiche as the electric guitar in the fifties or the laptop in the nineties.BIPP recalls the glory of a selected few. The cream of the crop of the shooting stars and cult band that followed in the footsteps of Kas Product, Mathematiques Modernes or Charles de Goal. ) 24.00


YAN TREGGER - Space Oddities 1974-1991 LP (born bad - As soon as the pilots of the Space Oddities endeavour decided to tackle Yan Tregger's oeuvre, a major problem surfaced: where to begin? And where to end? Upon which side should one launch into the ascension of this body of work? It will have taken Alexis Le-Tan and Jess years to put up this selection, capturing the profusion and eclecticism of Tregger who, at 81 years old, has yet to lay down the arms and still defines himself as a "jack of all trades". Symphonies, library music, movie soundtracks, TV credits, advertisement, French variété, pop, disco, electronic, experimental or relaxation music, Yan Tregger (born Edouard Scotto di Suoccio) took up all genres, styles and formats through a career spanning from the end of the 50s to this day. How the Stakhanovist successfully went down so many different routes can be explained by his innate talent for composing melodies; they are the very basis on which his iconoclastic production was built. Ten years ago already, Yan Tregger had welcomed us in the studio of his Parisian suburb pavilion. There, sat in front of his machines and albums framed on the wall, he had delved into the midst of a life writing itself like would a rather unusual musical score.) 23.00




OSTSEETRAUM - Wie Ein Übersäuerter See TAPE (Mangel - Ostseetraum’s continuously working machines strike back with the next release on Adagio830 and Mangel!11 tracks that combine dubby bass-lines, quirky synths, driving rhythms, touching melodies, abstract texting on lo-fi recording.) 7.00


SLOWDIVE - Everything Is Alive TAPE (dead oceans - The fifth album from shoegaze giants Slowdive contains the duality of a familiar internal language mixed with the exaltation of new beginnings. everything is alive is transportive, searching and aglow, the work of a classic band continuing to pitch its unmistakable voice to the future. Six years after the group’s monumental self-titled album, everything is alive finds Slowdive—vocalists and guitarists Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead, guitarist Christian Savill, bassist Nick Chaplin, and drummer Simon Scott—locating evermore contours of its immersive, elemental sound.) 15.00






WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ sweatshirt!  (Various colors and sizes ) 40.00


WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ t-shirt! T-SHIRT (various colors and sizes) 30.00


WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ corduroy hat! CAP (Official WE RELEASE JAZZ corduroy hat! White Embroidery on B682 Heritage Cord Cap.Available in Black, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Camel Beige - 100% Cotton Corduroy, TearAway label for ease of rebranding, 6 panel design, Heritage styling, Cotton twill sweatband and interior taping
Soft unstructured crown, Self fabric strap with silver effect buckle and grommet, Logo by Nicolas Eigenheer!) 36.00