Bis Aufs Messer Weekly news 02 Oktober 2022

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly news 02 Oktober 2022


Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for October. A bunch of great records arrived like the BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE -  Geträumt hab ich vom Martinszug LP re issue on Aguirre along with other great new titles on Aguirre, BRUEDER SELKE - Marienborn LP, Spectral Voice Lp restock, DUSTER - Contemporary Movement LP restrock on colored vinyl, new GEHENNA – Negative Hardcore LP, INFINITE SOUND - Contemporary African-Amerikan Music LP restock, new MARTHA - Please Don't Take Me Back LP, OTOMO YOSHIHIDE'S NEW JAZZ ORCHESTRA - Out To Lunch DLP restock, POISON RUIN - s/t LP, TOMAGA - Intimate Immensity LP, LUCY ROLEFF & LEHMANN B. SMITH - Dark Green LP, FREIWILLIGE SELBSTKONTROLLE - Magic Moments LP and much more


You can also stream another song from the upcoming MELLIE LP now wherever you stream your music or via Bandcamp. There is also copies of the ltd yellow LP left in case u want to pre order. 


The DAITRO - collected LP is going fast (we also have a handful of Dolphin Blue copies available in cause u like that) … unfortunately still waiting on the BRAK & NADJA TAPES. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you fro your patience!!!



Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman





V/A -  Fettkakao 50 7“ (fettkakao - To celebrate their 50th label release, Fettkakao compiled a sampler of 6 exclusive songs on a 7” record. Features COTTON CANDY, who are Evelyn Hurley (ex-BLAST OFF COUNTRY STYLE) and Mark Robinson, founder of the legendary TEENBEAT label and famous for his work with AIR MIAMI, FLINFLON and UNREST. Viennas one and only BRUCH. LIME CRUSH, the band including label founder Andi Dvorak. RIGHT KOMPANY who are Clemens Denk and Veronika Eberhart (also in LIME CRUSH). IV/AN from Croatia. And a solo-track by Andi Dvorak, recorded and produced by Philipp Hanich (BRUCH).) 9.00




DIE MINIMALISTEN - s/t 10“ (wiener brut - 1989's DIE MINIMALISTEN single get's a 10" re-issue (complete with a Heap produced ‚Megamix') _Heap (who runs WIENER BRUT): „While working on the release we kept on jokingly referring to the record as the „Austrian Mashisa“ due to the similarity in sounds it provides. I first played the Megamix on last year’s Dekmantel Selectors festival, where it showed its potential for being a Summer hit. In fact, the original 7'' release was the result of a final school project with the goal to substitute the Austrian tradition of compiling a class magazine when graduating from school.“) 23.00





BAROM ONE / BREZEL GÖRING - split LP (Gagarin - Split LP of Brezel Göring and Japanese noise pop band Barom One. Göring, prime minister of Stereo Total and Count of Sinister Forests, where he creates his wacky scratchy minimal electro punk, pleases our filthy fantasies with swinging moods, from new wave disko to distorted Hawaii shuffle to fucked up Bollywood crash music. Barom One from Tokio create a blend of Euro-Disko-Gabba-Trash and pure noise with hysteric voices and catchy melodies. “Das ist eine anstrengende Schallplatte, Felix” says Francoise Cactus on the bus. Nothing to calm down when you need peace and silence) 20.00


BIBIO - Bib10 LP (warp - GOLD VINYL - For his tenth Bibio album, Stephen Wilkinson marries his project’s long-standing lo-fi analogue aesthetic with a desire to mimic a polished sound using synths, electric guitars and drum machines. ‘BIB10’ leans into rhythms and grooves more than any of Wilkinson’s previous efforts, but it all sounds organic, like electronic music with a human heart.) 28.00


BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE -  Geträumt hab ich vom Martinszug LP (Originally released on tape 2016, first time on vinyl. After "Aprilnacht" on Sic Sic Tapes and "Sommer im Pfirsichhain" on Aguirre, here's the third installment of Brannten Schnüre's quadrilogy about the four seasons. Here, things get appropriately dark and melancholic for the fall installment but there's always that underlying current of whimsical melancholy that's so typical for the project.) 28.00


