Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 02 September 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 02 September 2023

Hi, welcome to another newsletter for September. A bunch of cool stuff arrived like JAIMIE BRANCH - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) LP restock, lots of UNWOUND restocks, lots of BAD BRAINS restocks along with lots of Dischord records (Embrace, Fugazi, Minor Threat, One Last Wish etc), True Faith restocks, NATIVE NOD and EVERYBODY ASKED ABOUT YOU restocks on black and colored vinyl, MILITARIE GUN restocks etc …


Also the fantastic re issues of the FURY - Resurrection LP, LAS MORDIDAS - Ex-Voto LP, the amazing 75 DOLLAR BILL – Power Failures DLP, a great re issue of the ABDUL WADUD - By Myself LP (!!), also the BAIKIDA ​E.​J. ​CARROLL – Orange ​Fish ​Tears LP re issue, the new LANDOWNER - Escape The Compound LP, MADELINE GOLDSTEIN - Other World LP, GEL / COLD BRATS - Shock Therapy LP, HYDROPLANE - Selected Songs 1997​-​2003 DLP (CATS MIAOW!!!!), PHARAO SANDERS - PHAROAH (DELUXE LTD EDITION) 2LP BOXSET and more.


We also down to the last JAZZ Sweaters and T-shirts. The Caps are gone again


And we also added ( adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






BAD BRAINS - Pay To Cum! b/w Stay Close To Me 7“ (org - This 45 RPM piece of punk rock history is back on record store shelves. Originally recorded in 1979 at Dots Studio in NYC, and released in 1980 on Bad Brains’ own Bad Brains Records, the single features one of hardcore’s greatest songs… a classic record from legends of the genre! This reissue marks the first release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. In coordination with the band, Org Music has overseen the restoration and remastering of the iconic Bad Brains’ recordings. The audio was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed at Furnace Record Pressing. The release includes a replication of the original insert. .) 10.00




75 DOLLAR BILL – Power Failures DLP (Karl - First ever, remastered vinyl version! The core duo plus guest collaborators expand its sonic palette of RICK BROWN’s elemental percussive patterns and CHE CHEN’s ecstatic modal guitar style to a new musical richness. With some tape releases and their first album „Wooden Bag“, 75 DOLLAR BILL quickly introduced themselves as one of the hottest, most unique and essential groups at the heart of NYC's underground – the following “Wood/Metal/Plastic Pattern/Rhythm/Rock” (2016) made the duo known internationally, and the 2019 double vinyl “I Was Real” turned out a major success at the critics and audience alike with the #1 spot in The Wire’s albums of the year list! Then came the pandemic, and in lack of opportunities to actually perform in public, the core duo of RICK BROWN and CHE CHEN released several bandcamp only albums in digital format, one of these being „Power Failures“. BROWN’s elemental percussive patterns (often simply played on a wooden box) and CHE CHEN’s ecstatic modal guitar style (often under the influence of his studies with Mauritanian guitarist JEICH OULD CHIGALY) are at the core of the tracks with guest collaborators like YO LA TENGO’s IRA KAPLAN (guitar), SUE GARNER (violin) or STEVE MAING (saxophone, guitar) expanding the sonic palette to a new musical richness. Trance-inducing psychedelia, “placeless, gripping grooves” (The Guardian), collaged rehearsal and field recordings, mantric percussion, microtonal guitar sounds – 75 DOLLAR BILL sound as deeply rooted in traditions as they sound fresh-of-today, a kind of future music from the past. Hard to grasp by words, and impossible to resist! ) 29.00


ABDUL WADUD - By Myself LP (gotta groove - This long out-of-print holy grail private press album, originally released by the late Abdul Wadud himself in 1977, is finally being reissued on vinyl. This reissue was originally sanctioned by Abdul himself. Unfortunately, he passed away on August 10, 2022. We thank his family, and particularly his son, Raheem DeVaughn, in assisting us see this masterpiece through to become available on vinyl to a new generation. There really is no easily comparable album in existence. Abdul Wadud used the cello to make music in a way that was never foresought for the instrument, and this album was the first physical representation of his solo genius. Sourced from the only copy of the original master tapes in existence. However, due to the severe deterioration of some sections of the tape, the vinyl master lacquers were cut from a DSD transfer of the audio tape. The tape restoration and DSD transfer were conducted by Grammy-award winning mastering engineer Paul Blakemore. Lacquers were cut by Clint Holley and Dave Polster at Well Made Music.) 35.00


