Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 / April 2022

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 03 / April 2022

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for April. Just for your info the store is closed easter Friday and Easter Monday - but we will be open SATURDAY April 16th between 11°° until 18°° as usual.


A bunch of cool records arrived like the new LEWSBERG LP and restock of their previous titles, a new OKRAINA release - the fantastic BEN PRITCHARD - Up in Air 2x10“. BERT SCHOLTEN -  Fysieke Biografieën LP, ELI KESZLER -  The Scary Of Sixty-First LP SOUNDTRACK, SALAH RAGAB /THE CAIRO JAZZ BAND - Egypt Strut LP re issue, MICROPHONES - details and context BOOK, THE ROOTSMAN MEETS MUSLIMGAUZE - Amahar DLP, NASS EL GHIWANE - Nass El Ghiwane LP,  and more


We also repressed the LIIEK - s/t LP and you can order it now again from us.


We also added a second screening of the PUNK THE CAPITAL movie on Friday April 29th at TILSITER LICHTSPIELE - also incl. the Q&A with Jeff Nelson & Bert Queiroz (of Rain, Youth Brigade etc)


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Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman







BEN PRITCHARD - Up in Air 2x10“ (Okraina - After a near decade of solo and collaborative projects, Up in Air is Ben Pritchard's most confident foray into songwriting yet, nestling lopsided experimentation into a bed of lowslung blues and reflective folk. Up in Air is sewn from threads of everyday life: trails of thought, small stories and conversations with his daughter. Collecting, layering and condensing the world around him, his musings spill out in a palimpsest that renders both the material and metaphysical world. From describing a time where he inadvertently found himself on a hunting trip, recalling stories from doing role play and drawing together with his daughter, or scribing observations on the strange dedications people make in their lives, he explores the banal and the fantastical; the whimsical and the serious; the light and dark. Each line, aphorism or vignette carries with it weight that is looking to free itself, to embrace the impossibility of life distilled into simpler parameters. ) 20.00


HILDEGARD VON BINGE DRINKING - Sprechfunk Mit Toten 10“ (sabotage - Hildegard von Binge Drinking are one of those bands that you have to be grateful for their existence. To exist, and to not surrender, them, us - one needs a soundtrack for that. A soundtrack that opens a dimension in which everything can, may, must not matter. But which also sharpens the senses for the bullshit in the here and now, and which does not submit to superficiality, escapism and pose. Instead, it wallows in dirt and sweat, without giving a fuck about good looks or pleasant flavors. HvBD have a particular bond, not only in the technical musician´s sense, because they have always been "tight", not only their nun robes. The four songs on "Sprechfunk mit Toten" bundle the organically grown energy from hundreds of live shows, endless sessions in musty squats, sitting together in Pils halls, and meditating under Kraut-overgrown headphone monstrosities. Kraut is just a lappish reference gauntlet thrown in, HvBD are so much more, and so much further advanced on the timeline of introverted DIY culture. Guest appearances by Les Trucs, as well as Felix Floss on the saxophone, "Sprechfunk mit Toten" was recorded in a few days in their home town of Würzburg, the risographed packaging is done by Christopher Wright of Turbo Island fame and comes in four different color variants. Grab it while you can.) 15.00





BERT SCHOLTEN -  Fysieke Biografieën LP (Bert Scholten’s album Fysieke Biografieën (‘Physical Biographies’) collects studio versions of his performances and podcasts from last years. The songs often deal with local subjects. Such as “assumptions of what a Dutchman is”, “a horse molester active in the Netherlands”, “growing hatred for tourists among Amsterdammers” and a reinterpreted murderballad about “a disappeared memorial stone”.) 25.00


BRIJ BHUSHAN KABRA - s/t LP (gramophone - Reissue of one of the most in demand Brij Bhushan Kabra LPs finally available. Remastered. In the 1920s, Tau Moe (pronounced "mo-ay"), a Hawaiian musician, arrived in India and introduced Hawaiian music to the sub-continent. After settling in Calcutta in the early 1940s, Moe and his family performed, taught and introduced Hawaiian music by building and selling guitars to the local musicians. Indian filmmakers and composers quickly fell under the spell of these instruments and sounds and made them suitable for playing ragas, the melodic patterns and modes in traditional Indian compositions. Soon these hot-rod guitars were accepted as legitimate instruments for performing Indian classical music, and a new breed of virtuosos emerged to write yet another chapter of the guitar's unpredictable evolution. Brij Bhushan Kabra was one of the Indian musicians who heard the steel guitar's siren call, but his vision went beyond adapting Hawaiian sounds to popular music. Instead, he saw the instrument's potential for playing ragas. To pursue this dream, Kabra began studying with Ali Akbar Khan, whose fretless sarod offered a sonic example for Kabra to emulate with his lap-slide guitar. Kabra's instrument was a Gibson Super 400, modified with a drone string and a high nut to raise the strings off the fretboard like a lap steel. Seated on the floor in the traditional style of Indian musicians, Kabra played his guitar horizontally, using a fingerstyle plucking technique and a bar to contact the strings. His approach set the standard for virtually all Indian slide guitarists. He is rightfully considered a master musician and regarded as one of Indian Classical music's most renowned ambassadors to the rest of the world.) 24.00


