Bis Aufs Messer weekly News 03 Sept. 2021

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Bis Aufs Messer weekly News 03 Sept. 2021

hi. Welcome to another newsletter for September. A bunch of restocks arrived like Godspeed your Black Emperor, Unwound, Indian summer, Low, Amyl And the Sniffers, MAXIMUM JOY - Station M.X.J.Y. LP etc-


Also a bunch of new records arrived like the ANNEA LOCKWOOD - Becoming Air / Into The Vanishing Point LP, LSD MARCH - The Night LP, MONO - Pilgrimage of the Soul DLP, MICHEL PORTAL - Alors !!! LP, SARAH DAVACHI - Antiphonals LP, SEAM - headsparks LP, TED CURSON - Pop Wine LP, lots of new tapes 


And besides thats the amazing GUSHER - Issue 4 MAG, 20 Seconds Mag, RECORD CULTURE MAGAZINE and new WIRE etc …


We also received the test press for the upcoming LIIEK LP .. so keep an eye out for pre orders starting soon


Thank you for your support in those difficult times


We are also back on the store MONDAY TIL FRIDAY from 11 °° - 19°° and SATURDAY from 11°° - 18°°


Norman & Robert





SZMEJ - s/t 7“ (stoned to death - Szmej is one of many alter egos of Mira, multidisciplinary self taught artist and musician who evokes the spirit of true diy punk sketchbook art and euphoric bedroom recordings. His artist egos are somewhere between cosmic punk, black metal hermit and guitar pop romantic, while Szmej usually represents his hardcore punk persona. This EP however mixes the first two, so if you are up to it, here is your freshest feeding of rough blackened cosmic punk.) 10.00





KURVY CESI - We Are Family 10“ (stoned to death - Kurvy Češi is a punk band from Czech Rep. and plays very Nomeansno-like music.) 16.00





ALBEDO GRAVITAS - Eihwaz LP (an archives - Albedo Gravitas is an extension of Albedo Fantastica (released on An’archives in 2018), the duo of Keiko Higuchi and Sachiko (Kousokuya, Overhang Party, Vava Kitora). Both of them are well known names to those who are evolving in the Japanese underground waters since each has been involved in many projects and each has a consisting discography on labels as Musik Atlach, Improvising Beings, Utech. Their respective backgrounds are maybe a little bit different but they share a common interest in different genres from jazz and rock to free improvisation and have collaborated with a cast of various musicians in the likes of Cris X, Fukuoka Rinji, Kawaguchi Masami, Shin-Ichiro Kanda…  For Albedo Gravitas, Shizuo Uchida joins on bass. A peripatetic member of the Japanese underground, having played with groups such as Nord, Onna-Kodomo, Hasegawa-Shizuo, Kito Mizukumi Rouber and Keiji Haino’s Nijiumu, he most recently turned up on An’archives as one half of UH, alongside sax player Takayuki Hashimoto (of KMR and .es). While this is Albedo Gravitas’s first album, they play together with intelligence and sensitivity, but also with a strong capacity for the unexpected; there are many moments here where you’re wrong-footed, caught askance by the way the music comes together, and comes apart.) 34.00


ANNEA LOCKWOOD - Becoming Air / Into The Vanishing Point LP (black truffle - Following on from the acclaimed Tiger Balm / Amazonia Dreaming / Immersion LP (BT028), Black Truffle is thrilled to present two major new instrumental works from legendary sound artist and experimental composer Annea Lockwood. Demonstrating the ever evolving and radically open nature of Lockwood’s practice, these two recent works were developed in close collaboration with their performers. ‘Becoming Air’ (2018), developed with and performed by trumpeter Nate Wooley, uses extended technique and electronics to interfere with Wooley’s virtuosic control over his instrument, pushing him into areas of fluctuating pitch and timbral instability. Motivated by a desire for ‘the letting go of sound to be itself’, ‘Becoming Air’ unfolds as a series of texturally distinct moments separated by pauses, each fixing on a particular approach to the instrument (long tones, upper-register whistles, breathy wooshes) and maintaining it in an essentially static fashion, focussing our attention on subtle changes and variations. Dipping into near-inaudibility in the fragile high tones of its opening section, the piece dramatically increases in volume and intensity in its final third, climaxing with a passage of roaring distortion, where the interaction between feedback and trumpet pitches calls up the shuddering interference effects of Robert Ashley’s Wolfman. ) 27.00