ALABASTER DEPLUME - Come with Fierce Grace LP (international anthem - In order to record the compositions on his critically acclaimed 2022 release Gold, Alabaster DePlume instilled a culture of creativity by leading his ensembles in spontaneous composition and development. This resulted in an abundance of material that he has since produced and arranged, resulting in this collection. The direction here is firmly rooted in performance and less focused on post-production, featuring DePlume’s go-to collaborators in the London scene, and yielding particular space to percussionist Tom Skinner (The Smile, Sons of Kemet), vocalist Momoko Gill, and percussionist / vocalist Donna Thompson. The result is a raw, beautiful, percussive, group music, in-the-room music. You’re there. You’re here. Take a listen.) 28.00


BAIKIDA ​E.​J. ​CARROLL – Orange ​Fish ​Tears LP (souffle - In 1972, trumpeter Baikida Carroll and some of his colleagues from the Black Artists Group (more precisely saxophonist/flutist Oliver Lake, trombonist Joseph Bowie, drummer Charles "Bobo" Shaw and trumpeter Floyd LeFlore) took the advice of their friends in the Art Ensemble Of Chicago and left their native Missouri to come and discover the bright lights of Paris for themselves. The following year they would even get the chance to record their only album which would rapidly attain mythical status and a collector’s item: “In Paris, Aries 1973”. Therefore, it was not surprising that they crossed paths with Jef Gilson in the capital. He was always on the lookout for new artists for his recently formed Palm label and had been active on many fronts in jazz since the end of the 50s. The French bandleader / pianist / composer / sound engineer had already recorded, in the preceding months other American musicians who would go on to have great careers: Byard Lancaster, Keno Speller, Clint Jackson III, Khan Jamal... Gilson therefore offered Baikida Carroll the chance to record his first album under his own name, which would be the 13th release on the label. Carroll logically asked Oliver Lake to join him. He also recruited Manuel Villaroel, a young Franco-Chilien pianist from the group Matchi-Oul, who had already released an album on Futura in 1971 and would release another on Palm in 1976. The group was completed with the addition of Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos, who had just released a well-received album on the Saravah label. They were ready to enter the studio for the 3rd, 4th and 5th June 1974. The first side of the album is divided into two long tracks which send free jazz back to its long-lost African roots. The opener “Orange Fish Tears” indeed rolls out a jungle of percussion of all sorts and sizes -the whole group is involved- which weave and mix together reaching a point where all bearings are lost, lending a sense of wonder to the majestic entry of the brass and woodwinds, flying suddenly out from the undergrowth. “Forest Scorpion” (sic) is a real voodoo ceremony where a venomous percussive groove backs the fiery solos from keyboards and saxophone in a furious trance. A warning; after these two tracks listeners are physically and emotionally wiped out!) 26.00


BLACK EYES - s/t LP (dischord - This pressing is on red vinyl. This is Black Eyes' debut full-length album, originally released in April 2003. Black Eyes formed in August of 2001 and the band’s first full-length arrived two years later via Dischord. Their shows were chaotic and often melted down into frenzied jam sessions. Think Liquid Liquid, 23 Skidoo, Nomeansno, etc. but with a modern Dischord flair to it.) 23.00


BRÖTZMANN / VAN HOVE / BENNINK - Outspan 02 LP (Peter Brötzmann - alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet Fred Van Hove - piano Han Bennink - drums, clarinet, homemade junk, everything, anything - Recorded live by Jost Gebers on May 4th,1974 at the Ost-West-Festival in Nürnberg. Artwork and design by Peter Brötzmann. This album was originaly released on FMP(0200), 1975. remastered by Martin Siewert, 2022.) 35.00