BRIJ BUSHAN KABRA / SHIVKUMAR SHARMA / HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA - Call Of The Valley LP (gramophone - Shivkumar Sharma, the guitarist Brij Bhushan Kabra, and flutist Hariprasad Chaurasia were all aged about 30 when they made Call of the Valley. Shivkumar Sharma, who had made his first solo album in 1960, was responsible for establishing and popularizing the instrument in Hindustani classical circles. Kabra was also having to prove himself because of the guitar's Western and Indian popular music associations Chaurasia's problem was the wide popularity of the bansuri -- a bamboo transverse flute -- and his need to establish himself with the instrument. In 1967, the concept behind this album was as revolutionary as it was traditional. Conceived as a suite, they used their instruments to tell the story of a day in the life of a shepherd in Kashmir using ragas associated with various times of the day to advance the dramatic narrative. If the newcomer buys only one Indian classical recording, it should be Call of the ValleyCall of the Valley is considered Kabra's most beloved recording. It is certainly his most popular globally. Newly remastered for this edition. Limited edition pressing.) 24.00


COMPANY - trios DLP (honest Jons - If you wanted to keep hold of your ears then perhaps it wasn't the best thing to have attended Derek Bailey's Company Week in 1983. Honest Jon's are busy issuing recordings of the wild and free improvisation and this selection is entitled Trios even though some compositions have different numbers of musicians present. Lots of it seems to be a competition to see who can get the most ridiculous sound out of their wind instrument but these are some of the finest names in improv in full effect. ) 27.00


ELI KESZLER -  The Scary Of Sixty-First LP SOUNDTRACK  (Deeper Into Movies - This first release from the Deeper Into Movies label is the score for Dasha Nekrasova's notorious award-winning debut feature film 'The Scary of Sixty-First'. Eli Keszler's score meets at the confluence between the visceral electro-acoustic Giallo style and brooding acoustic drones, which feature his abstract and textural percussion playing he has explored in his solo music. All of this working together to evoke the very haunts of the film's Uptown locations. Speaking about the score Keszler said_ "The score was built around the 'pentagram melody' as we called it, a seven-note symmetrical pattern that formed the sign found on the tarot card, a repeated motif of dread and premonition found in the film. In the Scary Theme and later in Tarot Theme three variations occur, where each tonal triangle is introduced individually, followed by it playing in counterpoint to each other to complete the symbol. Nekrasova's work is a thriller centred on two young women who unknowingly move into a Manhattan apartment that used to belong to Jeffrey Epstein. The psychosexual drama is steeped in Giallo, with a touch of DePalma and Polanski. Premiering at this year's Berlin International Film Festival, it took home their prestigious 'Best First Feature' award. Keszler other film work includes contributions to Daniel Lopatin's score for the Safdie Brother's acclaimed, Uncut Gems, while his solo music has been released on LuckyMe, Empty Editions, ESP Disk and PAN. His album 'Stadium' released on Shelter Press was awarded Boomkat's 2018 'Album Of The Year' and Pitchfork claimed his most recent album 'Icons' (2021) as 'strangely wonderful'. Frequent collaborator to Oneohtrix Point Never, Laurel Halo, and Rashad Becker - Keszler's has shown and performed at The Lincoln Center, Victoria & Albert Museum, MoMA PS1, and The Barbican. He has worked across music, film and art with exhibitions at the South London Gallery, MIT List Center and collaborations with Turner Prize-winning artist Laure Prouvost and Kevin Beasley. "Eli Keszler's synth-heavy score elicits some great B-movie moments" Little White Lies "Brash, gutsy, morbidly funny" Variety) 35.00