BRUEDER SELKE - Marienborn LP (Oscarsson - 12" vinyl with handmade deluxe edition (printed in silver on blue cardboard) incl. credits, liner notes, two photos, dlc. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies. The East Berlin-born, Potsdam-based polyinstrumental composer duo Brueder Selke, Sebastian Selke on cello and Daniel Selke on piano, also known by their award-winning alias CEEYS, presents the unusual piano duo album MARIENBORN. It is named after the former Grenzuebergangsstelle Marienborn (border crossing Marienborn), which is a memorial today. Musically the album is mainly based on a selection of special samples. On the one hand, these come from a library that the two produced on commission for the Canadian content provider LandR.) 30.00


CAROLINE LACAZE – En Route LP (Mocambo - ‘En Route’ is the stunning debut album of young soulful French chanteuse Caroline Lacaze! The mixture on “En Route” is eclectic: nonchalant 60s beat, mysterious psych-pop, raucous funk and longing French chanson, all combined and held together with the energetic raw soul sound and the skillful ‘mise-en-scene’ by the Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra. Whether the mood is uplifting (“En Route Madame”), mysteriously sexy (“Minutes D'Insousciance”), melancholic (“Ici”), joyful (“Laisse Tomber”), sombre (“Je Reste”) or a shift up a gear from mere retro with a hot-rodded take on the Serge-Gainsbourg-penned Brigitte-Bardot-classic “Harley Davidson” from the swinging 60s, Caroline sings it with passion, energy and sincerity that is rarely heard of today. Caroline Lacaze’s songs capture all the facets of an exciting voyage, the joy and pain of being away from home, leaping straight forward - with an occasional look in the rear-view mirror) 22.00


CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE / OREN AMBARCHI / ERIC THIELEMANS - ਚੈਨਲKAANALचैनलRÁÐעָרוּץ LP (Blue vinyl Limited Edition to 300 numbered copies. - Charlemagne Palestine (born Charles Martin in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York) wrote intense, ritualistic music in the 1970s, intended by the composer to rub against audiences' expectations of what is beautiful and meaningful in music. A composer-performer, he always performed his own works as soloist. His earliest works were compositions for carillon and electronic drones, and he is best known for his intensely performed piano works. He also performs as a vocalist. Palestine's performance style is ritualistic; he generally surrounds himself (and his piano) with stuffed animals, smokes large numbers of kretek (Indonesian clove cigarettes) and drinks cognac.) 29.00


DUSTER - Contemporary Movement LP (numero - back in stock on col. Vinyl - A muffled cry into the technological darkness, Contemporary Movement slid into the world right as the MP3 was seeping out of college dorms. A 39-minute drift into the void, drenched in Cold War-era reverb and then submerged in four track hiss for good measure. Duster constructed a Brutalist masterpiece on the outskirts of a suburban mall, as if to say, “We were here.”) 28.00


FLASH - s/t LP (la vida - FLASH'S debut album is an unassuming hi-energy primitive punk breath of fresh air. Hailing from all over the Gipuzkoan coast their debut LP is far from being the members first rodeo, with too many bands and activities to bore you with. FLASH comes at you as a fully formed band who know what they want and know how to get it. Sonically FLASH takes equally from their local legends LA PERRERA, fuckwave visionary MOPO MOGO, the pop-edge hardcore of ZERO BOYS, and the weird punk to come out of the Midwest in the last few years to create a truly magic record without a second of filler. With lyrics sung in both Spanish and their basque fishing hometown slang their attitude comes across loud and clear. Monotony, authority, armies of has-beens, and conformist punks get a pounding, while self-doubt, anxiety, and an ode to our dear punk also get a lyric share. All-in-all eleven tracks of radical, critical, wild and humble timeless punk rock which will leave you wanting more with each play.) 25.00


