Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 Jan 2024

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 Jan 2024


Hi, first off all - Thank you everyone for all your support so far. We are beyond words to express our feelings for all the nice words, orders etc … it means the world to us and also helps us to stay positive in those difficult times. THANK YOU!!!


There is two things coming up in Berlin if you are in town. There is a Soli Tattoo event at Rostige Nadel in mid February


And there this a soli show for PIGEON and ELEKTROKOHLE at LARK on Feb 15th - maybe you are are in town




We also got a few new records and some restocks (like the GRAIN LP), the new LÖRI LP arrived on Adagio830 and a few other Diy Labels, the MARIA W. HORN & PARKMAN SARA - Funeral Folk LP repress, the new YC-CY - Wake Me Up Again 7“, GOAT (JP) - Joy In Fear LP, AWAKEBUTSTILLINBED - chaos takes the wheel and i am a passenger DLP, MJ LENDERMAN - s/t DLP, RAHSAAN ​ROLAND ​KIRK & ​THE ​VIBRATION ​SOCIETY - Live In Paris (1970) LP and more ..


And we also added (adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman





411 - Say It 7“ (few copies back in stock - Debut single from this popular OC Hardcore band featuring Dan O from No For An Answer on vocals and Kevin Murphy from Headfirst and Farside on guitar. Features one song that didn't make it to the album. Dave Smalley on back up vocals.) 10.00


YC-CY - Wake Me Up Again 7“ (Apocaplexy - Once again this consistency, this "step forward" attitude of that swiss Noise-Industrial-Postpunk-Wave-hybrid und what a huge step this release is this time. Impelling hard, off-kilter end of time-familiar, dark & brutal in core and really leaving nobody abandoning. The (preliminary and) through and through logical culmination of the previous releases in a 4-track 7inch, covered in an ebony 450g cardboard with a matte-silverfoil embossing. recorded & mixed by YC-CY) 10.00




AWAKEBUTSTILLINBED - chaos takes the wheel and i am a passenger DLP (tiny engines - awakebutstillinbed return with chaos takes the wheel and i am a passenger, on Tiny Engines, their first new full-length album in five years. From the very first moment, with its warm, opening guitar strum, the Bay Area emo band pick up exactly where they left us at the end of their debut album. Produced by Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Beach Bunny, Modern Baseball) and engineered by Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock, Deafheaven), the new album is sonically massive, allowing the band to peak higher and swoop to more intimate depths than ever before.) 35.00


BAUMARKT - Kellerduell LP (30 years after the band AG Geige disbanded, Baumarkt released their second album Kellerduell. Coincidence or concept? A search for clues in the poison cabinet of the major labels - Karl-Marx-Stadt on a sunny late autumn day: Jens Ausderwasch, singer of the band Baumarkt, sits at a tram stop and observes a construction hole. “The Kummers used to live here,” she says, taking a long sip of Kolle: “that was before it was a cultural capital.” Her colleague Florian Illing agrees: “There wasn’t even the Atomino back then.” We are looking for the legacy of the so-called “other bands” and keep coming across connections to a group called AG Geige. The following can be found on the Internet: “Frank Bretschneider, Torsten Eckhardt, Jan Kummer and Ina Kummer founded the band in 1986. Although the members were not real musicians (which they openly admitted) they played first-class electronic music.”The name Kummer is widespread in the East German band scene. Members of major names such as Blond or Kraftklub carry this name, but so do club owners. But others carry the spirit of the Chemnitz avant-garde forward. “We don’t know whether we have a direct bloodline to the Kummers,” Ausderwasch points out: “our parents remain consistently silent on the subject.” Illing adds mischievously: “In any case, it doesn’t bother us not to be called that.”Since 2016, hardware stores have been shaping their own era - consistently ignoring the focus of the major labels. The group meticulously composed their second album over years of work. Its sound is full of cheap confusion, which is only surpassed by the poetic richness of the lyrics: it sings about the fountain in the backyard, your own fisheye, the queen of the sun in May. Hardware stores can be seen as an ideal example of a new German avant-garde. However, the Chemnitz gangs don't help: Kellerduell is released by the small Bremen label Latenz. “Every city has these special names - in Bremen it is the Bodzins,” announces its press office, “we take care of all the great musicians - no matter what the family tree looks like.”) 23.00