FURY - Resurrection LP (LG records - Recorded in 1989 on the remaining ten minutes left at the end of Swiz’s Hell Yes I Cheated reel-to-reel and originally released at the time as a 33 RPM 7-inch, this 2023 release presents a 12-inch 45RPM version remastered by Tim Green with an extra song recovered from the tape archives of Jason Farrell. The brief story of Fury: At some point in 1989, members of Washington DC punk bands Swiz and Ignition formed Fury as a loose experiment with no intentions beyond being a diversion. The band existed for a few months, wrote six songs, and played two shows. Shawn Brown and Chris Thomson switched their musical roles from their regular bands as vocalist and bass player. The eyes-closed leap into those unfamiliar positions imbued the recording its feeling of deranged chaos, while the well-seasoned duo of Jason Farrell and Alex Daniels nailed down each song with the signature agility and power displayed in their more familiar work together. The recording is a vexing listen that sounds like a Neapolitan swirl of Swiz, Void, and the Germs. Was it precision theatre? Or was it a natural step back into a more primitive and comfortable place for four young veterans that just wanted to fill the daily void of existential restlessness? The track “Resurrection” famously made it onto the final Swiz LP. The final track “Last One” got cut off halfway through recording and the band looped and spliced it into a dizzying psychedelic nightmare / masterpiece. The recording has faded into somewhat of an obsurity, a footnote to the larger careers of all of its members. In its time, it was revered by a small cult of obsessives from numerous early ’90s underground punk circles. It notably had a pronounced influence on the emerging Gravity Records scene, where its echoes can be heard on quite a few of the earlier releases. Resurrection is finally getting the deluxe treatment that it deserves after 34 years!) 27.00


GEL / COLD BRATS - Shock Therapy LP (convulsive - The freaks and the brats unite. CONVR52 is a 12" split from New Jersey's Gel and Romania's Cold Brats. The aptly named SHOCK THERAPY 12" presents both bands at their most electrifying. Gel offers undeniable stomp and groove while Cold Brats' side is a chaotic exercise in the Riff. This the future of punk music. The freaks will inherit the earth. The brats will destroy it.) 24.00


HYDROPLANE - Selected Songs 1997​-​2003 DLP (world of echo - Selected Songs 1997-2003 compiles some of the finest moments in the recording history of Hydroplane, the Melbourne-based indie-pop three-piece that operated alongside The Cat’s Miaow through the second half of the nineties. It’s the third release in what feels, now, like a loosely planned series by World Of Echo, documenting the music made by this group of friends in Melbourne sharehouses (The Cat’s Miaow’s Songs ’94-’98, 2022), or in the case of The Shapiros (Gone By Fall, 2023), while traversing the International Pop Underground. Hydroplane would be familiar to anyone already following these breadcrumb trails – Andrew Withycombe, Bart Cummings and Kerrie Bolton were the group’s core, all members of The Cat’s Miaow. With Cat’s Miaow drummer Cameron Smith itinerant, having moved to London, the trio used this opportunity to expand their music. It’s a subtle, but important shift. If The Cat’s Miaow was about the perfect, minimalist, two-minute pop song, Hydroplane’s music was far more open-ended, embracing the loops and drones, sampled house-y shuffle beats, the burbling of a Roland Jupiter-4 synth, all of which the trio joined, effortlessly, to their endless capacity for moving, elegant melodicism.) 35.00


KMRU, ​ABUL ​MOGARD – Drawing ​Water LP (A Sunken Mall - In November 2020, KMRU self-released »Drawing Water«. The release contained 3 supple works of porous resonance and intimate motion, giving way to a very heartfelt body of work that peers directly into the fabric of the everyday; gestures, movement, conversation, rendered graciously into waveform. Now, Vaagner is proud to present a special edition vinyl and cassette reissue of »Drawing Water« via its A Sunken Mall imprint, with the original material spanning the first side of the record in remastered from. For the second half of the record, the label has taped none other than Abul Mogard, who prepared a new piece by reworking various layers from KMRU’s original compositions. This new 17 minute long piece, tilted »Drawing Water On Matching Teal Surfaces’« is defined by a continuously cascading and deeply resounding solemnness, which, towards the work’s concluding moments, gradually disperses through a subtle downpour of warm pads, delicately rippling through the fabric of the work, before gently dissolving into thin air.) 25.00


