Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 / April 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 04 / April 2023



Hi, welcome to another newsletter for April. A bunch of cool stuff arrived like the BLACK ARTISTS GROUP - In Paris, Aries 1973 LP, HIGH VIS - Blending LP on black and colored vinyl, MUDHONEY - Plastic Eternity LP, FACS LP restocks, NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY WITH ARI BROWN - Since Time Is Gravity DLP, new NEIN RODERE LP, THE TRUE FAITH - Go to Ground TAPE, KOMMAND - Death Age LP, LOW restocks, RAZEN - Postcards From Hereafter CD, LANKUM restocks, ONE LEG ONE EYE - .... And Take The Black Worm With Me LP, NATALIA BEYLIS & EIMEAR REIDY - She Came Through the Window to Stand by the Door LP, PAULINE OLIVEROS - The Well & The Gentle DLP, new PORTRAITS GRM releases, THE TIDAL SLEEP - About Leaving and Coming Home LP


Also the new THE WIRE - 471 May 2023 MAG came in and more


For Record Store Day we will be open as usual from 11 - 18°° … we got a few odds and ends and lots of great music as usual :) No Taylor Swift though … 


We also added a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






ALESSANDRO CORTINI - Forse 1 DLP (important - Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails/How To Destroy Angels) composed the Forse series using a Buchla Music Easel, of which only 13 are known to exist. Forse, meaning "maybe" In Italian, is a series of 3 double LP releases Cortini recorded for Important to release in 2013."All pieces were written and performed live on a Buchla Music Easel, in the span of one month. I found that the limited array of modules that the instrument offers sparked my creativity. Most pieces consist of a repeating chord progression, where the real change happens at a spectral/dynamic level, as opposed to the harmonic/chordal one. I believe that the former are just as effective as the latter, in the sense that the sonic presentation (distortion, filtering, wave shaping, etc.) are just as expressive as a chord change or chord type, and often reinforce said chord progressions.) 40.00


BLACK ARTISTS GROUP - In Paris, Aries 1973 LP (Aguirre -Outstanding free jazz session recorded in 1973 in Paris by Chicago outfit BAG. It was Lester Bowie, trumpeter with the Art Ensemble of Chicago, who suggested that the Black Artists’ Group (BAG) should head for Paris. In 1972 several members of BAG took his advice and flew to France for an extended stay. The following year a concert featuring saxophonist Oliver Lake, trumpeters Baikida Carroll and Floyd LeFlore, drummer Charles Bobo Shaw and trombonist Joseph Bowie (Lester’s younger brother) was recorded and subsequently issued as In Paris, Aries 1973, a strictly limited edition LP on the group’s own label. Since the formation of Black Artists’ Group in 1968, the home of this multidisciplinary arts collective had been St Louis, Missouri, the city where the Bowie brothers had grown up. It was there that Lester Bowie had started to investigate the expanding horizons of jazz before moving, in 1966, to Chicago where he joined the recently established Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). His close friend Oliver Lake visited Bowie, attended AACM concerts and meetings and was inspired not only by their artistic vision and integrity but also by their efficient organisation. In Chicago musicians were making things happen for themselves, taking control of their own destinies and giving shape to their lives as creative artists.) 27.00


DAFNE VICENTE-SANDOVAL / LARS PETTER HAGEN - Minos Circuit / Transfiguration 4 LP (Minos Circuit is the resonance of a double exploration, that of an instrument, the bassoon - an instrument dear to Dafne Vicente-Sandoval - and that of a listening, of a gaze, almost. The first exploration deconstructs the instrument, tearing it apart, reducing it to an archipelago of sound bodies stimulated by an electro-acoustic device that generates feedback and infiltrates each part of the bassoon, in order to carry out a methodical, systematic examination. The second exploration is the inner one of attention and listening, the one that measures, at each moment, the necessity or not of an intervention in the very act of the musical work, of this subtle balance that is established between composition and observation, between action and contemplation. ) 23.00


DOMOTIC - Palazzo LP (Domotic − the alias used by musician Stéphane Laporte − composed and mixed this new album, Palazzo, at the invitation of Ina GRM, and it is a wonderful addition to a career full of projects and numerous releases. Recorded with his favorite analog synth, the SH01, his four-track MT4X and a Copicat tape echo unit, this electronic piece was subsequently mixed in binaural and stereo. ) 27.00