THE FLEX - Chewing Gum For The Ears LP (static shock - Ten years is a lifetime in Hardcore Punk. A band’s ability to traverse such a lengthy stay is a testament to their dedication to this thing of ours, which in and of itself is commendable. Remaining sonically relevant, and engaging ever younger audiences, is another beast altogether, and a far more difficult feat to achieve. Somehow, The Flex have managed both. Not only are they the defining band of the New Wave of British Hardcore movement of the 2010’s, not to mention the last band from this original wave still left (“Last Ones Left” indeed) but they continue to trudge on with unrelenting power, orchestrating live madness wherever they roll through.) 23.00


FRANCE - Occitania LP (Aguirre - Savage pulsating drone-rock from France  - France is the trio of Jeremie Sauvage on electric bass, Mathieu Tilly on drums and Yann Gourdon on amplified hurdy-gurdy. They play one note / one rhythm producing energetic performances reminiscent of the early collaborations between Faust and Tony Conrad. Creativly recycled influences result in intense shows with pounding overtones and repetitive pulsing rhythms. Loud straight and trance-inducing. The pertinency of the recordings only slowly appear On “Occitanie" in the mass of sound, the rhythmic repetition and the elongated drones. The hurdy-gurdy forces you deeper, highlighting points of microtonal flux, cracking open the single note, the nodding rhythm, to imply the presence of every note, every sound, inside it. The insensible evolution, lurks in a corner of noise and finally imposes itself slowly on careful listening. ) 25.00


FREIWILLIGE SELBSTKONTROLLE - Magic Moments LP (a Musik - Originally released in 1982 on ZickZack Platten, this EP includes the four tracks »Wir steigen ein«, »Trink wie ein Tier«, »Herzschuß Melodie« & »Viel zu viel«. The reissue is accompanied by a booklet with liner notes by Tim Klütz (in German).) 20.00


GEHENNA – Negative Hardcore LP (iron lung - Formed on the West Coast in 1993, Gehenna quickly became a name synonymous with violence, hatred and fear. Their sound blends the genres of Death, Black and Thrash Metal, adding the unrelenting barbarism of Hardcore with the “Fuck Off” attitude of classic Punk. Gehenna have been independent & will always stay independent. The music of Gehenna is the sound of the unending battles of life and death. Negative Hardcore was recorded in the smoke filled caverns of The Crampton Crystal Compound in the first days of July 2015 and mastered in 2021 by Dan Lowndes. It was engineered by Robert Orr overseen by Jimmy Short and directed by the watchful eyes, attentive ears and controlling hands of Drugs and Alcohol.) 25.00


GNAWA MUSIC OF MARRAKESH - Night Of Spirit Masters LP (zahra - The Gnawa are an ethnic minorityin today's Morocco, descendents of slaves from West Africa who were brought to Morocco in the 16th century and who (although they quickly converted to Islam) nevertheless brought with them remnants of their animistic practices. The Gnawa perform a complex ceremony (called lila or derdeba) that over the duration of several hours recreates the genesis of the universe by the evocation of the seven main manifestations of the divine, represented by seven colours. Those ceremonies, led by a master or "maleem", are still taking place today privately while Gnawa music in general has clearly been modernizing and thus become more profane, but witnessing a performance is still an astonishing experience.) 27.00


GU-N - s/t LP (an archives - Formed in 1994 by Hidenobu Kaneda (Yuragi), alongside Fumio Kosakai (Incapacitants, Hijokaidan, C.C.C.C.), Ikuro Takahashi (Fushitsusha, Kousokuya, LSD March), Ryuichi Nagakubo (C.C.C.C., Yuragi), and Morihide Sawada (Yura Yura Teikoku, Marble Sheep), Gu-N played regularly at Plan-B in Tokyo, but released little during their relatively short time together. Hazy and hypnotic, their laminar improvisations, four of which appear on this untitled album, are compelling, oneiric visions for the ear.  In his liner notes for the album, Michel Henritzi writes that these Gu-N recordings situate the group within a broader trajectory of free improvisation and collective sound within Japan – Taj Mahal Travellers, East Bionic Symphonia, Marginal Consort, each of whom sprung, in many ways, from the radical vision and creativity of Takehisa Kosugi. But there’s a unique spirit here that aligns Gu-N with these predecessors, while also marking out singular territory.  Kosakai’s background in noise, via his participation in Hijokaidan and Incapacitants, can be heard in the unrelenting oscillations and heavyweight drones that purr throughout each of these four tracks. Both Kosakai and Nagakubo were members of C.C.C.C., perhaps the clearest precursors to Gu-N in their psychedelic density, though Gu-N trade in C.C.C.C.’s volcanic energy for a more tempered, sensuous exploration of tone and time. ) 32.00