LANDOWNER - Escape The Compound LP (born yesterday - Western Massachusetts band Landowner play abrasively clean minimalist-punk. Singer Dan Shaw began Landowner in 2016, writing and recording Impressive Almanac with a practice amp and a laptop drum machine. Those available tools would inform the band’s unapologetic sound—clean, confrontational, and absurdly stark. With a stated goal to sound like “Antelope playing Discharge”, Landowner’s diamond hard structures, repetitious instrumentals and caricatured hardcore make space for lyrics that reflect on the global systems our lives are tangled in and the dark absurdities we take for granted. Landowner’s fourth Born Yesterday full length Escape the Compound focuses on the powerful grips manipulators and reality-deniers have on their victims, examining the social, political and interpersonal damage of cult-like influence and control. “A lot of the lyrics focus on cult manipulators and narcissists: falling victim to their toxic dynamics, and the difficulty of escaping their grip” says Shaw. From climate change deniers and conspiracy theorists to deceptive narcissists and actual cult leaders, Landowner explores the ubiquity of modern unreality through evocative imagery and a keen sense of awareness. The band’s plain instrumentation sheds and subverts hardcore punk’s noisy veil in favor of a direct, unswerving examination of these themes. Written and recorded following the release of 2020’s Consultant, Escape the Compound finds Landowner leaning into the studio through deeper experimentation with a wider palette of sounds. The group’s lineup of Josh Owsley (bass), Elliot Hughes (guitar), Jeff Gilmartin (guitar), Josh Daniel (drums) and Dan Shaw played often since coming together in 2017. But with pandemic restrictions in place, the making of Escape the Compound became a much more insular pursuit, one where the mixing and mastering process helped turn the band’s most varied batch of material into a cohesive, thematic collection of songs.) 26.00


LAS MORDIDAS - Ex-Voto LP (L.G. Records - Las Mordidas were a short-lived Washington DC band that existed from Summer 1993 through Spring 1994. The band was comprised of four well-known veterans from the DC punk community: Chris Thomson (Circus Lupus / Monorchid / Ignition), Dug E. Bird (Beefeater / All-Scars / Fidelity Jones), Jon K. (Rain / Chrisbald 96 ), and Jerry Busher (Fugazi / All- Scars / Fidelity Jones). The Chris Thomson-fronted bands Circus Lupus and Monorchid that bookended Las Mordidas have received much more exposure, but Las Mordidas were no less audacious and uncategorizable. The familiar DC rhythm section of Bird and Busher here are augmented by the unhinged guitar talent of the relatively obscure Jon K. (Kirschten, younger brother of musician Chris “Bald” Kirschten). Jon was a revered, integral character in the DC scene and played in many well-known bands, yet he appeared on scant few recordings. To fans of the late ’80s and early ’90s DC scene, this record is an artifact that it arrives out of the blue and demands an ear. A Frankenstein collaboration that both defies and embodies the DC sound of the era. Recorded by Geoff Turner at WGNS in 1993 and Brendan Canty at Pirate House in 1994. Tapes recovered by Jerry Busher and transferred by Ian Mackaye and Don Godwyn. Mastered by Tim Green at Louder. Studios, CA.) 27.00


MADELINE GOLDSTEIN - Other World LP (a la carte - Employing the production prowess of producer-engineer and synthesist Matia Simovich (SRSQ, RIKI, Body of Light), Goldstein has been working diligently behind the scenes to deliver a masterful collection of songs finally unveiled as Other World. The EP arrives amidst a wave of momentum that Goldstein has been building throughout her tenure, touring extensively and securing coveted slots in high-profile dark music festivals such as Substance LA and Chicago's Sanctum Festival (alongside The Soft Moon, Kontravoid, Lust for Youth, and more). Since the release of her debut solo full-length (Forget This, 2020) and her singles thereafter, Madeline Goldstein has quickly become a benchmark amidst her contemporaries in the current scene of synth-based new wave revival, steadily amassing a devoted fan base in the LA scene and beyond. Goldstein differentiates herself with an impressive alto-soprano range and a magnetic presence akin to the 80's femme icons by which she is influenced. A veteran performer and vocalist (formerly of Portland's Fringe Class), Madeline Goldstein formed her solo project after relocating to Los Angeles in 2019. Last January, Goldstein joined the roster of up-and-coming post-punk label à La Carte Records (Soft Kill, The True Faith, Lesser Care), adding a breath of electro sensibility to the cavernous post-punk that has become a trademark of the label's catalogue.) 27.00


MALAYEEN - s/t LP (discrepant - Discrepant proudly presents the Vinyl edition of Lebanese trio Malayeen. Malayeen is the project of Lebanese musicians Raed Yassin (Keyboards, Turntables & Electronics), Charbel Haber (Electric Guitar & Electronics) and Khaled Yassine (Darbouka, Percussion). Born from Yassin and Haber’s love for the music of quintessential Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid, Malayeen disassembles and re-configures the work and style of the iconic guitarist innovative take on Arabic music. The final result makes for an original and unique update of Khorshid & belly dancing inspired songs from the past. Over the course of 7 compositions, appropriately named after Khorshid and famous belly dancers from the Arabic diaspora, the three musicians’ varied backgrounds and techniques collide and coalesce in an experimental yet magical fashion, not actually playing Khorshid’s music, but inspiring themselves from the cult guitarist’s genius to create something completely new, modern and unexpected. A unique LP featuring the combined talents by key players of the Lebanese avant garde.) 25.00