HARALD GROSSKOPF - Oceanheart & Oceanheart Revisited DLP  (bureau b - "In 1984, four years after the release of my first solo album SYNTHESIST on SKY Records, I wanted to produce a new solo album. At the time I was operating on the fifth floor of a former backyard factory on Graefe-Str. in Berlin Kreuzberg with my Neue Deutsche Welle Band LILLI BERLIN. We'd turned the space into a small music and rehearsal studio where we set up a TASCAM 8-track tape recorder, a 12- channel MM mixer that roared like hell, a Mini-Moog and a ROLAND Jupiter-6 synthesizer. This is where the basic recordings for OCEANHEART were made. Essentially sequences and chords, which I then added piano, drums, Indian tablas and solo voices to in Christoph Franke's (Tangerine Dream) studio in Berlin Spandau. It was then mastered on a BETAMAX video recorder - at that time the non-plus-ultra of modern stereo recording technique. Oceanheart was released on SKY Records in 1985. At the beginning of 2022 Gunther Buskies, owner of BUREAU B label, had the inspired idea to expand the planned re-release of OCEANHEART with a remix album on double vinyl and CD and to call it OCEANHEART REVISITED. Around the same time I met Tobias Stock through my friend Chris Mick. Tobias, a qualified electronics engineer and musician, had put together a complex, top-class analog studio over 20 years of meticulous and passionate collecting - bringing each of the numerous component parts back into the best technical state with his own hands.) 26.00


HIGH VIS - Blending LP (dais — High Vis were formed in 2016 from the ashes of some of the UK's best hardcore bands. Gild-toothed frontman Graham Sayle's anguished lyrics about life in working class Britain were familiar to fans of Tremors' full-throttle thrash, but alongside his former bandmate Edward `Ski' Harper and veterans of Dirty Money, DiE and The Smear, High Vis sought to transform that energy and intensity into something entirely new. Like scene-mates Chubby and the Gang did by pulling in unlikely source material from classic doo-wop or Micromoon have by combining everything from psychedelia and metal into their high potency mix, High Vis' 2019 debut album, No Sense No Feeling showed the band were never going to be constrained by any sense of genre rules or regulations. Its claustrophobic rattle bore traces of Joy Division, Bauhaus, Crisis, The Cure and Gang Of Four lurking in the shadows. 2020's synth-driven EP, Society Exists, was further evidence of the band's restless creative MO. High Vis' second album Blending sees them open their viewfinder wider than ever before.) 26.00


HUH - You Don't Need Magic LP (HUH are the wild, freeform duo of Kyosuke Terada and Takuma Mori. Based in Tokyo, and playing together since 2007, HUH have released a clutch of cassettes, CD-Rs, and digital albums; they’ve toured Europe (in 2017) and Australia (2019); and they count amongst their collaborators the likes of T Mikawa of Incapacitants, ASTRO, and Government Alpha. You may know Terada from his duo with Shizuo Uchida, MAI MAO, who recently released an LP on An’archives, but he's super prolific, performing solo and in groups like The Obey Unit, Bay City Rolaz, Praymate, Terror Shit, Death After Death, and more. Takuma Mori also records solo and is one half of duos Cosmetic i and Don’t Let Me Fantastic. ) 34.00