INFINITE SOUND - Contemporary African-Amerikan Music LP (Aguirre - Conscious avant-garde free jazz featuring Roland P. Young originally released in 1975 on the eclectical 1750 Arch records. “1750 Arch was a beautiful Spanish-style hacienda,”recalls composer and multi-instrumentalist Roland P. Young. “It had a wonderful recording studio in the basement and the salon was converted into an intimate performance setting.” Young played solo gigs at that venue, in Berkeley, California, and also performed there in a duo with cellist Chris Chaffe. He remembers it as a particularly “transcendent” setting for concerts by Infinite Sound, his trio with singer Aisha Kahlil and bassist Glenn Howell. Infinite Sound’s Contemporary African-Amerikan Music appeared in the uniquely diverse 1750 Arch catalogue in 1975. For Roland Young such a context was not incongruous. Contemporary African-Amerikan Music is a title that positioned the record quite specifically in 1975. But Young shares Buckner’s distaste for labels that fix expectations too rigidly and close down creative possibilities. Culturally and politically the early 70s appeared to Young to be a time of change and spiritual renewal. “There was a vibe in the air that we connected with, along with other kindred spirits world-wide. What appeared to be ‘experimental’ was reaching for sounds and emotions that were unfamiliar. We often performed at rallies in support of various causes: Black Liberation, Women’s Movement, Anti-War Movement, Gay Liberation. While the music came out of the Black Liberation struggle our ultimate goal was a blending of cultures.”) 25.00


GUS ENGLEHORN - Dungeon Master LP (secret city - Dungeon Master, Englehorn’s Secret City Records debut, is an outsider opus that sparkles with Dada spirit — a playful juxtaposition of isolation, alienation and mildish OCD. Surprising, paranoid, and studded with synths and strings, Dungeon Master is deeper than a cellar and blunter than a club — a shivering introduction to an artist who’s finally arrived. “I let my subconscious do the driving,” Gus admits, and as you listen to these 10 tunes, it’s difficult not to do the same: to sit back like a dog with a two-legged daydream; like a fisherwoman with her net; like a snowboarder with a mouth full of powder. Before he made the record in a cabin in the woods, he lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he fell in love at first sight with a woman from Québec, a girl named Estée Preda, who plays drums like Moe Tucker on salvia. In those days, Gus was a professional snowboarder — crisscrossing the world as a weird and world-class talent, kick-flipping through videos, shredding the gnar, posing in corporate-sponsored sunglasses. Before that he lived in Hawaii — on a lava field off-grid, with his folks. And before that in Alaska — in a hamlet called Ninilchik, where his parents fished for salmon and he and his brothers ate moose and pizza, played Nintendo, and also pretended to be wizards.) 28.00


IGNATZ - The Drain LP (back in stock - you probably know that ignatz is the moniker of bram devens. he stole it from the mouse in the legendary krazy kat comics by george herriman. after several releases on fonal records, ultra eczema and goaty tapes, he releases his 4th album on kraak, co-joined by the great feeding tube records. ignatz' new album consists of a hypnotic and mystical song cycle that centre around leitmotifs as despair, sobriety and the drain on his backyard. the drain is a master piece, on which the landen based troubadour weaves echos of south american folk music into a complex of harsh folk, shallow blues and loner psych. he flushed the crappy electronics from his early records through the drain and created room for sparse fingerpicking and mumbled singing. in the 11 songs devens finally reveals himself as the master guitar player and songwriter that he always has been. the drain dissects in grandeur the human void, for which only codeine is the appropriate remedy. we are lucky that ignatz' version of the great void is soothingly synonymous with the essence) 25.00


