Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 Dec. 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 Dec. 2023

Hi, welcome to another newsletter for December. A couple cool things arrived like the fantastic DOROTHY CARTER — Waillee Waillee LP re issue, a few HUM re issues, WHEEZING MANIAC — Shade Through the Night Door LP re issue, C-CLAMP - Dream Backwards 3xLP-BOXSET restock, DRIFTING - Dream Autopsy LP, THE EMBASSY - E-Numbers LP, LUST PATTERN - Stand, Scatter LP on Dark Entries along with restocks of the NERVOUS GENDER DLP , PETER GUTTERIDGE - Pure LP re issue along with some SUPERIOR VIADUCT restocks like the Harold Budd Lp etc, GREAT FALLS - Objects Without Pain DLP, MERZBOW & VARIÁT - Unintended Intention LP + 7“, SOMBAT SIMLA - Master Of Bamboo Mouth Organ - Isan, Thailand LP


Also a bunch of JAZZ Caps, Sweater, Long Sleeves and T-shirts are back in stock in various colors and sizes


And if you are in Berlin on DEC 17th we have a little Christmas Shopping event with Ghost Bag And Len Bluevan (of Lawns, Rope etc) will play and maybe some more surprises. We are there from 13°° until 18°°


And we also added (adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman





C-CLAMP - Dream Backwards 3xLP-BOXSET (numero - Percolating in the same watery diner coffee that spawned American Football and Hum, C-Clamp shrugged on and off the ’90s slowcore and emo scenes in a hurry. Compiled here are the band’s two albums for the venerable Ohio Gold label—Longer Waves and Meander + Return, plus a third LP of singles and compilation tracks, and a meticulously annotated book stuffed with lyrics, photos, flyers, and ephemera from their all-too-brief existence. This one’s colder than a Chicago winter—better plug in that space heater.) 50.00


DOROTHY CARTER — Waillee Waillee LP + booklet (The first ever reissue of Dorothy Carter's 1978 folk/psych/drone masterpiece. A truly unique album in Dorothy's catalog, Waillee Waillee's essence sits in Dorothy's mastery of the dulcimer; its shimmering notes fully enmeshed with the cavernous drones of Bob Rutman's bowed steel cello. The core of this album, Dorothy's only with a full band, lies in the contradiction of traditional psych-folk idioms and the minimal avant-garde, referencing Laraaji and Henry Flynt as much as Karen Dalton.) 30.00


DRIFTING - Dream Autopsy LP (förläg för fri musik - Transatlantic collaboration featuring Julia Bjernelind (Amateur Hour), Weston Czerkies (Form Hunter) and Dan Johansson (Sewer Election). Sublime tape music. Edition of 300 copies.) 27.00


THE EMBASSY - E-Numbers LP (dream on - Gothenburg balearic-pop act, The Embassy's new album, E-Numbers on new Swedish label Dream On. The Embassy are without a doubt one of the most influential Swedish bands of the 21st century. As leaders of the blooming Gothenburg (Göteborg) scene, Fredrik Lindson & Torbjörn Håkansson opened a new era in Swedish music. Their light and elegant sound, subtle melodics, sharp lyrics and blending of acoustic and digital elements became a model. However, The Embassy have always been to cold war against the actual present and the current values, as expressed in the title of their singles and b-sides retrospective Life in the Trenches (2009). With humor and style, they misinformed, deconstructed and monkey-wrenched. These pop saboteurs are neither contemporary nor ”timeless”, but untimely: in favor of a time to come.) 28.00


GREAT FALLS - Objects Without Pain DLP (neurot - Read any article or comment thread about the Seattle noise-rock outfit GREAT FALLS and you're likely to see descriptors like cathartic, heavy, crushing, and unhinged. Maybe even psychotic. And sure, those are all apt: For over a decade, vocalist/guitarist Demian Johnston and bassist Shane Mehling (who also played together in the early-2000s noisecore band PLAYING ENEMY and the experimental duo HEMINGWAY) have honed their sludgy, overwhelmingly intense brand of heaviness, punctuated by delectably discordant riffs, terrifyingly low, thwacking bass lines, and mesmerizingly tight percussion. In the live setting, too, they’re notorious for a stage presence that is so aggressively confrontational and menacing that Mehling once broke his own arm mid-set. But the most striking aspect of GREAT FALLS, setting them apart from the murky sea of sludge metal and AmRep-inspired noise-rock bands, is their ability to paint a deeply, utterly human story through an all-out assault on the senses: an art the band has perfected on their fourth full-length album OBJECTS WITHOUT PAIN, out September 15 via NEUROT RECORDINGS. The album is not only their NEUROT debut, but also the first LP featuring drummer Nickolis Parks (GAYTHEIST, BASTARD FEAST), who joined the band prior to the release of their exhilarating, cacophonous 2023 EP, FUNNY WHAT SURVIVES. ) 35.00


