Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 March 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 March 2023

Hi, welcome to another newsletter for March. We got a couple cool new releases in stock and also a bunch of cool restocks like all DUSTER LPS, KARATE LPS, the latest two CIVIC LPs are back in stock on colored vinyl, the COIL - Queens of the Circulating Library LP re issue arrived on Clear Vinyl, a couple IN THE FISHTANK Lps are back in stock like the LOW + DIRTY THREE - In The Fishtank 7 LP, NO MEANS NO - In The Fishtank 1 LP and more, also Berlins Math Rock Jazz Duo Teen Prime has a new record and we got both their records in stock, a new HABIBI FUNK comp arrived and its called THE FREE MUSIC & NAJIB ALHOUSH - Free Music (Part 1) LP - FANTASTIC, WORM - Gloomlord LPs are also back in stock and also a bunch of earlier PROTOMARTYR LPs and a new release on Hands In the Dark arrived by STARAN WAKE - s/t LP, the MAJESTIES - Vast Reaches Unclaimed LP on 20 Buck Spin … 


We also added a few more second hand items to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






BONDO - Print Selections LP (quindi - Bondo is four Los Angeles musicians collaging displaced tempos and fractured melodies. Their sparsely vocalised music conspires to bring into view a practical enlightenment, evoking the sandy contentment of an exhausted marine sunset. The organically mechanical compositions wander with the intention not to be aimless, but to be consumed in Process. Bondo comes to Quindi Records to release its first full-length album, Print Selections, and it is saturated in the communal consciousness of the band. The songs call for the individuals to dissolve to make way for the music. The lyrical content of the record tells of a mind made anew, cleared of its data & ego to witness nothing in particular. Bringing the past with them, the band makes clear allusions to their influences - their tones reminiscent of outfits like Duster, Unwound, Acetone & Fugazi, but also has heavy nods to more formless genres like the dub melodies of King Tubby and the jazz of Archie Shepp. The music feels like the dusty bed of a scanner, plays like the light leaking from underneath its lid.) 21.00


CIVIC - Future Forecast LP (col. vinyl) (ato - back in stock - An origin story since time immemorial, this DIY, garage-rock five piece came together in 2018 through the traps of the Melbourne music scene. Bonding over a shared love of tightly coiled riffs and a collective musical ethos, Civic made a name for themselves through the intensity of their live shows, which would become local folklore. On Future Forecast, Civic pay homage to the classics, but pivot on them with avant-charged edge. It’s raw, searing guitars; pummeling rhythms; driving bass; and vocals that lock into and synergize with their wall of sound. All of this is balanced by the raucous and restrained weaving of melodies and textures, and vocal variation which broadens their sound past any one genre label. There’s the horn-fueled drive of album opener Radiant Eye, the power pop laden hook of As Seen On Tv’, the emotively atmospheric and vocally subdued Sunday Best, all culminating with closer Come To Know, before ending in a tightly wounds play of feedback and groove.) 25.00


CIVIC - Taken By Force LP (back in stock on col. Vinyl - The Melbourne-based five-piece Civic return with their visceral new sophomore album Taken by Force - aptly described by the band as “1984 meets Endless Summer.” Civic have reimagined the reckless intensity of proto-punk for an era of endless uncertainty and have become one of the most exhilarating bands to emerge from the Melbourne-scene in recent years. Taken By Force was produced by Radio Birdman frontman Rob Younger and mixed / mastered by Mike Young (Eddy Current, Total Control).) 28.00


COIL - Queens of the Circulating Library LP (dais - Queens Of The Circulating Library stands alongside Time Machines and Nurse With Wound’s Soliloquy For Lilith as a post-industrial pinnacle of sensory-warping long-form drone. Crafted by the distilled duo of Thighpaulsandra and John Balance, the 49-minute piece unfurls in swirling, cyclical waves, tidal as much as textural, channeling the spirit of levitational minimalism pioneered by La Monte Young. Touted as the first part in "a continually mutating series of circulating musickal compositions” upon its initial release in 2000, the album remains a compelling case study in Coil’s exceptional capacity for mutation and extremes.) 28.00


DUSTER - Stratosphere LP (numero - back in stock - Best listened to from inside the womb, Duster’s 1998’s debut Stratosphere simultaneously capped off and reinvented the slow core’s first wave. A four track dreamscape that will wake the neighbors and then lull them back to sleep. Hazy, arpeggiated guitars layer over a deliberate drummer with no real place to be, as semi-inaudible vocals warn of millennial malaise and subtly encourage the listener to “rock out, rock out, rock out, rock out.”) 28.00


ELLIS SWAN - 3AM LP (quindi. Drawing the night in around his private, unnerving vigil, Ellis Swan returns to Quindi Records with an album of cracked beauty and haunted balladry. The Chicago-based singer-songwriter debuted on the label last year with a collaborative project called Dead Bandit, a vividly produced instrumental set in thrall to the badlands and a laconic, languid Americana. Under his own name, Swan records intimate, poetic songs in a stark fashion, so fragile they might disintegrate in between your fingers were you to pick them up. He draws the microphone close to pick up every whisper and drags the music through layer upon layer of tape fuzz, leaving room for atmospheric impressions which loom out of the walls like the ghosts of past misdeeds. These pieces play on the natural distortion and delirium which occurs at the farthest end of the night - the hour before dawn might hope to break the veil of darkness.) 21.00


LOW + DIRTY THREE - In The Fishtank 7 LP (Konkurrent - For the seventh installment of Konkurrent's In The Fishtank series, LOW and DIRTY THREE collaborate on a truly amazing set of songs—the combination of Low's open, desolate sound and the melancholic yet folky violin of Dirty Three's WARREN inspired Low to indulge in a more crooning way of singing and to add banjo to the works.) 20.00