IMAGINATION - I'm Always Right - The WDR Tapes 1977 LP ("I'm Always Right“ by Imagination is an unreleased jazz rock LP recorded in 1977, 3 years before their sought after “Shake It” debut from 1980. Comprised of five tracks with a playtime of roughly 30 minutes, you will hear one of the finest German late-70s rock-tinged electric jazz albums of the era. The recording is a delightful stand-out with unique compositions, aspiring solo work, and a soulful spirit throughout. Additionally, the album veritably glows with exceptional sound quality, as it has been remastered from original tapes that were cut more than four decades ago at the WDR Funkhaus, Cologne.) 23.00


KONSTRUKT & PETER BRÖTZMANN - Dolunay DLP (Karl - The ongoing series / tradition of a KONSTRUKT release in august this time returns to the early beginning: the overdue double vinyl reissue of the Turkish free-formers' studio meeting with the German Free Jazz titan PETER BRÖTZMANN from 2008. Remastered by KASSIAN TROYER at D&M, Berlin. As written in several info sheets before, the Istanbul-based collective led by multi-instrumentalist UMUT ÇAĞLAR (also member of KARKHANA) and reeds player KORHAN FUTACI has since its formation in 2008 created an impressive catalogue including collaborations / performances with significant musicians like KEIJI HAINO, JOE MCPHEE, WILLIAM PARKER, AKIRA SAKATA, MARSHALL ALLEN, EVAN PARKER, THURSTON MOORE, MICHAEL ZERANG, ALFRED HARTH or ALEXANDER HAWKINS – and PETER BRÖTZMANN. The German Free Jazz titan was invited to the Deneyevi Studio in the Turkish capital in november 2008 where they recorded "Dolunay", an album that was released three years later on a small label in Turkey only. Back then a quartet with drums AND percussion, guitar, reeds but NO bass player, KONSTRUKT and their iconic guest took off on a session full of fire and fury: shrieking reeds, thundering drums andandand … Free Jazz of the wildest, most energetic and kathartic (afterwards) kind! Just as they did a few months before (may 2011) in a former church as documented on „Eklisia - Sunday“ and then once more in february 2014.9 32.00


LUCY ROLEFF & LEHMANN B. SMITH - Dark Green LP (Oscarsson - Humming in harmony with Oceania’s autumn and winter season is Dark Green, the collaborative full-length release from Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalists and folk artists Lucy Roleff and Lehmann B Smith. Conceptualized in tandem over the course of two years, Dark Green is the result of a remote, creative retreat off of Australia’s iconic Great Ocean Road. Across nine intimately prismatic works, Lucy and Lehmann’s collection rests in the ether between the reflective stylings of Joni Mitchell and exploratory instrumentation of Sufjan Stevens. Dark Green sees individual meditations from both past and present brought to life as a dialogue of kindred acoustic anecdotes and euphonious orchestrations. ) 25.00


MAGNUS CARLSON TRUMMOR & ORDEL – The Way Of The Crowd LP (busy bee - Magnus Carlson of Weeping Willows fame is back with the new EP The Way Of The Crowd. For this release, Magnus went for the trio format together with the formi- dable Ljunggren brothers of Trummor & Orgel on Ludwig drums and Hammond respectively. The result is an imma- culate and soulful delivery which captures the intimacy of a small, but very tight musical outfit working together in perfect harmony.) 27.00


MANASSERO & reCONVERT - Amoeba LP (total silence - When composer Fernando Manassero and performance duo reConvert (consisting of the percussionists Roberto Maqueda and Lorenzo Colombo) started conversations about working together with Total Silence they already had a clear vision. This vision was to bring an electro-percussive concert piece entitled AMOEBA into a physical form. AMOEBA was written by all three afore mentioned artists and had been performed live by reConvert multiple times, giving it different shapes and forms, evolving constantly. The participants phrased the process like this: “The piece has been re-worked in order to offer a new perspective on itself. It changed to become what it is on this physical format”.) 25.00