GHOST PONY - ghost pony LP (Ghost Pony is a German band located in Berlin. The trio plays their own mix of Garage and Surf with dreamy melodies  labelled as Mud Pop. Their songs are defined by swampy guitar riffs  and a dark voice that sounds like a distant cave echo.) 23.00


KIRK LIGHTSEY AND RUDOLPH JOHNSON WITH THE ALL STARS - Habiba LP (outer - Never released outside South Africa, and out of print even there since its original release in 1974, Outernational Sounds presents one of the most sought-after international jazz exclusives ever to appear on South Africa’s famous Gallo imprint – the funky, spiritual and outward bound Habiba. As the archives of South Africa’s premier record labels steadily give up the treasures that were hidden in the darkness of the apartheid era, the incredible heritage of South African jazz is gradually finding the international audience it always deserved. And while most of the laurels are naturally for South Africa’s own overlooked musicians, the South African discography contains a few sparkling, nearly unknown jazz sessions by visiting players. Habiba is the greatest of them – a raw, impassioned set led by bop pianist Kirk Lightsey, who had been a regular sideman for Chet Baker and Sonny Stitt, and saxophonist Rudolph Johnson, a key player at the storied West Coast indie Black Jazz. Visits to the apartheid state by respected Black musicians were hardly a common occurance during apartheid’s darkest years – so how did a crew of crack American jazz players end up in the Gallo studios? ) 26.00


LSD MARCH - The Night LP (an archives - LSD March are a psychedelic rock band from Himeji in Japan. The band’s two main main members, guitarist and singer Shinsuke Michishita and drummer Ikuro Takahashi, are well-known on the city’s underground circuit. 'The Night' was originally relased in 2008.  Their music draws comparisons to fellow Japanese band Les Rallizes Denudes - swathes of distortion/quietness and dejected vocals.) 34.00


MAXIMUM JOY - Station M.X.J.Y. LP (1972 - A focal point for the unique punk-funk that was coming together in Bristol as the bridge from the ’70s to the ’80s arrived, Maximum Joy was formed by Glaxo Babies multi-instrumentalist Tony Wrafter and 18 year-old vocalist Janine Rainforth. Soon they drafted in additional Glaxo Babies in the form of drummer Charlie Llewellin and bassist Dan Catsis, along with guitarist John Waddington, fresh from The Pop Group. The group set about making a one-of-a-kind mix of funk, punk, pop, jazz, dub, soul, afrobeat and reggae; creating a brilliant burst of danceable tunes wrapped around elastic basslines and complex percussion, punctuated by melodic horns and stabs of guitar, all of it highlighting Rainforth’s naturally enthusiastic vocal style. They immediately took their place on the rosters of influential labels like Y and 99 with iconic debut single “Stretch”, as the band had clearly captured something special.) 25.00


MICHEL PORTAL - Alors !!! LP (souffle - Could the missing link between Eric Dolphy and Albert Ayler be the Michel Portal of 1970? After having worked alongside François Tusques defending a free jazz “made in France”, we find him here, heading up an international quintet of which each member is on fire: John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin and Jean-Pierre Drouet. The quintet had full leeway to break out the free-form in long ambient tracks to compose this Alors!!! which leaves listeners with just one word to say: More! Do we still need to present Michel Portal?... Clarinetist destined for the classical and contemporary world after his passage in the Paris Conservatory, he decided to try his hand at jazz, with an incendiary flamboyance! After his first experience with André Hodeir and Pierre Michelot, he would break all the codes with François Tusques (Free Jazz, in 1965) before starting the emblematic Michel Portal Unit. It is the Portal of those years that Alors!!! offers us the chance to listen to again.“There are periods of insolence”, the musician declared and the year 1970 was one all on its own. Heading up an impetuous international troupe, a quintet consisting of John Surman (saxophones, bass clarinet), Barre Phillips (double-bass), Stu Martin (drums) and Jean-Pierre Drouet (percussion), Portal moves from alto sax to clarinet in the compositions shared with  his partners.) 26.00


