Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 April 2024

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 April 2024

Hi, welcome to another newsletter for April. A bunch of great releases arrived like the new SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN - Nimbus LP, V/A - Bristol Pirates LP restock, V/A - My Greatest Revenge: Flamenco Recordings, 1904-1938 LP, STILL HOUSE PLANTS - If I don’t make it, I love u LP, TWELVE CUBIC FEET - Straight Out The Fridge LP re issue, THOMAS BUSH - The Next 60 Years LP (!!), CHRISTINE ÖDLUND - Fyra Dimensioner Av Ett Träsk LP-BOXSET, AHMED - Giant Beauty 5xCD BOXSET (!!!), VALENTINA MAGALETTI - A Queer Anthology of Drums LP restock, FANNY CHIARELLO - Basta Now: Women, Trans & Non-binary in Experimental Music BOOK restock, BEX BURCH - There Is Only Love And Fear LP, GRAUZONE DLP restock, RYO FUKUI restocks, CUKOR BILA SMERT - Recordings 1990-1993 DLP, MERZBOW - Tsubute Mosaic LP, SST restocks, JEROMES DREAM - The Gray In Between LP restock, Orchid restocks, COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN - I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos LP, BIG BOYS re issues, TEXAS IS THE REASON DLP restock, CEREMONY - Rohnert Park LP restock and more.


Also on Saturday will be RSD and as you probably know - we celebrate RSD everyday - since there is music around us Monday til Sunday. As the years before we ordered a few titles we think would fit the shop anyway and this time we also have a little raffle and each customer can win something nice. So if you are around, stop by or any other day and get some cool music. 


We also added (adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman








THE SUPERVOID CHORAL ENSEMBLE - s/t 7“ (vitriol - Excellent new band featuring members of Cloudkicker (Ben Sharp - Guitar, Bass) and Gospel (Vinny Roseboom - Drums). Three hot tracks of chaotic, highly particular and hypnotizing riffing. A truly sick first release for this project.

Comes in a nice glued jacket with gold flood inside. All in all sick. Comes in black vinyl only for the first press/500. This is VIT063 Drums tracked by Steve Johnson at My Low Studio, Bellmore, NY
Mastered by Dan Wilburn.) 12.00




ATRAE BILIS - Aumicide LP (20 buck spin - Like all bands that combine different forms of metal, Atræ Bilis from Vancouver cannot be easily pigeonholed. Death metal, atmospheric dissonance, technical brutality and much more are thrown into the meat grinder and merge beautifully and disturbingly into their own distinctive blend - like a perfectly functioning, innovative machine. On the new album "Aumicide", the successor to the 2021 debut "Apexapien", Atræ Bilis have once again significantly expanded the scope of their confusing melange of blazing incantations. Sounding both oppressively direct and smooth and organic, the band pushes boundaries by introducing Cyberdyne slams, mystical inscrutability and unbridled new dimensions to the vocals. As conceptually engaging as it is technically proficient, "Aumicide" tells of a test specimen subjected to belief removal experiments by being forced through hellish simulations in order to separate the self from the multiverse - leading to the emergence of a new era; an egregore produced by absolute impiety. Produced, produced, mixed and mastered by Cryptopsy's Christian Donaldson, the massive production of "Aumicide" catapults Canadian power to unimagined extremes. The result is one of the most ambitious underground releases of 2024, unwaveringly catapulting the often backwards death metal genre into a far more frightening future.) 28.00


BIG BOYS - Where's My Towel / Industry Standard LP (touch and go - Debut album originally released in 1981 from Austin, TX, punk visionaries the Big Boys. The band was fronted by the occasionally cross-dressing Randy "Biscuit" Turner, with Tim Kerr on guitar, Chris Gates playing bass, and a series of drummers - the best known of which is Rey Washam (Scratch Acid). Thanks to their inclusion on some of Thrasher magazine's first skate comps, the Big Boys were hugely popular amongst the new, '80s skate-punk crowd.) 30.00