EL MARIACHI - crux LP (sabotage - At El Mariachi concerts, you might see people in the first row ("never seen that at punk concerts") in Get Up Kids shirts next to a determined Slime shirt. I saw El Mariachi twice at the end of 2018, after their final show at the time, in 1848 in front of the Paulskirche. And I still had the feeling everyone was decently (!) going bananas, without suddenly finding myself in a room full of assholes. A rare feeling. Chapeau. It was loud, it was noisy, and yet there was always something to bring about an amorous smile. It was too hot, and yes, it was also a bit beery, people were having fun, and I’m thirsting so much for the next time..) 15.00


EVE ADAMS - In Hell LP (soft office - 'The 11 songs on "In Hell" are noir-ish tales of love gone wrong: set against a backdrop of blown out but nostalgic Americana, Scout tells stories of dark domestic dramas unfolding behind closed doors. [...] Moments of guitar devolve into noise and found sounds bubble to the surface, emphasizing the record’s ever-present sense of dread.[...] Really, "In Hell" is equal parts violence and romance. These are pretty songs made for ugly feelings.' -Joe Rihn, L.A. Record) 25.00


HOW I LEFT - Birds In The City LP  (TCM - Inmitten der süddeutschen Provinz, dort wo kleine Trauben zu köstlichen Wein werden, entsteht der ganz eigene und wohltuende sound for lovers. How I Left macht Musik, die ganz besonders den Fans von the Weakerthans, Wilco oder Ben Kweller ein wohltuendes Gefühl im Bauch auslösen wird. Slackerfolk trifft auf eingängigen Indiepop! Gemütlich rumpeln Drums und Bass, darüber lockere Gitarren, ein altes Klavier und die Philicorda-Heimorgel vom Sperrmüll. Sobald der Gesang einsetzt, fragt sich das geschulte Ohr, wann denn die Stimmfusion von Paul Simon, Neil Young und Conor Oberst stattgefunden hat. Die Texte erinnern an American Short Stories – Alltagssituationen, kuriose Schlagzeilen und zwischenmenschliche Begegnungen verschmelzen zu literarischen Miniaturen. Eigensinnig mit einer Prise Esprit! Die eine Hälfte des Duos, Julian Bätz (Gesang, Gitarre, Klavier, Orgel), ist als Helmet Lampshade häufiger mit dem Songwriter-Juwel Marcel Gein in allen möglichen Konzert- und Recording Situationen zu finden. Daneben tourt er mit Rocky Votolato durch Europe oder arbeitet an seinem aktuellen Soloalbum mit Olaf O.P.A.L. (The Notwist) oder Sebastian L. Phillip (Die Wilde Jagd). Die How I Left Magic entsteht durch Jazzdrummer Michy Muuf (die andere Duo-Hälfte). Das lässig pointierte Schlagzeugspiel swingt sich direkt ins Herz – Erinnerungen an Levon Helm  von “The Band” werden wach. In Form gebracht von Mixing- und Masteringmastermind Christian Bethge (Stella Sommer, Messer, Gewalt) erschaffen die beiden zusammen eine Musik, die man hierzulande so noch nicht gehört hat. Sie klingt mindestens genau so gut, wie der Vino aus dieser Ecke der Republik schmeckt. Ehrenwort! ) 15.00


JULIUS EASTMAN - Two Extended Pieces For Four Pianos DLP (sub rosa - RED VINYL - ltd to 400 copies - It is recognized today that these tutelary pieces for four pianos are among the most powerful in contemporary music,their impact is almost unparalleled. After the historical version recorded forty years ago, this one, featuring four of the greatest European performers, is now regaining its full power. High level recordings too. There was some for John Cage, then came Christian Wolff, and finally Morton Feldman, from this school in New York. Only Julius Eastman remained outside the game, the last figure, the most solitary and enigmatic - undoubtedly also one of the most powerful, and it is this power that is revealed through these recordings. In the 1970s and 1980s, Eastman was one of the very few African-Americans to gain recognition in the New York avant-garde music scene. He was politically committed, a figure of queer culture and a solar and solitary poet whose melancholy influenced his genius as well as his tragic destiny : suffering from various addictions, declared missing, actually homeless. During Winter of 1981-82, he got deported from his apartment by the police, who destroyed most of what he owned - including scores and recordings. He was found dead in 1990, on the streets of Buffalo, after years of vagrancy.) 26.00


KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Made In Timeland LP (ATO - Ultra prolific Australian psych rock band King Gizzard & Wizard Lizard are seemingly not satisfied with releasing albums at the rate of more than one a year, they’re also now finding albums they’ve recorded and since lost. One of those long-lost albums is ‘Made In Timeland’, which is released as their 19th album and is made up of two 15 minute tracks which resolutely travel at 60bpm each with occasional polyrhythmic bursts.) 28.00


LEWSBERG - The Downer LP (diy - "LP version of self-released 2017 cassette. Lewsberg from Rotterdam is a 4-piece named after writer and fellow Rotterdam citizen Robert Loesberg, famous for his novel Enige Defecten from 1974. That is the greatest source of inspiration for the band: counterculture and big city cynicism of the 60s and 70s. Lewsberg makes rudimentary repetitive rock songs characterized by nonchalant intensity. The english lyrics, brought with a Rotterdam accent, show a tendency towards existentialism and black humor.“) 25.00


LEWSBERG - In Your Hands LP (diy - Sometimes change comes with big shocks, sometimes it comes with small steps. On 'In Your Hands' Lewsberg's new album a bit of both seems to be happening. Take the second song, 'The Corner'. A remarkably discreet song; a violin plays a simple melody, a gentle drum loop keeps its finger on the pulse. "This brick is a brick to build", it sounds, though a little later: "This brick is a brick to throw". A brick offers many possibilities, for those who want to see it. One time as a part of something bigger to come, the next time just as a simple stone, left on the ground. After all, most things are relative. Sometimes one can achieve more by breaking something than by building something. If you think you can determine which of these two is needed, you'd be fooling yourself. 'In Your Hands' embodies the moment when all the bricks are there, but the wall has yet to be built. It's a moment with perspective, a moment where everything still seems possible, but caution is advised. The album sounds both smaller and more spacious than the previous albums. Guitar chords are plucked instead of fiercely struck, the bass guitar is given more room for melodic explorations, the drum kit is dismantled to just a tom and a tambourine. There is doubt in the lyrics, but it's a strong kind of doubt. A doubt that can stand in the way of a wrong decision, but can also invite for a good conversation. The old Lewsberg has been professionally demolished and the building blocks are on display. Ready for future applications and already finished at the same time. 'In Your Hands' is therefore an ode to the potential and a call to carefully give way to it. "Skewed, defiantly left-field indie rock" - Clash // "Van Vliet's idiosyncratic lyrics and buttoned-up delivery complement the bracing, no-frills performances." - Uncut // "Stripped down.. clever rock and roll of the highest quality" - Louder Than War // "You should get on board with Rotterdam's answer to Velvet Underground" - NME // "Rotterdam Talking Heads/Television enthusiasts jut out with a riveting chugger of blase threat and moral ambivalence." - Mojo //) 25.00


MATS GUSTAFSSON / JIM 'O ROURKE - Xylophonen Virtuosen DLP (trost - Mats Gustafsson - tenor saxophone, fluteophone, flute, junk Jim O'Rourke - guitar, accordeon, junk A collection of improvised duets with guitarist Jim O'Rourke and reedist Mats Gustafsson. All of the material has been newly remastered for release on 2xLP& digital and marks the first ever vinyl pressing with previously unreleased tracks. Tracks A1, B3(excerpt), C1, C2 and D3(excerpt) were in parts or in its complete form released on Incus CD38 (1999) with a different mix and master. All other tracks are unreleased. Mastered in 2021 by Jim O'Rourke. Dedicated to Derek Bailey. CREDITS: Recording:1999 by Jeremy Lemos at ACME Studios, Chicago Production:Will & Siegmund Mix:1999 by Jeremy Lemos at ACME Studios, Chicago Re-Mastering:2021 by Jim O'Rourke at Steamroom Artwork:Hanns Schimansky) 35.00


M.KLEIN & STEFFAN DE TURCK - A New City LP (A New City' is a collaborative album by Dutch sound artists M. Klein and Steffan de Turck. Field recordings and keyboards come together in two engaging sound collages. Diaristic everyday fragments are sequenced and layered to tell a story that remains just out of reach. There is a dream logic going on where things look oddly familiar but the proportions are not right. Things move either too slow or too fast. Overly familiar sounds like wind, rain, traffic and humming air conditioning units pass by. Simple but surprisingly melodic keyboard chords suggest a part of a song played over and over again, like a memory barely remembered but still felt.) 25.00