KARIES - Tagträume an der Schaummaschine I LP (2023 erscheint mit ‘Tagträume an der Schaummaschine’ das vierte Album von Karies. Die pandemiebedingte Livepause schuf Freiräume für konzeptionelle Weiterentwicklungen: Beschritt das letzte Album ‚Alice‘ (2018) bereits neue stilistische Wege, wurde das Kaleidoskop musikalischer Anspielungen nochmals erweitert; dazu schlossen sich Thomas Zehnle und Paul Schwarz als Produzenten zusammen. Aufgenommen wurde überwiegend in Stuttgart, wo Schwarz als Teil einer Studiogemeinschaft Räume betreibt (Hotel Chelsea Love Connection). Das Mastering erfolgte durch Enyang Urbiks. Das Artwork entstand in Kooperation von Levin Stadler (Levin goes Lightly) und Dan Trautwein, letzterer zeigte sich auch für die Videoproduktion verantwortlich. Karies sind Benjamin Schröter, Max Nosek und Paul Schwarz, nachdem Jan Rumpela (Gitarre) auf unbestimmte Zeit eine Pause eingelegt hat. Paul Schwarz, der 2018 am Schlagzeug für Livegigs aushalf, prägte mehr und mehr durch seine Rolle als Engineer und Produzent das neue Material und trug so maßgeblich zum neuen Album bei. Paul Schwarz ist zudem Schlagzeuger von Human Abfall. Karies gründeten sich 2012. Nach der ersten EP 2013, kam 2014 das von Max Rieger (Die Nerven) produzierte Album ‚Seid umschlungen, Millionen‘ via This Charming Man Records, das seitdem als Label fungiert. Es folgten Touren und Supportgigs (Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Sleaford Mods). 2016 erschien das zweite Album, ‚Es geht sich aus‘ („Postpunk war selten derart einsam, schön und perfekt zugleich.“ – Ox).) 17.00


KOMMAND - Death Age LP (20 buck spin - “Death Age” maintains the armed to the teeth savage militancy of earlier material from LA’s Kommand, now taken even further into enemy territory with more grisly wartorn brutality than ever. Like the coordinated bombardment of an entire continent “Death Age” is an air raid siren for imminent cataclysm. The ominous atmosphere on ‘Death Age’ heralds the single-minded concentrated objective; to batter, demolish and destroy with no quarter given. Death Metal of this kind taps into the most primitive, untamed instincts, advancing like a convoy of tanks through occupied territory, heedless of whatever or whoever stands in its path. ) 30.00


LASSE MARHAUG / EVE ABOULKHEIR - 22/12/2017 Guilin Synthetic Daydream / How to Avoid Ants LP (22/12/2017 Guilin Synthetic Daydream is a perceptual trap. Inspired by an experience of intense perceptive disorientation while crossing a market in China, Eve Aboulkheir reinstantiates, in the field of sounds, the swirling and anamorphic universe of thwarted perceptions, surrounding multitudes and shifted sensations. She thus constructs a dreamlike and artificial universe, suspended and hyperactive, which is both an electronic vortex sucking us in and a mechanical ballet developing its arabesques around us, caught and fascinated by these volutes of sound that fracture like a kaleidoscope in which our eyes-ears are immersed. 22/12/2017 Guilin Synthetic Daydream approaches the musical form in the most direct way possible, i.e. through its effects and its empire on our sensorium. ) 23.00


MUDHONEY - Plastic Eternity LP (sub pop - The world is filling up with trash. Humanity remains addicted to pollution. People are downing horse dewormer because some goober on television told them it cured COVID. The apocalypse is stupider than anyone could’ve predicted. Fortunately, the absurdities of modern life have always been prime subject matter for Seattle-based foursome Mudhoney, and the band take aim at all of them with typical barbed humor and muck-encrusted riffs on on 11th studio album, Plastic Eternity, which was recorded over nine days at Crackle and Pop! in Seattle with longtime producer Johnny Sangster. From taking on climate change from the perspective of the climate if the climate tried to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix (“Cry Me An Atmospheric River”) to a driving rock and roll song about taking drugs meant for livestock (“Here Comes the Flood”) to a classic punk attack on treating humans like livestock (“Human Stock Capital”), Plastic Eternity is a run through all the proto-genres of guitar rock with a keen eye on the inanities of the world in the 2020’s. It also contains a genuine love song in closing track “Little Dogs,” an ode to the simple joys of hanging out with tiny canines.) 26.00