CHRISTINE ÖDLUND - Fyra Dimensioner Av Ett Träsk LP-BOXSET (irrlich - Fyra dimensioner av ett träsk" by Swedish artist Christine Ödlund is an audio companion piece to her 2023 exhibition in Stockholm and a submersion into the swamp as a zone of transition. Combining field and hydrophone recordings with autoharp, shruti box, voice and synthesizer, Ödlund attempts to capture the elusive and otherworldly swamp – conjuring forth the fourth dimension through sound – where decomposition is spelled liberation and decay sows the seeds of new life. 12” vinyl in a handmade box set with foil engraving. Produced in collaboration with CFHILL. “Fyra dimensioner av ett träsk”, released in an edition of 100 signed and hand numbered copies. ) 85.00


CRAWL SPACE - My God... What've I Done? LP (iron lung - Ten short, sharp blasts of ultra-frenetic, intense and to the point, American hardcore punk in the vein of Negative FX, Agnostic Front, The Abused, and Deathwish. A couple of these triumphant new epics are more than one minute in length so consider this their step up to long-play maturity. Crawl Space has emerged from the basement and stepped into the daylight ready to stomp your ears out. 12"ep includes an etched B-side.) 26.00


COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN - I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos LP (dark operative - "I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos" is the only proper full-length album from Tampa, FL's Combat Wounded Veteran. Recorded by Steve Heritage (Assuck) at Morrisound at the beginning of 1999, it was initially released via LP and CD formats from No Idea Records. This first reissue is but one of three 12"s to come.) 28.00


CUKOR BILA SMERT - Recordings 1990-1993 DLP (shukai - The founders of Cukor Bila Smert’ (Ukrainian: ?????– ???? ??????, English: Sugar – White Death) band were Svitlana Okhrimenko (a.k.a. Svitlana Nianio), Oleksandr Kohanovs’kyi, and Tamila Mazur, who studied at the Reinhold Glier Kyiv Academy of Music in 1984-1988. In the summer of 1988, they got acquainted with Eugene Taran, a young guitarist and artist. He joined the band and also became the ideologist of Sugar – White Death. Moreover, Eugene coined the name for the band: the irony towards the Yellow Press. The musicians gathered at Kohanovs’kyi’s house, where they spent their free time not only playing music but also listening to and discussing new records and thinking about the conception of their new project. For two years, the band recorded a few home-made albums, such as “Rhododendrons Coral Aspides” in 1988 (which is considered lost), where Kostyantyn Dovzhenko took part as a guitarist and sound engineer. He also replaced Taran during the recording session because Eugene was passing an exam at that time. The band also recorded another album – “Lilies and Amaralises,” in 1989, which is also considered lost. Eugene remembers that the band made a lot of recordings but did not pay so much attention to them. Sugar – White Death played live occasionally but spent more time creating their own sound, which was named by Oleksii Dekhtyar (a founder of “Ivanov Down”) as a “sugar calypso sound.” At that time, the music was mostly created by Oleksandr Kohanovs’kyi, and the lyrics were written by Svitlana Okhrimenko and Eugene Taran. In February 1990, a quartet came to the Scientists House Studio in Kyiv, where they had one studio session only, recorded by Valerii Papchenko. Musicians played live for about one take. This session was represented on the “Mannered Music” compilation by several blocks – “Venus with Long Neck,” “The New Sissies,” and “Rhododendrons Coral Aspides,” which was shortened to “Rhododendrons” on the cassette (two songs from which – “Summer Will Not Come” and “The Great Hen-Yuan’ River,” dedicated to Grigorii Khoroshylov, the sinologist from Kyiv). The compilation cover design was created by Eugene Taran. Later, this tape got to Vlodek Nakonechnyj, the founder of Koka Records, a young Polish label, who released “Mannered Music” on cassettes and made efforts to invite Sugar – White Death to play several gigs in Poland.) 50.00