MONO - Pilgrimage of the Soul DLP (pelagic - Pilgrimage of the Soul is the 11th studio album in the 22-year career of Japanese experimental rock legends, MONO. Recorded and mixed – cautiously, anxiously, yet optimistically – during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, Pilgrimage of the Soul is aptly named as it not only represents the peaks and valleys where MONO are now as they enter their third decade, but also charts their long, steady journey to this time and place. Continuing the subtle but profound creative progression in the MONO canon that began with Nowhere Now Here (2019), Pilgrimage of the Soul is the most dynamic MONO album to date (and that’s saying a lot). But where MONO’s foundation was built on the well-established interplay of whisper quiet and devastatingly loud, Pilgrimage of the Soul crafts its magic with mesmerizing new electronic instrumentation and textures, and – perhaps most notably – faster tempos that are clearly influenced by disco and techno. It all galvanizes as the most unexpected MONO album to date – replete with surprises and as awash in splendor as anything this band has ever done. ) 28.00


SEAM - Headsparks LP (numero - In the wake of Bitch Magnet and current of Superchunk, Sooyoung Park and Mac McCaughan formed a raw version of Seam in the summer of ’91. With bassist Lexi Mitchell, the trio banged out an album and two singles worth of shambolic dream pop in the sweltering Chapel Hill heat. Ten songs of talk-whispered vocals, sloshing guitar solos, scattered snare rolls, Velocity Girl’s Sarah Shannon, and the original version of Codeine’s slowcore classic "New Year’s," on LP for the first time in 30 years. Even though the first Bitch Magnet album came out only a couple years before the first Superchunk album, when Sooyoung Park and his then-girlfriend Lexi Mitchell relocated to Chapel Hill in 1991, it was a little like a seasoned rock star had moved to town. I lived in a tiny rental house on McDade Street, and as Superchunk practiced in the kitchen we had drums set up semi-permanently. I was not—nor have I ever been—a great drummer. Any learning I had came from one of my musical heroes, Let’s Active’s Sara Romweber, but really, I had more enthusiasm than skills and I'm not sure how that qualified me to be in Seam. At the time being in bands was more about “making stuff” —songs, tapes, records, fliers, shows—than being professional. It seemed as though Lexi and Sooyoung had already been working on some songs together and I was excited about being in a band with new people and not having to sing. It was such a no pressure situation that it felt like we were hanging out and maybe playing music when we felt like it, but Sooyoung definitely had a blueprint for what he wanted his new band to sound like.) 27.00


SARAH DAVACHI - Antiphonals LP (late - Chock full of humid, resonant soundscapes that bend time and emphasize texture, tone and timbre, Sarah Davachi's latest is her most defining and rewarding full-length to date. We're floored, again - there's nobody else doing it quite like this. Composed using a Mellotron, electric organ, piano and synthesizers, "Antiphonals" takes all the elements we know and love from Davachi's impressive catalogue to date and refines them into eight tracks of expertly-sculpted deep listening stickiness. If you're familiar with her work, the content won't be surprising, but Davachi's dedication to her craft has resulted in music that feels more and more revelatory each time. Here, she brings her obsession with the tonal and textural character of early music to the fore, playing confidently with sounds that exist two or three steps from the contemporary sonic spectrum. Her favored outpost is a cocoon of soft-focus resonance, where sounds graze lightly and hypnotize rather than scrape or bruise. It's not background music - this is art that requires attention and understanding to appreciate its layered beauty and subtle complexity.) 28.00