MARTHA - Please Don't Take Me Back LP (special interests - Since they broke through with the excellent 'Courting Strong' in 2014, Durham's Martha have been steadily making a name for themselves across the UK and overseas too. 'Please Don’t Take Me Back' is their fourth album, and hears their catchy, peppy indie-twee-punk mix it up with the political and the personal once more. Hook-heavy, stripped-down in its production, and warmly addictive, Martha's wide-ranging appeal means fans of Joyce Manor, The Wedding Present, Remember Sports, The Beths, and Teenage Fanclub may dig ‚em.) 25.00


MUTABOR! - Two Wishes LP (wold of echo - Malaria! meets Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave) on a bad-headed No wave swerve from 1982, now reissued for first time by London’s World Of Echo. So far escaping the reissue machine, ‘Two Wishes’ was first released in 1982 and has become a sought-after rarity, bearing two obscure examples of German/UK punk cooperation by artists who would come to define their respective scenes. ‘1001 Nights’ hitches a ride on swaggering groove with Betina Köster throwing down skronky sax and blunted vocals over wandering bassline is glorious discordant fashion, before they ease off on a strung-out tip with Köster and Asquith sharing vox while Gudrun Gut plucks out a lonely guitar motif, recalling moments of the recent LP by Mica Levi with Good Sad Happy Bad.) 22.00


NUTS & CO - Kangourou LP (Camizole imprint returns with this genuinely mental album recorded in France circa 1982! We've seen a lot of oddities reissued over the last few years, but few come close to capturing the bewildering brilliance of this bizarre album, resurfacing now on a first-ever vinyl pressing. **Remastered and limited to 300 copies** - First reissue of this arty 80s minimal synth gem from Nuts & Co, ephemeral self-produced project. After a short mental trip to Japan, Camisole is back in France with the reissue of Kangourou by Nuts & Co. Inspired by Dadaism, ancient tribes and natural life they self-produced and released this album in 1982. The result is a blend of experimental synth-tunes combined with some german spoken word and french madness. For sure "Semite" with its shamanic percussions will get your attention but other synth oddities includes "La Vie des Animaux" , "Auf Dem Lande" and "Kangourou" too. ) 23.00


OTOMO YOSHIHIDE'S NEW JAZZ ORCHESTRA - Out To Lunch DLP (Eric Dolphy's final studio album is hailed as one of the finest examples of mid-'60s post bop. Its reputation is purely one of backwards significance. Dolphy, having recorded the album in February 1964, was in Europe less than six weeks later and his all-too-brief life ended less than two months after that. Though likely he never held a copy in his hands or heard any critical opinion of it, it marked his last flurry of original compositions and is considered his apex. It is fascinating to consider whether he would had moved past or away from the album in 1965, had he lived. Though Dolphy should not be considered an avant-garde musician by the term's most common definitions, most interpretations of Out To Lunch have been done by players working squarely in that area. So it is with this album, the most ambitious in its recreation of the five-tune disc (with one original added to the final "Straight Up and Down, extending the piece to almost thirty minutes). All five compositions from the original quintet LP are revisited in the same order, the record sleeve even duplicates the old album jacket, down to the typeface and black-and-blue color scheme, although a photo taken by Daidō Moriyama inside Tokyo's massive (and massively busy) Shinjuku railway station replaces the Dolphy's album's enigmatic "Will Be Back" sign, whose clock hands indicated no conventional time of expected return.) 35.00