MILITARIE GUN - All Roads Lead To The Gun LP (alternatives label - GREY MARBLED -Los Angeles, CA, punks Militarie Gun return for the first part of a two-part EP series, following up their 2020 7" debut with songs even more catchy and abrasive than before, pulling sounds from a wide array of influences from Born Against to Fugazi to Guided By Voices, and more. Feat. Ian of Regional Justice Center and Nick from Drug Church) 22.00


MILITARIE GUN - All Roads Lead To The Gun II LP (NEON GREEN - „Last year, when everything shut down, Regional Justice Center leader Ian Shelton started a new project called Militarie Gun, and he posted a two-song demo on Bandcamp. Shelton’s Militarie Gun songs weren’t much like the fast and brutal hardcore of RJC. They were still loud and heavy and angry — still hardcore — but they also had melodies and hooks and ’90s-style noise-rock riffs. Militarie Gun soon became a full-on band. Now, they’ve released their third EP. After that demo, Militarie Gun released the 2020 EP My Life Is Over and then, earlier this year, another EP called All Roads Lead To The Gun. That was one of two EPs that they planned to release this year. The second, All Roads Lead To The Gun II, is out now. It’s four new songs of gruff, mean, catchy guitar music." - Stereogum

) 23.00


NAG - Human Coward Coyote LP (Convulsive - WHITE VINYL Picking up right where they left off on 2021's Observer LP - Human Coward Coyote is an exercise in sprawling post punk tinged with darkwave with roots in hardcore punk. This is a record that hypnotizes as much as it exhilarates, that settles in and explores new sonic territory while remaining concise. This record will welcome you to writhe along with it, it would be rude not to accept.) 24.00


OLD MOON - Cities of the Plain LP (a la carte - Old Moon is the solo project of New Hampshire based musician Tom Weir. Weir seamlessly blends elements of post-punk, classic indie, and shoegaze to create a sound that is immediately familiar without falling prey to genre tropes. Weir began recording music as Old Moon in the winter of 2019 and has since put out multiple acclaimed releases including the EP Past Lives, his debut album Altars, and the compilation tape Dreamer, Sleeper. Where Old Moon’s debut LP Altars was a descent into a swirling, gloomy world; his forthcoming Cities of the Plain exists in the clear light of day where guitars chime brightly behind Weir’s introspective vocals. Cities of the Plain was written and recorded by Tom Weir with additional drum engineering from Todd Whitehead at Up North Studios. The album was mixed by Shaun Durkan (Soft Kill, Weekend) and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. “‘Soma’ is a move towards a cleaner, brighter Old Moon sound and the first song that I wrote after finishing up my previous record Altars last year,” says Weir. “It’s about trying to find a path forward even when the future is unclear and about weeding out the things in my life that were dragging me down. I worked with Shaun Durkan again for the mix on this song, and I love the way it came out so differently than the songs on Altars while still occupying a similar sonic space.”) 26.00


PHARAO SANDERS - PHAROAH (DELUXE LTD EDITION) 2LP BOXSET (luaka - This record"s origin story is as elusive as Pharoah was about everything Pharoah. It was born out of a misunderstanding between him and the India Navigation producer Bob Cummins, and was recorded at a crossroads in his career with a group of musicians so unlikely that they were never all in the same room again. There was a guitarist who was also a spiritual guru, an organist who would go on to co-write and produce "The Message", and a classically trained pianist - his wife at the time, Bedria Sanders - who played the harmonium despite never having seen one. At times ambient and serene, at others funky and modal, PHAROAH radically departed from his earlier work. It would become one of the artist"s most beloved records and one of the great works of the 20th century. With Pharoah Sanders" blessing, the limited edition embossed version of this 2 LP box set presents the definitive, remastered version of PHAROAH, his seminal record from 1977, along with two previously unreleased live performances of his masterpiece "Harvest Time". This is the first official rerelease of PHAROAH, which has been bootlegged often since its original release in 1977. These exceptional live versions of "Harvest Time" - which Pharoah performed during an intense European tour in the summer of "77 and which are included here for the first time - turn the original, beloved composition on its head. PHAROAH will be released a year after the legendary tenor saxophonists" untimely passing, and two years after the release of what was to become his final album, the widely acclaimed PROMISES, a collaboration between the composer Floating Points and Pharoah Sanders, featuring the London Symphony Orchestra. The first pressing of this limited edition box set comes with an embossed cover and is accompanied by never-before-shared photographs and ephemera, as well as a 24-page booklet featuring rarely seen photographs, interviews with many of the participants, and a conversation with Pharoah himself.) 55.00