BENOÎT PIOULARD & OFFTHESKY - Sunder LP (laaps - Laaps starts into 2024 with the release of the first collaborative recordings by Benoît Pioulard and Offthesky, two long-time explorers of the experimental ambient genre. Benoît Pioulard is the primary audiovisual project of Michigan-born, Brooklyn-based Thomas Meluch. With six LPs on the renowned kranky imprint, as well as a catalog of works for Universal (UK), Morr Music (DE) and others, he has constructed a unique aesthetic steeped in the textures of analog decay and pop song structure using chiefly guitar, piano and tape processing. He has also built an extensive archive of Polaroid photographs (many of which grace his album covers), the first official collection of which is the hardcover book "Sylva", released in 2019. His most recent album "Eidetic" (Morr Music, 2023) was his first vocal-heavy work in several years. Jason Corder aka Offthesky is an experimental-ambient multimedia artist based in Denver, CO. He has been producing music, video art, audio software, and the occasional interactive sound sculpture, for over 20 years. He teaches private courses on generative music and occasionally lectures on various sound design topics at Denver University. He currently is the Audio Director at the Denver based videogame studio Dire Wolf. Over the years, he has worked with labels such as Home Normal, 12k's term, Facture, and more. Over the years he has performed at Mutek, Decibel, Communikey and other festivals, sharing the bill with likeminded artists Pole, Matmos, William Basinski, and more.) 25.00


CHAPEL OF DISEASE - Echos Of Light LP (Van records - "Echoes Of Light" is CHAPEL OF DISEASE's latest album and the result of an even deeper dive into the possibilities of a band that breaks free of any musical or genre boundaries. Recorded from October 2022 to January 2023 in the Q7 Studios with Michael Zech (THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, SECRET OF THE MOON) by the three founding members (Laurent T., Cedric T. and David D.), an album was created that includes plays in many different moods and becomes a whole by uniting opposites and shaping them into an individual soundscape. The album consists of six songs and aims to take the listener on a journey chasing the light, only to eventually destroy it…) 30.00


DANNY PAUL GRODY - Arc of Day LP (three lobed - The bones of a bird, stripped of flesh and feather, give no sign of the heights and depths a living bird can reach, the lengths it can travel, or the songs it can sing. The same is true of the bones of the human hand. For all their strength and delicacy, seeing them skeletal and stark obscures our knowledge of the rhythmic energy with which they engage space, the burdens they can bear, the music they can produce. Yet, in both bird and hand, the foundation of grace and motion remain. Music above all else proves this to be true. To experience a guitarist playing is to experience the hand taking flight. This flight is the essence of all Danny Paul Grody’s work. His compositions seem to be the sonic tracings of migrations patterns. They grant us that avian instinct to simply take to air and trust our innate knowledge of the route. "Arc Of Day" is Grody’s first collection of new music since his self-released "Furniture Music II" in 2021. Born of explorations with Rich Douthit on drums & percussion, the album charts a path from grief and isolation to re-emergence, picking up Trevor Montgomery on bass, Chuck Johnson on pedal steel, and Jonathan Seilaff on clarinet along the way. "Arc Of Day" not only encapsulates the journey from bone to flesh and feather, it renews the listener like birdsong in Spring after the long Winter silence.) 28.00