NATALIA BEYLIS & EIMEAR REIDY - She Came Through the Window to Stand by the Door LP (nyaahh - Recorded at St Georges Church, Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim on a cold early January with a William Telford Organ. Built in 1846, it is reputed to be the second oldest organ in Ireland. TRACK 1/SIDE A: 'Pour Upon The Sky' is a story told by the two voices of cello and organ. Influenced by the rhetorical style of 18th century vocal music, the inspiration for this piece came naturally to Eimear who has a background in early music and has performed alongside the organ in a variety of settings from chamber works to Bach's larger orchestral works such as St Matthew Passion. In 18th century music, the cello & organ perform a role as continuo players. Traditionally the cello and organ are both intertwined and interdependent, playing the bass line and harmonies together and providing a foundation for the rest of the ensemble while soloists come in and out. In 'Pour Upon The Sky', Eimear and Natalia play within and without of this traditional form. Freed from the need to hold the solid ground for an ensemble, the cello and organ playfully explore the space as they pass the role of solo and continuo back and forth. TRACK 2/SIDE B: 'The Whistling Dust' is a slow steady study of the microscopic flutters of the organs and the organ. The heart of the Telford rattles and breathes as the cello dances in and out. When Natalia & Eimear began working on these pieces in the cold January, the Telford, which seemed like it had been sitting quietly for quite some time, shook and trembled as its insides were awoken. 'The Whistling Dust' speaks to the moment when the instrument moved alive, every opened stop knob of the pipes bringing the feel of the microsounds of the machine closer and closer as the cello offers utterances of encouragement. Natalia Beylis - Organ Eimear Reidy - Cello) 26.00


NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY WITH ARI BROWN - Since Time Is Gravity DLP (Aguirre - The next chapter of the Natural Information Society is here. Since Time Is Gravity, credited to Natural Information Society Community Ensemble with Ari Brown, presents a newly expanded manifestation of acclaimed composer & multi-instrumentalist Joshua Abrams' nearly 15 year, 7 albums-&-counting mainest ensemble. Joining the core NIS of Abrams (guimbri & bass), Lisa Alvarado (harmonium) Mikel Patrick Avery (drums) & Jason Stein (bass clarinet) are Hamid Drake (conga, tabla, tar), Josh Berman & Ben Lamar Gay (cornets), Nick Mazzarella & Mai Sugimoto (alto saxophones & flute), Kara Bershad (harp) & Chicago living legend of the tenor saxophone Ari Brown. Recorded live to tape at Electrical Audio & The Graham Foundation, cover painting Vibratory Cartography: Nepantla, by Lisa Alvarado. 2023-04-14 release date. eremite edition pressed on premium audiophile-quality 120 gram vinyl at RTI from Kevin Gray / Cohearent Audio lacquers. Mastered by Helge Sten, Audio Virus, Oslo.) 36.00


NEIN RODERE - Form & Feeling LP (horn of plenty - Roughly a year on from Catch Up with What Party +, Nein Rodere returns to Horn of Plenty with Form & Feeling, the project’s third outing with the label and first LP of all new material: an immersion into meticulously montaged, irreverent lo-fi song writing, incorporating elements of sampling and musique concrete. Nein Rodere is the moniker of the Berlin-based music maker and visual artist David Roeder. Having played in bands for more than 20 years - often times making improvised music with other “non-musicians” - Roeder was trained in painting and psychodynamic art therapy. This multifaceted background underpins the complex humour and multiple dimensions of meaning (and double meaning) that bubble below his work. The body of solo efforts that has slowly emerged over the last five years brings to mind the collage-style efforts of Letha Rodman-Melchior, Dean Blunt or Jim Shepard as much as the conceptual excursions into sound forged by visual artists like Anton Heyboer, Henning Christiansen and Jean Dubuffet. ) 25.00


ONE LEG ONE EYE - .... And Take The Black Worm With Me LP (As a founding member of Dublin experimental folk group Lankum, Ian Lynch explores submerged leylines of music and song. Forging a musical path that is all at once dark, mysterious and foreboding, but ultimately transcendental. His new solo project One Leg One Eye sees him taking a fresh approach to musical arrangement culminating in a sound that is more rooted in the raw aesthetics of second wave black metal than contemporary folk. The project was born across 2021, a period in which Lynch was able to enjoy the freedom of experimenting and explorating different paths of sound design without expectation or pressure. Seeking out interesting settings to record music and gather field recordings, there are several environments, external and interior, whose respective essence have seeped into the spirit of the music and come to represent Lynch’s artistic approach and development with this singular debut album, …And Take The Black Worm With Me. ) 26.00