THE ​PITCH & ​JULIA ​REIDY – Neutral ​Star LP (miashma - Edition of 240 copies / Clear Vinyl  The Pitch is a quartet made up of Boris Baltschun, Koen Nutters, Michael Thieke and Morten Joh. Founded in Berlin in 2009, they play a hypnotic form of structured improvisation full of acoustic exploration and electronic intervention. On Neutral Star, The Pitch are joined by Australian guitarist/composer extraordinaire Julia Reidy for a record of star gazing electro-acoustic jazz. Reidy's playing and compositional technique between Takoma-style fingerpicking and Glenn Branca'esque microtonality, perfectly complements the loose improvisational framework The Pitch is providing. Endless ≠ Limitless, a recent piece by Reidy and Joh, is transformed from a washed-out/obscured tape delay composition into a colorful, meandering ensemble piece with a swarming character - blooming with intrigue for the patient ear. The B-side strikes a more gentle tone: the 24-minute Neutral Star begins with a siren-like overtone whose drone-like flowing slowly morphs into a deterritorial modality with jazzy undertone. Accompanied by constant eruptions of vibraphone, clarinet, electronics and double bass punctuation – while permanently questioned by Reidy's drippingly pearly steel guitar work. Slowly evolving into new territories through the expansive instrumentation and keen listening between the players. The fact that Neutral Star was recorded in one take (by Rabih Beaini in his Morphine Raum studio/venue) in front of a live audience and without overdubs is hard to believe, even for the trained ear. The recording appears to be too multilayered for a single snapshot, with its compositional structures constantly shifting and moving against themselves, counterintuitively and anti-cyclically. Reidy´s playing has been described as "unstable harmonic territory, and the collaboration with The Pitch interprets this concept brilliantly - adding further non-places to the territory. And the listener, however, is never left alone in the process of tectonic shifts - at least as long as their listening is attentive and contemplative at once.) 32.00


PLIGHT - Plastic Sun LP (a la carte - Brooklyn-based four piece Plight has spent the last five years making a name for themselves in New York City. Releasing their Catharsis demo in 2017, the group has been cultivating their own brand of alternative over the years. Now with their debut LP on up-and-coming imprint à La Carte Records, the sound of Plight has evolved into a concoction of chunky power-pop anthems, wall-of-sound shoegaze, and morose slowcore ballads. Their first offering is the single, “No Outlet.” The track hearkens back to the classic 90’s sound honed by acts like Archers of Loaf and Dinosaur Jr. With the single, Plight delivers a music video with footage of them that could have easily been ripped right from 120 Minutes. Their follow-up single, “Bedhead,” takes a takes a somber turn in the direction of slowcore.) 26.00


SAMUEL S.C. - 94​-​95 LP (art monk construction - 94-95 anthologizes the 7 songs from the EP and 7"s released by Art Monk Construction and Simba Records in the mid-nineties. Remixed from the original analog masters. Red & black swirl vinyl.) 26.00


SPIRITS OF LEO - Gossamer Blue LP (a la carte - Gossamer Blue" is the new full-length album from Brooklyn's Spirits of Leo. Somber, spectral and energetic, "Gossamer Blue" demonstrates the band's unique blend of dreamy shoegaze and ethereal post-punk set against a backdrop of wintery months and mournful themes. With chorused textures and pounding rhythms, the eight titles that make up “Gossamer Blue” meld intricate guitar lines with ethereal vocal chants to echo the atmospheres of early 4AD and Fiction Records-era goth. Anthemic and concise, the album explodes with spacious instrumental hooks and choruses throughout its 30-minute brevity. “Gossamer Blue” marks new sonic territory for the band. Stylistically, the songs here have evolved into darker, gloomier provisions since the release of double-LP "Equinox" in 2018. While grief, anxiety and loss serve as mainstays in Phillips’ writing, the motifs present in “Gossamer Blue” range from realization and determination to bleak explorations of death, life, and rebirth.) 26.00