DESTINY BOND - Be My Vengeance LP (convulsive - Destiny Bond draws from classic influences like Faith, Slapshot, early Fucked Up, and Dag Nasty, and offers a brand of hardcore that is unafraid of melody but not completely enamored with it. Lyrically, "Be My Vengeance" interrogates community and identity and the idea that these can be mutually supportive forces in your life. Limited edition of 500 copies.) 27.00


DFL - My Crazy Life LP (trust - Dead Fucking Last (also known as DFL) is an American punk rock band founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, CA, by Tom Davis, Monty Messex, Adam (Ad-Rock) Horovitz (Beastie Boys), and Tony Converse. Trust Records is proud to reissue the band's iconic, debut full-length "My Crazy Life," which was recorded at the Beastie Boys' G-Son Studios in Atwater Village by B-Boys' producer Mario Caldato Jr. (Mario C). The deluxe reissue also includes a 20-page, full-color oral history, a massive, full-color 'zine packed with unpublished flyers and, the piece de resistance: a complete, totally unreleased live show that was recorded at a huge party at G-Son Studios the day after album tracking was completed.) 30.00




ERIK ENOCKSSON & KRISTOFER FLENSMARCK - Signal LP (“Signal”, Erik Enocksson and Kristofer Flensmarck's new collaborative work is an electroacoustic composition for voice and electronics – a contemporary echo of late twentieth-century avant-garde text-sound compositions – methodically burrowing its way deeper into a seemingly mundane existence, through alphabetical sequence, all the while revealing its inherent mystery: All förlust / all ilska / all meningslöshet / all skönhet All natur / all rädsla / all skit / all stillhet / all tid - Transmissions of a fragmented existential narrative, slowly torn apart by violent waves of static and feedback – together Enocksson and Flensmarck create earthshaking drone poetry. “Signal” is released in collaboration with Anti editör, 2023.) 27.00



Jeromes Dream is a hardcore band based in San Francisco, sharing a history with bands like Orchid, Saetia, Reversal of Man, and pageninetynine. After existing between 1997 and 2001, then reforming in 2018, JD will release their third full-length, The Gray In Between in 2023. The album introduces Sean Leary (Loma Prieta) on guitar and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Quicksand, Joyce Manor). The Gray In Between is a raw, unapologetically blistering, yet beautiful execution of hardcore that demonstrates a honed precession in songwriting, lyrical content, and boundless passion. This album is quite possibly the band’s best, most powerful, and most realized work to date. Vinyl includes a download card) 30.00 


KAREN MARKS - Cold Café LP (effizient space -Almost four decades since it's domestic release, Karen Marks' 1981 single Cold Café has finally reaped it's deserved international credit to become one of Australia's most recognised minimal wave recordings. Efficient Space now showcases the Melbourne artist's brief but entire discography, including two previously unheard demos, all produced with experimental synthesist Ash Wednesday (The Metronomes, Modern Jazz, Thealonian Music). A rarity in the then male dominated industry, Marks found her footing in music, first through rock journalism and then in band management. Formally of Adelaide, newly arrived synth-punks JAB (Johnny Crash, Ash Wednesday and Bodhan X) approached her for representation, subsequently contributing tracks to seminal 1978 snapshot Lethal Weapons and playing the Crystal Ballroom's opening night. Wednesday and Crash would soon dissolve JAB, enlisting Mark Ferry and Sean Kelly to create Models. Still under Mark's management, Models became one of the fastest rising new bands of the punk movement, playing to full houses of dedicated and frenzied fans everywhere. Sadly, internal frictions forced Wednesday and Marks to leave after two years, with Crash following three months later.) 16.00