GOAT (JP) - Joy In Fear LP (nakid - Repress, edition of 400 copies goat (JP) are renowned for two albums released in 2013 and 2015 that took Kraftwerk’s man-machine concept back to its roots with swingeing, inch-tight drums, bass and guitar patterns that needed to be heard to be believed. For their long-in-the-making new album ‘Joy In Fear’, band leader Koshiro Hino (YPY, KAKUHAN) describes the process as “90 percent pain” - and we can well believe it - few other records we can think of transmute DAW-composed rhythmic precision into such an expressive instrumental performance. It really is a feat of determination, skill and execution that seems to defy human dexterity. Make no mistake - an academic exercise it ain’t - in the most visceral sense, goat (JP) make BODY music, for dancing, flailing, for losing yourself in completely. As usual, Hino plays guitar, backed by bassist Atsumi Tagami, while Akihiko Ando joins on saxophone, while Takafumi Okada and Rai Tateishi step in to handle percussion, with the latter moonlighting on flute. Every sound is sculpted into a fragment of cadence: guitar and bass prangs alternately echo and dance between the drums, and Ando's sax is mutated into a respiratory slobber of guttural smacks and phantom breaths. In some respects, it's tempting to label it jazz, but the kind of jazz that Miles Davis spearheaded on the game-changing 'On The Corner', the blueprint for so much post-punk, electronic music and avant rock. goat (JP) take that raw alloy and sharpen it like a blade, mangling the template with the knotty metrics of Autechre or Ryoji Ikeda. The accuracy is galvanic; it's almost impossible to comprehend each player keeping a mental note of the mathematical time signatures, and yet they floss them out with trills and icy stutters that seem to evaporate around the thick, taiko-like thuds. They practically get our teeth gnashing with the bruxist rictus chatter of ‘III I IIII III’, before ‘Cold Heat’ introduces subtly harmonised, new aspects to their sound with slivers of Hassellian flute and ringing overtones of their percussion, while the winding sensuality of ‘Warped’ slips down very nicely. Their links to OG no-wavers like Glenn Branca & Wharton Tiers’ Theoretical Girls - is manifest in the 8 mins of chipping stop/start pulse and parry to ‘Modal Flower’, while a total left turn into Mark Fell-meets-Ligeti-esque messed up metronomics in ‘GMF’ ties it off with a properly beguiling flourish.) 32.00


GRAIN - We'll Hide Away: Complete Recordings 1993-1995 LP (back in stock - "We’ll Hide Away" is a complete discography of Cleveland Ohio’s unsung hardcore heroes. An arguably stellar example of the sound of mid 90s post-hardcore in the Midwest, Grain typified the sound of Rust Belt youth. With slow builds, fast/slow time signatures, dissonant guitar work with melodic, catchy undercurrents, and just enough breakdowns to keep the hardcore purists happy, these recordings are simultaneously angry, urgent and beautiful.) 35.00


GÜNTER SCHICKERT & UDO ERDENREICH - Schickreich LP (marmor - Jabbering people, a dry bassline, nagging punks, the bassline again, a dry cough, the U-1 passes by a guitar starts weeping: welcome to Schickreich, a rare recording of a super group that cut short into a duo. Comprised of bass, hurdy gurdy, Jew’s harp player, DJ, Intermedia-artist Udo Erdenreich, and Berlin’s cosmic kraut legend Günter Schickert. They were bandmates in Ziguri and played since the late 1980s off and on as Schickreich. Marmo now brings to life an album that uncovers two wings of their manifold musical explorations. ) 25.00


HJIROK -Hjirok LP (altin village - HJirok is a mythical figure, conceived as a fictional character by Iranian-born Kurdish singer and artist Hani Mojtahedy. Together with versatile music producer Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars, she combined a variety of sounds collected during their joint travels to Iraqi Kurdistan and elsewhere with heavily processed recordings of Sufi drum rhythms and setar melodies. The result is a driving, dubbed-out, and deeply intricate soundscape that perfectly sets the stage for Mojtahedy’s extended, unconventional vocal techniques and polyglot lyrics. Both informed by tradition and rigorously forward-looking, »Hjirok« (with a lowercase J) is at once a profoundly personal album and a universal utopian promise. As a ghost from the past, HJirok draws on Mojtahedy’s memories to mould a new future out of them.) 24.00