PAINKILLER - Execution Ground DLP (Karl - The seminal 1994 double album by the original PAINKILLER line-up BILL LASWELL, JOHN ZORN and MICK HARRIS on vinyl for the first time! Avant-jazz, grindcore, dub and ambient melt into eerie tracks of haunting atmospheres. When PAINKILLER started in 1991, their first two albums "Guts Of A Virgin" and "Buried Secrets" (both released on extreme metal label Earache) were heavy attacks blending grindcore and free jazz that brought together the musical backgrounds of the three protagonists: drummer MICK HARRIS had just left grindcore legend NAPALM DEATH, JOHN ZORN explored new extremities with his NAKED CITY project while BILL LASWELL had as a member of roaring free jazz quartet LAST EXIT ( PETER BRÖTZMANN / SONNY SHARROCK / RONALD SHANNON JACKSON) proven that he was not only a visionary producer but also an accomplished bassist. But it is their 1994 double album "Execution Ground" that remains the opus magnum of the brilliant trio: ZORN's unmistakable shrieking saxophone, HARRIS' pounding drums and LASWELL's growling sub-bass lines were given heavy mixing desk treatment, resulting in extended tracks that are no less intense than their early works but display the full range of the musicians' skills. Soaked with reverb and delay, avant-jazz, grindcore, dub and ambient melt into eerie tracks of haunting atmospheres - even more so in the ambient versions of disc 2. Mastered and cut by RASHAD BECKER at D&M Berlin, "Execution Ground" is now available on vinyl for the very first time as 2x 180gr LP incl. a download code and insert in a limited edition of 500 items.) 32.00


POISON RUIN - s/t LP (drunken sailor - Poison Ruïn is a project out of Philadelphia that caught a good amount of attention in 2020 for their unique blend of punk, post punk, and dungeon synth elements. This LP compiles the first tape along with 5 new tracks, 5 tracks which are soon to be released on a tape as Poison Ruïn II.) 25.00


STEPHAN MATHIEU - FrequencyLib / Sad Mac Studies DLP (Stephan Mathieu's FrequencyLib was originally released in 2001 on Mille Plateaux's Ritornell sublabel. A quintessential document of the late 1990s/early 2000s Pismo PowerBook era of digitally manipulated audio, FrequencyLib is an adept meditation on the entropic possibilities inherent in popular music. Included with this reissue is the complementary Sad Mac Studies EP - first issued in a run of 100 on Robert Meijer's boutique En/Of label. Exploring similar themes/processes as FrequencyLib, Sad Mac Studies reimagines and deconstructs the sonic world of Sesame Street.) 34.00


THINKING WITH SAND - Dreams and half Truths LP (oscarsson - Thinking With Sand are a lofi shoegaze / noiserock trio from Bristol, England and Newport, Wales, mixing the blissed out noisepop of My Bloody Valentine with the attack and melody of Hüsker Dü. Originally an electronic shoegaze duo between 2005 and 2009, the project was resurrected in 2020. Linus recorded Dreams and Half Truths throughout the various lockdowns of that year with Nathan contributing bass riffs via video messages. Since late 2021 they are now a trio, featuring Dean of Welsh post punk band Science Bastard on drums.) 22.00


TOMAGA - Intimate Immensity LP (hands in the dark - The last, outstanding release of the London based experimental duo (Tom Relleen and Valentina Magaletti), accomplished just before Tom’s passing in August 2020, is the distillate of two years of new creative enhancement. Mostly recorded at Tom’s “Bunker” – as he called his house in London – during the days off from live performances and challenging collaborations throughout the world, Intimate Immensity collects ten intense tracks that outline a breath-taking epiphanic journey revisiting the multifaceted worlds explored by the band in seven years of non-stop and mostly live activity. ) 27.00


TOTALITÄR – 1998 - 2002 LP (skrammel - FINALLY the second anthology installment of this legendary Swedish band! The definitive TOTALITÄR of the second most productive era of these Swedish hardcore veterans. Completely remastered by Keno at Communichaos Clay Studio for your listening (dis)pleasure. ESSENTIAL!!! Klass Inte Ras 7″EP, Vansinnets Historia 7″EP, Dom Lurar Oss 7″EP, Spela Bort Allt Du Har 7″EP, Allting Är På Låtsas 7″EP) 26.00