SOFA - Source Crossfire DLP (constellation - A searing, brooding collection documenting the recorded output of one of Montreal's most shadowy, notorious, captivating underground art-rock ensembles of the mid-90s (and the first band to be released on renowned indie label Constellation). In the words of one music writer of the era: “Like Slint and Big Black meeting for a Joy Division reunion.” Source Crossfire rounds up the quartet’s 1997 album Grey (originally released on CD only) along with selections from two prior self-released cassettes, charting Sofa’s febrile evolution through the sonic palettes of North American post-hardcore and slowcore admixed with early UK post-punk, goth and dark lounge. LP1 re-imagines Grey, newly sequenced to create distinct loud/fast and soft/slow vinyl sides. LP2 mirrors this, with four tracks of intense pitch-black material on Side One and three early examples of Sofa’s sombre balladry on Side Two, culled from the band’s 1995 cassette material. All remastered by Jace Lasek (Breakglass), Harris Newman (Greymarket) and Ian Ilavsky (Constellation). All new artwork by visual artist (and Sofa vocalist) Brad Todd. ) 30.00


TED CURSON - Pop Wine LP (souffle - Originally from Philadelphia, invited to New York by Miles Davis, playing at Antibes in 1960 with Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy, here is trumpeter Ted Curson in 1971… in Paris. With him, a legendary trio: Georges Arvanitas (piano), Jacky Samson (double bass) and Charles Saudrais (drums). A new transatlantic alliance in the service of jazz of all kinds: classic, modal, fusion and even free… Pop Wine is – between Coltrane and Miles with a nod to roots in the club the Caveau de la Huchette – an explosive cocktail but which leaves no stains! In 1960, trumpeter Ted Curson played with Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy on stage at the Antibes jazz festival. Eleven years later he was in Paris to record one of the gems of his discography, with a hard-hitting French trio: Georges Arvanitas (piano), Jacky Samson (double bass) and Charles Saudrais (drums). Arvanitas was also someone who had travelled widely. Originally from Marseille, he had accompanied visiting American musicians in Paris before moving to the States. It was when he came back that the charismatic trio was created with Samson and Saudrais and who recorded, in 1970 on Futura, the unforgettable In Concert and then, the following year, Pop Wine with Ted Curson.) 


TRUE FIR - Second Guessing LP (stoned to death - Jan Stejskal had a long history with loud rock band Goro where he played guitar and wrote most of the music for years. They were the second generation of czech post-revolution underground musicians and they have taken small local scene by surprise with their hardcore punk energy, chaotic live shows and back in early 2000's they have added extra controversy since their singer was a Hussit priest. That was not taken lightly by back then somewhat rigid hard/core punk scene. Early 2000's were certainly a pretty dark era to do some non-typical rock music. Local bands had to squeeze their ways into local rock bars and clubs where owners cared little to less about everything that did not sound like Judas Priest Revival. You did not need more than two hands to count open minded diy spots where bands would not be harassed on their way in and out. After years on the road the fire just went out and Jan put his guitar gear in the corner. ) 18.00


UNWOUND - Challenge For a Civilized Society LP (numero - Unwound’s paranoid and pulsating sixth album, Challenge For a Civilized Society explores the pre-Y2K technological dread of modern punk living. Producer Steve Fisk threads Justin Trosper’s stabbing, discordant guitar in and around Sara Lund’s consolidated drum attack and Vern Rumsey’s relentless, throbbing bass. A vicious and sinister penultimate LP from the ’90s most misunderstood band.) 25.00


V/A - Eccentric Disco LP (numero - Ten independent and private press, dance floor ready dive bombers from disco’s all-to-brief heyday, previously swept under rug by the whitewashed glitz and glam of the era. Chugging grooves, bubbling synths, soaring strings, and sonorous voices are guaranteed to light up your night, on living room rugs and dance floors alike.) 26.00