MAJESTIES - Vast Reaches Unclaimed LP (20 buck spin. - The creative centers of Obsequiae and Inexorum come together as one in the preeminent new force known as Majesties. To those familiar with the individual pieces that make up Majesties, the sound on debut album ‘Vast Reaches Unclaimed’ will be another striking addition to their respective oeuvres, recalling the glorious days of Wrong Again and No Fashion Records. Evoking a time when Gothenburg was starting to unseat Stockholm as the unimpeachable city for Swedish Death Metal in the mind of the international metal scene, Majesties have that intrinsic sense of Death Metal’s rabid intensity and the effortlessly satisfying melodic ability that made albums like ‘The Jester Race’ and its immediate forbears instant classics. The mix of major key melodies and twin guitar harmonies snaking through every track ornament the vigorous riff eruptions and anguished vocals in a sheen of gleaming brilliance that proves an exhilarating triumph to behold) 29.00


NO MEANS NO - In The Fishtank 1 LP (KonKurrent -On vinyl for the first time! The very first of the 'In The Fishtank' series from 1996 from punk legends No Means No, finally released from newly minted vinyl masters. Comes with updated/new artwork, too boot!) 20.00


SLEAFORD MODS - UK Grim LP (rough trade - Sleaford Mods release their new album UK Grim through Rough Trade Records. As the Nottingham duo's most dancefloor friendly release to date, UK Grim is an urgent and sage-like look at life, living and the gritty reality of our era.  Truly the sound of now, not only in terms of the ideas and issues Jason Williamson's strong words invoke, but also thanks to the innovative and immersive production of Andrew Fearn, which on this release has seen the pair collaborate on songs with Jane's Addiction's creative powerhouse, Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro, and with Florence Shaw, the distinct and vital voice at the heart of British band Dry Cleaning. Speaking of the forces that have triggered the poetic protest at the heart of this record, as with their musical forebears like The Clash or The Jam, Sleaford Mods reveal that the outrage they feel is underscored by love for the people and places around them, making UK Grim as much a celebration of individuals and the idealists as it is an attack on ruling classes who pursue their own self-serving agendas with increasing desperation. ) 27.00


STARAN WAKE - s/t LP (hands in the dark - Staran Wake is a collaborative project by Andrew Bunsell and Tom Relleen (Tomaga). After several years creating music in various groups together, followed by countless hazy late night recording sessions at each other’s studios and crisper afternoons producing the results, the British duo’s musical vision materialised with this self-titled instrumental album, taking nearly 4 years to complete. This collection of pieces is composed with a wide range of instruments and combines multiple dark, experimental genres to form a rather lavish and unique proposition. It is imprinted with intense turgid textures, interweaving the hyper-tactile characteristics of analogue sound with field recording elements and sound effects. ) 26.00


TEEN PRIME - no. 4 LP (Teen Prime is a duo containing Sebastian Fäth on Guitar and Jörg Schneider on Drums. 13 Songs of free form jazzy math rock pressed on 180gr vinyl in an edition of 100 copies. ) 20.00


TEEN PRIME - No. 7 LP (Second album by Teen Prime which is a duo containing Sebastian Fäth on Guitar and Jörg Schneider on Drums. 11 new songs of free form jazzy math rock pressed on 180gr vinyl in an edition of 100 copies. FFO: Don Caballero, Storm And Stress, …) 23.00


THE FREE MUSIC & NAJIB ALHOUSH - Free Music (Part 1) LP (habibi funk -  Avid Habibi Funk listeners may be familiar with Libyan composer / producer Najib Alhoush, who’s “Ya Aen Daly” - Bee Gee’s “Stayin Alive” cover - was included in our 2nd compilation. Najib’s group, “The Free Music” produced an astonishing 10 albums, all impressively strong and equally infused by soul, funk, disco and reggae. Groovy synths, thumping bass and drums and Najib’s distinct flavor collide for something special. Self-financed, all their albums are fully dedicated to their unique musical blend, a distinctly infectious groove that unfortunately didn’t make an impact outside of Libya due to the complex political situation at the time. ) 27.00


TORTOISE + THE EX - In The Fishtank 5 LP (konkurrent - Latest in a series of releases from Dutch company Konkurrent where they give touring bands 2 days in their 24 trk studio to record 20-30 mins. of whatever they like! This feat. a collaboration between the guys from TORTOISE & the people from THE EX, the legendary Dutch anarcho punk band. 6 cuts that blend Tortoise's introspective subdued layers of sound w/ the Ex's dynamic, tense & confrontational punk rocking. An unlikely combo w/ interesting results!) 20.00


WORM - Gloomlord LP (20 buck spin - back in stock - Worm’s second album, the early 2020 release ‘Gloomlord’, was a precursor to the massive impact that would make the world tremble on 2021’s ‘Foreverglade’. Itself a large stylistic leap forward from Worm’s debut album, ‘Gloomlord’ brought the band to wider attention and the Floridian Funeral Doom contained within has since amassed a cult-like following of its own. Until now ‘Gloomlord’ has been a somewhat difficult score in the States and often unavailable. As such, with the band now firmly at home on 20 Buck Spin and looking to make its first live appearances in 2023 it was time to sate the increasing demand and make ‘Gloomlord’ easily available to the masses. As an added bonus the album has been completely re-mastered by Greg Chandler of the funereal legends Esoteric at Priory Recording Studios in the UK. And like the ‘Foreverglade’ and ‘Bluenothing’ vinyl releases, the reissued ‘Gloomlord’ now comes with a huge poster insert. With those added aspects lead progenitor Phantom Slaughter considers this the definitive version of ‚Gloomlord’.) 28.00