YVONNE - Getting Out, Getting Anywhere LP (busy bee - Classic 1997 album back on vinyl. Lim. Ed. 500 copies with printed inner sleeve - 1997 masterpiece album featuring anthem „Modern Love“ that blew swedish indie clubs in the end of the 90´s. Finally remastred and back on vinyl.) 25.00


YVONNE - s/t LP (busy bee - Classic 1995 debut album Finally on vinyl. Lim. Ed. 500 copies with printed innersleeve Swedish cold wave postpunk classic in the veins of Joy Division incl. underground anthems like "Wires" and "Systematic". Finally remastred and back on vinyl.) 25.00


V/A - Ghost Riders DLP (efficient space - A North American road trip of coming of age garage soul mapped by Ivan Liechti, Ghost Riders is Efficient Space’s latest narrative compilation, hovering in a liminal emotional ravine between moonlight melancholy, teenage heartache and unchecked, unrealised ambition. Across 17 open hearted ballads recorded 1965-1974, the 2LP collects and connects dots between British Invasion fanatics, child prodigies, the loners and the luckless, in a kind of trans-continental survey of those swept up in rock’n’roll mania and buoyed by local newspaper ads promising fame and gold records. From the tangerine dreams of 8th grade all-girl combo The Mod 4 to the tri-state jukebox aspiring echoes of The Tempters, The Yardleys' poetic Farfisa vamp and lilting folk pop, and The Landlords’ weepy break up b-side blues, these are mostly one shots by dreamers whose experience was brief before being checked back to the reality of suburban normality and realistic career options. Hailing from the regional backwaters of Illinois, Arkansas, Nevada, Massachusetts, Ohio, Idaho, Texas and beyond, the licensed artists were scouted by way of local fire departments, spiritualist fellowships and animal welfare centres, often barely a stones throw from where their contributions were originally laid. ) 27.00


V/A - John Sinclair Presents Detroit Artists Workshop DLP (Strut and Art Yard present the culmination of a 5-year project researching the archives of author, DJ and activist John Sinclair with the first ever retrospective of the influential Detroit Artists Workshop spanning 1965 to 1978.  “In the mid-‘60s, Detroit was nowhere,” explains Sinclair. “A decaying jazz scene, no community of poets, painters or writers so a group of young Detroit artists, most of us students at Wayne State University, got together in the late Summer of 1964.” Led by Sinclair and trumpeter Charles Moore, the Artists Workshop Society was formed as a co-operative community, drawing upon the resources of every participating individual in order to perpetuate itself. They began to provide spaces in Detroit for musicians to rehearse and to promote live concerts showcasing a range progressive jazz artists across the city. ) 30.00




CHURCHGOERS - demo TAPE (static shock - Brand new fast hardcore from London. A perfect blending of early 80's fast hardcore (think HATED YOUTH) being filtered through the late 80's UK explosion while still young enough to be having a blast. I can't wait to see what this band comes up with next. Featuring members of THE ANNHILIATED and LAST AFFRONT.) 10.00



HANS SIDEN - The Boy in the Paisley Shirt BOOK (busy bee - Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Hendrix, Dusty and Tages - the music explosion of the 60's in Gothenburg seen through the lens of Hans Sidén's camera. He sat so close to the band that he could've leaned forward and touched Lennon's shoes when The Beatles played Cirkus in October 1963. He bantered with Rolling Stones in a hotel room, went to the discoteque with The Who and had dinner with The Troggs. He hitched a ride with Tages to Stockholm and with The Hep Stars to Borås, served Cat Stevens home made pizza, lent stacks of Tamla Motown and Stax singles to english DJ Clem Dalton and hung around every soundcheck when the stars came to town. Journalist, illustrator and author Hans Sidén had front row tickets to the music scene in Gothenburg, Sweden all through the sixties and happened to bring his cameras. His photographed is a vibrant testimony of a distans, yet oddly present decade. The Boy in the Paisley Shirt is his story seen through the lens of his camera.) 27.00