PAULINE OLIVEROS - The Well & The Gentle DLP (important - The Well & The Gentle, two of the major works of Pauline Oliveros, are presented here in a first time reissue on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes. If Oliveros had followed a more conventional path she may have, all social obstacles aside, been considered among the major composers of her time. However, Oliveros approached composition in a more egalitarian manner. She wrote music for musicians to interact with or, in the composers words, she wished to create "an inclusive and interdependent and unfolding world of relationships." Oliveros' propensity towards inclusion is part of what makes this work so remarkably distinctive. The Well & The Gentle is carefully crafted, allowing performers to participate in the creation of the work. Players are asked to collaborate, focus, react and make imaginative choices. Only then can the performers "pass through stages of awakening to the possibilities inherent in making music, working together, leading to the essence of what can shape musical impulses and individual freedom simultaneously." ) 40.00


THORR'S HAMMER - Dommedagsnatt LP (southern lord - A more than timely reissue of Southern Lord's very first release. This is an awesome runic doom bauer of a record. Featuring Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson and a then 17 year old nordic vocalist, Runhild Gammelsæter. Thorr's Hammer was active only for six weeks during which it played two gigs and recorded a demo and "Dommedagsnatt". The band disbanded after Runhild's return to Oslo, Norway. Burning Witch was formed from the ashes of Thorr's Hammer and Runhild has currently teamed up with James Plotkin (Khanate) to form Khlyst. Long out of print and released on 180g black vinyl with new art work in a gatefold sleeve. Thorr's Hammer features Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson (Sunn0))), Burning Witch) and Runhild Gammelsæter (Khlyst).) 28.00


THE TIDAL SLEEP - About Leaving and Coming Home LP (Eine Ära wird dieses Jahr zu Ende gehen: The Tidal Sleep spielen noch eine kleine Rutsche Konzerte und dann ist Schluß! Die Gäng begleitet TCM fast von Anfang an und ist somit die dienstälteste TCM-Band , ganz abgesehen davon, dass wir auch über die lange Zeit Freunde geworden sind. Um so schöner, dass wir noch ein letztes Mal zusammenarbeiten und TCM eine 12" mit 5 Songs - alle unveröffentlicht, 4 davon brandneu und eine tolle Kolabo mit ihren längjährigen Buddies von Fjort - veröffentlicht.) 16.00


VOIDCEREMONY - Threads of Unknowing LP (20 buck spin - Upon the release of the first full length album ‘Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel’ it was instantly revealed that VoidCeremony were treading a path few walk. The album proved that Death Metal can be performed with the gliding, controlled chaos and smooth fluidity of a jazz quartet, while still leaving the listener holed up in a dungeon, low on HP, out of spells, and surrounded by deadly demons. ‘Threads of Unknowing” is a journey which resurrects concepts on earlier display and summons evermore progressive and technical compositions. Mastermind and guitarist/vocalist Garrett Johnson and guitar virtuoso Phil Tougas (Atramentus, Chthe’ilist, Worm, First Fragment) share both vocals and lead guitar duties here, while bass god Damon Good weaves both fretted and fretless bass mastery and drummer Charlie Koryn encompasses not only speed and brutality, but a fine mix of precision and improvisation from jazz fusion. The end result is VoidCeremony and their signature sound: Time-melting Death Black Fusion. ) 28.00





ALL UNDER HEAVEN - Don't Suffer Alone TAPE (summer darling - Swirling Shoegaze from Freehold, New Jersey. A roaring, dreamy sound is probably not the first thought that would come to mind when thinking of music out of Freehold, New Jersey, but All Under Heaven delivered just this on their 2021 EP, "Collider"—an album that was on constant rotation throughout the year for many. A year later, All Under Heaven is back with their first follow-up EP, consisting of two single tracks, "Don't Suffer Alone" and "Ally Cat". ) 10.00


DAYFLOWER - Sonic TAPE (summer darling - Sweet Gazing Daydream Pop from Leicester, United Kingdom. "Utterly gorgeous. So swoony. So swirly. Such a dizzying wall of guitars. So reverb-drenched. So sun-drenched. It feels like the last days of summer fading into autumn. I like the way the vocals are buried beneath the guitars. I kinda wish I knew what he was singing, but like with MBV, it doesn't really matter. Shapes and sounds of words without actually knowing what they are will suffice.“) 10.00


LOCUST REVIVAL - Your Delusions Are Not Mine TAPE (summer darling - Post-Punk from Brisbane, Australia.) 10.00