LONGINGS - Dreams In Red LP (don Giovanni - Longings unveil their second full-length album, Dreams In Red, revealing a broad post-punk vision of haunting atmospheres and driving melodies. Eight new songs with a sense of urgency, ranging from the abrasive to the abstract. From the woods of Western Massachusetts, Longings are a powerhouse trio featuring Cole Lanier (California X, Rogue Trooper), Meghan Minior (Siamese Twins, Ampere), and Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Vaccine). Self-Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Dead Air Studios.) 27.00


LORI VAMBE - Space-Time Dreamtime:The Four-Dimensional Music Of DLP (strut - Occasionally, you find music outside the commercial mainstream, outside of everything – the music of visionaries, eccentrics, inventors, loners, the keepers of secrets, the path-finders. Moondog, Daphne Oram, Harry Partch are from this mould. And so too is Lori Vambe. This is the first ever reissue of Vambe’s privately pressed original albums from 1982, Drumland Dreamland and Drumgita Solo, packaged in a deluxe slipcase and featuring both albums in their original artwork!) 40.00


MELVINS - Tarantula Heart LP (ipecac - The Melvins' new album 'Tarantula Heart' is like nothing the band has ever done before. A milestone, no question. Maybe even their best record. But definitely one of her weirdest. The focus of the five-song album is the 19-minute opener 'Pain Equals Funny' and the raucous heavy hit 'Working the Ditch’. In addition to the three core members, the album also features drummer Roy Mayorga (Ministry, Soulfly, Stone Sour and Nausea) and We Are The Asteroid guitarist Gary Chester, with whom the Melvins recently toured. This album shows more than ever the diverse influences that inform Buzz's creative process. Be it Judy Garland classics, The Birthday Party or even the improvisational approach of Miles Davis. 'Tarantula Heart' not only sounds good, no, it also looks good with the brilliant cover artwork by Mackie Osborne.) 28.00


MERZBOW - Tsubute Mosaic LP (modern obscure -Merzbow (aka Masami Akita), Animal Rights Activist, Writer, and Musician, an Iconic Figure in International Noise Scene - Renowned for his pioneering contributions to the noise music genre, Merzbow (aka Masami Akita) has solidified his position as one of its most significant and recognizable figures. From his groundbreaking utilization of tape loops to craft expansive industrial landscapes in the late 1970s, to his transition to laptop-generated static noise at the turn of the century, Merzbow has consistently pushed the boundaries of sonic experimentation. Modern Obscure Music is delighted to unveil Merzbow's debut release on the label, "Tsubute Mosaic.") 27.00


PAPRIKA - Lets Kill Punk (iron lung - Ugly, dirty hardcore punk from New Orleans, LA, with a massive recording, Paprika's reverb-soaked vocals and buzzsaw guitars are the soundtrack to your worst nightmare. Tempos range from all-out speed to mid-range stomp for all the creepy crawlers out there.) 26.00


STARGAZE INFERNO - Hayman Island Sessions LP (are you before - Recorded on Hayman Island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, the paths of stranded friends Ryko Kalinko (guitar & sampler) and Aemon Webb (vocals, guzheng & percussion) meet, creating an astonishing 3-part journey of deeply spiritual improvisations reflecting the beauty, isolation and nature of their vivid environment.  “There Are Many Moods Of Tropical Exultation” carefully spends its 20+ minute track length conjuring a spell, bringing all dust in the room to settle. Smoke trails rise. Shade cloth quietly billows. Ryko and Aemon let their guitar and guzheng flow across and between one another, dissolving clock hands and carrying the listener into the twilight hours. “Stand For The Rush” introduces the B-side and shifts the sense of stillness towards something more rhythmic where the nocturnal world begins to open its eyes. Rattling drum machine percussion, slinking guzheng and chirping birds weave in and out of focus whilst booming kicks drive forward. A distant siren wails whilst life in surrounding undergrowth moves in shadows.  Finally “These Waves…” drops the world into droning negative space where crushing black sky comes down. Crooning out into vast nothing. Murmuring; lost at sea. “Never coming home”. Released by Are You Before and Total Stasis. Originally released by Breakdance The Dawn. Artwork by Musheto Fernández. Mastered by Amir Shoat. Hayman Island Sessions was recorded on the land of the Ngaro people and produced on the land of the Gadigal people. The sovereignty of these lands was never ceded. ) 27.00