STUART DEMPSTER - Underground Overlays From The Cistern Chapel DLP (important - "This is where you have been forever and will always be forever." Stuart Dempster, speaking about what it feels like to be in a cistern where time seems to stop. Stuart Dempster created Underground Overlays From The Cistern Chapel in the same cistern where the legendary Deep Listening album was recorded. Reverberating with powerful, deep tones, this double LP is intended as a companion to the acclaimed Oliveros/Dempster/Panaiotis album Deep Listening.Underground Overlays From The Cistern Chapel is one of the deepest drone albums ever recorded. Nine trombones, didjeridu and Tibetan bells fill the massive two million gallon cistern with dense sonic reverberations that are both haunting and healing. Packaged in a heavy duty paper sleeve printed with metallic gold ink to match the Deep Listening design.) 42.00


THE TRUE FAITH - Go to Ground LP (back in stock - RED VINYL - „Go to Ground" is the sophomore album from Boston post-punk group The True Faith "No, that’s not the Mandela Effect messing with your mind this morning: The band once known as True Faith added a dash of authority to their name. Boston’s steady providers of post-punk have reemerged as The True Faith, bearing the coincidentally-titled single “Minimal Change” from earlier this month (September 20). The group’s sweeping, somber daydream sets the stage for their forthcoming record Go to Ground — due out via à La Carte Records in January — but not without a side-step into synth territory for an accompanying KISS OF THE WHIP remix. Metaphorically spin Side A of the digital single for all brooding occasions; then “flip” that sucker over when disappearing into the darkness of your nearest goth night. However you want to spend your autumn evenings, The True Faith have a track for that. Sink into the many forms of “Minimal Change” below." - Victoria Wasylak/ 26.00





ELECTROLYTES - Ultralyte TAPE (its eleven - ELECTROLYTES make you dance in the square. In the Bermuda Triangle between the indie disco dance floor, fuzz garage and club stage, the ten stars of their debut album rise and leave you burning up. Synthwave cascades with ultra-pop melodies that sometimes slip into a minor key, but still bask on the sunny side, meet guitar riffs that simply etch themselves into the long-term memory. The Dresden quartet brings together busy musicians from well-known projects (Nowaves, Tokamak Reaktor, Adrats, Anarya) to break out of the melancholy comfort zone without slipping into feel-good entertainment. Bassist Sanni pulls out all the stops with her singing, from chilly to exuberant, giving the tracks a charismatic finish. In addition to absolute smashers, the speed of some numbers is also often reduced - perfect for that very special time on the dance floor when dawn approaches and the last wafts of dry ice fog gently envelop you.) 7.00





ANTONIA TRICARICO - The Inner Ear of Don Zientara BOOK (Akashic - In the late 1970s, Don Zientara—a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War—founded Inner Ear Studio in the basement of his home in Arlington, VA, using the electronics training he received from the army. Inner Ear remained in Don’s basement until its 1990 relocation to a larger space on South Oakland Street. Along the way, Inner Ear became best known for recording iconic DC punk musicians including Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Bikini Kill, Rites of Spring, Mary Timony, and Fugazi. Composed by photographer Antonia Tricarico, The Inner Ear of Don Zientara is an oral history of not just Inner Ear’s recordings, but the role that Don played in creating one of the most welcoming and nurturing recording studios the world over. Alongside 250 photographs, this volume includes testimonials from members of Fugazi, Scream, Fire Party, Shudder to Think, Jawbox, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Dismemberment Plan, as well as musicians like Kathleen Hanna and Henry Rollins, among other notables.In addition to DC punk bands, Don also recorded many other styles and genres, including Celtic folk tunes, harp music, Russian balalaika groups, political advertisers, and choral singers. The studio was also featured on Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highwaystelevision mini-series. The Inner Ear of Don Zientara pays tribute to this iconic studio, celebrating the man at the heart of this remarkable space.) 36.00


IAN SVENONIUS - Against The Written Word Book (back in stock - Against the Written Word is the most important, most revolutionary book produced since the advent of the printing press; the book that will liberate readers from reading, writers from writing, and booksellers from peddling their despicable wares. This book ushers in a new era of freedom from reading and all its attendant bedfellows such as Enlightenment thinking and the mass alienation wrought by the phonetic alphabet. Against the Written Word will be a tremendous best seller and simultaneously the last book that anyone will read.) 20.00