V/A - Ethiopian Hit Parade Vol.2 LP (heavenly - Following the 2016 release of "Ethiopian hit parade vol.1", Francis Falceto, founder of the Ethiopian series and Heavenly Sweetness continue their work of reissuing the Ethiopian hit parade series on vinyl. After releasing about fifty singles and his first LP (Ethiopian Modern Instrumental Hits AELP 10), the late Amha Eshèté, who passed away this year, undertook in 1972 to collect his best productions released on singles in a series of albums that have become mythical (and unobtainable in original). The first four volumes of Ethiopian Hit Parade were released in September and October 1972, and the fifth in January 1973. The one you have in your hands is volume 2. ) 25.00


V/A - Respect the unexpected -in the age of sci-fi LP + CD (kasha plastic - It’s a soundtrack homage to the 80's science fiction b-movie scene. composed by contemporary artists. The Compilation Includes 12 artists and 19 tracks on vinyl and cd. The Sleeves are DIY screen printed and the jacket is built out of wire fence.) 33.00


V/A - Ellas Son Eléctricas - Mujeres En El Underground Metálico Español (82-91) LP (beat generation - Shining a light on women's role in the late 70's and 80's Hard Rock scene in Spain, »Ellas son Eléctricas« comes filled to the rafters with kick ass Spanish Metal, Hard Rock, AOR or Thrash, reviewing the story of unfairly ignored ladies of Spanish Metal. Most of these songs see a vinyl release for the very first time (only Malena y Belcebu's song had previously been released), coming straight from obscure demos. Comes with an extensive 32 pages booklet with plenty of photos, reviews, bios and other awesome shit.) 27.00


V/A - The Harmonic Series II - Curated by Duane Pitre 3LP (important - A collection of long-form works in just intonation by Kali Malone, Duane Pitre, Catherine Lamb, Tashi Wada, Byron Westbrook, and Caterina Barbieri. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu, cut at Golden Mastering & pressed at RTI for maximum fidelity. Packaged in a heavy duty 3LP single pocket sleeve with printed inner sleeves.) 47.00


WHISPERING SONS - several others LP (PIAS - ‘Several Others’ is the second LP by Whispering Sons. ‘Several Others’ is an LP of propulsive post punk driven by synths and choppy guitars. If you ever wondered what New Order would sound like if Ian Curtis was around to front them, then the lead single ‘Surface’ may provide the answer.  ) 25.00


ZULU - Zulu LP (vampisoul - One of the last great albums of the first wave of Peruvian rock, originally released in 1974, linking psych-tinged rock with Afro-Latin American beats and folk pop. This first record by (former Traffic Sound and Los Nuevos Shain’s member) Zulu was also his last and one of the most enigmatic albums released in Peru in the ‘70s, as the artist vanished into the religious path, making sure his music got as unnoticed as possible... Reissued for the first time with the collaboration of Zulu, including extensive liner notes and one extra track.) 25.00






ML - Looted Lagoons CD (kashual plastik - Everything makes me dream… Id comes to life achromatic, briefly thoroughly illuminated by light. Instantly colors leak from above and slowly darkness covers the spreadsheet with all that many allegorical, symbolic, mystic shades. Noble, good, useful, mean, unnecessary, common, and beautiful. Mélancolies du voyage, floating in an ocean of mixed ratios.) 16.00





BEIGE BANQUET - s/t TAPE (mangel - London post-punk group Beige Banquet have a new EP. The self-titled 4-track EP is available on 10 from their own label Just Step Sideways, or on cassette from Mangel in Berlin. Will remind you of Canadian group N0V3L or Pigeon from Germany. The record comes in a really nice sleeve designed by Robin Roche. -Record Turnover-) 7.00


NEIN RODERE– For Unprepared Voice and Guitar TAPE (horn of plenty - Four track C20 with riso printed J-card and unique, hand drawn and signed insert. Very limited C20 featuring new work from the brilliant David ‘Nein’ Rodere. If you were lucky enough to have picked up his previous tapes you’ll know why I’m so excited to be releasing this! Top-notch lopsided, contemporary art music in the tradition of Dominik Steiger, Anton Heyboer, Kai Althoff, et al… but delivered with a unique sense of melody and texture. At the time of recording David had reworked his previous tapes into a (forthcoming) Horn of Plenty LP and hit a quiet patch;) 8.00