STILL HOUSE PLANTS - If I don’t make it, I love u LP (bison - ‘If I don't make it, I love u’ is Still House Plants’ third LP and the fullest embodiment of their sound to date. Where ‘Fast Edit’ formed with quick attachment and jump cuts, ‘If I don't make it’ is shaped by persistence - a commitment to the songs that makes the music solid, warmer and accepted. Marking the trio’s decade of friendship, this is the first record written whilst all live in the same city since 2017's ‘Assemblages’. The band rehearsed it relentlessly, playing for nobody except themselves, consistently building support for one another and growing the way they play. Jess’ voice is deeper. Fin’s guitar is full size, richer. David drums harder. Focused on one point together, everyone gets bigger and nothing falls apart. The guitar and the drums blend, raise the voice, make room for what is being said, what is felt.) 28.00


SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN - Nimbus LP (three lobed - Three Lobed and Sunburned Hand of the Man have a long history. The label has been releasing the group’s output for nearly two of its three decades of making music. As Sunburned has picked up momentum again in recent years, the label’s been right there, releasing the highly acclaimed "Pick a Day to Die" in 2020, and in late 2022 reissuing a 20th anniversary edition of "Headdress", the classic and confounding first Sunburned LP. Label head Cory Rayborn acted as the catalyst for storyteller Kelly Davis to assemble "No Way Out", an astonishing eight-part oral history podcast released by Aquarium Drunkard in 2023. It was a free-wheeling kaleidoscope of a project, mirroring the band’s own elusiveness and flux. Sunburned life was related, analyzed, mythologized, dissected, and obfuscated.) 30.00


SVITLANA NIANIO - Transilvania Smile, 1994 LP (shukai - First official release) Original soundtrack for the dance-theatre performance 'Transilvania Smile' by Svitlana Nianio recorded in phantonstudio, Cologne, 1994-1995This album is one of the most personal and insightful works of Svitlana Nianio from the 90s, which you can now get to know in its original form and sound.

Svitlana Okhrimenko (artist name: Svitlana Nianio) is a Ukrainian artist, musician, and signer. She is one of the most prominent representatives of the independent music scene of Kyiv in the late 1980s — early 90s. She has repeatedly recorded and performed in collaboration with other musicians and bands, such as Oleksandr Yurchenko, Sugar White Death (Cukor Bila Smert’), Ivanov Down, GeeNerve & Taran, and Blemish. Svitlana still performs and publishes new recordings today. “Transilvania Smile” is one of the first solo works recorded in 1994. During this time, Svitlana repeatedly visited Germany, where she had the experience of playing in parks and on the streets, gathering contacts of the local art scene. Her cooperation with the international choreographic group Pentamonia, based in Cologne and consisting of several girls who performed in theaters, took part in various performances, and were engaged in music. They met in the 1990s during joint performances with "Sugar-White Death." After that, they corresponded, and the idea of doing something together arose. Svitlana attended several of their performances, which inspired her to write music for a new project, and the band members helped to realize their creative ideas. Later, they started rehearsing together.) 32.00