MUSLIMGAUZE - uzi LP (A reissue on Other Voices Records for ‘Uzi’, a 1989 studio album from Bryn Jones’s insanely prolific Muslimgauze project. While it was less obviously influenced by the Middle Eastern elements that characterised much of his work, ‘Uzi’ was nevertheless a widescreen affair diverse in its mood palette, ranging from radiant to gloomy and noisy to minimalist.) 25.00


THE ROOTSMAN VS . MUSLIMGAUZE - City Of Djinn DLP (Following the posthumous release of ‘Amahar’ in 2019, Via Parigi reissues this 1997 collaboration between Bryn Jones’s Muslimgauze and The Rootsman (the alias of Bradford producer John Bolloten). Featuring brooding, cavernous bass and gorgeous soundscapes, ‘City Of Djinn’ was the first of a handful of projects the pair worked on together before Jones’s untimely passing in 1999.) 30.00


NASS EL GHIWANE - Nass El Ghiwane LP (sudiphone - Nasse El ghiwane cannot be confined to the people who formed this mythical group. The practice of the ghiwane is an ancestral custom that conferred on people known for their probity and modesty the ability to describe through song and speech the daily life, problems and hindrances of their fellow men. These troubadours, from douars to douars, transmitted their knowledge through poetry, song and theatrical play. Considered revolutionary or a social phenomenon, the mythical band that American director Martin Scorsese described as the Rolling Stones of Africa continues to produce after almost 30 years. The group continues to move both nostalgic and a sizeable segment of the youth. Dignity, humility, raw talent. History of a myth. At the beginning of the 60s, a neighborhood of Casablanca, Hay Mohammadi, a Mecca of Moroccan resistance, will give birth to five boys who will revolutionize the Moroccan artistic field. Omar Sayed and Boujemâa - called Boujemiî- lived in Derb Moulay Cherif, Larbi Batma was from the kariane Jdid, and this cultural and affective proximity was the cement of this group. They began their career in the youth house of Hay not far from the Essaâda café that Larbi Batma evokes as the stronghold of the formation in his autobiography "arrahil". They then join the troupe of Tayeb Saddiki and introduce in his dramatic repertoire of songs such as the mythical "qittati Essaghira“.) 24.00


PETER BRÖTZMANN / MISHA MENGELBER / HAN BENNINK - 3 POINTS AND A MOUNTAIN LP (cieon fuegos - Peter Brötzmann - alto & tenor saxophone, E flat clarinet, A clarinet, bass clarinet; / Misha Mengelberg - piano, voice / Han Bennink - drums, tenor saxophone, clarinet etc. - Recorded by Jost Gebers on February 26th, 1979 at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Produced by Peter Brötzmann and Jost Gebers. - Cover Design by Peter Brötzmann, Photograph by Roberto Masotti. This album was originally released on FMP in 1979 Remastered by Martin Siewert in 2021.) 30.00


RESENT - Crosshairs LP (dry cough . RESENT formed in 2017, in Victoria BC, with intentions of playing ugly and disdain drenched sludge; the six tracks that make up their debut LP prove that they more than achieved this. The band draws heavily on the classic '90s sludge sound made 'famous' by Grief, Noothgrush, Corrupted, et al, but somehow manages to drag it further down into the putrid filth from which it was spawned, with the entire record reaching the despairing lows of the nastiest, bleakest moments of Meth Drinker.) 17.00


THE ROOTSMAN MEETS MUSLIMGAUZE - Amahar DLP (First released on CD in 2019 by the Russian label Aquarelist, Via Parigi reissues ‘Amahar’, an album of collaborations between the iconic producer Muslimgauze and Bradford-based musician The Rootsman dating from 1997 and 1998, on vinyl. Four sides’ worth of rough and experimental dub excursions.) 30.00


SALAH RAGAB /THE CAIRO JAZZ BAND - Egypt Strut LP re issue (strut - Strut present the 1973 Egyptian jazz classic, 'Egypt Strut' by Salah Ragaband Cairo Jazz Band. Inspired by a concert in Cairo by Randy Weston in 1967 encouraging Pan-African unity, drummer Ragab, Eduard "Edu" Vizvari, a Czech jazzmusician, and Hartmut Geerken of Goethe Institut vowed to create Egypt'sfirst jazz big band. Following the Arab-Israeli war, Ragab became a Majorin the Egyptian army and had unparalleled access to the military's 3000musicians spanning Upper and Lower Egypt, along with a wide range ofinstruments. Part of the barracks were christened the Jazz House and,following a crash course in jazz history by Geerken, the Cairo Jazz Bandwas born, playing their first concert at Ewart Memorial Hall at the AmericanUniversity in 1969. Further inspired by Sun Ra & His Arkestra's first visit toEgypt in 1971, Ragab recorded an album for the Egyptian Ministry OfCulture a year later, entitled 'Egyptian Jazz', later released as 'Egypt Strut',a perfect fusion of jazz with Arabic modes with tracks referencing Islamicfestivals, Egyptian landmarks and friends and family dear to Ragab. TheWire's Francis Gooding summarises the album as "esoteric AfricanAmerican Egyptianism and radically spiritualised modal jazz taken up byRagab as the tool for a form of mystical Egyptian nationalism - atriumphalist military jazz, angled in Ra-like fashion towards the Gods of theNew Kingdom.“) 26.00


