Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 Nov 2022

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 Nov 2022

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for November. A bunch of new records arrived and also couple restocks. We got the fantastic new TONY MOLINA - In The Fade LP, THE CAT'S MIAOW - Songs ’94-'98 LP restock, COIL - Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil DLP, COIL - The New Backwards LP, RICHARD DAWSON - The Ruby Cord DLP, CERBERUS SHOAL - Homb DLP, CURRENT - Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today 3xLP BOXSET, DEVIL'S WITCHES - In All Her Forms DLP, DEVIL'S WITCHES - In All Her Forms DLP, LAILA ​SAKINI – Paloma LP, ULLA STRAUS - Big Room LP, V/A - Greasy Mike: Shipwrecked on a Tropical Island LP, V/A - Thorn Valley DLP, WAU WAU COLLECTIF - Mariage LP and more … also a bunch of other stuff is on the way like the new Darkthrone Lp etc. 


Also the new MELLIE LP is available and ready to ship


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.

Robert & Norman





THE CAT'S MIAOW - Songs ’94-'98 LP  (world of echo - back in stock - Songs ’94-’98 is a smart selection of material from The Cat’s Miaow, an Australian indie-pop group that gifted their decade with some of its finest songs. Released on World Of Echo, the album draws from the group’s string of excellent seven-inch singles, a small clutch of compilation contributions, and features one previously unreleased song, “I Take It That We’re Through”, recorded in 1998. Part of the burgeoning international pop underground of the nineties, The Cat’s Miaow’s legend has only built over subsequent decades, as more people discover this most quixotic and curious of groups: a recent appearance on A Colourful Storm’s compilation of Australian indie-pop, I Won’t Have To Think About You, is testament to their enduring influence. In part emulating the selection of tracks on the 1997 CD-only compilation, Songs For Girls To Sing, Songs ’94-’98 is also the group’s first ever full-length 12” vinyl collection – and if you score a copy of the initial edition, there’s an extra 7” featuring all the songs from their “Third Floor Fire Escape View” recording session.) 28.00


CERBERUS SHOAL - Homb DLP (temporary residence -The long out-of-print breakthrough third album by the forever forward-thinking New England collective, Cerberus Shoal, is rightfully considered a high-water mark for the band, and a quintessential example of what would eventually be commonly defined as "post-rock." The first studio album to feature the members of fellow local experimental rock troupe, Tarpigh, Homb exemplifies the transitional magic and mystery that marked Cerberus Shoal's brilliant early era. Unraveling their various influences - early 90s post-hardcore, shoegaze, avant-rock, psych-folk, early New Age - and weaving them into something uniquely rich and resonant seemed almost effortless to Cerberus Shoal, and perhaps no album epitomized that more than the lush tapestry of Homb. Finally available on vinyl for the first time ever, Homb - Anniversary Edition is packaged in restored artwork with extensive new liner notes written by the band. The record has been newly mastered for vinyl by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, and pressed onto audiophile-grade vinyl.) 36.00


COIL - Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil DLP (col. vinyl) (dais - The first-ever official vinyl edition, completely remastered by Josh Bonati. The turn of the millennium ushered in an apex visionary phase for English esoteric duo Coil. Relocating from the city to the coastal quiet of Weston-super-Mare freed them to follow even more fringe obsessions, fully untethered from peer influence. During a single six-month stretch in 2000 they released the devious underworld sequel to Music To Play In The Dark, arcane drone summit Queens Of The Circulating Library, and a malevolent hour-long synthesizer exorcism prophetically titled Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil. This latter work remains one of the group’s most miasmic and mind-expanding creations, on par with Time Machines – a sustained divination of shuddering, psychoactive noise, rippling with the motion sickness of an all-seeing eye. ) 38.00


COIL - The New Backwards LP (First recorded for Trent Reznor’s Nothing Records in the early ‘90s and later finished by Peter Christopherson and Danny Hyde in Bangkok, 2007, the final recordings of The New Backwards distill Coil’s earlier energies with deeply psychedelic, weightless production trickery to yield some of their most vivid yet elusive noumena. These are the Peter Christopherson-approved mixes, which differ in track list, sequence and tone to Cold Spring’s issue of the Danny Hyde mixes, which were released in 2015 as Backwards. This version is more concise, containing only six tracks, and is rendered with a subtle, mind-bindingly wide yet pinched soundfield that makes it feel as though we’re hearing it diffracted thru a complex prism.  The flesh creeps from petrified drums and a death metal howl, all animated with an unnerving quality in Careful What You Wish For, and Nature Is A Language finds a most unique route between breakbeat hustle and psychedelic folk, but the most compelling moments are reserved to the baroque phantasmagoria of Paint Me A Dead Soul and the noirish soul nourishment of Princess Margaret’s Man In The D’Jamalfna.) 26.00