HUM - electra 2000 DLP (earth analog - The US alternative band HUM from Champaign, Illinois, is releasing new editions of its four catalog LPs via Polyvinyl. The band members oversaw every step of the remastering, lacquer cutting and manufacturing phases, while also working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl to update the artwork. Each album comes on black 180g double vinyl at 45prm. Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, Nashville. Electra 2000 (1993), You'd Prefer An Astronaut (1995, with the crossover hit "Stars"), Downward Is Heavenward (1998), Inlet (2020).) 44.00


HUM - Downward Is Heavenward DLP (earth analog. The US alternative band HUM from Champaign, Illinois, is releasing new editions of its four catalog LPs via Polyvinyl. The band members oversaw every step of the remastering, lacquer cutting and manufacturing phases, while also working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl to update the artwork. Each album comes on black 180g double vinyl at 45prm. Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, Nashville. Electra 2000 (1993), You'd Prefer An Astronaut (1995, with the crossover hit "Stars"), Downward Is Heavenward (1998), Inlet (2020).) 44.00


HUM - Inlet DLP (earth analog - Completely unexpected, the first album in 22 years from the gigantically influential, semi-legendary HUM. A genuine Album Of The Year contender, and possibly their finest ever, it mixes their super-heavy / epic sound into elements of drone and shoegaze, with their trademark almost-sighed vocals. Longtime fans will in no way be disappointed; newcomers with a penchant for post-rock, emo, math rock and even doom metal will see what all the fuss has been about!) 44.00


LUST PATTERN - Stand, Scatter LP (dark entires - Lust Pattern slithers its way to Dark Entries with four tracks of deviant electro-wave on Stand, Scatter. Ryan Ambridge has graced Dark Entries several times via his project Linea Aspera, a revered coldwave revivalist duo with Zoe Zanias. As Lust Pattern, Ambridge draws hypnotic paths through the reverb-laden halls of post-punk and electro-funk, coursing in a gait uniquely his own. Built up from improvised jams, the four cuts on Stand, Scatter defy neat categorization while spanning a wide breadth of genres. Opener “Forming Lines” features Drexciyan squelch, silky guitar, and bursts of live drumming; this sounds like a lot, but it coheres into a perfectly simmering stew of funk. “Choreography” preserves the aquatic vibes but bumps the tempo up into space disco territory, complete with laser bleeps and Moroder-esque pads. It’s a mark of Ambridge’s craft that closing track “No Floor” - a searing motorik synth punk jam that recalls Suicide at their finest - sounds not at all out of place, but rather serves as a logical conclusion to this illogical picture. Stand, Scatter drifts across genres but never loses its focus on the unorthodox groove.) 25.00


MERZBOW & VARIÁT - Unintended Intention LP + 7“ (Experimental noise album by Variát & Merzbow. Music by Dmytro Fedorenko & Masami Akita, mixed by Masami Akita. Mastering by C-drik. Artwork by Dmytro Fedorenko, Design by Zavoloka.) 28.00


NERVOUS GENDER - Music From Hell DLP (dark entries - restock - Nervous Gender’s legendary synthpunk LP Music From Hell burbles up from infernal depths to resurface on Dark Entries. Confrontational, unhinged, and unabashedly queer, Music from Hell is an unholy grail for fans of the strangest underbellies of post-punk, minimal synth, and early industrial music, and is presented here newly remastered and on expanded double LP. Nervous Gender (de)formed in LA in 1978 at the hands of Phranc, Gerardo Velaquez, Edward Stapleton, and Michael Ochoa. Phranc, the androgynous embodiment of the band’s name, left in 1980. Following her departure, a wide cast of LA freaks would find themselves drawn into the band’s orbit, including Alice Bag of the Bags, Paul Roessler of the Screamers, the Germs’ Don Bolles, and an 8-year old drummer named Sven Pfeiffer. In 1980, Nervous Gender appeared on the seminal Live at Target compilation alongside Factrix, uns, and Flipper. With the band’s notoriety cemented, Music from Hell followed in 1981 on Subterranean Records (as no LA label would touch this material).) 30.00