LORI - same LP (various - LTD TO 200 copies in Green Vinyl with Poster / LÖRI is a Four-piece DIY hardcore punk band founded in Lima with some members now living in berlin that plays dark emotive blackened hardcore / screamo  This album is a narrative arc. It tells the story of a dreamer trapped in a utopian yet dehumanized world, exploring themes of freedom, truth, and the loss of wildness in humanity. It’s an allegory of the modern human condition, where the pursuit of an absolute truth leads to a robotic existence, devoid of individuality.) 22.00


MARIA W. HORN & PARKMAN SARA - Funeral Folk LP (Funeral Folk is a collaboration between the grammy nomineed folk musician Sara Parkman and the international touring composer Maria W Horn. This album was released in July 2022 by Kali Malones label XKatedral and have gained great reviews in The Wire, Lira and Boomkat. In february 2023 the music was played live at Berghain in Berlin. Funeral Folk is music in the land between black metal and folk, drone and hymns, archaic songs and experimental landscapes. Somewhere in between Pauline Oliveros, Björk, Anna Von Hausswollf and Wardruna.) 30.00


MIZMOR - Prosaic DLP (profound lore - MIZMOR mastermind A.L.N. describes the new album "Prosaic" in his own words: "The idea behind “Prosaic” was to make an intentionally less conceptual, more slice-of-life record. I wanted to make an album that was less precious and obsessed-over, more honest and real; less grandiose and more human. I found it an interesting challenge to find the line between ‘you can do better’ and ‘you’re beating a dead horse.’ I tried to make my process more efficient and even fun at times. I simply wanted to share, but if that meant exacting all-out perfectionism, I wasn’t going to make a record. Right now I’m interested in making less self-indulgent music. The themes are the absurdity/futility/purpose/meaning of work, mindfulness/consciousness/living in the present moment/shedding illusions, depression/acceptance/contentment. This is the first MIZMOR album without any content relating to god/atheism. You also won’t hear any shrieks.“) 42.00


MJ LENDERMAN - s/t DLP (dear life - Dear Life Records is proud to present the physical reissue of the self titled debut of MJ Lenderman. MJ Lenderman is a songwriter born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. The anatomy of an MJ record might go something like this: warped pedal steels and skuzzed out guitar; a voice reminiscent of the high-lonesome warble of a choirboy; the keen observations and reflections of a front stoop philosopher. Songs snake their way from a lo-fi home recording to something glossier made with longtime friends at Asheville’s Drop of Sun studios, but the recording setting doesn’t seem to matter much – at its core, a Lenderman song rings true. "MJ Lenderman" was recorded, mixed and mastered for digital in 2019 by Colin Miller in Asheville NC, and was self-released online to quiet but firm acclaim. Now available as a Double LP and remastered for vinyl by Heather Jones, it offers a glimpse into the formative steps of a style; focused and precise, yet expansive and rough around the edges, that remains consistent across MJ’s catalogue to date (see also 2021’s ‘Ghost of Your Guitar Solo’ (DLR 016) and 2022’s ‘Boat Songs’ (DLR 031)). Looking as firmly to the legacy of 90s slowcore as it does to the tenor of Magnolia Electric Co. and sound wall of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, these 9 songs clock in at just over an hour and offer warm, patient worlds of heavy color that blow by breezily. These are songs that wrap mysterious and urgent feeling in layers of patience and clarity that unfold anew with each timeless listen.) 35.00