COLIN ​POTTER – Ago LP (bfr - An original and particular approach to rhythmic electronics, with an incredible sound, like in all of Potter's works. Six hypnotic tracks from Colin's archive of rarities, for the first time on vinyl, perfect to play really loud. These six pieces were recorded between the late 80s & mid-90s at IC Studio, which was then located in Tollerton, North Yorkshire. “I wanted to make some tracks which were much more rhythmic. By then the studio was a 16-track and I had acquired more equipment for making sounds and changing sounds. There was an Akai S950 sampler, an Emulator II, Roland TR727 and Yamaha RX11 digital drum machines, a Roland Juno 60, and some new effects processors. I even, briefly, used an Atari for MIDI sequencing, but using a computer in the studio felt a bit weird in those days. Ironic really, given the situation now. There were a lot of new methods to learn and the tracks on this album were the result of some of these experiments, during which I also found ways of integrating the old analog synths with the newer machines. Mixing was still done hands-on, in real-time, with alternative and often radically different takes being made of the same multitrack. Very different to the way things are done now. Better or worse? Who knows? But different.” - Colin Potter, IC Studio, London 2022.) 25.00


CURRENT - Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today 3xLP BOXSET (numero - Screaming suburban blues straight from the pages of HeartattaCk magazine, Current exploded out of the early-'90s Midwestern emo scene in a fit of D.C. hardcore-inspired rage. Spread across three LPs, Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today compiles the quartet's lone album, two EPs, split 7"s with Indian Summer and Chino Horde, miscellaneous compilation debris, and nine previously unissued alternates, including the infamous KLXU radio show. Remixed and mastered from the original tapes, Current's complete discography is annotated in Leor Galil's exhaustive survey, illustrated with period photos, flyers, and cut-n-paste sleeve art across 24 pages. "Your parents would like this." - Tim Yohannan, Maximumrocknroll -) 70.00


DEVIL'S WITCHES - In All Her Forms DLP (majestic - Devil's witches is back with the highly anticipated sophomore album ‘In All Her Forms’! The 12 album tracks are woven within a thematic quadrant focusing on the four generating themes of ‘Maiden, Mistress, Mother, Matriarch’ respectively, each creating a triplet quarter of the diegesis.) 35.00


THE DON RENDELL & IAN CARR QUINTET - Shades of Blue LP (jazzman - The complete Don Rendell & Ian Carr Lansdowne recording sessions are now available as individual LPs. We located and acquired the original analogue master tapes from the Universal vaults and created masters at Abbey Road Studios to produce audiophile quality 180g pressings replete with replica artwork - shape, design, and even paper stock. No stone has been left unturned to deliver this absolute labour of love to the highest possible standard! Inside is a link to a printable online pdf which contains never before seen photographs, interviews with the remaining living band members and liner notes from BBC Radio 3 presenter and award-winning jazz writer Alyn Shipton.) 30.00


DON RENDELL & IAN CARR QUINTET - Dusk Fire LP (jazzman - The band played together for seven years and during this fruitful time they made a plethora of deeply melodic, post-bop British jazz compositions that later on took influences from Indo and more spiritually guided jazz. Produced by the influential Denis Preston and recorded at his Lansdowne Studios in London, the band was primarily made up of saxophonist Don Rendell, trumpeter/composer Ian Carr, and pianist/composer Michael Garrick. This is UK jazz at its absolute finest and is a treasure not to be missed. ) 30.00


DUSTER - Stratosphere LP (numero - Best listened to from inside the womb, Duster’s 1998’s debut Stratosphere simultaneously capped off and reinvented the slow core’s first wave. A four track dreamscape that will wake the neighbors and then lull them back to sleep. Hazy, arpeggiated guitars layer over a deliberate drummer with no real place to be, as semi-inaudible vocals warn of millennial malaise and subtly encourage the listener to “rock out, rock out, rock out, rock out.”) 28.00