OSTSEETRAUM - Das Gute Leben Ist Schlecht TAPE (mangel - Second CS by Ostseetraum - Das Gute Leben ist Schlecht- 10 minimal wave songs about sinking, getting moldy, holding on, people hiding in empty caged spaces, about empty heads, about volcanoes, about tasty pheasants, about desolate urban areas and about the sadness because a loving person is on a big tour.) 7.00

XIU XIU - Oh No TAPE (stoned to death - This album is a collection of 15 killer duets and collaboration with the likes of Haley Fohr, Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo, Chelsea Wolfe or Liz Harris. Xiu Xiu is one of the hardest working bands of this century. Oh No is their 15th studio album (and we don't count all the collaborations such as XXL, boxes of seven inches, eps, experimental outputs etc.). They are always on the sharp edge, radical, pushing the sound to the limit, bringing the listener to new mysterious harsh realms of real life through their thoughtful and quite often genius lyrics. They have never relented, always discovering the possibilities of new ways in music, quite often working in diy studio conditions, but still delivering earblowing results. OH NO has all the Xiu Xiu's trademarks like the unique stewart-esque guitar play, desperate but beautiful vocals, tone that moves between gentle and still to unrest madness, wrapped around with waves of experimental electronics, avantgarde music and music concrete, but it's yet and again punching listener right into his face and not letting him to stop paying attention for a second.) 10.00


OTTAVEN - A Pleasure of Losing TAPE (stoned to death - About twenty years ago my friend Michal released an split album for With Love and czech based noise band Climatizado. He did it on his short lived label Chierra records (which he threatens to resuscita at any moment). Michal also runs his own festival called Fluff Fest and he would frequently ask With Love to play. When With Love was no more, Giovanni would come with screen print shop and sell fashionable shirts he printed and sew. Occasionally he would play with Ottaven, his experimental electronic music output. My part at the Fluff Festival was to curate stage called Psych tent. One year, maybe in 2018, i had Giovanni perform with Ottaven. He played stellar set in the middle of the field, all in front of the loud PA and it was positively great. When his set was over, the soundguy Tosper played some backing music through the PA. That night he selected album The End from Nico. The last song on The End is Nico's adaptation of german national anthem called “Das Lied Der Deutchen”, dedicated to Andreas Baader from Red Army Fraction. Playing this song over super loud PA was not the greatest idea, because the second it was heard by german hardcore dude who happened just walk by, all hell breaks loose. He got confused and thought its Giovanni playing the music. Which he was not, but he still jumped him and tried to mess with his cables at no positive result, Giovanni was already packing his gear, unplugged, but the “Das Lied Der Deutchen” is still loud and clear in the PA. Later on the hardcore dude insisted that the whoevers iPod it was that has this song on must be destroyed immediately. ) 9.00


PAULINE OLIVEROS & GUY KLUCEVSEK - Sounding / Way TAPE (important - Pauline Oliveros and Guy Klucevsek's "Sounding / Way" was originally released on cassette in 1986 and has been out of print ever since. The Sounding / Way concept was simple. Each artist would write a piece for two accordions and then they would perform them together. Thus, side A contains Guy Klucevsek's Tremolo No. 6 performed by Guy Klucevsek and Pauline Oliveros. Side B contains Pauline's composition The Tuning Meditation, also performed by both Pauline and Guy. This is the second release in an on-going effort between Important Records and the Pauline Oliveros Trust to maintain and promote the music, philosophy and legacy of Pauline Oliveros. Guy Klucevsek is one of the world’s most versatile and highly-respected accordionists. He has performed and/or recorded with Laurie Anderson, Bang On a Can, Brave Combo, Anthony Braxton, Anthony Coleman, Dave Douglas, Bill Frisell, Rahim al Haj, Robin Holcomb, Kepa Junkera, the Kronos Quartet, Natalie Merchant, Present Music, Relâche, Zeitgeist, and John Zorn.) 16.00