THOMAS BUSH - The Next 60 Years LP (dolly - Thomas Bush chases an ace Laila Sakini split with his 3rd solo side of slouched and uncanny DIY chamber pop songcraft, RIYL Flaming Tunes, Mark Glynne & Bart Zwier, Pigbaby. ‘The Next 60 Years’ leads on from Thomas Bush’s 2018 debut for John T Gast’s 5GT and 2022 one for Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox with a half hour inside his curious mind. Somehow fleeting but fixed, the six songs hit a highly satisfying mark of fine-wrought arrangements riddled with strange artefacts ornamenting the ether, clearly distinguished from his work in the fissures of dub techno and ambient pop as RAP, but nevertheless betraying the fingerprints of his bandmate Guy Gormley as co-producer on its micro-dosed, lysergic patina of tape scribbled textures and avant-dub wise mixing. Comparisons with Flaming Tunes are surely warranted from the off with his West Coast US-via-East London fusion of harpsichord swag with on-the-turn vocal harmonies in ‘Same Life Flowed’, and which percolate the album thru to the queered hallucination ‘Face in the Water’ and mesh of spindly strings and loner whispers in ‘Flood of Light’. He properly snags us with something like Mark Glynne & Bart Zwier meets Pigbaby on ‘Burn Clear’, especially in the radio interceptions buried deep in the stereo field that caused us to check the speakers were functioning properly, and the curdled tone of ‘Mulligan’ is destined straight for the spiked peaches folder. ) 26.00


TWELVE CUBIC FEET - Straight Out The Fridge LP (sealed - Suddenly it’s ok to be a square” - Twelve Cubic Feet, a clear case of a band which should have been bigger than the Beatles but, for some malignant reason, became a blurry foot note on the underground music history. Formed from the ashes of Exhibit A in the Spring of 1981 the band disappeared leaving no trace shortly after 1983. During their brief existence they released a series of stickers, a monthly newsletter, two cassette tapes and their incomparable Straight Out Of The Fridge 10”, which was at the very top of our dream records to release since we started Sealed Records. Twelve Cubic Feet released this perfect 22 minute 7 track album in 1982 on Namedrop Records (home to Doof, Philip Johnson and Cold War and ran by Philip Johnson and 12CF guitarist Paul Platypus). It is a a glorious scratchy DIY indie pop gem with a post punk spirit. The sound is naive and fragile yet very addictive. Based around jangly clean guitars, drums that are on the edge of falling apart, haunting keyboards and a female vocalist that has a knack for a golden pop hook. Hard not to fall in love with. It’s beautiful with a ragged charm that deserves to be heard by the masses.) 27.00


UMEKO ANDO - Upopo Sanke DLP (pingpung - “Upopo Sanke“ means “Let's sing a song" in the Ainu language. Umeko Ando (1932-2004) was one of the best-known artists of the Ainu, an indigenous, long-suppressed community in northern Japan. She sings their traditional songs together with Oki Kano on the Tonkori harp, who also recorded the album. The two are supported by members of the female vocal group Marewrew as well as Ainu percussionists, a string player and a male singer who provides rhythmic shouts and also throat singing. The call-and-response structure of many of the songs is performed with a mantric quality in a vocal style that is perhaps best described as elastic and breathing. There seems to be a gentle smile in every note and syllable. This music softly hits the heart. Upopo Sanke was recorded on a farm in Tokachi in the summer of 2003. We hear dogs barking, a distant thunderstorm and voices imitating animals. The liner notes that accompany the 2LP release gather the anecdotal memories of Umeko Ando and Oki Kano about the stories of the 14 songs. Oki Kano is a musical ambassador of the Ainu culture who tours worldwide with his Oki Dub Ainu Band and also gives solo concerts, always playing the Tonkori, the five-stringed Ainu harp.) 35.00


VALENTINA MAGALETTI - A Queer Anthology of Drums LP (back in stock - Limited to 600 copies on black vinyl with three sleeve colour variants: 300 x red, 200 x green and 100 x blue.