MUSLIMGAUZE – Kashmiri ​Queens LP (staalplaat - »Kashmiri Queens« – previously released as a limited CD – presents a more accessible side of Muslimgauze, featuring a faster tempo and fewer sonic overtones than his previous endeavors. The music's core is rooted in drone and raga samples complemented by a rich array of ethnic percussions. This 12inch stands out for its authenticity, allowing the sounds of tablas, sitars, and various ethnic wind instruments to flourish openly without being interrupted. There's a notable departure from the usual style in one track, adopting a floating, ambient-like approach. While the music maintains a strong percussive quality, vocals make only occasional appearances throughout the tracks. It marks a departure from the artist's previous abrupt transitions, favoring a more concentrated and steady approach to the music. Sounds are allowed to linger for extended durations, providing a deeper listening experience. The beats take a backseat this time, although they remain a significant part of the musical tapestry. Notably, track 9 is completely beatless, showcasing the artist's ability to create dramatic and twisted sonic landscapes with looped and distorted vocal excerpts. The tracks featured on »Kashmiri Queens« maintain a clean and polished sound, allowing the instrumentation and composition to shine. The third track weaves together drums, bells, a female singer, and enigmatic extended tones to create a compelling sonic journey. Track 4 introduces a drum-loop with a sussurus element and a backwards orchestral loop, culminating in an unexpected rhythm shift. Track ten employs a metallic tapping loop as its foundation, creating a distinctive rhythm in collaboratiom with the tabla. It also incorporates elements of strings, offering a dynamic soundscape reminiscent of early Muslimgauze work. The penultimate track is a moody and minimal masterpiece that plays with layers of metal loops, tabla, and zither, demonstrating the artist's innovative approach. In summary, »Kashmiri Queens« is an impressive addition to the Muslimgauze discography, staying true to their signature sound while introducing distinct elements that make it a must-have for fans of their work. All tracks written, played, recorded & edited by Muslimgauze, 1995.) 26.00


PATRICK SHIROISHI - I Was Too Young To Hear Silence LP (American dream - Fresh off a tour with The Armed, and on the heels of countless releases and collaborations, Patrick Shiroishi’s music is as vital and stirring as ever on I Was Too Young To Hear Silence. Where his breakout release, 2021’s Hidemi, used choruses of saxophones and vocals to memorialize his grandfather, I Was Too Young To Hear Silence expands the scope of his remembrance. Shiroishi’s chosen instruments are alto saxophone, glockenspiel, and a cavernous parking garage through which the former’s melodies reverberate. It’s an apt setting for Shiroishi’s continuing confrontation of the legacy of Japanese concentration camps.) 28.00


SPACE ​AFRIKA – Somewhere ​Decent ​To ​Live LP (steric - Ambient duo Space Afrika offer a bird’s eye view of the city centre at night with Somewhere Decent To Live; their keenly anticipated first album on Sferic - the Manchester-based label they run in conjunction with Will Boyd.Taking gaseous form as a series of dark blue hues and electromagnetic subbass impulses, the vibe inside is delectably elusive. Unlike their previous transmissions on Where To Now? and Ko¨ln’s LL.M., the pair’s dancefloor urges are dissolved in favour of suggestively mutable ambient frameworks this time, leaving the kicks in the club whilst they appear to float overhead like the dead kid embarking his Bardo in Gaspar Noe´’s Enter The Void. Unshackled from dancefloor needs, but still inspired and feeding off its spirit and romance, the pair respectfully acknowledge the undercurrents of Jungle, dubstep, ambient techno and deep house which feed into their home city’s late night economy, dowsing their tributaries back to dub and rendering the findings in a quiet, modestly lush ambient haze with a flawlessly anaesthetising effect. In firm but gentle style they feel out eight interlinked headspaces, drifting like spectral flanneurs from the Diversions-like opener uwe¨m/creation to intercept telepathic thoughts from Teutonic friends in the percolated subs and drizzly ambient clag of sd/ tl, before arriving at the most arresting moment in their catalogue thus far with the masterfully widescreen yet immersive bly and its sublimely smeared timbral thizz. The 2nd half of the record subsequently describes a more inward journey from wistful loops in u+00B1 to the sylvan 2-step of gwabh and curve feat. Echium, ultimately culminating in the echo chamber melt of dred.) 30.00