PAULINE OLIVEROS - Tara's Room TAPE (important - Originally released on cassette in 1987 following the 1986 release of "Sounding / Way" with Guy Klucevsek. "Both pieces are intended to aid the listener in times of spiritual change, but are just fine for 'everyday' use as well. Highly recommended." Charles S. Russell, Ear Magazine - This tape features two long sides of infinite depth and sensitivity. Oliveros performs these pieces using a Just Intonation accordion and her Expanded Instrument System in order to bend both time and pitch. Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer and humanitarian is an important pioneer in American Music. Acclaimed internationally, for four decades she has explored sound - forging new ground for herself and others. Through improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation she has created a body of work with such breadth of vision that it profoundly effects those who experience it, and eludes many who try to write about it. Oliveros has been honored with awards, grants and concerts internationally. Whether performing at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., in an underground cavern, or in the studios of West German Radio, Oliveros' commitment to interaction with the moment is unchanged. She can make the sound of a sweeping siren into another instrument of the ensemble.) 16.00


SAITO KOJI - Improvisations TAPE (stoned to death - Collection of improvised and compositional pieces by Fukushima-based guitar player Saito Koji.Saito Koji uses guitars, keyboards, effects and field recordings to create minimal sound collages and improvisations.) 9.00


SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN - Covered In Mud TAPE (stoned to death - Sunburned Hand of the Man are a band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 1994 as the Boston psychedelic punk trio Shit Spangled Banner. They developed and changed their name in 1996 to reflect the new vibes and members.) 9.00


XIU XIU - Unclouded Sky TAPE (stoned to death .- I have an entwined relationship with North American religious folk music. My father and uncle were both musicians and part of the Folk Revival movement of the early 1960s. The songs on this tape would have been songs that influenced them and their peers, some of which were songs they themselves sung. My parents raised me to be a religious person but luckily did not do so in a way that was punitive nor used as a means of control. It was presented as a refuge that was open, flexible and a path of love and forgiveness. They were both literally insane and this was their way of trying to give me some stability as a young person. Because I had a good experience with religion in its loosest forms it is something that has continued to part of my life, although a very private one aside from these notes I suppose? It is not for everyone of course and thankfully there are as many ways to be a person as there are people. ) 10.00





20 SECONDS - Issue 2 MAG (Featuring Daniel Higgs, Jerusalem In My Heart, Lea Bertucci, Morphine Records, Rhinoçéros Bar, Rasha Hilwi, Rauschabstand, Theresa Schubert, Vincent Moon, Zhijie Chang 160 pages, Perfect bound, Softcover) 20.00


20 SECONDS - Issue 3 MAG (Featuring Abdullah Miniawy, Aldo Tambellini, Alma Đelić, Atelier Impopulaire, Authored Landscapes, Cedrik Fermont, Khyam Allami, Manja Ristić, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Temps Zero - 152 pages, Perfect bound, Softcover) 20.00


GUSHER - Issue 4 MAG (Gusher is a feminist music journal.  Since its inception in 2016, Gusher has carved a space for intelligent, creative and compelling dialogue about rock and roll. An annual print publication, Gusher showcases the ideas of gender-diverse writers and artists in the form of profiles, essays, investigative journalism, creative writing, visual art, photography and more. Commissioned writers for Gusher have contributed to publications such as The New York Times, Art Forum, The New Yorker, Jezebel and Pitchfork. Gusher is stocked globally, everywhere from independent book and record stores to world renowned art galleries. This issue: Featuring: Rico Nasty , Matty Healy of The 1975, Phoebe Bridgers, Richard Hell, Weyes Blood, Brontez Purnell , Cody Critcheloe (SSION) , Shamir, Naretha Williams, Diamanda Galás, Plus: A photo essay on Rock Against Racism’s zine Temporary Hoarding; a first-hand account of the formation of the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers in the US; a dive into the 00s phenomenon of rock stars on reality TV; a feature on Seth Bogart’s pulpy ceramics; flash fiction; as well as longform essays on DIY electronic music, Imogen Heap, Shin Joong Hyun and Brenda Fassie.) 15.00