A Queer Anthology of Drums - "a percussive collage of low-fi frequencies documenting a journey that never took place" (Takuroku), a home recording capturing Valentina's ritualistic free-improv essence.*A Queer Anthology of Drums was originally released on Cafe Oto's label “Takuroku” with 8 tracks solely in MP3 format. The new version is specifically remastered for vinyl format and expanded to 9 tracks with the previously unreleased “She/Her/Gone”.) 30.00


V/A - Bristol Pirates LP (death is not the end - restock - Originally made as a contribution to the Blowing Up The Workshop mix series, subsequently given a cassette release in 2019, now finally receiving a limited vinyl LP pressing. "A trip across the frequencies of Bristol's pirate radio stations via cut-ups of broadcasts, taken from the late 1980s to the early 2000s ~ also a love-letter to my childhood, an audio document of the years I spent growing up in the city.“) 30.00


V/A - If I Had A Pair Of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Vol. 3 LP (death is. Not the end — Repressed by popular demand! Lauren Laverne's comp of the week on BBC Radio 6 Music. Guardian feature: - „...all of the music on this compilation is the result of the forward-thinking artists and producers that realised the worth of local Jamaican artistry during a time when the island's leading political figures had not yet managed to throw off the colonial yolk. These are sounds with a certain innocence and the optimistic promise of better to come, with the influence of American pop ballads and doo-wop looming large, yet already pointing to the innovations of the future. Listen keenly and take in the sounds of the Jamaican music industry at its very beginnings, its singers and players drawing from the popular styles of the island's larger neighbour and already changing those styles into something their own." - David Katz) 30.00


V/A - If I Had A Pair Of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Vol. 2 LP (death is not the end- Repressed by popular demand! Lauren Laverne's comp of the week on BBC Radio 6 Music. Guardian feature: "...all of the music on this compilation is the result of the forward-thinking artists and producers that realised the worth of local Jamaican artistry during a time when the island's leading political figures had not yet managed to throw off the colonial yolk. These are sounds with a certain innocence and the optimistic promise of better to come, with the influence of American pop ballads and doo-wop looming large, yet already pointing to the innovations of the future. Listen keenly and take in the sounds of the Jamaican music industry at its very beginnings, its singers and players drawing from the popular styles of the island's larger neighbour and already changing those styles into something their own." - David Katz) 30.00


V/A - If I Had A Pair Of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Vol. 1 LP (death is not end - Repressed by popular demand! Lauren Laverne's comp of the week on BBC Radio 6 Music. Guardian feature: "...all of the music on this compilation is the result of the forward-thinking artists and producers that realised the worth of local Jamaican artistry during a time when the island's leading political figures had not yet managed to throw off the colonial yolk. These are sounds with a certain innocence and the optimistic promise of better to come, with the influence of American pop ballads and doo-wop looming large, yet already pointing to the innovations of the future. Listen keenly and take in the sounds of the Jamaican music industry at its very beginnings, its singers and players drawing from the popular styles of the island's larger neighbour and already changing those styles into something their own." - David Katz) 30.00


V/A - My Greatest Revenge: Flamenco Recordings, 1904-1938 LP (death is not the end - A collection of haunted, brooding flamenco recordings taken from the early 1900s through to the late 1930s. Focussing in on the cante jondo (or “deep song”) style, seen as the original manifestation of flamenco singing - from which other elements emerged, such as dancing and playing - this survey captures and documents tracks from the form’s earliest recorded stars.) 30.00


V/A - Pure Wicked Tune: Rare Groove Blues Dances & House Parties, 1985-1992 LP (death is not the end - Pure Wicked Tune is a mixtape-style collection of extracts & cut-ups, taken from DIY cassette recordings featuring rare groove and "soul blues" soundsystems playing at early morning house parties and blues dances - mostly in South & East London - between the mid 1980s & early 90s. Sounds like Funkadelic, Touch of Class, Latest Edition, JB Crew, Manhattan, 5th Avenue (and the many more featured on this tape) originally began to form in the mid-1980s. With lovers rock dwindling, and the reggae scene becoming dominated by harder digital-style dancehall, these sounds provided a tight but loyal crowd with a potent alternative - playing a mixture of killer rare soul, funk and boogie records in an inimitably reggae soundsystem style, complete with toasting, sirens and effects aplenty.) 30.00