THE OCEAN - Holocene LP (pelagic - Holocene sees the The Ocean add a new and closing chapter to their palaeontology- inspired album series, presenting a gear shift towards the electronic world while redefining heaviness at the same time. Phanerozoic II ended with a track titled “Holocene”, and now it's clear that this track was pointing in the direction of things to come, both conceptually and musically. The dark, synth-driven track Holocene ends abruptly and yet connects seamlessly with where this new album begins: the haunting synth sounds of opener “Preboreal”. Enter the Holocene—the latest and thus-far shortest epoch on our Earth’s geological time scale in which humanity appeared on the planet. Through rapid proliferation, cultural evolution and technological development, our species has shaped and changed our planet in ways unprecedented in history. Moving into the human age, The Ocean have become more intimate and captivating musically, while creeping deeper into their own DNA with numerous references to their earlier discography which older fans will cherish. ) 26.00


RAHSAAN ​ROLAND ​KIRK & ​THE ​VIBRATION ​SOCIETY - Live In Paris (1970) LP (transversals - Gifted multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk at the height of his powers, backed by his Vibration Society, including long-term cohorts pianist Ron Burton, powerhouse percussionist Joe Habao Texidor, Dick Griffin on trombone, drummer Jerome Cooper and Vernon Martin on Double Bass. First ever official reissue of this rare ORTF recording performed live at studio 104, Maison de la Radio Paris, with the full permission and cooperation of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA).) 30.00


ULLA - Foam LP (3xl - Ulla returns with ‘Foam’, a surprise new album unlocking variants of ambient pop and looped jazz/dub styles coiled inside a glitched matrix that reminds us of Huerco S’ ‘Plonk’ as well as Ekkehard Ehlers fractal treatments and those incredible, smudged and disneyfied edits of Celine Dion released earlier this year by elusive outfit Romance. It’s an absorbing, quietly significant album for 3XL, on its most substantial release to date. Responsible for one of contemporary ambient’s finest breadcrumb trails in recent years, Ulla leads on from an acclaimed run of albums toward a more filigree style on ‘Foam’. Deploying fragmented morsels resembling glass-cast confectionary with a burbling vernacular, these ephemeral new works dissolve into a supine, shoe-gauzy and jazzed bliss that’s best compared with Jan Jelinek’s efforts in this dream-staged arena, the subs x piano minimalism of Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto’s revered collabs, as well as the memory-frothed echo of claire rousay and Co La’s fractal baubles. Aye, it’s a sound close to our hearts and one weft with a certain sort of magic that sparkles on the nerves and imagination with delicacy.) 30.00


VOODOO BEACH - Wonderful Life LP (crazy sane - Born from the wish to merge their wildly varying tastes in music, the members of VOODOO BEACH have a long history of playing an eclectic brand of dark psychedelic rock. Inspired by Sonic Youth, The Horrors and Slowdive, the Berliner underground act have been turning contradiction to creativity for almost 10 years, releasing a series of impressively balanced EPs before their lead singer and guitar player decided to quit. On the brink of dissolution the band were saved by Heike Rädeker, founding member of German cult noise rockers 18th Dye, who was a fan of the band and who instantly decided to join them on hearing of their upcoming demise.) 24.00


ZAHN - Adria DLP (crazysane - “German post–modern noise rock ensemble ZAHN present their second full–length album »Adria«, an 80–minute–long journey into the heart of classic European holiday culture. »Adria« offers a bold escape from your daily life through technicolor transmissions of post–rock, krautrock, dark jazz, noise–rock, post–punk and electronic music. Influenced by the likes of TRANS AM, THE JESUS LIZARD, METZ, THE MELVINS and TORTOISE »Adria« is a compelling soundtrack to a 1980’s anti–utopian road movie!”) 34.00


ZEMENT - Rohstoff LP (crazysan - “The German Neo-Kraut/Psychedelic duo ZEMENT return with their third LP sounding better and more focused than before! Combining the wonder of the autobahn with intelligent nods to techno and free jazz, Rohstoff constitutes an endless meditation on the architecture of mind and the movement of bodies.”) 24.00