MÜ MAGAZINE - Issue 3 MAG (Featuring: Jimmy Cauty, Tony Visconti, She Drew the Gun, Du Blonde, Gina Birch, Michael Horowitz, Sarah Lucas, Darren Coffield, Craig Sams, Duncan Grant…. Legendary producer, bassist and creative polymath Youth is among South London Arts Lab co-founding collective Just as the seasonal blues are setting in, a group of creative visionaries including Youth have co-founded and announced the launch of MÜ Magazine. The magazine is set to be a tonic for our times, with a synthesis of interviews with established artists and mavericks including cover star Jarvis Cocker, alongside Alan Moore, Audrey Grant, Helaine Blumenfeld, Penny Rimbaud, as well as new emerging artists like Big Joanie, Stephen Towns and Dawn Okoro coupled with inspirational slabs of restorative counter-culture theatre, art, poetry and music. A quarterly print publication which has already sold out its first print run, MÜ has risen from the magical cauldron of South London Arts Lab, a salon for diverse creatives, and turns the spotlight on exceptional individuals with the purpose of recapturing the meaning and purpose of life and inspiring creative individualism.  The South London Arts Lab logo is designed by Jimmy Cauty (KLF), whose irreverence is a thread that also runs through MÜ Magazine.) 13.00


RECORD CULTURE MAGAZINE - Issue 8 MAG (Featuring Louise Chen, John Gómez, Apiento, Regularfantasy, Lauer, Beatrice Dillon, Public Possession, River Yarra, Sadar Bahar, Anthony Naples, and the visual feature, “A Decade of Power and L.I.E.S.” Record Culture Magazine is a bi-annual publication that focuses on niche music communities around the world and their intersection with the worlds of art, fashion and culture. Led by in-depth interviews, image portfolios and photography that gives a unique view into homes and studio spaces.) 22.00


RECORD CULTURE MAGAZINE - Issue 9 MAG (Featuring Bradley Zero, Sébastien Tellier, Yu Su, Gerd Janson, June Jones, The Twilite Tone, Eug, Vanessa Worm, Ana Roxanne, Oskar Mann, and the Beats in Space visual feature, “Postcards Through Time and Space” Issue 9 supplement: The Second Generation - Chicago House Flyers 1991-2000) 22.00


WIRE - #451 | September 2021 MAG (Inside this issue: Grouper: As she prepares to release a new album rooted in the ambience and climate of her home in the Pacific North West, Liz Harris discusses chaos, therapy and the spectre of fascism. By Dave Segal. Pat Thomas: The diverse sprawl of the UK keyboardist’s career runs from jazz and improv to funk and drum ’n’ bass, informed by a scholarly interest in Islam. By Clive Bell. Once Upon A Time In Prague: Dancing along the thin lines separating the Czech underground, the alternativa scene and the secret police, Extempore/MCH Band leader Mikoláš Chadima’s expressions of freedom have survived communism and the capitalist takeover. By Miloš Hroch. Machine learning: Machine learning and AI have opened up new creative possibilities for artists such as Jennifer Walshe, Distractfold and Dadabots. By Abi Bliss. Invisible Jukebox: DJ Bus Replacement Service × Surgeon: Anthony Child and Doris Woo run the gauntlet of a mystery record selection. Tested by each other. Hiro Kone: The electronic artist foregrounds artistic partnership on her new album. By Chloe Lula René Lussier: Clowning around with the Québécois guitarist and composer. By Julian Cowley Wayne Adams: The punkish adventures of a Big Lad. By Holly Dicker Nicolas Collins: The author and performer takes a Lucky Dip with his homemade !trumpet. By Clive Bell Global Ear: Alan Courtis untaps creative potential in workshops in Buenos Aires Unlimited Editions: Cruel Nature) 8.00