SAMARA LUBELSKI & BILL NACE -- live in Brussel LP (Bergpolder - "One-sided LP recorded during their Euro tour of May, 2019. Edition of 200. Artwork by Spencer Herbst with liner notes/reminisces from Carlos van Hijfte." - Bergpolder.) 22.00


SCHISMS - Break Apart the Idea of Separation LP (Bergpolder - Risograph on black card, edition of 200 Featuring Bridget Hayden,Richard G Chamberlain. Nice rock and roll trip full of heavy bass and weird out vibes, which you can compare to the Japanese tradition or old style 'Bay Area' madness. Edition of 200, paste on riso covers, hand stamped labels and two inserts.) 25.00


V/A - I Believe I'll Go Back Home 1906-1959 LP (mississippi - I Believe I’ll Go Back Home 1906-1959 is another fine compilation curated by the talents of Mississippi. Recordings are taken from the first half of the twentieth century and from all over the world, reflecting the folk musics of Indian, Native American, Greek, Hawaiian, Cuban, Jewish etc. traditions. Superb selections as usual. LP release.) 25.00


V/A - Wild Paarty Sounds Volume One LP (lantern - Essential compilation featuring select tracks and quite a few exclusives from Adrian Sherwood's holy On-U Sound label. No fillers here at all, from psyched out mutant dubs to edgy post-punk blasted trough the echo chamber, check some highlights below..) 30.00





FOTOCRIME - Heart Of Crime TAPE (Patient Boy Records - Ryan Patterson has spent over two-and-a-half decades adding to the town’s legacy with his impassioned and activist-minded approach to punk, his rigorous work ethic in the local music scene, his distinctive graphic design work, and his contributions to nearly every aspect of DIY culture.  After twelve years fronting the forward-thinking art-inflected punk outfit Coliseum, Patterson looked to the urban centers of London, New York, and Berlin for new sonic inspiration, drawing from the passion of his hardcore roots while tapping into the sounds of classic EBM and post-punk artists for FOTOCRIME. On his third full-length “Heart Of Crime”, Patterson continues to explore what he refers to as “electric Southern romanticism.” It’s an album that throbs with pulsing synths, hammering drum machines, and economic guitar hooks. Where so many artists have leveraged these tools towards stern stoicism, Patterson had a different objective for their emotional resonance.) 9.00


TORMENT & GLORY - We Left a Note with an Apology TAPE (patient boy - First solo project by Brian Cook of Russian Circles, SUMAC, Botch. According to him, the making of the album has taken over ten years. “All the songs are a reflection on youth and the reckless behavior that serves as a rite of passage,” said Cook. “It’s a way of atoning for some of the more aimless acts of rebellion I dabbled in during my young adult years.” The album’s lead single titled “No Big Crime” features Cook reminiscing about the idea of shoplifting as a teenager. The track starts out calm with a guitar’s arpeggio. However, the song’s bridge becomes chaotic with its industrial arrangement. In turn, “No Big Crime” ends with its simple introduction. The song’s video contains views of nature and the outdoors filtered through the lens of an old camera.) 9.00




MICROPHONES - details and context BOOK (pw elvrum - If you're interested in the Microphones box set but maybe you don't actually enjoy music (or maybe you have the records, or maybe it's sold out), here you can buy just the book. It's pretty fancy on its own.  12.5" x 12.5", 107 pages, perfect bound with huge french flaps, packed with beautiful photos and artwork, notebook spreads, studio track sheets, show posters, etc.  These were made at the sustainability-award-winning Hemlock Printers in Burnaby, B.C., a splurge.  It works as either a semi-abstract aesthetic art thing or as an abundantly packed collection of background materials that should satisfy even the most curious Microphones music listener. Case closed.) 43.00