ONE LEG ONE EYE - .... And Take The Black Worm With Me TAPE (nyahhh. As a founding member of Dublin experimental folk group Lankum, Ian Lynch explores submerged leylines of music and song. Forging a musical path that is all at once dark, mysterious and foreboding, but ultimately transcendental. His new solo project One Leg One Eye sees him taking a fresh approach to musical arrangement culminating in a sound that is more rooted in the raw aesthetics of second wave black metal than contemporary folk. The project was born across 2021, a period in which Lynch was able to enjoy the freedom of experimenting and explorating different paths of sound design without expectation or pressure. Seeking out interesting settings to record music and gather field recordings, there are several environments, external and interior, whose respective essence have seeped into the spirit of the music and come to represent Lynch’s artistic approach and development with this singular debut album, …And Take The Black Worm With Me. 



THE TRUE FAITH - Go to Ground TAPE (summer darkling - "No, that’s not the Mandela Effect messing with your mind this morning: The band once known as True Faith added a dash of authority to their name. Boston’s steady providers of post-punk have reemerged as The True Faith, bearing the coincidentally-titled single “Minimal Change” from earlier this month (September 20). The group’s sweeping, somber daydream sets the stage for their forthcoming record Go to Ground — due out via à La Carte Records in January — but not without a side-step into synth territory for an accompanying KISS OF THE WHIP remix. Metaphorically spin Side A of the digital single for all brooding occasions; then “flip” that sucker over when disappearing into the darkness of your nearest goth night. However you want to spend your autumn evenings, The True Faith have a track for that. Sink into the many forms of “Minimal Change” below." - Victoria Wasylak / 10.00


VELVET CATHEDRAL - Think About It TAPE (Post-Punk, Jangle Pop from Los Angeles, California.) 10.00





RAZEN - Postcards From Hereafter CD (“an intoxicating sauce of stark and tripped out ritual music... which conspires to keep listeners in a semi-permanent trance state” Julian Cope / Head Heritage “a heady brew of deep listening music that is almost medieval in mood and wholly reverential in technique” Edwin Pouncey / Wire Magazine “Razen push the drone potential of medieval instruments like hurdy gurdy as well as shawm and recorders... into realms of total sensory overload” David Keenan / Volcanic Tongue Razen's Postcards From Hereafter was recorded using a 17th century organ tuned at 398 Hz (meantone) in a Belgian cathedral erected in 1305. The ensemble explored, with rich results, the organ's strict and limiting tuning with an arrangement that included hurdy gurdy, recorders, chalumeau, violone and nyckelharpa. ) 18.00


ROBERT TURMAN & TOM SMITH - Strip Ice Water to Listerine CD (nyahhh - A new collaboration by two of Americas most legendary figures in the Underground music scene. Both active since the late 1970's, Robert Turman and Tom Smith have been there since the start. Unfortunately we lost Tom Smith in early 2022 due to a sudden illness. These recordings were finished after Tom's death. Robert Turman wanted to release them as a tribute to Tom. "In March of 2020, early pandemic, Tom asked me "Wanna do a quick and dirty internet collab?" He had recently posted an extended track called 'Strip Ice Water To Listerine', and added "It’s only six days old. A simple generative system. Why don’t we rework it together? Tear it apart, add your bits, then I can sprinkle some magic dust atop the rubble!" ) 17.00




THE WIRE - 471 May 2023 MAG (Dave Lombardo: The former Slayer drummer and frequent collaborator unveils his solo drumming debut. By Phil Freeman Invisible Jukebox: Laura Ortman:The White Mountain Apache violinist passes The Wire’s mystery record test. Tested by Laina Dawes Once Upon A Time In San Diego: At the dawn of the 1990s, an underdog punk scene stirred in southern California. By Tony Rettman Paul Dunmall: Former hippy and ardent woodworker Paul Dunmall is the wildcard of UK free music. By Clive Bell Luciano Maggiore: Everyday life provides inspiration for the Italian performance artist. By Edward Henderson  Unlimited Editions: WV Sorcerer Productions, Unofficial Channels: Doom & Gloom From The Tomb, Dwight Trible: US jazz vocalist aims low. By Brian Morton Alison Cotton: Folk for freedom. By Abi Bliss , PoiL Ueda: Chants are a fine thing for the French-Japanese prog ensemble. By JR Moores ) 8.00