PETER GUTTERIDGE - Pure LP (superior viaduct - In the swirl of underground music emerging from Dunedin, New Zealand in the 1980s, Peter Gutteridge stands as one of the era’s most intense and shadowy figures. Despite being a founding member of The Clean and The Chills, Gutteridge would eschew indie-rock fame for the hypnotic and driving sounds of his later bands such as Snapper. Fittingly, it is Pure—Gutteridge’s lone solo album of intimate home recordings—that serves as the most revealing and celebrated release of his career. As Peter Jefferies writes in the liner notes, “That’s what’s so good about Pure. Not only the songs, but the name, the name for the recording. It is as pure as you can get. That’s the real deal, when it goes from nothing to something and he catches it on his machine.” Originally released on cassette in 1989 on Xpressway, Pure documents Gutteridge’s stunning use of 4-track as instrument. Featuring lo-fi pop gems and interstitial sketches, the LP combines densely layered keyboards and guitars, distorted drum machines and possessed-sounding vocals to create a truly singular work of undistilled artistic vision. While Gutteridge denied that he was the architect of the “Dunedin Sound,” Pure sits comfortably next to the most revered Flying Nun releases of its time. Shifting exquisitely from churning rattle to an airy ease without losing momentum, these twenty-one songs hold a lasting place in the canon of DIY music. Recommended for fans of Syd Barrett, Jim Shepard and early Fad Gadget. Includes drawing chosen by Peter’s family.) 28.00


SOMBAT SIMLA - Master Of Bamboo Mouth Organ - Isan, Thailand LP (black truffle - Black Truffle is pleased to announce the first LP documenting master khene player Sombat Simla, the label’s first collaboration with Japanese sound artist, field recordist, and researcher Yasuhiro Morinaga. Simla is known in Thailand as one of the greatest living players of the khene, the ancient bamboo mouth organ particularly associated with Laos but found throughout East and Southeast Asia. His virtuosic and endlessly inventive renditions of traditional and popular songs have earned him the title ‘the god of khene’, and he is known for his innovative techniques and ability to mimic other instruments and non-musical sound, including, as a writer for the Bangkok Post describes, ‘the sound of a train journey, complete with traffic crossings and the call of barbecue chicken vendors’. ) 30.00


WHEEZING MANIAC — Shade Through the Night Door LP (Wheezing Maniac was a mysterious, short-lived band with enigmatic lyrics that was active in Southern California in the late eighties. They only released a few cassette demos which were promoted via MRR zine and a split 7” with Fully Unnecessary Noise which came out on Dead Moon’s Oregon-based Tombstone Records. Due to their off-kilter originality, high energy, and thanks to the help of Larry Harmon of Genetic Disorderzine, two of their tracks, namely “Dollar on a Platter” and “Don’t Come Close,” found their way onto the seminal classic skateboarding video H-Street’s Hokus Pokus. Describing the video as a game changer would not be an overstatement, since it turned out to be one of the most influential skate films of all time. A generation of skaters raised on watching that film and since 1990 embraced the songs as part of their unique culture, though over the years the music has begun to be found by other music fans who value art created with a distinct and personal vision. Shade Through the Night Door LP on Putojefe Records contains all 17 original songs the band ever recorded, enhanced by an impeccable remastering job which has given these tunes an invigorated new spirit. LP features a two-sided fold-out insert with lyrics, pictures and liner notes.) 28.00





WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ corduroy hat! CAP (Official WE RELEASE JAZZ corduroy hat! White Embroidery on B682 Heritage Cord Cap. Available in Black, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Camel Beige - 100% Cotton Corduroy, TearAway label for ease of rebranding, 6 panel design
Heritage styling, Cotton twill sweatband and interior taping, Soft unstructured crown, Self fabric strap with silver effect buckle and grommet, Logo by Nicolas Eigenheer!) 36.00


WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ sweatshirt! CREWNECK (various colors / sizes - Official WE RELEASE JAZZ crewneck sweatshirt. Silk-screened on GD56 Gildan Heavy Blend™ Sweatshirt) 40.00


WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ t-shirt! T-SHIRT  (variosu colors / sizes - Official WE RELEASE JAZZ T-shirt. Reddish/Pink JAZZ logo silk-screened on Gildan GD05 t-shirt!) 30.00


WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ t-shirt! Longsleeve (various colors / sizes - Official WE RELEASE JAZZ Longsleeve. white STITCHED / EMBROIDED JAZZ logo S on Gildan GD05 t-shirt!) 35.00