DUSTER - Contemporary Movement LP (numero - A muffled cry into the technological darkness, Contemporary Movement slid into the world right as the MP3 was seeping out of college dorms. A 39-minute drift into the void, drenched in Cold War-era reverb and then submerged in four track hiss for good measure. Duster constructed a Brutalist masterpiece on the outskirts of a suburban mall, as if to say, “We were here.”) 28.00


EDEN AHBEZ - Eden’s Island DLP (overland - The ultimate reissue of one of the world’s most important albums in the field of Exotica, Jazz and even Proto Psychedelic Music from 1960 - and the first official reissue ever! Eden Ahbez was said to be "the first Hippie on earth", his enchanting life and his amazing music laid the foundation of the Hippie movement. This reissue of Eden Ahbez' sole album includes 20 almost unreleased bonus songs from different sessions, carefully restored and remastered from original master tapes by prolific grammy nominated sound engineer Jessica Thompson. Gatefold double vinyl in limited editions with large booklet.) 35.00


HEKLA - Xiuxiuejar LP (phantom limb - Icelandic theremin musician Hekla offers her second album of haunting, spectral soundscape-songwriting Xiuxiuejar, a sonic black hole of corrosive beauty and mesmerising darkness. “I grew up mostly in Barcelona, but after being so long now back in Iceland I have really come to love the Catalan language,” Hekla writes. “The word Xiuxiuejar felt right for the album. It means to whisper.” This sense of understatement, of quietude, of intentionality permeates her new album. Tiny, single artefacts are delicately placed about a desolate negative space, creating a textural structure built on and around silence. And while the album is constructed from songs, the sheer, dense gravity of Hekla’s sonics aligns Xiuxiuejar with avant-garde, musique concréte and sound-art, yielding an album to mimic Iceland’s barren rocky landscapes, permanight and folkloric Magick. The album also sees Hekla employ the cello, her second instrument. She combines a grindingly heavy bowing technique with blistering distortion and sparse, thumping bass hits to craft a soundworld beyond her usual timbres but totally in keeping with her key themes and imagery. A neat progression and compositional development from her previous works that preserves an exciting ongoing mythology. ) 27.00


LAILA ​SAKINI – Paloma LP (modern love - Laila Sakini's new album 'Paloma' arrives via Modern Love and is her most striking and ambiguous to date - a pointed and timely meditation on hope and hierarchies that riffs on Zbigniew Preisner's magical "The Double Life of Veronique" score and enduring outsider music tome "The Langley Schools Music Project". Subtly transcendent, fathoms-deep music. When Laila Sakini's debut album ‘Vivienne’ arrived in 2020, it felt like the record we were waiting for to map out our tangled reactions to an uninvited reality. Never self-consciously strange, it revealed itself slowly and cautiously, like a shadow in the corner of the eye, or an alchemical symbol in a bowl of alphabet spaghetti. This time around Sakini has worked her unique world-building to an even finer point, forming six tracks around a theme that's so close to our heart it's almost beating in time. Initially inspired by Krzysztof Kieślowski's 1991 arthouse classic "The Double Life of Veronique", the cult Polish director's enduring modern fairytale that serves as a cosmic rumination on identity and choice. Detailing two identical women - both singers, both in love - the film lets one live as the other dies, forcing us to consider the implications of art and endurance in the face of life's myriad challenges) 28.00


LAURA ALLAN with PAUL HORN - Reflections LP (Facts of Being - A long-awaited reissue of the legendary ambient/new-age album "Reflections" by Laura Allan with Paul Horn. The album was recorded in 1980 and marked by the participation of twice Grammy Awarded jazz legend flutist Paul Horn. The meeting of Laura and Paul was a true miracle that brought amazing fruit. Since 80th "Reflections" captivate the minds of spiritual ambient music fans all over the world. Magical sounds of flute, endless melodies of zither, Laura's heavenly voice lighted by meditative bells and synthesizers. A simple recipe but with great talents and unique results. Laura's reflections lead a listener to deep meditation, harmony, and to the eternal palace of inner peace. We hope you'll share with us the pleasure of listening to the record and the world become a bit more peaceful place for everyone. ) 27.00