AUTORYNO - Zorn, John / Flauros: The Book of Angels Volume 29 CD (tzadik - David Konopnicki, Bertrand Delorme, Cyril Grimaud. Carcas * Saelel * Umviel * Adoyahel * Qaddisin * Shahariel * Abrimas * Bethuel * Achusaton * Kaniel. Flauros is a rocking, driving, unstoppable reading of Masada music by the leader of France's most brutal and hard-edged ensemble Autoryno. Here they touch upon psychedelia, surf, metal, thrash, reggae, hard rock and more in this highly energetic installment of the Book of Angels. Exhilarating instrumental music at its cathartic best by this acclaimed and infamous ensemble based in Paris. One of the last CDs in the Book of Angels series is also one of its most powerful!) 25.00


JOHN ZORN - The Hermetic Organ Vol. 9 CD (tzadik - Filled with wild sounds, bizarre juxtapositions, soulful melodies, and pulsating drones, this outrageous recital is one of Zorn’s very best. Inspired by Aleister Crowley’s Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli, and performed in a kind of trance state, this is music beyond thought, beyond beauty, beyond rationality. Recorded at St. John’s Cathedral in Knoxville, Tennessee during the 2022 Big Ears Festival, this is Zorn at his metaphysical zenith. Organ improvisations with Mystery at its very heart—you have never heard such sounds!) 25.00


JOHN ZORN - The Hermetic Organ Vol. 10 - Bozar, Brussels CD + DVD (tzadik - Recorded at the powerful organ at Henri LeBoeuf Hall, Bozar in Brussels, this is one of Zorn’s most beautiful and personal solo performances—a dramatic musical reading of the epic Faust legend. Featuring a guest appearance by the sensational vocalist Barbara Hannigan, who is improvising with Zorn for the very first time—this exciting concert is presented here in a special limited edition 2-disc set that includes both a CD and a bonus DVD hi-quality film document of the event. No one plays the organ quite like Zorn and many of his unusual techniques, usually hidden in performance, are presented in close focus. Beautifully filmed by state of the art equipment, this is a wild and colorful concert by two mavericks of new music. Essential!) 32.00


JOHN ZORN - The Hermetic Organ Volume 11 - For Terry Riley CD (tzadik - This newest edition of The Hermetic Organ is a beautiful and evocative tribute to one of Zorn’s biggest mentors, the pioneer West Coast visionary, Terry Riley. Performed at San Francisco’s historic Grace Cathedral during the epic concert series presented by Fred Barnes at the Great American Music Hall in September 2023 for Zorn’s 70th birthday, this is one of the most touching and personal of all Zorn’s organ recitals. Present in the audience were a large number of the composer’s closest and oldest friends, and as a result the music has a deep spiritual edge. Looming over much of this music is the spirit of Terry Riley, one of Zorn’s early influences, and one of his dearest friends. Magical!!) 25.00


MICHÈLE BOKANOWSKI - Musiques de Concert 4xCD BOXSET (Passionate about music from childhood, it wasn't until later, at the age of 22, after reading À la recherche d'une musique concrète by Pierre Schaeffer, that she decided to study composition. After classical training in harmony, she met Michel Puig, a pupil of René Leibowitz, who taught her writing and analysis upon Schönberg Theory. In 1970, she began a two-year internship at the Research Department of the ORTF under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer. Between 1973 and 1975, she took part in a research group on sound synthesis, studied computer music at the University of Vincennes as well as electronic music with Éliane Radigue. She mainly composes for concert and for cinema (music for Patrick Bokanowski's short films and for his feature films L'Ange and Un Rêve solaire). She has also composed for television, theatre and dance. In her music, often infused with a mysterious atmosphere, she uses evocative and poetic concrete sounds, with a mastery of looping and feedback techniques and with an art of cinematic editing.) 40.00





HOARSE - Demo TAPE (diy - 6 song demo by this berlin noise post punk band. Short, in your face and ugly) 8.00