YUM YUM CLUB - Full HD LP (tomatenplatten - Wild, impetuous, controlled-uncontrolled album from the Swabian noise rock bubble. Also there is Julian Knoth from Die Nerven, as well as his younger brother Philipp, who was already behind the kit for Die Nerve and Karies, and who here hectic, detached and wild puts on an impressive, eye-catching freeform performance, and the multi-instrumentalist and singer Paul Abbrecht alias Sloe Paul and Mari Schwingel (visual). Avant-garde noise rock with German-language sentence fragments that are often delivered like a mantra, which develop a certain urgency through intensifications and slight changes. But actually the main focus is on the drumming, along with atonal bass lines with post-punk appeal, trumpets blowing into eternity, electronic textures with references to dub, electro and drone. An unabashed, very free album that sounds like German No Wave and approaches jazz in the style of the Knitting Factory and, despite all the experimental gestures, develops a hell of a groove. Produced by the liveliest producer of his generation, Max Rieger (The Nerves, All This Violence).) 23.00




AHMED - Giant Beauty 5xCD BOXSET (أحمد [Ahmed] is the quartet of Pat Thomas (piano), Joel Grip (double bass), Antonin Gerbal (drums) and Seymour Wright (alto saxophone). Together, the group re-arrange and re-imagine in real time the music of composer, bassist and oud player Ahmed Abdul-Malik (1927-1993). Listening, learning.  In the summer of 2022 they played five nights in a row at the fifth edition festival for other music. Fylkingen sweltering under a rare Stockholm heatwave. A different tune each night. 


Nights on Saturn 

Oud Blues 

African Bossa Nova 

Rooh (The Soul) 

El Haris (Anxious) 


Five discs in a big box. Giant Beauty. Wrapped in excavated photographic detail from Stockholm’s legendary Golden Circle club. 


“Every night the quartet brings a new song, takes it apart, puts it back together again, follows the music on unknown paths, sometimes back, sometimes not, but always remains in motion, flowing like a river in flood.” — Silvia Tarozzi) 63.00




FANNY CHIARELLO - Basta Now: Women, Trans & Non-binary in Experimental Music BOOK (back in stock - 392 pp!  Basta Now: Women, Trans & Non-binary in Experimental Music is a non-academic essay by French poet, novelist and music enthusiast Fanny Chiarello. It’s also the first book to be published by Permanent Draft, an all-female record label and micro-press founded by musician Valentina Magaletti and writer Fanny Chiarello, dedicated to promoting contemporary female, non-binary and transgender artists. Basta Now is essentially a huge (yet admittedly not definitive) overview of 2,371 womxn in the global experimental sound & music scene. It's been written in playful and compelling prose and stylishly presented with photos, illustrations, and discographies. “This book has nothing against men, it’s just not about them.” - Fanny Chiarello) 28.00


NANCY BARILE - I'm Not Holding Your Coat BOOK (bazillion - From Catholic school girl to glam maniac to organizer of classic early 1980s East Coast hardore shows, Nancy Barile made her place behind the boards and right in the front row as S.S.D., Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, and Black Flag wrote new rules. In the dangerous, early years of punk, she rebelled, fighting for fair space as she found her purpose. This book features over 50 live and candid photos of Bad Brains, Minor Threat, S.S.D., Andy Warhol, and more, unique insider perspective and life lessons from this national award-winning teacher on the dynamics of the D.I.Y. punk scene, and an intro with Ian MacKaye.) 20.00



VERBAL ASSAULT - On Trial T-shirt (atomic action - Black Gildan Shirt with a Two-color front, two-color back. In M & L) 27.00


VOID - Decomposer LONGSLEEVE (Officially licensed Void t-shirt featuring the cover artwork from their side of the Faith/Void split LP on Dischord Records. One-color front, one-color back, one-color sleeves. In M/L/XL) 35.00