LINCOLN - Repair And Reward LP (temporary - Lincoln was a Morgantown, WV band formed in 1992 by Jay Demko (vocals/guitar), John Herod (guitar), Justin Wierbonski (drums), and Johanna Claasen (bass). Dan Ball would later take over on bass. Though a band for only a brief time who left behind only a handful of recordings, they remain highly respected and are often regarded as one of the many foundational pieces of what would become known as "post-hardcore," as well as the proto-emo scene that was birthed by bands like Rites of Spring and Moss Icon. Lincoln's first 7" was originally released in 1992 by Watermark Records. The following year, their universally beloved split 7" with Washington, DC's Hoover became the inaugural release on the Art Monk Construction label. A final Lincoln 7" was released posthumously in 1994. All of Lincoln's releases have remained out-of-print and unavailable since the late 1990s. In 2021, Lincoln's entire recorded history was recovered, and the original analog tapes were restored and transferred. J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines) newly mixed every song. All eight songs - seven that originally spanned three 7" singles, plus a previously unreleased track - are now finally available on CD, LP, and Digital formats. It all sounds and feels better than ever, and shows just how much a small band from a small town with a small discography can have such a large and lasting impact.) 30.00


MELLIE - I Have Ideas, Too LP (adagio830 - Mellie’s first EP „Have Head“, released in spring 2020, was a small manifesto of brooding. While the urban zeitgeist wants to shake this off once and for all in order to just get things done and be even more productive, Mellie explicitly appreciates the permanent thinking-things-through. The whole thing comes with a melancholic, opaque sound which is shaped by sometimes discordant, often catchy guitar riffs and repetitive, almost paralyzing basslines. The trio‘s sound is anything but forced or exhausting, on the contrary: Mellie’s music is in many places subtle, in the very best sense of the word, sometimes even shy. Krautrock-like, repetitive passages bring a reduced version of early Stereolab to mind. „First Fridge“ calls up memories of Sonic Youth’s brighter and poppier songs. This autumn, the band‘s first album „I Have Ideas, Too“ will be released on Berlin label Adagio830. (Luca Glenzer)) 15.00


MONASTR – On Your Knees LP (shove - Latest record by this monolithic, heavy, sludgy crust/doom duo from Marseille, France.) 15.00


MUSLIMGAUZE - Farouk Enjineer DLP (kontakt - Originally released in 1997 through Soleilmoon Recordings. This is extremely intense Arabic dub noise music, designed to blow minds and loudspeakers. "One of his best! Great Arabic traditional rhythms with experimental "out there" beats. Very innovative indeed!“ "This is Muslimgauze at their peak! This is one of the absolute best albums Bryn made, superb all around. Amazing high and low tech sounds circling and colliding together, to make one remarkable album. It sounds like you may have sand in your speakers. Unmistakable Gauze!“) 33.00


MUSLIMGAUZE - Khan Younis LP (kontakt - Compilation with rare tracks from 1989 - 96. Unique tribal dub-trance music influenced by arabic culture with a touch of post-industrial. Hypnotic rhythms mixed with with eastern vibes. Muslimgauze at it's best!) 30.00


DIE NERVEN - s/t LP (glitterhouse - Wie entscheidet man eigentlich, im Laufe einer Karriere ein Album mit dem eigenen Bandnamen zu betiteln? Und warum ist dieses fünfte (offizielle) Studioalbum von DIE NERVEN dann auch noch ihr erklärt schwarzes Album? Weil es wie ein Monolith dastehen wird, in der Tradition der schwarzen Alben von Metallica, Jay-Z und Prince? Das wird die Zeit zeigen. Titel und Farbe markieren jedoch ganz unmissverständlich: "DIE NERVEN" von DIE NERVEN ist für Kevin Kuhn (Schlagzeug), Julian Knoth (Bass und Gesang) und Max Rieger (Gitarre und Gesang), die 2010 mit einer Explosion in die Stuttgarter Noise-Szene sprengten und sich in den letzten zwölf Jahren zu einer der profiliertesten Rockbands des Landes entwickelt haben, ihr bisher wichtigstes Album.) 25.00


NON ​BAND – Non ​Band LP (TAL - Edition of 200 copies, incl. 6 page insert - 2022 limited edition of this Japanese no wave gem from 1982. With extended liner notes and interviews with band members about the recordings of the album, as well as unpublished photographs from 1981 by Jibiki Yuichi. The Japanese punk rock movement known as Tokyo Rockers began in the summer of 1978. It incubated an independent music culture as well as a host of fascinating, individualistic musicians. One of the more striking units was the male-female duo Maria 023. NON played bass for them, and it was here that she first attracted attention. However, Maria 023 was short-lived, and NON would not reappear until the following year, August 1979, on stage at the legendary concert event "Drive to 80s". Her unbilled performance at the event consisted of several songs for solo bass and vocals, and her combination of intensity and a distinctly female emotionality made a striking impression. In the months that followed, NON continued to play solo and she became a pivotal presence among the female rockers on the scene at the time.) 30.00


ODESSA - costi​/​benefici LP (shove - First five songs from italian veterans Odessa. Featuring members of Marnero, Angelica Mariner, Concrete and Infarto Scheisse, Odessa are heavily rooted in 90s post hardcore/screamo scene. Their sound is a personal and unique blend of classic Dischord, Ebullition, Gravity stuff.) 15.00


PAT ​THOMAS – New ​Jazz ​Jungle: ​Remembering LP (Vinyl reissue of Pat Thomas’ »New Jazz Jungle: Remembering«. The album was originally released on CD in 1997, at a time when Pat had already spent years playing on the free improvisation circuit with the likes of Lol Coxhill and Derek Bailey. 10 tracks of bass heavy jungle breaks, which are intersected with vocal and orchestral samples, and layers of percussion rotating at varying time signatures. It’s in this fashion that the album seems to present itself: in layers. Thomas identified jungle’s weirdness and intensity and saw a space open for his own interpretation, on New Jazz Jungle: Remembering he utilises his classical training and knowledge of the tonal systems used by 20th century composer’s Schoenberg and Webern, and fuses that with his earlier experiences using electronics, keyboards & sampling techniques) 28.00


RICHARD DAWSON - The Ruby Cord DLP (weird world - Who doesn't love Newcastle Upon Tyne's magnificent Richard Dawson? Numpties, that's who. The man has it all; a right set of lungs, serious songwriting skills, a great guitar player and a wicked sense of humour. He follows up that ace collaboration with Circle with his fourth album for Weird World. This time around he offers up terrifying visions of a dystopian future. Or maybe we're already living in it?) 32.00


SERGE GAINSBOURG & ALAN GORAGUER - Strip Tease OST LP (Another side of Serge Gainsbourg permeates this 1963 film soundtrack about 'a stripper lost in the nocturnal world' of Paris, according to director Jacques Poitrenaud, who cast Nico in the lead role (after her appearance in La Dolce Vita and just prior to the single she cut with Jimmy Page for Andrew Loog Oldham). Created by Gainsbourg with arranger and longstanding collaborator Alain Gourager, the music is fittingly the cool jazz of dingy nightclubs and seedy bordellos, with Gainsbourg on piano, and there's the sultry title track, delivered breathlessly by Juliette Greco. Another lost gem for all serious Gainsbourg fans.) 25.00


TONY MOLINA - In The Fade LP (run for cover - It would be impossible to encapsulate the entire Tony Molina musical worldview in a single record. This is a man whose home stereo, in a single day, could be blaring The Move, Malo, Internal Bleeding, Dear Nora, and The Melvins. All that said, you'd be hard pressed to find a better entry point to his work than In the Fade, a record that according to the artist himself, ties the entire catalog together. Recorded in spurts over two years in the Bay Area with an array of longtime friends and collaborators, In the Fade is a mix of both new and old for Tony's first solo album in four years. The record came together almost like a compilation, the result of Tony taking inventory of both his extensive solo career and his time in the criminally-underrated band Ovens in the early to mid 2000's. This introspection makes for a very "pop" album - hooks permeate the record's heavier guitar-pop tunes as well as its more delicate folk-rock and indie-pop tracks. It's a return in part to the Ovens sound, but also features elements of his more recent material and introduces some intriguing new wrinkles. In the Fade evokes the sounds of some of Tony's favorite bands: Fastbacks, The Flaming Lips, The Muffs. There's a Black Sabbath cover, some reworked songs from his past and most important of all, some of Tony Molina's finest original songs to date. As a whole, In the Fade encompasses every phase of his recording career to date while also fitting together as a tight, endlessly listenable album - a showcase of Tony Molina's love for well-crafted songs that proves he's one of the best in the game at writing them.) 26.00


ULLA STRAUS - Big Room LP (quiet room - Vinyl edition of Ulla's legendary tape for NYC's Quiet Time. Ulla’s productions reveal a discerning process of stripping tracks to their essence, letting space, silence, simplicity and repetition be her guide. They lend a magic touch to a difficult and minimal style of music, creating an album that is comforting and tranquil, yet hypnotizing and transportive.) 28.00


WAU WAU COLLECTIF - Mariage LP (Sahel - Wau Wau Collectif’s second album, Mariage, is instilled with a newfound sense of purpose. Expanding upon the inspirational themes of their acclaimed 2021 debut, Yaral Sa Doom (Educate The Young), this long-distance collaboration from musicians in Senegal, led by Aurora Kane, and Sweden’s Karl Jonas Winqvist is an even more stylistically expansive affair. Joyful children’s songs collide with fuzzy guitar solos and thumping hip-hop beats. Shimmering synths lift off from the plunky percussion of the balafon and versatile sounds of the 22-string kora. Familiar voices from the first album return with more explicitly political lyrics, while the music feels both rhythmically dense and sonically weightless, flowing from one spellbinding moment to the next. ) 26.00


V/A - Greasy Mike: Shipwrecked on a Tropical Island LP (jazzman - Alluringly subtitled ‘16 Sweaty Sides Of Hot & Sultry Exotica From Weirdsville, USA’, the Jazzman imprint presents ‘Shipwrecked On A Tropical Island’, the latest in a set of themed compilations selecting the best of record collector Greasy Mike’s vast archives of gritty, sleazy rock’n’roll.) 26.00


V/A - Electronic Jugoton Vol. 1 - Synthetic Music From Yugoslavia 1980-1989 DLP (Everland - The galloping technical progress in the second half of the last century dominated all spheres of daily life, art and culture. In the music industry machines took over the role of classical instruments and did not stop at RnR, punk nor industrial music. No one could resist the challenge, but also the prevailing trends in the 80s. The music industry was influenced by the electronic virus globally, not sparing even the remotest corners of the planet, producing bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Soft Cell or lesser known ones like Liquid Liquid, Section 25, The Wake as well as the pioneers of the electronic music Silver Apples, Pierre Henry,etc . What was going on in the music industry of former Yugoslavia and at Jugoton, the biggest YU music label at that time? The all over answer is given by a new release of Everland Music: Electronic Jugoton - Synthetic music from Yugoslavia 1964. - 1989. Vol. 1 ) 34.00


V/A - Thorn Valley DLP (world of echo - “Let me fly you home. We can talk on the way” Thorn Valley is a 20 song assemblage of various transmissions from the ever diffuse and widening DIY underground, released to mark the four year anniversary of World of Echo. Available as a gatefold double LP pressed in an edition of 500, 50 of which come with four risograph bookmarks printed on seeded paper. Artwork by Matthew Walkerdine. Feat. songs by Nein Rodere, Exek, Valentina Magaletti, Moin, Pat Benjamin and more ... ) 35.00





ERNEST HOOD - BACK TO THE WOODLANDS & WHERE THE WOODS BEGIN 2XCD (freedom to spend - Written and recorded between 1972 and 1982 in Western Oregon, Back to the Woodlands is a previously unreleased, and nearly lost, album made by Ernest Hood during the same era as his near mythical album Neighborhoods. A visionary combination of field recordings, zithers, and synthesizers, Back to the Woodlands offers an unprecedented depth of access to this singular artistic mind.Working closely with his estate to maintain his original vision, Freedom to Spend has restored and remastered this never before released, lost masterpiece by Ernest Hood from the original tapes. Ernest Hood’s Back to the Woodlands will be issued on vinyl, as well as on CD in combination with its contemporary Where the Woods Begin, with new liner notes by Michael Klausman.) 20.00


SARAH DAVACHI - In Concert & In Residence 2xCD (A supplement to 'Two Sisters', 'In Concert & In Residence' offers a series of live chamber ensemble recordings as well as several instrumentals collected while in residence at the National Music Centre. Featuring commissioned long-form works 'In The Grand Luxe Hall' (2016) and 'Stile Vuoto' (2018), variations and unreleased live recordings of the 'Harmonies' series for organ, and solo performances with electronic instruments such as the Hammond B3 and Hammond Novachord. Limited edition release, two-disc CD set.) 22.00





WIRE - #466 I Dec 2022 MAG (Inside this issue: Richard Pinhas: At the age of 71 the French experimental guitarist and Heldon founder is still going all the way out. By Daniel Spicer - The Primer: French underground rock: A user’s guide to the subcultural eruption that belched forth the likes of Heldon, Brigitte Fontaine, Lard Free and Art Zoyd. By Keith Moliné Weyes Blood: The US vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist delivers apocalyptic visions via deceptively lush avant pop. By Emily Pothast - Invisible Jukebox: Hamid Drake: Will the US drummer get the tempo of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Bill Meyer.) 8.00